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Unashamed: Rahab (The Lineage of Grace Series #2)
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Product Description

Book 2 in the Lineage of Grace series by best-selling author Francine Rivers. In her trademark style, Francine tells the compelling story of Rahab from the book of Joshua. Readers will gain a fresh understanding of God's work through the life of this unlikely woman in the lineage of Christ.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Example of God's Love Finding You
    This is truly a marvelous read. As with her first book, Ms. Rivers has once again brought to life a woman, who by her faith and courage shows us, as women of today, how to live for God.

    Joshua 6:25 And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, and her father's household, and all that she had; and she dwelleth in Israel [even] unto this day; because she hid the messengers, which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.


    Hebrews 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


    When I finished reading this book, my thoughts were of how God is no respecter of person. All you need is to believe and have a willing heart to serve Him.

    Rehab was a prostitute, residing in Jericho who was chosen by God to be a help to His people, the Israelites. She not only believed and accepted the God of Israel as her God, but her faith was such that she trusted him to keep her and her family from harm even in the midst of all that was going on around her.

    I can understand her "bullying" her family. Even today when a member of a household is 'Saved'; their only desire is to share and show what God has done for them and like Rehab's family, no matter how much they may see the marvelous workings of God around them, they just continue to hold fast to their 'idols' of man's making.

    The love story is a small part of a small book, yet I think the love story is more about Rehab and God Himself. By her actions, she is changing because of her trust and faith in Him.

    The romance with Salmon is well done for the time frame that its placed in. I would have liked to have read more about it, yet I can't image God bringing them together and not blessing her with a happy and fruitful marriage.

    We have to remember that she is of course, named in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

    I think that says it all....more info

  • Wonderful
    Francine River's has never ceased to amaze her readers. Time and again she produces wonderful novels that stir the soul. Unashamed is just the next in that line....more info
  • Rehab the Unexpected Believer
    Rehab shocked everybody with her belief in God and only knowning so little about Him. She was looked down upon and showed a nation she was able to release her job as a harlot and become one of God's many believers. She helped save two lives and was rewarded by God. Her family found it hard to believe but her heart was set and ready for the life following God. She did the best she could with her situation and came out a shining star for fellow followers....more info
  • Great authors sometimes fail.
    About three weeks ago one of my own readers recommended Francine Rivers to me, and the first book I happened to pick up was The Sin-Eater. I felt like Keats when he first read Homer, "upon a peak in Darien." The last time I was this excited over a writer was when I discovered C.S. Lewis almost forty years ago. We don't have to wait any longer for the "great American novel;" Mrs. Rivers has written it, and it is titled The Sin-Eater.

    Next I read the Mark of the Lion series, and they were as good. Redeeming Love was not quite perfect, but almost. The first book of her new series, Unveiled, is also outstanding. These books are in a class by themselves; in comparison, everything else out there in the Christian fiction category is mere fluff. But (like other great writers,) she can be uneven. The Shoe-Box was nothing like her other books. It is something like a MacDonald fairy tale, but even MacDonald doesn't succeed all the time.

    I was really disappointed in Unashamed. Unlike Tamar in Unveiled, Rahab failed to win my sympathy; she could have demonstrated great faith without bullying her family. Salmon was a very shallow character also. Many of the details were unrealistic, Rahab hanging on to the rope for instance. Even the miracles were handled badly, the tramping feet of the Israelites receiving partial credit for Jericho's fall. My major criticism is what was left out. What happened to Cabul? He just disappears from the story, and he is not the sort of man to quietly disappear. When he returns from his fruitless search there are two possibilities: either he is suspicious of Rahab and brings accusations against her which we can watch her try to squirm out of (my choice,) or else he is unsuspicious and tries to resume his relationship with her. Instead we are supposed to believe that Rahab's actions, including going out of business and the sequestering of her family, arouse no comment from her neighbors, her clientele, or the king with whom she is supposed to have such a close relationship.

    The re-telling of a Bible story is supposed to answer this kind of questions. What happens between the sending off of the spies and the actual fall of Jericho? This is a very dangerous time for Rahab and should have been the heart of the story, but it is omitted completely. I've always wondered if that dangling red cord did not arouse anyone's curiosity. I guess not. The ending is rather abrupt also. We have no evidence that Rahab has any regard for Salmon. Will this be a happy marriage? There was no reason for him to be younger than she.

    Mrs. Rivers, I wish I were your publisher. You are a truly great writer, and I love the spirit I sense in you. But I would have told you to shred this one and start over....more info

  • happy reader
    This book was very well written. I was told it was good and it was even better than expected. The study or discussions at the end of the book are insightful and make one think....more info
  • Gifted!!!!!!
    Just great, I read this in a couple of hours, and what a joy. Just immerse yourself in her world of circumstances and emotions. Walking with her in her journey of faith. Just a well researched woven tale. Another good one from a very gifted writer....more info
  • A real person
    You can read the plot and story line in the comments and reviews, so I won't get into it. The most important addition I feel I can make here is to say that this book takes a "character" from the Bible and makes her real. Too often I forget that the people in the Bible lived, and that most were "ordinary" like us. I raise them up to lofty positions in my mind. This series has given a human aspect to the lives of women who simply loved God, and it can inspire us to make a difference in our own little world. ...more info
  • book review
    Amazing book! Very short read, but completely eye opening. God can use anyone from anywhere at anytime!...more info
  • Rahab- a woman of true faith
    I have always loved the story of Rahab- a woman who had incredible faith in God. Francine Rivers, in her usual flawless style, brings readers the story of a Canaanite prostitute who risked her life to hide two Israelite spies, and because of her bravery and deep belief in God was richly rewarded. The second book in the Lineage series, Rahab reminds us never to lose faith, even in our darkest moments....more info