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Product Description

Imagine running beautifully designed, easy-to-use Apple applications on your PC. At, you can check your email, manage your contacts and calendar, share photos, and store documents. The applications are so intuitive and clutter free that could become your new desktop. On a PC, MobileMe works seamlessly with the applications you use every day. You can use Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Contacts on XP or Vista. MobileMe automatically pushes your email, contacts, and calendars and even your Safari or Internet Explorer bookmarks to your other computers, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you have more than one PC, use MobileMe to keep email, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks the same on all of them. If you have a Mac and a PC, they can share the same information. MobileMe will keep your computers, iPhone, and iPod touch in sync and up to date. Do everything you need to do on every device you own. MobileMe works with Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac; Microsoft Outlook on a PC with Windows XP or Vista; and the built-in applications on your iPhone or iPod touch.

MobileMe, an Internet service from Apple, automatically syncs your email, contacts, and calendar to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. So wherever you go, you'll always be up to date. Changes you make on one device are automatically sent to a secure online server, the MobileMe "cloud," and back down to your other devices, keeping them all in sync. MobileMe works with the native applications you use every day--Microsoft Outlook on a PC and Mail, Address Book, and iCal on the Mac. Access your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and documents from anywhere with a suite of elegant, ad-free web applications at Use MobileMe Gallery to share photos with friends and family in a stunning online gallery. Easily store, access, and share large files from anywhere using MobileMe iDisk. With push email, contacts, and calendars, easy photo sharing, an online iDisk, and 20GB of storage, MobileMe keeps everything up to date, anywhere you are. An individual membership comes with 20GB of combined email and file storage, 200GB of monthly data transfer, and full access to everything MobileMe has to offer.

It all goes where you go.

Maybe you have a computer at home, one at work, and an iPhone or iPod touch. And it can be hard to keep them all up to date. But now there's MobileMe. Wherever you are, your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC are always current and always in sync. And with a suite of elegant new web applications, you can access your data from anywhere.
  • Automatic sync.
    MobileMe stores all your email, contacts, and calendars on an online server--or "cloud"--and syncs them to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. When you make a change on one device, the cloud updates the others. The sync happens automatically and continuously. You don't have to wait for it or remember to do anything--such as docking your iPhone and syncing manually--to stay up to date.

    (Please note: Updates between and iPhone or iPod touch will occur in a matter of seconds; updates between and Macs running Mac OS X Leopard and Windows PCs may take up to 15 minutes when MobileMe is set to sync automatically. Macs running Mac OS X Tiger may experience longer sync times.)

  • Works with the native applications you know.
    Do everything you need to do on every device you own. MobileMe works with Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac; Microsoft Outlook on a PC with Windows XP or Vista; and the built-in applications on your iPhone or iPod touch.

  • Your web applications at
    Check your email, change your calendar, edit your contacts, and more at Accessible anywhere, is an ad-free suite of web applications--Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and iDisk--that are elegant and easy to use. You can drag and drop, click and drag, use keyboard shortcuts, and even switch between applications with a single click. is such a great web experience, it seems as if you're using desktop software.

MobileMe Mail

Now your email finds you anywhere, so you'll never miss an important message.

Check your e-mail from an elegantly designed, ad-free interface. Send a quick reply without even opening a message.

Push. Don't fetch.
MobileMe Mail syncs new messages to your iPhone automatically and notifies you when they arrive. You'll know in a glance if you have new email, so you don't have to spend time checking.

Your email meets its match.
MobileMe Mail stays the same wherever you go thanks to IMAP technology. Whether you check your email on your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or the web, read messages are marked as read, flagged messages are flagged, and all your folders are exactly the way you left them.

The best email on the web.
You can access MobileMe Mail from anywhere at With a beautiful, clean design and an intuitive interface, you might forget it's all on the web. View your messages and mailboxes in one window and simply drag and drop to organize them. With auto-complete addressing, message previews, and Quick Reply, email on the web is easier than ever. Best of all, you'll never see an ad.

