ASUS Eee PC 900 16G (8.9" Display, Intel Mobile CPU, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB Solid State Drive, Linux) Pearl White
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Product Description

The new Eee PC 900 offers you more options for your mobile computing needs. Incorporating a shockproof design and weighing 2.18 pounds, you will find it "Easy to learn, work and play" - making it your best outdoor companion anywhere, anytime. The large 8.9" screen size allows for more screen space - making it more comfortable on the eyes reading and editing documents when viewing a single A4 page without the need to scroll left or right. On the top of this screen is the 1.3 Megapixel Webcamera that works synchronously with the 802.11b/g wireless to provide web conferencing anywhere, anytime for easier web communications and increased work efficiency. Another great feature is the built-in 16GB Solid State Disk (SSD) which offers 15 seconds boot times that makes for a quiet, energy saving, shock proof design, which is ideal for reporters, wildlife photographers and other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Preinstalled on the Eee PC is the Linux operating system, and Open Office for numerous office applications. Lastly the special FingerGlide makes operating the Eee PC easy and convenient through simple finger movements on the touch pad that allows for scrolling horizontally and vertically through documents by swiping two fingers up or down across the surface of the trackpad, or zoom in or zoom out of pictures by making pinching or stretching movement with your fingers. With all of these features the Asus Eee PC makes for a fantastic purchase as a well-equipped second PC or a Web access tool so beat the crowds, and get yours today before they sell out! Intel UMA Graphics Card 1.3 Megapixel Webcamera WiFi 802.11b/g Wireless 10/100Mbps LAN Hi-Definition Audio Speakers and Microphone Memory Card Slot - MultiMedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) Card, SDHC Connections - 3 x USB, VGA, Headphone, Microphone, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 8.85 (W) x 6.69 (D) x 0.78 ~ 1.33 (H) Approximate Unit Weig

The Asus Eee PC 900 provides the power of a full-sized laptop in a compact body with a larger 8.9-inch screen. Even with the larger size of the Eee PC 900 when compared to the original Eee PC, the new model weighs just over 2 pounds--perfect for students toting to school or road warriors packing away to Wi-Fi hotspots. And because it uses flash memory instead of a hard drive (with 16 GB of storage), the Eee PC 900 is optimal for weathering rough handling and sharing space in overstuffed bags.

The Asus Eee PC 900's 8.9-inch screen is easier on the eyes, and the integrated webcam makes video chats a snap.
Other features include a 1.3-megapixel webcam integrated into the bezel above the LCD, a Secure Digital memory card slot, Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g), multiple USB ports, a VGA output for connecting to a monitor, and 1 GB of RAM. It comes preinstalled with the Linux operating system, and it's also compatible with the Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system.

For the students and professionals, the Eee PC comes with a powerful selection of software to maximize personal productivity--over 40 built-in applications. The Open Office suite of software enables the user to open, edit and create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases that are compatible with Microsoft Office. For journalists, photographers and other professionals who need to use a computer in the field to create, to communicate and to collaborate with other colleagues, the Eee PC's combination of power, extreme portability and rugged build makes it the ideal computing solution.

No technical manual required with the specially designed, user-friendly, and intuitive graphic interface.
It's also a great choice for young students, with a built-in Dictionary that's great for homework, and it includes two modes of intuitive graphic user interface design to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. The Eee PC also handles your digital images, movies, and music as well as Internet radio.

Nicely light at just 35 ounces, the Eee PC 900 has an 8.9-inch wide TFT LCD with a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution (WXGA)--making it more comfortable on eyes than its predecessor. Under the hood is a 900 MHz Intel Mobile CPU with integrated Intel graphics processor, 1 GB of RAM (not expandable), and 16 GB of flash memory solid-state drive (SSD). The SSD provides quiet performance and helps save energy, while its shock-proof solid state design helps to guard against data loss or shock-related damage if the laptop is dropped.

In addition to its wireless LAN, it also offers wired Fast Ethernet connectivity. The Eee PC includes software for Web browsing (Firefox), e-mail, OpenOffice 2.0 for creating and editing word processing documents and spreadsheets, and a suite of other productivity software to help keep you on track.

You get three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA output for connecting to external monitors, headphone and microphone jacks, and a Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot. The rechargeable battery provides up to 3.5 hours of battery life (depending on usage). It's backed by a 1 year warranty for parts and labor.


