Bitdefender Antivirus 2009? - 2 Yr/3Pc
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Product Description

Manage the security of your home network from a single location. BitDefender software from other computers in the network can be remotely configured, while tasks such as scans, backups, tune-ups, and updates can be run on-demand or scheduled to run during off-hours. BitDefender Antivirus 2009 provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and identity theft, without slowing down your PC. Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers and even total strangers. Proactively protects against new virus outbreaks using advanced heuristics Protect your identity - shop, bank, listen, watch privately and securely Blocks attempted identity theft (phishing) Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, web or instant messaging Guard your conversations with top-of-the line encryption Get fine-tuned performance from your computer System Requirements - Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32/64 bit) or higher, Windows Vista (32/64 bit) and Windows Vista SP1, and Windows Home Server

BitDefender Antivirus 2009 Family Edition provides 3 PCs 2 full years of advanced protection against viruses, spyware, and identity theft.... without slowing them down. Features include: IM Encryption, for confidential chatting; Gamer Mode, for secure gaming at top speed; Laptop Mode, to prolong battery life; automatic hourly updates; FREE 24/7 support; and more!

Provides 3 PCs 2 full years of advanced protection against viruses, spyware, and identity theft.... without slowing them down. Click to enlarge.

Easily manage the security of your network from one PC. Click to enlarge.

Gamer mode reduces system load and updates allowing for secure gaming at top speed. Click to enlarge.

Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time. Click to enlarge.

Family network protection
Manage the security of your home network from a single location. BitDefender software from other computers in the network can be remotely configured, while tasks such as scans, backups tune-ups and updates can be run on-demand or scheduled to run during off-hours.

Hassle--Free Hourly Updates
Hourly updates ensure that you are protected against the latest threats without pushing a button. Lost program files are not a problem either. In the rare event of file damage due to PC problems, BitDefender automatically repairs and updates itself.

FREE 24/7 Support
Got a question? Our security experts are available to help you 24/7 via phone, email or chat at no additional cost.


Securely download music, movies, and files from the Web, friends, and family

  • Scans and removes viruses and spyware
  • Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time
  • Proactively protects against new virus outbreaks using advanced heuristics

Protect your identity: shop, bank, listen, and watch... privately and securely

  • Blocks attempted identity theft (phishing)
  • Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web or Instant Messaging.

Security that won't slow down your PCs

  • Uses minimal system resources
  • New! Laptop Mode--gives you more power when on the go by automatically postponing battery draining actions such as scheduled scans, backups and tune-ups

Guard your conversations with top-of-the-line encryption

  • New! Instant Messaging Encryption--stops eavesdroppers from snooping in on your personal communications

Gamer Mode

  • Reduces system load and updates allowing for secure gaming at top speed

Be in control, stay in control

  • New! Network Security Management--allows you to manage the security of your entire home network from one PC
  • Use the dashboard to fix security issues with just one click
  • Automatically decides best security actions to take

Let our professionals assist you with your security issues

  • Free technical phone support, 24/7

  • Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during games
  • Keeps you protected and one step ahead of new e-threats
  • Superior performance helps keep your PC running smoothly
  • Helps protect you against identity theft
  • Scans all web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware, in real-time

Customer Reviews:

  • Support is a disaster.
    You will have to hunt to find the Live Chat option on their site, and then be prepared for little help--perhaps a reference to a document, which, if you don't write it down quickly, you will lose when the tech cuts you off. That was my experience. I then tried phone help, and gave up after a 30-minute wait. It turns out that my problem (the bdrsdrv.sys file) is a common one, and leads to the famous blue screen. I removed the program (v. 10) this morning and installed a very-highly rated freebie: Avast. Based on reviews, I am sure that if you are lucky, the Bit Defender program may work fine, but if you have a problem, particularly one that results in your computer freezing with the blue screen, good luck. Many have complained about Bit Defender's support, but they obviously have not been listening....more info
  • very disappointed
    I purchased BitDefender's AntiVirus 2009 a few weeks ago. The product does not work. I click on the various scans, and nothing happens. I tried to contact BitDefender, but a search of their website renders no opportunity to ask a question or leave a complaint. After registering the product, I am still listed as a trial version. I am very disppointed with the product. It appears to just a shell without anything working behind it. I wish I could get my money back.Bitdefender Antivirus 2009 - 2 Yr/3Pc...more info
  • Good Product, Easy to use!
    Was easy to install. I use to use McAfee but they got too complicated to work with. This product seem easier to work with....more info
  • OK But Really Stupid Software
    I have had Bit Defender Anti-Virus for three years. When I upgraded to version 10, the real time shield wouldn't always load so I would be on the Internet unprotected until I realized the icon wasn't in the system tray. Bit Defender support didn't have a fix for that. Earlier this year, I got a really annoying malware that Bit Defender not only did not detect but couldn't clear up. It slowed down my computer and kept making an irritating ticking noise. After two days of silence from the BD support team, I found a free anti-malware program on the Web that cleared it up in five minutes. I renewed it again for 2009 because I was too busy to evaluate other virus programs and felt I needed something. Other than the two previous mentioned problems, the software seemed to work ok. So now I downloaded the 2009 version and went to install it. Normally any upgrade will tell you that an older version was detected and it should be uninstalled or the upgrade offers to remove it. Nothing. I executed the install and without any messages it deleted three quarters of the old install but did not install the new version. But it gave me a message saying to restart to complete installation and when I booted up-no antivirus! I had to manually delete the old directory and re-initiate the installation.
    I have a low threshold for poorly written software and this one is really really stupid! The BD support is lacking and good luck calling in. Next year I won't be so lazy; I'll do my homework and find a professional AV software....more info
  • Customer support is the pits - product won't run
    I've been a BitDefender customer for several years. I recently bought and installed this product and it ran fine on two of my PCs. On the other PC, antivirus scans hang up (forever) on a certain directory. Searches with Google indicate many others have this problem. BitDefender customer support insisted the problem was due to two other programs I have on the PC. I removed them per their request and still have the problem. They never responded to me after that. If you're one who doesn't have a problem, you'll like the software. If you have a problem, it's a throw-away. I've since installed a competitive product on the system and it has no problems with scans. There were other minor Bitdefender drawbacks that I learned to live with, but this one was a showstopper....more info
  • Minor problems with AV 2009; Uneven support experiences
    I used BitDefender (BD) to replace Norton Antivirus (NAV) because NAV was consuming too much resource and NAV support wasn't very responsive. I started out with BitDefender Antivirus 2008 on 2 computers: One was running Windows 2000 and the second Vista Ultimate. I bought the 2 year license for 3 computers.

    Initial installation on both computers went smoothly. I was happy to find that BD did indeed use less of both computers' memory and CPU. It's easy to scan a file on demand because BD added a menu item to the menu that comes up when you right click on a file. Just right click and select "Scan with BitDefender".

    After a few months use, the BD installation on the Vista computer quit working. BD support's solution was, as is mentioned in several of the other reviews, "uninstall and re-install" so that's what I did and it fixed the problem.

    BD 2009 came out several months after I initially installed BD 2008. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could upgrade the Vista machine AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! (BD 2009 wasn't supported on Win 2k so I couldn't upgrade that machine.)

    However, after upgrading, none of the stock trading software I use was able to access real time stock quotes. I started a chat with BD support and they quickly helped me uncheck a couple of default options to fix the problem.

    After fixing the real time stock quote problem, the software ran for about 4 months without incident. Then I started using Microsoft Media Player (MMP) to listen to the BBC. Apparently, MMP uses a cookie to keep track of the stations. When the BD system scan ran, it considered these cookies to be dangerous and deleted them. This forces me to re-add the BBC so I tried to add the cookie files to the BD "Exclusion" list. But I wasn't able to do so because nothing happened when I clicked the "Add" button on the BD Exclusion Wizard after typing in the full path to the cookie files. I reported this problem to BD support and they fixed the problem shortly thereafter. However, after about 2 weeks, a new maintenance release of BD came out and the fix disappeared. Once again, the cookie files are being deleted and I can't update the exclusion list.

