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Samsung CLP-315W Color Laser Printer
List Price: $455.30

Our Price: $194.58

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Product Description

Vibrant, professional color is now within your reach with the compact, wireless Samsung CLP-315W color laser printer. This easy-to-use workgroup printer fits easily into an office network and look good while working quickly and quietly. This stylish printer also features a black control panel and delivers full-color printing at 4 pages per minute (ppm) and sharp monochrome laser text at 17 ppm. Along with its great design and compact size (just a 15.3 x 12.3-inch footprint), it's network-ready via both Ethernet and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) as well as able to connect to a PC using USB.

The compact, wireless Samsung CLP-315W easily fits in small places.
Samsung's exclusive NO NOIS print engine is the same print engine found in its bestselling color printers, providing you quiet operation and simple-to-replace toner cartridges. It will load up to 150 pages at a time, and pumps out 17 pages per minute on monochrome print jobs, and 4 per minute at full color. There's also a document auto-loader that can feed a stack of 15 pages through the scanner portion of the machine automatically. It offers a maximum resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi and delivers the first (monochrome) print out in 19 seconds.


  • Print speed - black: Up to 17ppm with first page out in less than 19 seconds (from Ready)
  • Print speed - full color: Up to 4ppm, with first page out in less than 26 seconds
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Duty cycle: Up to 20,000 pages per month
  • Print language: SPL-C
  • Networking: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and 10/100 Ethernet
  • PC connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Input capacity: 150-sheet semi-cassette tray
  • Two-sided printing: manual
  • Media sizes: 3 x 6.3 inches to 8.5 x 14 inches
  • Media types: Plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, labels, card stock
  • Operating system compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Power consumption: less than 350 watts printing, less than 10 watts on PowerSave
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 12.3 x 9.6 inches (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 24.3 pounds

Imagine vibrant, professional color within reach. The network ready wireless CLP-315W can fit comfortably on a corner of your home office desk or bookcase. The stylish printer features a rich, piano-black control panel, and delivers dynamite color at 4ppm and sharp laser text at 17ppm. You'll also get NO NOIS print engine technology for quiet operation, along with easy-to-change toner cartridges. It features big color and small footprint. With the Samsung CLP-315W color laser printer, it's not hard to imagine.
  • Product #: CLP315W
  • Manufacturer: Samsung Monitors/Printers
  • Manufacturer Item #: CLP-315W
  • UPC: 635753721232

Customer Reviews:

  • Not recommended
    Not recommended due to low capacity and high cost of toner cartridges which cannot be refilled easily due to proprietary electronic chip....more info
  • Useful for LOW VOLUME USE
    This printer has many toner refills and so is only of use for small use. If you need large volume printing in color or BW, stay away from this one. Perfect for small volume users. ...more info
  • did not really need the wifi
    Great product but in hindsight, I really just needed the 315 which was on sale a Staples for $130. It is the same printer but without the wifi and network capability. One misleading thing about the printer is that the paper tray sticks out once you put paper in it. The picture seems to indicate the paper tray fits flush under the printer. It does not. The speed and color of the printer is great and simple to set up. You can save the toner if you print in "draft" mode if you don't need the output to be perfect. ...more info
  • I wanted to love it, but...
    I'm taking it back.