Native application friendly.
MobileMe Mail uses the email applications you already know. On your iPhone and iPod touch, it works with the built-in Mail application. It also works with Mail on a Mac and Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail on a PC.

Safe. Secure. And no spam.
MobileMe automatically scans incoming and outgoing messages for viruses. Images are not loaded unless you allow it. With great spam filtering, your inbox will be junk mail free.
With MobileMe Mail, you can create an email address that's personal and easy to remember. Maybe it's or maybe it's something clever. Whatever you think up, it will be your best email address yet.

Add contacts, edit details, and even assign photos from any computer. Locate a contact and get directions with integrated Google Maps.

MobileMe Contacts

From one place to the next, you're always well connected.

Your connections in the cloud.
With MobileMe Contacts, you have instant access to your entire address book. From your computer to your iPhone to the web, your contacts follow you.

Keep contacts up to date.
Ever been on the road without an important phone number? With MobileMe, your contacts are synced to all your devices and everything stays up to date. Make a change on your computer, and MobileMe updates your iPhone automatically. Likewise, when you make a change on your iPhone, it's synced to your computer. Whether you use Address Book on a Mac, Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Contacts on a PC, or Contacts on your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll always have the information you need.

Everyone you know is on the web.
You can also manage your contacts right from Anywhere you are, add new contacts and groups--even assign photos to them. Find a contact fast with a quick search. Map locations and get directions with integrated Google Maps. Changes made on the web are pushed to your devices automatically.

No dock required.
With push technology, all of the contacts on your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC stay up to date without a dock, a cable, or you doing anything at all.

Add or change events with a simple drag and drop. Add multiple calendars for work, home, and anything in between.

MobileMe Calendar

Wherever you are is where you're supposed to be.

You're always up to date.
You'll never miss a lunch date or an important meeting. MobileMe syncs your calendar to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. So you always know where you need to be and when you need to be there. Make a change on one device--such as creating or rescheduling an event--and MobileMe updates it on all your other devices automatically. MobileMe works seamlessly with iCal on a Mac and Outlook on a PC.

The amazing web calendar at
MobileMe Calendar on the web makes being busy a lot more fun. You can create different calendars for work, home, and everything in between. Choose from day, week, and month views and turn calendars on and off for easy reviewing. With a simple drag and drop, add or change an event. Changes you make are automatically synced to all your devices so you're always up to date.

No dock required.
MobileMe Calendar syncs calendar changes over the air to your iPhone or iPod touch. You don't have to sync manually with a dock or do anything at all.

MobileMe Gallery

It's your own spectacular venue for sharing photos with the world.

Arrange photos in albums and organize them by event. Add photos and manage albums from your iPhone, computer or any web browser.

Point. Shoot. Amaze.
When your friends and family visit your MobileMe Gallery, they're in for a show. Just upload photos from your computer or iPhone to your gallery, and invite people to visit, download their favorites, and even contribute their own. With beautiful animated views, everyone will see your photos come to life.

Your photos never looked better.
Friends and family can view your photos in a beautiful gallery using a web browser on a Mac or PC. They can skim albums to see what's inside, select an album, and choose viewing options such as mosaic, carousel, or slideshow. And with automatic resizing, your photos adjust instantly to fit the browser window so they always look great, even on large displays.

Manage from anywhere.
You can create a new album or make changes to your MobileMe Gallery from virtually anywhere at Easily upload new photos, rearrange them, edit titles, and more. Your changes are instantly reflected in your gallery for friends to see. Have a Mac? You can upload photos directly from iPhoto '08 or Aperture 2 with just a few clicks.

Print-quality downloads.
You can allow visitors to download high-resolution copies of their favorite photos or entire albums right from their browser. Your photos download as full-size JPEGs (highest resolution) or images optimized for 16-by-20-inch prints (smaller file size).