  • Internal memory: 16 GB solid state disk
  • Memory expansion: Slot for MMC/SD(SDHC) cards
  • RAM: 1 GB DDR2
  • Processor: 900 MHz Intel Mobile CPU
  • Operating system: Linux
  • LCD: 8.9 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Networking: 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • Peripheral connectivity: Three USB 2.0
  • External video: One VGA
  • External audio: One headphone and one microphone port
  • Webcamera: Yes, 1.3 megapixels
  • Battery life: up to 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds (35 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.7 x 1.33 inches

What's in the Box
ASUS Eee PC 900, AC adapter, printed operating instructions. It's backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Easy to learn, work and play
  • Excellent mobile Internet device
  • Exciting multimedia enjoyment
  • shock proof
  • Excellent on the go

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than I expected.
    I am very impressed with this little laptop. At first I bought it strictly for traveling due to its small size and light weight. Now I use it regularly at home for the internet, work, and to access e-mail. The keyboard is large enough to comfortably type. I have and recommend the Linux version as it is quick to boot and runs very efficiently. If you're sick of your computer constantly needing updates, its Virus vulnerabilities, and taking too long to boot up and shut down you will be very happy. The OpenOffice was completely compatible with any MS documents or files I opened, and you can save files in whatever format you need. At some point I realized this computer does everything my heavier and more resource hungry Windows Laptop does, and with much longer battery life. The simplicity and quality is very good. I do recommend the 8.9" over the smaller 7" version for comfortable size and quality. If you need more storage or memory you can simply add a portable hard drive or SD card. Great product!...more info
  • phasing out model
    i heard 900 series is out very soon. is it true? what about SSD version?...more info
  • Defective headphone jack and poor warranty
    I love the computers portability, but when you sell a computer, you have to be responsible for the manufacturing. The headphone jack is unusable. When contacting the company, they give me a number to attach on a package that I have packed myself and paid postage on. This is unacceptable when it is the manufacturers fault. I know for a fact dell sent me a shipping label with the RMA and included shipping. Do not buy ASUS. Although their response time is good, it is irrelevant when all they say is to just send it to us at your own cost. Its the idea of the situation that kills me, not the amount of money it would be for shipping.

    other problems, batteries die when the thing is off. Lag proabbly due to flash hardrive is very pronounced when loading any program. Linux version basically supports nothing usb other than flash drives without any barbarically intense linux commands.

    mouse buttons feel extremely cheap and I hate using them.

    My recommendation is to look into the other brands as there are many now that were not around when I bought my eeepc...more info
  • Good computer
    I have really enjoyed using my Eee PC. It works exactly how I anticipated. It is a good computer for travel and trips around town. It does not replace my regular computer, though.

    I chose Linux, but if you want to make modifications or add programs I would suggest going with the Windows-based option....more info
  • very happy
    I am very happy with this purchase, solid as a rock, the linux distro was very well specced and works pretty much flawlessly...more info
  • Nice Little Machine
    This is a very nice little machine. It comes with Linux, so keep that in mind if you're super dependent on Windows or Mac. It runs quick and is excellent if you're just looking to do some word processing, a little web surfing, listening to tunes, you know, any low-impact computing activities.

    The only gripes are the keyboard and the battery life.

    First the keyboard definitely is small, and you will probably have difficulty typing if you have large hands. Also, the keyboard is somewhat unresponsive sometimes, especially the spacebar. Deliberate keystrokes are necessary to ensure that all characters and spaces are actually put onto the screen. Also, take a look at a picture of the keyboard to see if the tiny right shift key will bother you, especially with its proximity to the "up" arrow.

    The battery life is pretty low. If you plan to take the leash off this thing and go tooling around on the internet wirelessly, you'll probably only get about 90 minutes off the battery. But you can greatly increase the battery life by turning off the wireless and dimming the screen a little bit to get a couple hours out of it.

    It's a few hundred bucks for a fully functional little comp that can take care of what most of us use computers for: diddling around....more info
  • Excellent Little Laptop
    Bought this to replace a larger 17 inch laptop. Other than slightly smaller keys and getting used to Linux operating system, I would say this is one great little machine especially if you dont need to do a lot more than internet surfing and email. It does come with open office but I have not needed that feature yet....more info
  • Just an fyi on Xubuntu 8.10 and this netbook...
    This is not a full review, just a informational post on Xubuntu 8.10 and this netbook.

    I switched from the Xandros linux that the eee pc 900 came shipped with to Xubuntu 8.10 to run a USB727 modem through Verizon. It works great but I had to add another script to get wifi working on Xubuntu, as the original distribution would not recognize this computer's wifi.

