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The Last Jihad (Political Thrillers Series #1)
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Jon Bennett is a top Wall Street strategist turned senior White House advisor. But nothing has prepared him for the terror that he will face. Saddam Hussein dispatches his top hit men to assassinate the President of the United States. Iraqi terrorists spread carnage throughout London, Paris, and Riyadh . . . and the Butcher of Baghdad has a nuclear ace in his hand that he has not yet played.

Only a solid Arab-Isreali coalition against Iraq can keep the U.S.--and other Western nations--from certain devastation. And only Bennett and his beautiful partner, Erin McCoy, can make that happen. Their secret project--a billion-dollar oil deal off the coast of Gaza--could be the basis for an historic peace treaty and enormous wealth for every Isreali and Palestinian. But just before a treaty can be signed, Isreali commandos foil an Iraqi Scud missile launch, recovering a nuclear warhead and evidence that the next attack will level Washington, New York and Tel Aviv.

Now, the Isreali Prime Minister gives the American President an ultimatum: Melt down Baghdad within one hour . . . or Israel will do it herself. From Jerusalem, Bennett and McCoy must summon all their stealth and savvy to save themselves--and the world--from absolute destruction.

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it!
    What a gripping read. I mean, seriously, I don't know how this guy did it. He's obviously a real visionary. Super entertaining book. Coulnd't put it down....more info
  • Tomorrow's News Today
    I finally read Joel Rosenberg being prodded by a friend and after seeing him interviewed on FoxNews. Had to see what the hub-bub was all about.

    Rosenberg is a messianic Jew that has an uncanny ability to merge bible prophecy that has been taught for years and apply it into current events. He obviously has his sources about the inner workings of the military and espioniage abilities of the world's powers.

    He is also a great writer leaving the reader in suspense as the scene changes around the world. I literally devoured this book and I typically scold myself when I don't study and "savor" a book while reading it.

    Rosenberg has a hero that is part James Bond, part Alan Greenspan who happens to mingle with the President. A beautiful woman lurks in the story that is probably a romance waiting to happen. Mixing real people with fictional characters is a little risky but Rosenberg has me hooked for more books, that's for sure.

    Most of the other reviewers have provided wonderful observations and I can't add much more. Keep in mind that the storyline is fiction. What is scary is that it could be reality. ...more info
  • Better than I had expected
    Hearing an interview with the author piqued my interest in this book; I thought it might be good but this was far beyond expectations. It is gripping, hard to put down, some twists and turns that you do not expect. Also very thought provoking as far as curretn events and how they could utimately play out and consequences of actions/inaction. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • The Final Spasms of Terrorism?
    The Last Jihad is a novel about an alternate future. In 2011, the US and its allies have relentlessly hunted down and destroyed terrorist organizations throughout the world. Headquarters and training camps have been raided and individual terrorists have been picked up and tried for their crimes. New airport security measures throughout the US have eliminated domestic hijacking. It would seem that the war against terrorism is being won.

    Or has it? As a motorcade takes I-70 from Denver International Airport for the downtown convention center, a chartered executive jet from Toronto explodes over the freeway, spewing fire and metal over the vehicles and severely injuring the American President. Reports arriving from London, Paris and other national capitals describe similar attacks. All air traffic in the US is grounded and various federal agencies start looking for the source of the attack.

    As a new terrorist war erupts throughout the world, Jon Bennett is meeting a Russian Jew named Dmitri Galishnikov in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem's Old City. Bennett is negotiating the deal of the century, opening up one of the largest gas and oil fields in the world offshore from the Holy Land. Dmitri and his partner Ibrahim Sa'id had discovered the field back in 2000, but nobody would risk any investment in the area, particularly after 9/11/2001. Now Bennett's firm, Global Strategix, is willing to invest billions as long as the Palestinians and the Israelis will cooperate -- i.e., make money, not war.

    With the terrorist attack on the President, however, all commercial development in the Middle East is being held in abeyance. Bennett is called back to the States to meet with his former boss, James MacPherson, the President of the United States. MacPherson asks Bennett to accept a position as a senior economic advisor in order to promote the gas/oil venture as a matter of US public policy. Instead of making about two million a year in salary and stock options, Bennett is being asked to work for ninety thousand a year. Moreover, he will have to give up his financial interests in the deal, thus losing his chance of becoming a billionaire in the near future.