Contributions welcome.
You aren't the only one shooting pictures. With MobileMe Gallery, you can get the shots you wish you had by allowing friends to contribute their photos. They can do it from a browser or via email.

Amazing with iPhone and Apple TV.
MobileMe Gallery works beautifully with all your Apple devices. Your photos look great on iPhone. If you snap a picture on the road, you can post it directly to your gallery with just a few taps. And with Apple TV, you can view anyone's public photos on your widescreen television--no computer required.

Upload files and download from any browser, anywhere you are. Easily share large files by sending an email with a link.

MobileMe iDisk

Anywhere you go, you can always get the files you need.

Your personal hard disk online.
With MobileMe iDisk, it's easy to store, access, and share files online. You have plenty of storage space--even large files are no problem. Just add the files you need to your iDisk, and whatever you upload will be there for you to download using a web browser on any computer.

Easy web access.
MobileMe iDisk is accessible from any web browser, Mac or PC, at With a familiar, intuitive interface, uploading and organizing files is as simple as drag and drop. You can see your files in list or column view. And if you use a Mac, you can find iDisk right in the Mac OS X Finder.

Share and share alike.
Sharing data with friends is a snap with iDisk--even files too big for email. Just upload what you want to share. iDisk will help you send an email with a link to the file. If you have files to share with a group of people, add the files to your iDisk Public folder, where your friends can access them online and post their own.

  • 20GB of combined email and file storage, 200GB of monthly data transfer, and full access to everything MobileMe has to offer
  • Use a complete set of desktop-quality applications to organize and store your most important information; changes, new messages, and events are automatically synced up to the cloud and back down to all your devices, so you're always up to date
  • MobileMe applications--Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and iDisk--feature an elegant, unified interface, drag-and-drop support, and more; works with native applications you use every day--Outlook on a PC and Mail, Address Book, and iCal on the Mac
  • Create stunning online galleries for your photos; share photos with friends and family, let them download print-quality images, and even allow them to add their own photos
  • Store and access files from anywhere using MobileMe iDisk; share files that are too big for email by automatically sending a download link to recipients

Customer Reviews:

  • mobile me
    this product is just as I thought it would be.Amazon was very good as usual....more info
  • Dear God, what a mess...
    Mobile Me is a total mess. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking about using it or puchasing it have their head checked. And after the response from Apple, that goes for all Apple products.

    In the conversion from .mac to Mobile Me, all of my contacts were lost. Five years worth. Of course, Apple Support told me it was my fault. (Never mind that I was paying them to keep my data safe on their servers, with promises from them of stability). The consolation? Three free months of Mobile Me, a crappy service at a $25 value. That will not even pay for the first 30 minutes of my time trying to gather all of my contacts back.

    I have used macs and apple-related products exclusively for several years. I was a convert from Windows to Apple. Now, I am more discriminate in my selection of technology-related products and understand that Apple is more style over substance. Thick-rimmed glasses and pretentious commercials have very little to do with quality and customer support. It is very unlikely I will continue to patronize Apple in the future....more info
  • =)
    The description of the product exactly matched what I received. The sender was prompt and I had no troubles whatsoever. ...more info
  • Mobile Me is a much needed item.
    Mobile me makes life much easier for both personal and profesional uses. I could not get along without it....more info
  • I curse the day MobileMe was born: lost 100s of iTunes files
    This makes me sad because I love all things Mac to an annoying, hipster-ish degree. However, after using MobileMe for a week -- to back-up hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes TV shows on my new MacBook Pro using iDisk -- I can officially say this program is the worst thing ever. Just shockingly bad.

    All my backups, created in Backup 3.0, are lost and unrecoverable. MobileMe chat support was friendly but could not help. I know I shouldn't have relied on iDisk for backing up, but I am overseas and don't have access to a physical external harddrive, and needed to dump a bunch of files temporarily. If I had a physical HD available, I never would have chanced it.

    Huge disappointment, and a lot of money lost with those valuable backup files. Lesson learned: MOBILE ME IS THE DEVIL -- stay away from it unless you are only using it for small incremental backup files.

