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Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
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Product Description

The wildly popular Disney Club Penguin online world moves to the Nintendo DS with their next installment, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. This fun game for all ages introduces kids to a host of brand new adventures in the Disney Club Penguin world, giving players a chance to complete secret agent missions, solve mysteries and connect with friends in exciting, uncharted ways.

As a covert agent in the Elite Penguin Force, you'll play many mini-games.

Kids will love flying around in a jet pack.
Seamlessly Move From the DS to the Web
Kids can earn coins while playing Elite Penguin Force on their Nintendo DS, and these coins will seamlessly transfer into their online accounts via a wireless connection. Players can embark on missions that use familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, disguises, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious evens in the Disney Club Penguin world.

Secret Agent--Penguin?
The gameplay allows children to take on the role of a covert agent in the Elite Penguin Force and you'll complete top secret missions only available for the Nintendo DS. Your secret agent will tackle new mini-games, such as snowboarding and dance challenge, but old favorites, such as Cart Surfer, Jet Pack Adventure, and Ice Fishing, return with a twist. Although you might recognize the names of these mini-games, this version utilizes the DS stylus and unique dual-screen view for a whole new experience.

Online Interaction and Extras
Club Penguin for the Nintendo DS also includes Disney's DGamer, which allows kids to engage with other Disney gameplayers in a secure online community. Players will be able to wireless connect with the virtual Club Penguin world using the DS to unlock special features and upload coins to their online penguin personas. Plus, you'll be able to create unique 3D avatars, create a persistent profile, chat with friends, share Club Penguin accessories, earn in-game honors, unlock exclusive Disney content, and even download new missions and weekly newsletters.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Forces bridges the gap between your kid's online Club Penguin world and the Nintendo DS, making it possible to have fun with Club Penguin at home or on the go.

  • Take on the role of an Elite Penguin Forces agent, completing top secret missions
  • Earn coins while playing on the DS to use or transfer wirelessly to online accounts
  • Play favorite Club Penguin mini-games such as Cart Surfer, Jet Pack Adventure and Ice Fishing
  • Play brand new exclusive DS-only mini-games including Snowboarding and Dance Challenge
  • Download new missions and weekly newsletters

Customer Reviews:

  • She hasn't stopped playing it!!
    My 10 year old daughter loves Club Penguin on the computer. She is an excellent judge, therefore, to say if the DS version is at least as good as the online version. She plays this game very frequently and said it is as good if not better than the online version, esp. since you have the dual screens providing information, etc. ...more info
  • My daugher loves this game!!!
    My daughter has been playing club penguin on the website for sometime now. I was very happy to find this for her DS. She loves it!...more info
  • OK!
    It is fun exept for the part where you can't save your game. It automatically saves after completing a mission, but you can't save in the middle. You CAN pause the game, but you can't turn off the DS or click quit which will send you back to the menu....more info
  • What You Would Expect
    This game is basicaly what you would expect, if not a little less......Me, being an online Club Penguin former player, I have compleated all of the missions in the online agency, and while the DS missions are very similer in both story type, and play. It has many of the same kind of obsticles, where nothing is as simple as it seems, although, unlike the one line missions, the DS missions really are simple. Where as the online missions take around 30 mins, to an hour to complete, I have done some of the DS'S REAL TOP SECRET MISSIONS, and have done them in less then 5 minutes. While there are a few very puzzling things to work out, it is definetly designed of Club Penguin's younger audience!