    Amidst all the turmoil, the President sends Bennett back to Israel to lay the groundwork for future negotiations with the Palestinians and the Israelis. The possibility of nuclear war against Israel is very real, for one nuclear missile has already been captured on the ground. Now the terrorists have send an assassination team to take out Bennett himself.

    Jon Bennett is not your typical hero. He learns how to fire a weapon during a firefight. He has never had to ignore pain and keep on moving prior to the real thing. He hasn't got a clue about secret agents and assassins, but now he finds out the hard way how to protect himself and his friends from such dangers. It is an interesting time in his life.

    This story is a realistic portrayal of the political and emotional realities of the Middle East. It differs from the actual events in that Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and other terror supporting nations are isolated and watched, but otherwise left alone while the terrorist organizations themselves are raided and dismembered. Thus Saddam Hussein has ten more years to development his weapons and defenses. At least one of these weapons is a nuclear warhead acquired from the Russian stockpiles.

    While this future will never happen, something much like it may still be part of our timeline. The hatreds and tactics of terrorism are real even if the personages may differ. Such terrorist offensives must be countered through good intelligence, including informants within the terrorist groups themselves, and by pinpoint strikes with minimum, but locally decisive, force.

    Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys realistic tales of covert operations and the efforts of intelligence and counterintelligence services to detect and foil such activities.

    -Bill Jordin
    ...more info
  • My take on Last Jihad
    It was engaging and had some degree of suspense but I was trying to relate to real happenings and people and it wasn't coming together for me.
    I could put it down and I wasn't dying to pick it up again....more info
  • Couldn't get into it...
    I admit it. I purchased the MP3-edition because of the stellar reviews here, but after a few hours I just could not make myself go on. The main characters didn't thrill me and I just was not hooked. Fortunately, I was able to resell the title and get my money back. 1 star....more info
  • Suspenseful. Thrilling. Prophetic.
    THE LAST JIHAD is a suspenseful page-turner focused on terrorist acts against the President of the United States and the responses which will impact history and the world.

    Rosenberg writes a compelling, exciting, breathless suspense novel sometimes too-close-for -comfort. According to the author, the original scenario eerily resembled the 9/11 attacks and, in fact, publication was delayed a year as the aftershocks of that tragedy wore off.

    In the end, it's all about Israel. According to Muslim, Jewish and Christian believers, the end times will center around the Middle East, God's timepiece for the last days. The Last Jihad captures the reality of the times in which we live as well as the prophetic future conflict between Israel and her enemies. Terror, greed, weapons of mass destruction, espionage, treason and virtue clash in classic conflict.

    Rosenberg weaves Wall Street intrigue, big oil interest, presidential politics and religious tensions intricately binding them up into a believable, suspenseful tale which will have the reader briskly turning pages. I couldn't put it down.
    ...more info
  • Yikes
    What a horrible book! We actually tore it in half, rather than donating it, so no one else would read it!...more info
  • It could happen
    Very exciting with a very supprising ending. A timely book giving a good picture of the present middle east problems....more info
  • A Real Page-Turner
    From the opening scene until the final pages of this well-written novel, I was hooked. The plot and the characterization are excellent. I loved THE LAST JIHAD and highly recommend this book....more info
  • Caution: you will not put it down!!
    This book is an excellent read! Highly recommended & entertaining! I read the book in less than 2 days and have read it twice! I recommend all of Joel Rosenberg's books, he is an excellent author! ...more info
  • The Last Jihad
    A good read. But the best part is it's clean! Don't have to skip the vulgar language. That's important to me....more info
  • Gripping
    I read alot and read the 'political thrillers' by authors such as Clancy etc.
    This book was the most exciting book I think I have ever read. It is literally one that you cannot bear to put down.
    I ordered #2 in the series from Amazon and am counting the hours until it arrives....more info
  • Non-Stop Action
    It took me awhile to get into this book because of the abundance of characters. It almost required a character list. Portions of the book are more a "tell" than "show," which writing style the author eventually turned around. BUT, I'm glad I stuck with it. Well-told story; definitely full of action and suspense. Some critics decried the Christian/Republican aspects. Do they do the same when reading "their side's" fictitious perceptions? Remember, this is fiction. When it involves politics and world views, in order to have a storyline, a writer has to choose a side he's writing about. And the most obvious is from that which he believes. The author doesn't force feed anyone with his beliefs. It's just a part of the story. In fact, the hero Jon Bennett is an atheist, and shakes his head at the believers.
    This reader thoroughly enjoyed the book; once past page 50, reluctantly laid it aside and quickly picked it up again. Looking forward to Mr. Rosenberg's next offering....more info
  • Interesting plot, but underdeveloped characters
    It is disappointing to see so many "politicized" reviews of this book. A story should be able to stand on its own whether you are a conservative or a liberal. In "The Last Jihad", Rosenberg starts with an interesting premise about Saddam Hussein exporting terror with the help of some nefarious players. Unfortunately he fails to develop his characters enough that we actually care much about them. The lead character, Jon Bennett, is a Wall Street wunderkind recruited by his former boss, now the President of the United States. We learn a little about his formative years, and then about a few strategic moves he has used to lead his company to investment gold. As the story progresses, Jon experiences a transformation as he begins to understand why some people would lay down their life in the name of the country they love. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only reason I felt any compassion for this character.

