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Waring Pro WMK300A Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker
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Product Description

As far back as the 1400's, the waffle has been a dessert or special bread enjoyed by the aristocracy. Early, over-the-flame waffle irons often bore the family's crest as a design. The Belgian Waffle was first introduced to the USA at the 1964 New York World's Fair, about 10 years after frozen waffles were invented. Belgian waffles were a big hit and became a preferred breakfast and brunch treat. Some people even used them to make ice cream sandwiches. Now you can make Belgian waffles almost as easy as toast and in a wide variety of tasty ways. Introduce yourself to the Waring WMK300A Professional Belgian Waffle Maker.
This Waring WMK300A professional quality Waffle Maker has extra-deep pockets to produce the thickest Belgian Waffles you can get anywhere! A rotary feature ensures even baking on the top and bottom, and produces a crisp crust and tender interior. This Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker has been treated with a special nonstick coating. Before the first use, we suggest you season the waffle grids by brushing with cooking oil. Wipe with a paper towel or pastry brush. Audio Beep tone indicates when ready and finished baking Power and ready LED indicators Lockdown Lid will not rise as waffles bake UL/CUL approved Waring - One year limited appliance warranty NOTE - The first time you use your waffle maker, it may have a slight odor and may smoke a bit. This is normal, and common to heating appliances. Preheat your Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker on setting #4 or preferred setting (green indicator light will be illuminated when preheated). User guide includes several waffle recipes

  • Stainless-steel waffle maker bakes thick, delicious Belgian waffles
  • 180-degree rotating function; rotary browning-control knob
  • "Power" and "ready" LED indicators; "ready" audio beep tones
  • Drip tray; folding handle for compact storage; UL/CUL-approved
  • Measures 11 by 19-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good until it broke after very few uses
    Watch Video Here: A design flaw will unfortunately make this waffle maker fail far too early. I recommend you choose a different model....more info
  • Great waffles, if you like 'em thick!
    This Belgian Waffle Maker creates a waffles that are crispy on the outside, but I personally found them a little too chewy on the inside. However, this added thickness would also allow for easier additions to the batter (fruit and such) to be cooked into the waffle if you desired - something thinner waffles cannot do as easily. So, if you're a fan of Belgian-style waffles, this machine does the job wonderfully.

    The construction of this waffle maker is pretty solid, with a couple nice features that *should* be on all small kitchen appliances but are not (like the wrap-around-and-hide cord.) The counter space on this makes a pretty large footprint, so unless you have waffles very regularly, it'll probably be put elsewhere in the kitchen or pantry, out of sight. (Which is somewhat unfortunate, since it's a very attractive waffle maker.)

    Since I've only had the unit a few days, I can't speak to its longevity, but the quality seems to be quite high, though I do with the base was a bit heftier (and metal rather than plastic.)

    For "special" waffles with strawberries and cream, we'll be using this waffle maker. For everyday waffles, we'll likely be sticking with the Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Baker. Not that this waffle maker is inferior in any way (notwithstanding the quality issues mentioned from other reviews), just a personal preference for thinner waffles....more info
  • Major drawback
    This waffle iron works great 5 or 6 times, then it shorts out and quits heating. This is a major flaw in the design. I can safely say that because the same thing happened to me not once, but twice! This is the first appliance I have ever owned that I've needed to use the manufactuer's warranty. I'm now on my 3rd waffle iron in a year, and unfortunately, will no longer be able to get a new waffle iron under warranty. When this one quits heating, I will definitely buy a different waffle maker. You should too!...more info
  • Makes the best waffles!
    I had a terrible time getting on of these dilivered to my door. I think its the stupid UPS not Amazon so I wont bash them. I had to get it sent to a coworkers house to get it.

    Anyways, wife used this thing for the 1st time on christmas morning... and the waffles are perfect!!! It only took her 1 messed up waffle (her 1st one, and it wasnt bad) to get this thing to make perfect waffles! The recipie (I dont know if I spelled that right, I dont cook) this came with called for Yiest... wife said this was strage and didnt use the recipie. Instead she used one she found on Yahoo. ...more info
  • Best Waffle Maker for the money
    My recent purchase was a replacement for the previous generation Waring Pro which served me well for several years. Prior to trying the Waring Pro. I used the typical low cost waffle irons with thin and light waffle grates for decades and always experienced inconsistent results, but thought that was just what to expect from home-made waffles. After taking Alton Brown's advice on how to choose a waffle iron in one of his "Good Eats" shows, I selected the Waring Pro, and discovered that I could consistently bake waffles that were brown and crisp on the outside and moist cake like on the inside. Not only did the quality improve, but the waffles cook faster and more uniformly due to the thick heavy cooking grates. My waffle batter is a mixture of white and multi-grain flour with some walnuts, coconut, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla added to round out the flavors....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my wife. Previously, she had owned several waffle makers with disappointing results: inconsistent cooking, messy, premature failure of units, etc.