    The first printer I bought had a cracked toner collector when I took it out of the box. The second one kept getting "open door" errors when there was no open door, no jams. Called the hotline, twice. Turns out I have to slam shut the paper tray hard enough to rattle the chandeliers. I seriously think this would break something in the long run, but it also turned out after slamming in the paper tray, sometimes it would flash the open door LED again and I would have to jiggle it again, hold it closed, etc. I don't need a color laser that bad.
    The network install, yes it's lame. the color, good enough. But it's going back.
    Sigh....more info
  • network setup a PIA
    There is a quick start sheet..only pictures with numbers(a real waste as they do not really tell you anything. The network setup was a real PIA. If you are using Access Point(vista) you will need to use the ethernet cable to attach to your router. We have to mess around with the Wireless setting in Windows. This took a long to time do with all involved. (the setup book that came with it was of just slight use) There is no real users manual with this and the one on line is very poor. I bought this for the cost and the low cost for replacemnet cartridges. Printing on cardstock is time consuming as you can only do 5 sheets at a time, then try to uncurl them to do the back side. The prints like a gem though on plain paper..and the colors are much better than my HP All-in-One office Jet.All in all it will do the job that I want at the price that I wanted to spend....more info
  • Do Not Buy if you Have a Mac
    Do not buy this if you have a Mac. It simply does not work with the latest drivers from Samsung and Apple's latest operating system update. I have replaced the printer once, called Samsung support (worthless) and surfed the net for over 10 hours looking for solutions. I tried to use USB and wireless. After connecting for a page, the printer then says it cannot be found.

    I have loaded various versions of drivers, tried the CUPS (Unix Print System) utilities, rebooted my computer countless times, connected to USB, connected to my Airport Extreme - nothing works. Many people on the Apple message boards are having these problems, and very few are able to print.

    I have really tried hard to make this printer work - the few pages I printed seemed of pretty good quality. However, if you are running MAC OSX, do not buy this printer. ...more info
  • Do not buy-- would not print from the day of installation
    Once I installed the printer, the computer said the printer was experiencing a Dev Home Error. I called Samsung since I couldn't print a single page and had just taken out of the box a few minutes earlier. They said the entire toner unit was defective and to return it. I googled Dev Home Error Samsung Printer (something you should do as well) and discovered that this was a VERY common issue. The printer is inexpensive, but isn't worth purchasing due to Samsung's poor quality control system. DO NOT BUY!...more info
  • Best color laser value
    I didn't have any of the problems I've read on other reviews here. Setup was a breeze....if you follow instructions. Start with the printer wired to the network. Install the software on your pc. Open up the printer in the software. Then, assign an IP to the printer (it assigns its own, but you can change it). Then, if your wireless router is encrypted, give the WEP string to the printer, so it can access the wireless network. Then, disconnect the network cable, and you're wireless. You need to install the software on all computers that use the printer.

    In operation, the wireless printing is seamless. When asleep, the printer takes a few moments to warm up, then prints. The results are terrific on plain paper, and photos are good on laser photo paper (do NOT use inkjet photo paper), though photo inkjet printers are better than color lasers. I have no problem with the paper tray sticking out in front. It's easy to grasp and pull out and intuitive to load with different-size paper, including envelopes. The toner has a smell when it heats up, but it's not unpleasant. Use a bayberry candle if it bothers you.

    This elegant machine has a small footprint and a nice, dark color. Oh yeah, did I mention the incredible price? It seems only a few years ago a network color laser (forget wireless!) would set you back thousands. Of course they want you to buy in, to sell you the consumables, but if your output is that of the typical home user, this won't be a big deal....more info
  • network setup a PIA
    There is a quick start sheet..only pictures with numbers(a real waste as they do not really tell you anything. The network setup was a real PIA. If you are using Access Point(vista) you will need to use the ethernet cable to attach to your router. We have to mess around with the Wireless setting in Windows. This took a long to time do with all involved. (the setup book that came with it was of just slight use) There is no real users manual with this and the one on line is very poor. I bought this for the cost and the low cost for replacemnet cartridges. Printing on cardstock is time consuming as you can only do 5 sheets at a time, then try to uncurl them to do the back side. The prints like a gem though on plain paper..and the colors are much better than my HP All-in-One office Jet.All in all it will do the job that I want at the price that I wanted to spend....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I like the small footprint of this model and I like that it's quiet. It doesn't bother me that it's slow. However, the color print quality is unacceptable. I previously owned a Konica Minolta color laser printer, purchased from Sam's Club, which was big, fast and noisy, however, the color output was exceptional before the machine shot craps. In hindsight, I probably should have replaced the KM machine with the Brother unit.