    Other flaws include the military scenes depicting the use of the F-111 and the F-14 several years after they have been retired from the U.S. inventory and a Seahawk helicopter carrying a SEAL team and a NEST team (max passengers on a HH-60H is 8 with the 50 cal removed). The ultimatum issued by the Israelis to the President seems far-fetched as well.

    Overall I gave this book three stars. It was interesting enough to keep my interested, but flawed enough not to recommend it to others, at least not without a warning first. ...more info
  • The Last Jihad
    Purchased for future reading. Tagged it with 1 star, but there was no other option I could give since I have not read it. S. Robertson...more info
  • Book Purchase
    Great service. The book was in the condition stated and I got the book well before Christmas....more info
  • Great first novel...
    Having stumbled across Dead Heat (the final instalment of the series) and enjoying it immensely, I decided to start from the beginning.

    The Last Jihad really moves with intrigue and action - as is often the case with 1st novels, the characters lack some substance but I imagine Books 2 and 3 will develop them. Really liked the way that Rosenberg is able to bring Jesus into the story in a subtle one and I would expect a non-believer wouldn'tbe put off by it.

    A really good story-line that was engrossing and even thought I know the ultimate outcomes really keen to read the development of the story in Books 2-4. Great work Joel - fantastic how you've brought in the prophesy of the Bible and linked it to what is going on in the world and highlights the significance of Israel and Palestine as the Epicentre of the world.

    Throughly recommend Last Jihad! ...more info
  • If You're an American, Read This Book!
    The Last Jihad is a must-read for every true red-blooded American. It's the start of the best-written series. Joel C. Rosenberg is the greatest author ever. This book starts with action and excitement and ends with one of the most tragic and hair-raising gunfights in Israeli history. I don't know how Rosenberg wrote this so well. When you begin to read it, there is no putting it away. Every page holds new adventures and challenges that put you right in the center of what is going on today.

    Rosenberg could not have made a better character than Jon Bennett. He is such a classic American with high values, good instincts and a large bank account. You are put in his shoes and are faced with the decisions he has to make as a Senior Advisor to the President.

    Every word of this fabulous book draws you into the political world and shows you the "inside scoop." It's such a great book, you have to read it. I certainly say that Rosenberg deserves three cheers for The Last Jihad. ...more info
  • Quo vadis?
    This is a well written book which, in essence, goes nowhere.

    From a dramatic perspective it might have worked better had the author started at the end and ended at the beginning....more info
  • He likes it!
    I personally have not read this book because I purchased it for my husband who likes historical novels. He is a Bible teacher for a Christian High School and teaches Revelation to Seniors so he likes to keep up on escatological fiction. I saw Joel Rosenberg on the 700 Club and decided to give his book series to hubby. He likes them and told me so. Maybe when I have time I will read them also. ...more info
  • Fast-paced fiction
    It will take a national fixation on this terrorism problem to obtain the results proposed by this book. Unfortunately, thanks to reckless left-leaning politicians, the dedication required to achieve results is what makes this book largely fiction....more info
  • Scary fiction or reality
    I had this book recommended to me by a family member is is serving in the USMC. This book may be fiction, and by the way is extremely well written, but the reality of what could happen hit home.