    Today, she operated the Waring Pro for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The cooking time was very short, (~75 seconds), and the results were exceptionally good.

    We followed the directions to use #4 setting on the heating knob, but noticed subsequent waffles were progressively darker, but still satisfactory.

    Our only complaint is with the accompanying measuring cup for the batter--the top opening is too small for transfering the batter from the mixing bowl into it, but that doesn't affect the performance with the main unit.

    One note: The day after Christmas, we were perusing the aisles of BJ's (an East Coast store similiar to the "big box" Sam's Club). For the first time I noticed a similar Waring Pro for $30 less than Amazon's price. I couldn't remember the entire model number, but it ended with "BJ," which probably meant it was a special order for this chain of stores. These had a slightly different handle and temperature knob. Although the $49.98 price is a significant price difference, I didn't want to take a chance this unit was one of the older Waring Pro models that had some less-than-satisfactory reviews....more info
  • Wonderful Belgian Waffle Maker
    I just got this waffle maker and love it. It makes large Belgian waffles that you can top off with fresh fruit such as blueberries. The nooks and crannies of the waffle keep the fruit in place.

    I also froze one waffle for the next morning and toasted it in a toaster. I had to cut the waffle into four sections, and because it was so fat it barely fit in the wide-slot toaster I have. The waffle was also dry after toasting. Therefore, my recommendation is to make all your waffles fresh.

    Although the waffle maker comes with a plastic measuring cup, I find that it's easier just to pour the batter directly onto the center of the waffle plate to about 3/4 full and then spread the batter out to the edge with a spatula, close the waffle unit, and flip it.

    The waffle iron takes about 4 minutes to warm up for the first waffle of the batch and takes about 20 minutes to cool down before you can wipe it down.

    I recommend using the recipes provided in the instruction book because the recipes you'll find on a box of waffle ingredients are for small waffles. For instance, I only got 1-1/2 waffles out of a recipe designed for 6 waffles. Unless the recipe is specifically for Belgian waffles, you'll find yourself short batter.

    I read the other reviews and noticed about 40% of users complain the waffle maker fails to heat up or fails after a few uses. My boyfriend hasn't had that experience yet. He has this same waffle maker for over one year and has used it around six times without fail.

    Since I just got this unit I cannot attest to it's longevity; however, if I should encounter a problem in the future, I will update my review. Therefore, be sure to check this post again if you are concerned. If all remains well, you will not see any updates.

    As long as this waffle iron continues to work, this is a five start product that makes large delicious nicely tanned Belgian waffles fast!

    4/13/09 Update - I've had this waffle maker for several months now and it's still going strong. I've used it over 14 times and the waffle recipe that comes with the produce is as delicious as always!

    ...more info
  • The Perfect Waffle
    If you ever wanted a machine that makes that perfect restaurant quality waffle, then look no further. The set up instructions were easy (You must read the manual). The manual is easy to understand and provides some basic information on use and cleaning of this unit. I have read other reviews of the product, some noting that the machine shorts out or sparked. In most cases, this would happen if you submerged the machine in water when cleaning it. The basic look and feel of this machine shows that it is definitely commercial quality and will last a long time under normal use. We bought the Krusteaz brand Belgian Waffle mix, which was easy to prepare. We used the # 4 setting; however, you can increase the setting for a browner more crisp waffle. The #4 was the recommended setting and the waffles came out perfect, one after another. Since the surface of the machine is non-stick, cleaning was a snap with a wet towel. The cord hides underneath the unit and even though the unit is quite large, it is easy to store. I would recommend this unit to anyone who loves Belgian Waffles.
    ...more info
  • Works well so far
    I read through the other reviews before putting hand to keyboard...having used this device only twice thus far, I cannot vouch for its longterm endurance. If it fails to operate in three weeks, I surely will revise my review.

    But for now, it's working, and it works well. I have had no problems with waffles sticking or messes being created. It would appear that if one actually follows the instructions of the manufacturers, everything works pretty well. The waffles cook quickly and easily, and pop out of the iron without any struggle. The device is also relatively compact and easy to store in my pantry. My only quibble with the design thus far is that the cord is a little too short. I either have to stick it on a counter right next the outlet (which can be awkward) or drag out an extension cord.

    However --- echoing another reviewer, I think that a $150 price tag is more than this device merits. I might buy it for $80; I would be more likely to buy it for $50. $150 does not seem to be a reasonable price for this. Drop it to $50 and I might give it five stars....more info
  • No luck!
    Ordered this item from Amazon and it did not work from day one. Timer would not work and ended up burning waffles. So I did some research to try and find a waffle iron that was made in the USA, and found the model 840B, from Chef's Choice, that are made in Pennsylvania. Well it works great and makes great waffle's each time.. I notified Amazon about the Waring Pro being defective and they sent me a label to put on the box to return it post paid by Amazon and my money returned with no problems.. Can't beat the service that Amazon provided....more info
  • Works great!
    I've had this product for a couple of months now and have used it several times. It has made wonderful Belgian waffles each time. The beeper lets me know when to pour the badder and then lets me know when the waffle is done. So there is no guessing. I'm totally satisfied and would purchase this product again whenever this one wears out. Also shipping was very prompt with a smooth transaction....more info
  • Finally restaurant style waffles right from your kitchen!
    For years I have seen waffle makers like the Waring Pro in hotels and restaurants and have always wanted to own one, but could not bring myself to spend the money. When the opportunity arose to finally get one, I jumped at the chance. Not only am I glad I did, but so is my family.