    If color print quality means anything to you, I recommend avoiding this unit....more info
  • paper jams; need repair shop service
    Bought this last summer & thought it was an excellent deal. For the first few months all was great. As soon as the original toner got low I replaced them all in the same week. Then the paper jams started! Not just once, but every time, on regular bond paper. After a week of jams, 2 days(4 hours) on the phone w/ Samsung Customer Service & 3 repair shops, I needed to "bring it in". Outta 4 shops, only one would work on this model. The nearest shop was 2 hours away from me & they needed to order parts for the repair. That was 2 weeks ago... Shop could not provide a free loaner printer; Shop said the first part ordered & replaced did not fix the problem; Shop says it's still not ready. I am getting pretty fed up & have already asked Samsung to send a new one; they refused. I am without a printer for nearly a month & mad as hell. This is my first experience w/ Samsung....more info
  • worst paper feeding ever have
    It has very poor paper auto-loader... Always tells "no paper" while the tray is full of papers. It takes 5-10 sec. to sense paper is there then get the print job came out on the 1st month after I got this printer and it's still having this problem almost a year. Don't bother with Samsung's customer service, they couldn't do anything for a help. I would like to wait it goes to die and get another brand just no more Samsung. (This is my 2nd Samsung print, disappointed!)...more info
  • Samsung CLP-315W Color Laser Printer
    After receiving my first Color Laser Printer from Amazon and it having a faulty Wi-Fi card, Samsung tech support (who were superb) told me to have the machine replaced. Amazon (also superb) made quick replacement with another machine that now works flawlessly. Having the ability to print out very nice color copies from anywhere in my house is just excellent. The machine is fast, the copies are very good quality, and for the money, just a great buy. I recommend this printer highly to the home/office person like myself who is tired of dealing with cables. ...more info
  • Good product for the price.
    I liked the printer, only problem was the configuration on the wireless printing, the instruction are not very well done, it took me a good 1 hour to get it working. Other than that it works great!!...more info
  • Excellent printer at a great price!
    I've owned one of these for about a month now and have been very impressed. It seems to just work. I don't print a huge amount, so I typically only turn it on just to print. What's great about it is that I don't have to have the printer turned on to send the print job - once the printer gets turned on, the job will go through just like it should. This is in contrast to my Inkjet for which I had to cast proper spells to get it to print jobs at all, and if anything at all went wrong I usually had to reboot my computer and just hope all would be ok.

    Some reviews have complained about start-up times; I guess I don't see it. Even with a cold start, the Samsung printer gets 3-4 page jobs done faster than my Inkjet ever did. Factor in the frequency of jamming and miscommunications between my computer and the Inkjet printer, and the Samsung printer wins hands down.

    I also saw complaints about print quality. My department at work has a multi-thousand dollar color laser printer, and the images from this one compare very favorably. Specialized photo printers will certainly do better, this is good enough for many purposes short of framed prints.

    As I said: this is a printer that just works. More products should be built to these standards....more info
  • Durability issues and poor customer service
    I purchased a cousin to this printer the 300n. It was not compatible with the Mac. It took 2 months for the issues to be resolved. It drew a lot of current and required a separate electrical line. The printer imaging unit failed before the end of the warrantee period but Samsung lost records of the original call and then refused to honor the warrantee or return phone calls or e-mails. The poor customer service is reason enough to be very cautious purchasing anything made by this manufacturer. ...more info
  • Everything I hoped for
    I had a bit of fear before ordering after reading ALL of the reviews. And we all have different experiences with a particular machine. I have to say I am a thoroughly happy customer. The printer was a snap to set up, the colors print true, and although a bit slow, so what? For this price I'll happily sip coffee and hum while waiting! What I bought was exactly what was described. I did smell the burning odor for the first few hours after setup, but it was gone after a day, and has never returned. I would definitely buy this again, and I hope everyone else in a home office who considers this printer gives it a chance. ...more info
  • Great Printer for a good price
    I've had this printer for for a few months now and it has treated me well. I didn't think I would care about the wireless feature but it has come in handy since I don't have to tie it to any one computer. I recently got a netbook and it's been nice to be able to print from it without have to go wake up the desktop machine. The print quality is pretty good, you will definitely want to use "best" quality for color pictures but as long as it's only text or line art you can leave it on normal a save a few bucks. It's not up to the photo quality of a good inkjet but pictures still look good. I don't print a lot so I usually leave it off and turn it on when I need it and the warm up time is fairly quick, much less annoying than many other laser printers I have used.