    I looked on the BD web site forums and it's easy to find lots of people with serious problems (I've had none) who are not getting any response from BD tech support. This leaves me with the feeling that, as long as the product continues to run, I'll be ok but if I ever encounter a serious problem I'll be out of luck. If that happens, I guess I'll try another AV product. ...more info
  • So far so good...
    I've had this software for a couple of months now and it seems to be working well on my desktop & laptop, both purchased in '06. The hard drives on both machines died a few months ago, so I replaced them and chose this product to protect them. I'm happy with it for the most part, but my older machine, which has very little memory, has become very slow. Additionally, the older machine had a total of 48 bugs when I first ran the virus scan. I thought that Bitdefender would just clean the machine, but I found that several of the viruses/spyware could not be easily removed ,and required that I manually delete them from the machine's key registry.

    Since removing those 150+ problems, I have had additional problems with Bitdefender telling me that it could not scan certain password protected items (bugs), that were not there when I originally installed the software. I was under the impression that the machine would not acquire new problems once the antivirus software was installed, but in the case of one of my three machines, that was not so.

    Because the two newer machines have been well protected and have not exhibited any noticeable slowdown in productivity, I am still giving this product a high rating....more info
  • virus software
    This is the 1st time I have ever used this product. I bought it because of the reviews in consumer report. It is working well for me I have had it in my computer for 1 month now....more info
  • Bitdefender AntiVirus 2009 2 yr service for 3 computers
    Great product. It was easy to set-up and works as advertised. I will buy this product again....more info
  • Antivirus Protection for PC
    very good value for highly rated antivirus software; very easy to install and use; so far compatible with all software that i have on my PC, but i deleted all other antivirus adware and spyware software per bitdefender instructions....more info
  • Too many glitches for established product
    I purchased Bitdefender AV 2009 for 2yr/3 PC thinking I was doing a good thing. I'm glad my husband's laptop still has Norton or I wouldn't be writing this. A few of the problems are as follows: Delayed keystrokes while typing email, incorrect phishing alerts while visiting websites, extremely long deep scans (think 6-8 hours), delayed access to the internet, constant requests to reboot because product is not working, etc. If I could get my money back, I would. After all the great reviews (from my peers here at Amazon as well as CNET), I thought I was making a great choice. I'm wrong. The reason for two stars and not one? The support staff does respond, most of the time. They are responsive, just not always helpful....more info
  • Very mediocre software, buggy
    I have used Bit defender 2008 and had no problems. I order this one and install it on Vista ultimate. Well I have had nothing but problems. The program will sometimes decide to just close itself and if your not paying attention you will notice that no anti-virus software is running. It will also popup and say items need to be fixed, mainly the update. So I'll click update and nothing will happen. It appears that bit defender has an issue with automatically updating which leaves my pc totally unprotected. If I could return this product I certainly would. I have had better luck with free AVG. Save your money buy something else. I purchased this based on the consumer review that rated it the #1 AV software, but I'm not really sure how they came to that determination other than someone has family on the Bit defender payroll....more info
  • Shouldn't Have Believed Those Online Rankings
    Based on the reviews/rankings of antivirus software at sites such as, etc, I bought, downloaded, and installed Antivirus 2009, replacing McAfee antivirus.

    No matter which antivirus scan I try to run (Deep, Full, My Documents), it always hangs while scanning a file (i.e. the little dots keep circling) for 20+ minutes and finally the whole system freezes. At that point, I can't even, for example, start Task Manager. I have to do a hard shutdown.

    Assuming the possibility that there is, indeed, something wrong with a given file on my system, I wouldn't expect a viable antivirus program to simply hang on it until the system freezes. I bought BitDefender to be an improvement over McAfee!

    So now I'm the proud owner of an antivirus program that won't let me scan for viruses.