    I previously installed Windows XP and it was so much slower than Xandros or Xubuntu, so I reinstalled a linux platform (Xubuntu) and it works great. Even the internet and browsers work faster. What a difference! I do prefer Xubuntu/Ubuntu over Xandros.

    This netbook does exactly what it's meant to do. Light, portable, nice GUI. Three USB slots which is a huge plus. And lots of free and very useful applications because of linux. The 1.3mp camera is a great addition and Skype comes in a linux version as well. You can install other platforms through the usb drive if you don't have an optical drive to plug into the usb port. Try Fedora's Live USB Creator, available for free.

    I agree with other reviewers that the battery life could be longer. From what I read recently, Asus will be phasing this screen size out next year and concentrating on the 10" displays.

    Long live Linux!

    Oh, and don't get suckered into buying the $299 version from Target. It is NOT the same netbook - there is no camera built-in and it only comes with 512 Ram, ick!...more info
  • Would have given it a 5 if it wasn't so darn slow!
    I love my eee pc and can see buying another one in the future, but I wish I had read up on this particular model before I bought it on Amazon. The forums at have detailed information from lots of buyers like me about the slowness of this particular model. Every time the hard drive is accessed, the computer freezes for a few seconds. There are lots of hacks listed for solving the problems, but the fact is that the ssd is just very slow. I'm using Linux on mine and it is still annoyingly slow for my taste. Streaming videos and sound is often choppy because of the drive.

    Otherwise, I really love it. It's lightweight, I had little trouble getting used to the keyboard, and it's a great travel pc. I take it with me everywhere and have gotten lots of use out of it. The 3 usb ports really come in handy, and the sd card slot is great for expanding its memory capabilities. And if you're learning Linux for the first time like I am, it's nice to be able to save all the important stuff to a card in case you need to reset the pc to its original state. Resetting is so easy and user friendly, which is good because Xandros is not very forgiving of user mistakes.

    So whereas I recommend this brand, please save yourself the frustration I've encountered and buy a different model. Even the smaller 4 gig surfer models they make are said to be faster than this one. ...more info
  • Small yet powerful
    This laptop is one of the best new technologies out in the market right now. With the display of about 8.9'' and approximately about 3.0 pounds, it is perfect for a student to carry along to class to take notes or can be used for searching the net with wireless capabilities. Even though, understandably it comes without DVD/CD-rom drive, it featured USB capable ports for memories storing devices. With enough power to run Microsoft windows XP, it is perfect for office works and convenient for group meetings. With 6 cell batteries, it could lasts up to 7 hours for extended working times and entertainments. It has options including 1.3 mp webcam that would be ideal for long distance conversation and built in microphone for that same purpose. I strongly recommend this as a first laptop/PC and since it is powerful enough to handles heavy works, it can also be use as tools for students and office works. This is the new technology and the new generation of personal computer. ...more info
  • A Great Little Machine
    I purchased this computer for my 4 yr old daughter in an attempt to stop her playing around with my laptop. However, sometimes I find myself using her laptop while she is asleep. It basically does everything my full-sized laptop does and more.

