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Cate West The Vanishing Files
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Product Description

In this intriguing unsolved mystery, local police are baffled by a series of unexplained cases dubbed The Vanishing Files, which have paralyzed the city. Enter Cate West, celebrated novelist and insightful visionary. Help Cate find clues, compile evidence, locate hideouts and name the culprit in these mysterious crimes. The answers are at the tip of your fingers as you seek, search and discover clues with the DS stylus. With 29 locations, 15 cases and 75 levels, this original whodunit mystery is sure to delight fans of all ages.

Customer Reviews:

  • The files - they've vanished!
    Warning: this game will strain your eyes!

    I rarely even consider reviewing a game before finishing it, but I'm prepared to make an exception for The Vanishing Files.

    I had actually wanted this game for some time -- not desperately, but it looked interesting, and I like mysteries. Unfortunately, it hasn't lived up to my expectations; when I look for a mystery, I'm looking for a story that will keep me on the edge of my seat. The Vanishing Files is nothing of the sort; instead of keeping me on the edge of my seat, I have no trouble putting it down. The story is fairly weak and seems cliched, and the voice-overs are generally tiny snippets of the actual dialogue, such as "Hey," and "Cate". I find this annoying, but that might just be me. Also, some of the dialogue boxes seem to be cut off, and occasionally a black square will appear instead of a character's face.

    Gameplay revolves around searching for "clues", which will lead to "evidence" that is broken up into little pieces that you have to find one by one. After collecting all the evidence, Cate must match up the criminal's hideout with the vision she had of the same place ("find the differences") and then she has to take the evidence, gather information, and arrest one of eight suspects. Her colleague Ben must then recreate a crime scene by replacing the random items that were collected from it. Before and after each chapter, there is a snippet of storyline in which more of Cate's troubled past is revealed.

    The game itself is a good idea, it really is; I've always enjoyed those I Spy books -- you know, the ones with the rhyming searches? It's just, the designers of the game seem to have failed to take the size of the DS screen into account. The search field is TINY! You can zoom in, yes, but you'll still find yourself squinting at the screen in an effort to find that last item. Unless you're the zealous no-clues-at-all sort, you will probably be using the hint button often, and that deducts from your score.

    You'll be searching for a slew of random items (two hands, a clock, a watermelon, a knight, a take-out box, a ticket, half of 32, a T-Rex, ect.) and somehow, Cate will collect these things and decide on the evidence you're looking for: a telephone and a pair of old ice skates, for example. (How she gets that, I have no idea, but whatever... it's her vision, not mine.) Collect the shattered bits of evidence, then match up the scenes (again, tiny tiny differences that are barely visible to the unaided eye, such as a slightly longer shadow, or an extra line in a window); arrest the crook of your choice (she will provide clues to narrow it down, but unfortunately these don't seem to help much), then reconstruct a crime scene. Repeat ad infinitum.

    I've been playing for a while in the hopes that it will get more interesting; I'm more than halfway through the game and so far no luck. Maybe they'll astonish me with a surprising and delightfully witty ending, I don't know -- I have my doubts, as I've been figuring the storyline out faster than Cate has. ...more info
  • Amazing...Addictive..My favorite search and find
    I got so addicted to this one that I forgot all about how to do some of my others in the process of my Cate addiction. It's not just an endless search and find. You go from finding items, to being given items to find where they belong in two identical pictures, to finding what is missing from two different pictures. On top of that you get to pick from the clues you have created to narrowing down the suspects and putting them behind bars. Really the number 1 of the many that I have. ...more info
  • happy gemini
    I purchased this game recently....I have several "find object" games....for DS and PC....though I really like and enjoy the game...(I think because there are so many things to do and levels to reach.)...I
    am a little frustrated during the play as sometimes I find it hard to
    tap on an object and it respond.... I've had to go back over
    the same area and "tap" before it reacts. And when you tap and it dosen't regester you are penalized and lose pts. Not that points are expremely important if you like playing the game, but it's frustrating none the less. I have learned to zoom in and out of the magnified mode to get the object to leave the screen. Having said all that....I still play the game and enjoy it...and would recomend it for anyone who likes to play these "find object & puzzle" type games. The items are a little difficult to find so on that level it may not be a game for younger players....more info
  • A Litttle Cheesey, A Little Bland... Kind of Entertaining!
    What an odd game. Cate West, the Vanishing Files, is nothing I've ever played before. Mainly this game consists of Where's Waldo-type searching tasks set within a mildly Biblical-esque modern mystery. The player must find objects within a setting, find differences between two settings, and put a few clues together to arrest a dirty perp. The pictures are nice, but the voices are lacking and cheesey-funny. The only problem I've had with this game is that some objects the player has to search for look absolutely nothing like what it is intended and instead like blobs. I was ashamed to admit I was entertained by this game for a couple of days. Buy for when you are stuck waiting somewhere like the airport!...more info
  • Fun Way to Relax
    I enjoy Seek and Find games. I received this one for my birthday a few months ago and have really enjoyed it.

    This game has neat chapters which I really think are a neat part of a game like this. The characters are good and well drawn.

    Each chapter goes from Seek and Finds, to find the differences then to harder put these items back where they belong and then you peg different suspects, so the game is not monotonous, and it's interesting.

    The graphics are good although sometimes I can't make out what things are in the background and it has a bit of the grainy look at times which I have seen for the DS with this type of game before.

    All in all, to unwind with this game and take your mind off things - I give this a go ahead and get it - it's engaging enough and fun enough to keep you playing!...more info
  • cate west the vanishing files
    this game is addictive.There are several crimes to solve.i hope there is another one coming in the future.The hidden puzzles are lots of fun....more info
  • Cate West the Vanishing Files
    I like this game, but some of the items are so small they are hard to see. ...more info
  • pretty good
    just started playing this one. it's another addictive hide and seek type puzzle game. not very hard, but some of the clues are harder to find than others. ...more info
  • Totally Addictive
    This is another one of those hide and seek games which are totally addictive to me. This one has several different puzzle games in it find the difference between 2 pictures. You can either play the story line or the mini games as you open up the different areas.

    As an adult who loves her DS Lite.......I find these puzzle games give me hours are enjoyment....more info
  • Can't hand it down!
    It's like I spy or Find waldo type of game. I like the game because it has timer so I have to hurry for find things. I realized some things are very hard to see, and I have to use hints to just find one difficult item. I do like the storyline, and pick the suspect however it took me a bit of time to find right suspect!

    ...more info
  • Love this one!
    I'm hooked on this one!!! The items harder to find in this one, so there is more of a challenge with this one. I really recommend this one for anyone who loves the MillionHeir! You'll get hooked on this one too!! ...more info
  • Disappointing . . .
    I've been playing hidden object games on my PC for years, so I was happy to see these games come out in a DS format. I've really enjoyed Millionheir, Mystery PI, and Amazing Adventures. These games stayed true to the spirit of the originals, but made slight modifications to adapt to the DS format. I played "Vanishing Files" on the PC and really liked it. It has an interesting storyline, varied games, and was fairly challenging. But even on a full-sized PC screen, some objects were just too small and tricky to see. For the DS version of this game, the manufacturers made NO changes to the format, so it is nearly impossible to play. For example, in one section, you are supposed to compare two scenes and spot the differences. Both scenes appear on the touchscreen, so they are each about as a big as a postage stamp. And you are supposed to spot 10 differences! I couldn't make it pass the second stage; it was just too frustrating. Don't waste your money on this one!...more info