    If you want to get a real feel for typical experience with this product, visit the forums on BitDefender's own web site.
    ...more info
  • Bitdefender 5 star
    Have used Bitdefender for 2 years and been happy with it. 2009 is a little differant and has a pop up box that comes up at every web page. It is annoying at first, but once you ok the page it don't come up anymore. Still the best I have used and 3 PC's for $30.00 is a bargain....more info
  • Beware
    Purchased this new from Amazon and the key code will came up INVALID! sitll have not heard back from Bitdefender, and not only that it crashed my computer! I had bitdefender 10 so I thought I would stick with it, but I guess that was a very sad mistake, bad customer service, and how the heck do you issue key numbers that don't work on the first try, second try, hmm third try...... and yes they were typed in correctly I had someone with better eye sight check :)...more info
  • BitDefender 2009 update
    BD 2008 worked reasonably well relative to other AV software I had used. When I tried to update to BD2009, however, Several bugs popped up that now leave me unable to uninstall completely or reinstall BD. I have sent .dmp files to tech support but have not received any reply....more info
  • BitDefender Anti-Virus 2009 Review
    I have an intermediate level of computer user skills. I just recently purchased 2 new PC's and wanted antivirus software beyond the standard 30 day Norton product to protect my wonderful desktop and laptop. I researched what was out there extensively before making this purchase. The product was rated #1 in all categories and I read everything I could find from numerous sources. Here is my opinion relative to the rating by the "experts". Installation was relatively easy. Had to uninstall existing protection and reinstall BitDefender. So far, so good. Price was excellent for the product, coverage, and number of PC's for what it claimed to do. That's when the fun started. My expectation is for antivirus software to run seamlessly in the background. Not so with BitDefender. Everyday when opening my computer, I had the little red warning triangle alerting me to the fact that there was some kind of problem. So I would have to manually go into the software and find out what the issue of the day was. You would then think that the "Fix This Issue" button once clicked would resolve the issue. Once again, not so!!! Clicking on it has done absolutely nothing. I have been on the phone with the "excellent" support service that was advertised. I have never waited less than 45 minutes to speak with someone, only to be told I will be sent an email on what to do next. They will not talk further with you. I have used their website also to no avail. At present, the current email prompt is to uninstall the whole program again, complete 4 more steps, and then reinstall. Thank goodness I am an intermediate user and understand how to do all of this. They are getting one more chance and if this nonsense doesn't work....I'm looking for my money back. Buyer beware....I would not recommend under any circumstances! Say what you will about Norton, but I've never had these types of problems or the insecurity whether my PC's have been adequately protected in the past. ...more info
  • No problems so far.
    I downloaded the Trial version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 on three computers. On two of them it created problems with the internet connection I have at home. So I decided to go with the Bitdefender Antivirus 2009.

    On all 3 computers, it seems that it works fine, no major problems, keeps everything on the background. A couple of times you can see that when you open a program it will delay a little bit, because the Bitdefender is checking it, but this is not an issue for me. Overall, it does not add up a lot processing time, not overloads the processor. Two of the 3 computers I put it on, are 5 and 6 year old laptops...

    I have to say that I have been using Bitdefender Internet Security 10 for 2 years before and it was the same satisfactory experience for me.

    I think, I will higly recommend this product to anyone. No problems so far....more info
  • Cheap and Perfect
    I have used trial version on my system, no problems so far. On the trojan worm it really works. I have purchased a Bitdefender Antivirus 2009 new one....more info
  • It's So Easy!
    I needed basic protection for my home systems and this really works. Put it on all 3 systems and I can manage everything from my pc. Really catching so much more than Macafee and not the load of Norton. ...more info
  • Best Antivirus protection on the market today.
    BitDefender Anti Virus has become the only one I will ever use again. I have it on three of my home systems, plus my grandaughters personal laptop. This far exceeds anything McAffee or Norton has ever been able to put out. Easy to install and use and it's amazing deep scanning makes this the best purchase you could make....more info