    On the upside, the chat support person helped me cancel my account quickly and didn't try to convince me or goad me to stay (aka the AOL method). ...more info
  • Another renewal, but probably last year...
    I have had this service since it started years ago (and was free...). Every year I renew, but I just don't see much value anymore. I don't have an iPhone (and never will as long as they are AT&T only!), and the services seem very iPhone specific. All of the functions can be replaced with freebies found on the internet, and if I wasn't so lazy to convert my email addresses, last year would've been the last....more info
  • Good MobileMe product
    The continuation of the MobileMe subscription should be a continuation of an excellent product and service. Your price was most impressive....more info
  • Why am I still using MobileMe?
    Been using iTools and .Mac from the beginning just as many users here.

    MobileMe has taken it another few steps backwards.

    Firstly, the petty issue of the name. C'mon Apple, you could have done better.

    The iPhone has thrown you off course, just like the iPod did. It's at the point where you don't even get full sync with new handsets, but that's another issue for another time. After some months the bugs seem to be growing. While they have extended my subscription, I feel I'm going to let this die.

    I would rather pay for features that I can use now with my Mac. $100 seems way too much for all those features I'm not going to use. Sure I loved hosting my homepage on .Mac - iPhoto works great with uploading your special photos for the world to see. The templates are very nice at first. Discounts of some software (but many I did use)... So many great little things I enjoyed that now have been worn off.

    Apple it's time you really get serious. You should change your pricing structure into a more 'web hosting' model so we can pay for what we want.

    MobileMe is just one of those service that is going to fail and another name change is not going to help you.
    ...more info
  • Great service, not the best reliability
    I'll admit that I'm a pretty huge fan of Apple's products and services. They just have a great way of making complicated things accessible for the general consumer. MobileMe isn't one of these things. It's somewhat confusing and not as seamless as you'd think. If you make changes to say a calendar on an iPod touch or iPhone it automatically syncs with MobileMe's servers. But if you add an event to your calendar in OS X, you must sync with MobileMe manually or make it sync at an interval. It's a bit clunky. It's the same way to get changes to your calendars and contacts from MobileMe to OS X. That being said, Push is incredible. There is literally no delay between synchronization between Mail especially. If I delete a message off of my iPod touch, it'll instantly be deleted out of my Mail inbox on my MacBook Pro. The biggest issue for me is the reliability of the service. There are outages all the time. It'd be fine if this was a free service like Gmail (which never goes down). But for $99 a year (from Apple) I expect perfection. And perfect this is not. Also, for most users, MobileMe is sort of pointless. If you need the service, you'll probably be pretty happy. But if not, save your money. Hope this helps :)...more info
  • Great service, some quirks but really happy with purchase!
    I have been using MobileMe since November. Used the two month trial and quickly got it from Amazon. I paid half of retail here so check back often.

    The good:
    Seamless integration between 2 Macs and an iPhone.
    Contacts, Calendar and emails sync beautifully.

    The bad:
    I tried and tried to use this on my work laptop. It has Windows XP and Office 2007.
    For some reason, syncing with Outlook broke my contacts. I use many custom fields other than the typical "work, mobile, home". Outlook hated this and messed them up.
    Groups are not kept in Outlook like they are kept in AdressBook in the Mac.

    Buttom line, works great if kept in the Apple world, does'nt work well when syncing cross-platform.

    I have never tried it Pc to PC, so I cant really tell.
    ...more info
  • Great way to reduce the cost of MobileMe
    Received product as expected. The MobileMe renewal worked well. I would recommend as a way to reduce cost of MobileMe....more info
  • Mobile Me, Syncing for Apple
    Day 1: The Mobile Me switch over didn't happen quite as smoothly as every would have hoped. Although this kind of thing is sort of expected with a massive service change over of this magnitude. It was scheduled to take about 8 hours, but took more like 48 to be up and running enough to be able to use it. This doesn't really affect my overall feeling of the new service, just something to mention.