    Do I recomend this game? Yes. What it lacks in mission game play, it makes up for in mini missions (small mysteries to solve around the island) and the great minigames! It also has a clothing catalog, full of awsome cloths, and you can earn new cloths as you win missions! You get to work with Elite Trained Puffles, play mini games as part of the mission dialog, and have a supply of VERY cool gadgets! Actually, the game isnt so bad at all! It IS over to quikly, it's the kind of game you could beat in 2 days if you didnt pace yourself!...more info
  • alexis
    This game is good but sometimes it is hard. You can get stuck on the missions. My favorite mini game is cart surfer but sometimes it can be tricky too. I recommend for ages 6 to 14. I am 8 years old....more info
  • Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force
    The Kids really loved it. Fantastic Purchase. Freed up our PC as there was no need to play on-line...more info
  • best game ever
    It's the best game ever. If you like club penguin online you'll like this game alot. You get to solve mysteries, multiplayer and minigames. You can upload your coins to online club penguin....more info
  • Daughters love this game!
    My daughters think this game is totally "awesome"! They have been playing the online game for a few years and are really having fun playing this together. ...more info
  • Great game for Club Penguin fans!
    The missions are interesting and creative. Some reading is necessary so younger fans will need assistance. My only complaint is it is very easy to complete all of the missions and earn enough money to purchase all of the clothes in the catalog in less than a week if you don't limit the amount of time the kids spend playing it....more info
  • Grandson/Grand mother -Club Penquin
    I like being an agent,and playing games as an agent. You have a secret hideout.I like my 2 pets in the game. I had a lot of fun learning how to play this game. I like the red pet the best....more info
  • Club Penguin rocks.
    (parent & child co-review): I bought this for my 3rd grade son who has been doing Club Penguin on line for a year. He loves Club Penguin and also loves his Nintendo DS (indispensable for us parents on long trips). It was a no brainer for the Thanksgiving long plane trip. The game has the exact visual appearance and game play style of Club Penguin's spy missions. My son basically disappeared for hours with this (for better or for worse). He played for a 3 hour stretch on the plane coming home. That's direct evidence that this game has some serious game play value.

    Ben's review:
    "I think the game is very fun. When you get used to it, playing is more fun than you'd expect stepping down from the PC to a DS game. It is fun in lots of different ways 1) because you get to solve missions you don't see on the regular on line game. 2) You get to earn badges, get to wear stuff that helps you on your way. 3) You can help people for prizes. The code that comes with the DS game gets you 1500 coins and a spy phone for the on-line world."

    For those who have never heard of Club Penguin - it's Disney's virtual on-line community for kids where Penguin shaped avatars throw snowballs, make friends, play games (such as unloading fish from trucks - I kid you not), and hang out. There are also longer structured adventures such as spy missions with more involved puzzles and detective work. Lately there's a whole hierarchical game of becoming a Ninja with card based combat (but that's on-line, not in the DS game). The DS game has spy missions that include destroying robots, train special spy puffles (the puff ball pets of the Club Penguin world), and rescue other penguins in need (and harvest the prizes the grateful saved penguins give you). There's a wireless head to head mode, but we haven't tried that yet. All in all - a real winner....more info
  • Disney Club Penguin Nintendo DS
    My son loves this game and I love what it teaches him. Although almost 11, this game is not too young for him. He enjoys playing Club Penguin online and now he can not only play it on his DS, but the two talk to each other. So any coins he earns on the DS get transferred to the site.

    The only bad part is that it did not take long for him to get through the entire game. But he still likes playing the missions to get more coins....more info
  • I'd give it zero stars if I could
    My 7-year-old son, who had an on-line account, was extremely disappointed in the DS version. We did not purchase it through Amazon, and the salesman at the store led us to believe he'd have access to his on-line character and we wouldn't have to pay monthly fees any more. Completely wrong information. My son called the game a complete rip-off. I feel so bad that now I plan to buy him a different game to make up for his complete and utter disappointment in this purchase. ...more info
  • 007... Penguin-style!
    Disney's Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for DS is a great addition to any DS library. Based upon the online game, but with one cool difference: you become part of a special group...the 'ELITE' Penguin Force via this game.

    You begin with a mini-mission, followed with a meeting with Agent 'D' who leads you to Elite Penguin Force Training. The game itself is 'Top Secret', but once you complete training you'll have all access and be able to upload (to Club Penguin online) 'coins' earned by your Elite Force penguin on the DS game. You'll also be able to upload missions, or do it in the reverse and download from your online account to your DS. **This is a cool feature, as earning coins gives you more things for your penguins to play with on Club Penguin.**

    NOTE: you will have to have a wireless connection between your PC and the DS to upload and download information (coins/missions) between the two.

    Cute and fun, this game will entertain kids ages 6 to 16, and maybe a few adults too!...more info
  • Okay
    The game is just okay. I bought it for my 10 year old daughter. She really enjoys playing Club Penguin online so I was very excited to see a ds game. She was thrilled to receive the game but once she was playing it, she was bored. She said the game is okay but online is better that if she was a Club Penguin member (which costs money monthly) it might be better but other wise she wanted to exchange the game. I myself have not played it. ...more info
  • Club Penguin DS
    My 9 year old son wasn't interested in playing this game, but my 13 year old daughter enjoyed it....more info