    The network setup was a bit annoying since you have to unplug the wired connect before you can test the wireless but once it is set up you're good unless you change your wireless network setup. It managed to connect up the first time to both of the wireless routers I've have it connected to....more info
    is super expensive! Do a search for CLT-Y409S (yellow) and try to get this shipped for less than 50$. Toner goes fast! There are FOUR colors of toner- at 50$ a pop, why not buy a new machine when they run out?!?!...more info
  • Just what I expected.
    Purchasing supplies for my inkjet printer was running up the $$$. Remembering the old days when we had the office Laserwriter, reminded me how many prints you could get on one cartridge.
    We stopped by the local Office Max to see what was available. I thought I was in the market for a mono laser printer. The knowledgeable sales person showed us the 315. I asked him to print a couple of pages and was satisfied with the output. I would have purchased it on the spot, however they didn't carry the 315W... and I wanted a wireless printer.
    This gave me time to come home and check it out on the net. The reviews ran the gamete from "Great" to "Don't buy". After consuming reviews till I was dizzy, I decided to place my order on Amazon. I had the printer in 3 days...all in good order.
    After trying it out for a few days here is what i Have found out.

    Negative reviews. I really don't get this... Anyone who has been around laser printers knows that inkjet photos are far superior. I didn't purchase this with great color printing in mind. I'll use my Canon inkjet for that.

    Set up for WiFi is very difficult. This I completely agree with. I have a Mac (long time user) and I finally had to give up and call Samsung.

    Samsung tech support is worthless. I think they finally got tired of hearing this. I talked with a bright young fellow who nursed me thru the WiFi maze. Come to find out my cable has a dynamic IP and is always changing. He helped me switch it to a static IP. After that it worked perfect. Yes, he even knew all about the Apple Airport router. I would give wireless setup a try, then call before you blood pressure gets too high. It was a good experience.
    After I got the printer going, I was able to connect my MacBook immediately.

    Smell on start up... Yes it does, but by the next day it was gone.

    Print quality poor. I don't get this one. If you are printing monochrome, It's as good as most laser printers. If you are printing a jpeg image that has black type in it... the image is seen as color and you get some haloing around the letters. Some documents are fine some are poor. I lay out my printed matter with this in mind and get great looking prints.

    Toner... You can find pretty fair prices on the web. I've decided to give refilling a try. It doesn't look to difficult. It sure beats the cost of replacing the cartridges. We'll see what happens.

    Instructions. Print out the PDF manual. Pretty good info there. The printed matter that comes in the box is next to useless.

    There is plenty to be said on the plus side. How can you beat a color laser printer for $200?
    I'm very satisfied with the quality of the printer and the looks of the printed page. Now let's see how much the cost per page drops....more info
  • Great printer for the price
    I have been waiting for a color printer in the $200 price range for a while when this Samsung finally came along. The printer is easy to set up in XP and Vista - it took me less than 5 min to set each of them up wirelessly. Print quality for text is good and the color is adequate if you are not looking for photo quality. The printer does run warm due to it compact size after a large print job and you'll definitely smell the toner. Other than that - there is not much to complain about....more info
  • Bang for the Buck
    For home use with a wireless network, this printer offers a lot of bang for the buck. Easy to set up with the Samsung WebSync program. One thing the instructions don't tell you: when the paper tray is inserted, it sticks out about three inches -- that is normal....more info