    Switching User Name: The first step (for me anyway) was to switch my main Identity (formerly .Mac) name to one that I was using as an email only account. This would convert my email only account to an individual account and leave me with just the one name. I attempted to get ahold of Apple twice during the upgrades to get this taken care of, but as you would expect they were far too busy trying to get the service going to be able to help me with this account problem. So I waited until most of the system issues were solved and tried again. After speaking with one of their reps on chat, I had the account name switched over and setup with very little pain (with the exception of the 16 security questions he asked that I couldn't remember the answers to) but hey, thats their job and it's good they do it.

    New Features: With the switch to Mobile me, us old .Mac users were buried in new features and a completely reworked system that was actually going to be useful now. Among some of the new features are:
    - Fancy new web interface
    - Bigger iDisk. 20GB
    - Better integration with iPhone
    - "Push" email and calendar
    - New email addresses of course

    Although I don't really use it, the web interface is really nice and usable, it feels very much like a desktop app. The bigger iDisk is nice, still not quite big enough, but much more usable at 20GB than it was at 10GB. The push email and calendar are great, mailing and calendaring are much more seamless between the iPhone and your desktop now. It seems that a lot of people really don't like the "" but I am in the other camp, I really like it. I started using my new address 3 or 4 days before the launch of Mobile me and have completely switched to it being my main email address.

    Overall: To sum it up I would say that I paid the $99 for .Mac and found it to be kinda useful, with the "free" upgrade to Mobile Me, I would say it was money well spent. If you never had .Mac and are thinking about getting Mobile Me for the first time, I would say definitely check it out. Apple has a nice long 60 day trial to really see if it fits your lifestyle and workflow.

    If you need to sync your data across multiple machines constantly and always have your data where you are, this could definitely be the solution for you....more info
  • I use it all the time, but don't notice it.
    I have been a Mobile Me (previously .Mac) customer for several years. I use some portion of the service every day and have not had any major problems with it, ever. In fact, I rarely ever even think about it because the program is almost completely automated through my iLife apps and my iPhone. I'm very pleased with the services and the feature set. ...more info
  • was much better & user friendly.
    Been using it since it came out. Have the updates! They need much better instructions and useful explanations.
    I have used for several years. The transition to MobileMe was terrible. I have been strugling with it now since the change over....more info
  • Glad I waited
    I initially heard all the bad stuff when mobile me came out, so I waited and happy to say that I'm glad I did, because as an iphone/mac customer, I couldn't be happier. The sync works perfect and it has taken the headache out of having two different data bases. The only thing I'd like to see, and I believe it comes with iphone 3.0, is to be able to sync notes between devices. Forget the early reviews and get on board!...more info
  • Offsite backup
    While you can back up to an external hard drive, that won't help you if you have a fire or flood. To be completely secure, you need to have an offsite backup. I've had MobileMe/.Mac for years. Although I had problems with the transition from .Mac, I researched the options available now and decided to stay with it (it's especially a good deal if you'll be backing up frequently and/or backing up more than one computer). With MobileMe, my computers are backed up offsite as often as I want, automatically, without any effort on my part....more info
  • Backups, integrated photo albums, syncing
    I don't know why the product description doesn't mention that MobileMe is also a backup solution. Maybe they are phasing it out in favor of Time Machine? MobileMe comes with a program called (not surprisingly) Backup that you download from here:

    There are a lot of things you simply can't do without MobileMe, like syncing your work and home Macs, syncing calendars with your spouse, or logging in to your home Mac from your work Mac--even through a firewall and dynamic DNS. There might be a way to do some of these things using a third-party application and server, but MobileMe gives you so many little things all wrapped together.... access to your email, calendar, etc. online, the aforementioned backup, a place to share your photos (and your friends can even download them full size, which a lot of the free services don't allow).

    And I'd much rather pay $69 through Amazon than $99/yr through Apple!...more info