    However, given the overall size of the laptop, people with large fingers may have a little difficulty typing a lot of data. Overall, it is a wonderful machine with all the necessary stuff - wifi, webcam, built in mic etc. It even comes with the drivers if you decide to load Windows XP on it (although changing the OS probably isn't necessary)....more info
  • Great linux machine
    The EeePC is a really great small laptop, especially for running linux. The hardware is plenty powerful to run a full linux distribution, or windows xp if your not leet. The solid state disk is a little bit slow, I imagine this would be annoying with the windows pagefile so you should probably not use it and there might also be some issues with wearing out the drive. I have mine running slackware 12.2 linux with a custom slimmed down kernel, and I have swap disabled. All devices are supported in the kernel. The only problem I have is with the hardware abstraction layer, I think it is improperly configured. The screen is big enough; I like 9 inch netbooks because usually the 10 inch ones have the same screen resolution, and the 9 inchers are smaller and lighter. Screen brightness is great; I have it turned almost all the way down to save battery life. Battery life is good, probably at least 2 and a half hours, I haven't really tested it. There are several extended batteries you can get, just watch to make sure they are compatible, the atom processor Eee's use a different battery. The computer runs a little hot; the only "heat sink" is the thin metal sheet underneath the keyboard. Mine runs around 50C and can go a bit over 60C during extended hard usage, especially if the vents on the bottom are blocked (watching movies lying in bed). The keyboard isn't great, but you can get used to the slightly small keys....more info
  • i'm in love
    this computer is so easy to use. it took longer to take out of the box than to hook up and start using it. i love how light it is. i travel quite a bit and my 15' laptop was just weighing me down, literally, and was making my trips less fun. you don't need to install windows or anything unless you have specific requirements for the work you need to do on it. openoffice is less functional than microsoftword, especially the powerpoint equivalent. other than that, it has all the programs i need and then some. i thought it was strange that the speakers were underneath the computer, which muffles the sound, since it is often on my lap. but you can use earphones. overall, it's still the best thing i've bought in years. ...more info
  • cute but not functional
    I purchased this for a grand daughter to use with her college classes. She was very dissapointed with the computer. Her remarks "Grandpa, this is really cute but it doesn't work nearly as good as my old laptop." ...more info
  • Amazon tricked me into buying sleeve
    I just got this in the mail and it's exactly what I expected -- light, fast, easy to use, except the keyboard and mouse, which will take some getting used to. The only annoying surprise: It actually comes with a sleeve, which was the only thing not listed under the "in the box" section. I suspect this is because Amazon sells its own sleeves for $20 plus shipping, and it came immediately. Now I have to figure out how to return it even though I already threw out the box. Really annoying....more info
  • Perfect for most of my mobile needs!
    While I was aware of tablet notebooks, I didn't know about these new, micro notebooks until about March (2008). I was reading my e-blasts (CNET was one, I believe) and saw this tiny little laptop -- I cannot recall the brand, but it was one most notably remembered for making cell phones -- and thought, "This would be perfect for 'round town." You see, I have an older Dell Inspiron as my usual knock-around and a new Toshiba Tecra (S9017) as my mobile-able desktop replacement. However, if I intend to do some web stuff, e-mail, etc. when I go out to lunch - either of the previously mentioned full size machines take up most of the table space (lunch, five days/week downtown Chicago).

    While doing my usual Bohemian Research (I'm half Greek, half 'real life' Bohemian), I stumbled across the Asus Eee series of micro notebook/laptop computers. Now keep in mind, my Tecra is what I use for doing AutoCAD, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Visio, and all my other power-intense, memory gobbling, video chowing stuff, I thought it unwise to lug around a 8 lb, 15.1" widescreen (and quite expensive!) notebook to downtown Chicago eateries. Other machines I perused would have done just as well, but the Eee is so competitively priced for all the features it includes, it was the obvious choice for me.

    I opted for the Linux version, solely on the idea that I was purchasing this strictly for surfing the web, e-mail and other basic stuff. The Linux Eee comes packed with a wicked supply of software. The coolest one is "Open Office," by Sun Microsystems. It includes compatible programs for Word, Excel & PowerPoint -- things I use extensively in my business life. Also included: .pdf reader, media player, music/photo/video software, learning software (making this a great first computer for kids!!!), and games - if you get bored.

    The tiny sized keyboard takes a little getting used to, but in no time flat - I was typing pretty well, with only minor mistakes. The screen is reminiscent of my IBM ThinkPad 360 from the early nineties -- rather small compared to my other laptops, but it's wide screen and the graphics are definitely more than acceptable. GET A USB MOUSE!!! While the touchpad is very sensitive and accurate, the left/right button (one piece 'lever') is kinda cheezy-cheap. With a $10 Logitech mouse, life returned to grand.

    It has a killer WiFi system, as I have yet to encounter a place that I cannot connect. Also, an Ethernet port, 3 USB 2's, HD15 VGA out, audio in/out and an SD/HDSD card slot. The SD/HDSD can be used as an extra hard drive on which you can load software programs you may not need on a day-to-day schedule. I use it to store .mp3's and also to throw them to my Garmin for car-travel-tunes. Pix, too.
    It also instantly recognized my SanDisk and Sony USB jump drives, no problem.

    While there is no built-in modem (Hey! This is seriously intended as a run-about-town computer!), one can easily set it up on your home network. My home network has a server running Windows Server 2003. It saw my Eee instantly and assigned it an IP right away. The Eee also works flawlessly on my network, as I can print to my printers no problem. Although I have not tried it, I'm sure an external USB modem would work fine. Be sure it's Linux compatible if you don't buy the XP version Eee.