    Great book!!!...more info
  • Great Political Thriller for the Modern Era
    I'd read all the Left Behind books and saw Joel Rosenburg one night on Glenn Beck, with Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins talking about Iran and Russia, along with the great war of Gog and Magog.
    I picked up Rosenburg's first book, "The Last Jihad" and to tell you the truth, I couldn't put it down. My wife got irritated yesterday because I was drawn into the book's twenty or thirty page climax. The storyline sets up for the climax early on, which pulls you on to the last page. We all know what became of Iraq's dictator, Saddam Hussein, but this fictional story had much to offer. I look forward to reading more from Joel Rosenburg in the near future. By the way, this edition has a good sample of Joel's non-fiction book "Epicenter" at the end, that further explains some of the plot fueling this story (no pun intended)....more info
  • You must read this thriller
    The first of a series I couldn't put it down and I have ordered the rest. You must read this thriller. It could happen, it could happen any day, it will happen in one way or another, beware!...more info
  • Very disappointed...
    I read this book because a friend recommended it. I don't have a problem with the subject matter, because I consider myself a conservative. I also understand that Joel Rosenberg is a very intelligent and accomplished man, with a vast amount of experience. However, this novel was not compelling enough to keep my interest. The character development was nonexistent, the transitions between sections were rough and the amount of cliche throughout the book was absolutely irritating. I was reading it for a discussion group and was about 40 pages from finishing it. We finished the discussion and I had no desire to finish, despite being so close to the end. It was a complete waste of time. I understand he has a nonfiction book out (Epicenter) and I would be interested in his thoughts because of his background, but I have no desire to complete this series of novels....more info
  • Great read!
    The book arrived quickly, and as advertised. It was also a great read! I could hardly put it down throughout. No dead spots. I liked it so much I bought four more. I only wish there were more than that!...more info
  • Action Packed and Exciting
    I was worried going into this book that I would not have enough background knowledge on recent developments in terrorism. The overwhelming amount of news on this current topic has caused me to draw away more than be pulled into it. Yet, from the beginning to the end I was riveted by this action packed thriller. I even enjoyed the few bits of politics that remained simple enough for even me to understand. Rosenberg was off on some of his guesses for the future after 9/11, but this doesn't drag down the full impact of the story. Over all I was struck by how exciting this book was. Definitely not the long drawn out political junk that I had originally expected....more info
  • How to Impact the world: do good--quietly
    Espionage thrillers should always have an element of believability, and they should be close enough to real issues that the reader will integrate the external media flows with the internal world created by reading as story. Mr. Rosenberg gives readers a great context in which the protagonist, Bennett, is seen as the ideal international deal maker. The tensions in this book come not only from the expected criminal vs. honest citizen roles, but also from the spiritual crises that provoke Mr. Bennett's fear of losing his empire, his wealth, his power.
    For world peace, for love, and for duty to his country, Mr. Bennett risks everything he spent his life building. What a fantastic story!
    Some of the quotes are very inciteful:
    Pg 23--Single, six feet tall, and an obsessive runner, Bennett had wavy dark hair, grayish-green eyes, and rakish good looks. He was, more important in his mind, smart and sharp and rich--in part because he was stealthy.
    Pg 23--To most he was unknown. To the few who knew him outside his own company, he was underestimated. To those who underestimated him, he was considered unimportant. And this gave him precisely the element of surprise he needed to stay one step ahead of the vicious competition.
    I really liked this book because it reveals the power of being underestimated.
    Jay, of Baghdad Believer
    ...more info
  • Thrilling ~ sucks you in to the story from the beginning!
    I started Joel's series because I'd read Epicenter. This entire series rocks with focus, twists and turns, and incredible insight ~ both real from study, and imaginative "what if" scenarios. No matter what your belief system is ~ consider keeping up with Joel....more info
  • Book
    The book arrived in a timely manner and in good shape. I have no complaints and will order from this vendor again without hesitation....more info
  • wow

    Very well written. I kept me on the edge and I couldn't put it down. I could hardly tell where the current news ended and the book began....more info