    I chose the Linux version for a number of reasons. First, it's cheaper. Other reasons include Linux's notable stability, much more immune to viruses (or would that be "viri?"), and Linux is plain and simple to use. Are you a Mac lover? Get the Linux, because as you know, OSX and all previouss versions really run over a Unix kernel. That's what Linux is! A more GUI friendly version of Unix. The desktop on my Eee looks suspiciously similar to my Mac.

    But as I tell everyone - in my blogs, reviews, feedbacks & face to faces - do your homework. There's a myriad of micro notebooks out there. There is no "one is good for all." Everyone has different needs, uses, and wants for what they should consider. Try them out if you can. Talk to friends, read reviews, check out Consumer Reports if you want. While a micro notebook is a relatively small investment, it can turn out to be frustrating if you end up with something that just doesn't suit you....more info
  • ASUS Eee 900 Linux
    Excellent notebook PC and Linux is much more reliable then Windows XP. I use it all the time instead of my laptop Windows XP PC. ...more info
  • So far I am pleased
    I have two good laptops already, and usually take one or both on our many vacations. The older is a 15" windows from hp, and it works just fine, and has slots for our camera flash memory. Since we are mac people, we also bought a newer macbook, which is really a delight. Now we leave soon on a trip by sea land and train and we want to travel light, which is why I bought the ASUS notebook. I chose this model because it is the cheapest. After reading reviews, I was glad to note that my unit came with the 5400 MAH battery and the 1,3 Mpix camera. I rather favor Linux over windows because it is UNIX-like and I have a lot of professional experience with UNIX. However, the guts are well hidden by the ASUS GUI which makes the usual tasks easy. It accommodated my mouse, printer, SD flash, USB hard and flash drives without intervention. The only peripheral it would not work with was a Bluetooth dongle. My tests on the battery indicates loss of capacity if left in, but no loss if taken out. I was disappointed that gcc was absent as i wanted to add a GPS interface. A procedure from a eee-pc forum did not work. I may have more to write after I have used it on the ship, car , bus, and train....more info
  • mini computer
    I love it! It fits in my travel purse/bag, which is what I want. It easily hooked up to various wi-fis. Mine does seem to have a long start up time, and I kept to the linux after reading the reviews of the XP versions, but once it is up, it works seamlessly!...more info
  • Excited to get it!
    I haven't received mine yet. It comes to me next week as I expect and that is fine for me. My delivery time is greater because of where I live.

    One reviewer mentioned that if you need IE to see some websites you are out of luck. Well, not really because you can get Crossover Office from Code Weavers and it will allow you to run Office and IE on Linux w/o a Windows license. I have it and it works great on my desktop systems. I see no reason why it wouldn't work on the Eee 900 with Linux.

    Can't wait to get mine. I do financial planning and am creating a website and move about a lot doing consulting and taking notes. This will be perfect. I went to a local store before buying so I know what I am getting. I have a big MacBook Pro as my main work horse. It is fantastic but heavy to bring to my client meetings when I don't have to do major work. The Eee 900 will be a great benefit.

    I will post a review when I get mine next week.
    ...more info
  • parent
    My kid loves this little one. She carries with her on the weekend and plays game in the car. No problem so far, everything runs good, we don't have to buy antivirus program. We brought this one for our kid to know how to use basic notebook at her 1st grade. We are very surprise that it is very easy to use. She sets up by herself and star using it without our help except for we have to help her connect to our dsl system. One mirror bad is that it doesn't have dvd drive to put our dvd movie in it....more info
  • Not Great
    This computer would not connect to the internet for very long. It also arrived with some of the keys popped up and we were told we had to contact the company to fix this. It made it look very cheap. This item was returned....more info
  • Perfection
    This is the computer I've been looking for. Small, light, cool, SSD storage, and the price is right. I'll never go back to a large laptop or to Windows. Linux is my OS of choice, and the Eee is perfect for it....more info
  • ASUS Eee PC900

    My 11 year old wanted a laptop for school work, I find that this product is the right fit for him.
    It's the right size for him, but too small for me to work with....more info
  • Review of Asus Eee 900
    The Asus Eee Pc 900 is a wonderful product. It works well, is strong and the Linux version works great. You do not have to know Linux to operate this great machine. Everything that I use is just as easy or easier than a Windows machine. I highly recommend it for daily use and for traveling as its such a small form factor that you can easily slip it in to your back pack and it as a pretty good battery life.

    My experience with is nothing short of superb. My machine was just as advertised and was kept informed of shipping status and it was delivered on time.
    Bob Rudolph...more info