    This waffle maker makes the best waffles. Hot and crisp and perfectly shaped. I find it is much easier to use this waffle maker than others I have owned in the past. And there is less mess if used properly. You just wait for the maker to heat up, brush with oil (please do not use cooking spray), adjust the darkness of your waffle, pour in the batter, close the lid, flip, let it bake and wait for the beep to let you know your waffle is done. Just add butter and syrup and enjoy. Also if you do add to much batter, don;t worry about it. There is a drip tray that can easily be cleaned by hand in the sink.

    I haven't tried using waffle batter from scratch yet, but plan to do so in the near future. But I have been using the Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle mix and it is awesome. The waffles come out perfect and taste just like the ones you get in the hotels.

    I have to say that this is an appliance that will stay on my kitchen counter for many years to come and I plan on getting a lot of use out of it....more info
  • the best
    this is second one i bought, got one for my self loved it so much this one is for my daughter it is so easy to use, easy to clean ,just the best waffle maker i ever bought
    ursula sc...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I wanted to use this waffle maker awhile before writing my review. It works great and my family loves the Belgium Waffles. We've been using it constantly for about 5 months now with no issues. Works as advertised!...more info
  • Mmmmmmmm delicious waffles
    The waffles that the Waring Pro makes are equal to ones that I get at restaurants. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I used to love going out to restaurants for breakfast. But because of this waffle maker, I now stay home. It comes with some recipes to make waffles, but those take a long time, so instead I bought the mix at a grocery store and tweaked it. For example, I add some real maple syrup, and use milk instead of water.

    I've had waffles made by other home waffle makers and those always seem so wimpy compared to the ones that the Waring Pro makes....more info
  • Good product
    I bought this waffle maker for my girl friend and she loves it. It's a bit expensive but the quality is good. I would recommend this product to other people....more info
  • Makes A-1 Deep Belgian Waffles /10 stars

    The Waring Pro Waffle maker makes the best Waffles We have ever tasted, even from a good resturant.
    Browned very even, and made the true deep Belgian waffles.

    I set the number to #4.
    We like them crisp, Not burned.
    It took about 6 mins and a few seconds for perfect waffles.

    I hate to say it, but My Husband and I ate the whole batch, with maple syrup, and powdered a little powder sugar over them.

    Usually if a machine is new like this, the first ones are not good.
    But this machine put out perfect waffles with the very first one I made.

    When I first saw this, I thought, oh no, the plates do not come out and its going
    to be hard to wash/clean!
    Not so, I just took a clean sponge, and a damp dish towel, it took less then 60 seconds and it was clean.

    Before I put the batter in , I used a silicon brush, to brush the canolla oil on the top and bottom plates.
    I did that before putting batter in for all the waffles I made.
    Nothing stuck, and there was no oily taste.

    I didn't make the waffles that came in the intstruction book, as you had to let those rise.I used baking powder instead. I made Bannana waffles, and beat the two egg whites separatly, then folded them in to my recipe,I also used non-fat milk.
    Next time I'm going to try Whole Wheat pastry flour, instead of white flour.

    TWO THUMBS UP. This is a winnner....more info
  • Belgen Waffles
    Great product! Bought it before Christmas and took it to my parents and on Christmas morning made Belgian Waffles for everyone then took it over to my son's home and the morning after Christmas made them all Belgian Waffles. One thing I did was both mornings I made a double batch of waffle mix and once everyone was full kept making them till the mix ran out. We let the leftover waffles cool then put them in freezer bags and froze them so mom and dad could have waffles days and weeks later. We go to OBX fishing every fall and the Waffle maker will be going from now own. It cleans up nicely and once heated up puts out a waffle every two to three minutes unlike the old waffle makers that take approx five minutes. Look forward to years of use and when I'm old and gone someone will still be using our Waring Pro WMK300A!...more info
  • Ann
    It is all we expected and then some. After much research this is the one we chose and it is spot on....more info
  • Great while it lasted
    After a couple of years of light use the plastic hinge got brittle from heat and broke. If the hinge was as heavy duty as the rest of the unit, this wouldn't have happened....more info
  • Belgian Waffle Maker
    I have ordered 4 of these waffle makers for our kids and they love them. The fourth one was damaged during shipment, but the exchange was a breeze and they had the new one within a week....more info
  • Better than I had expected
    I am in love with this waffle maker - it far exceeded my expectations.

    I have used these kinds of flipping waffle makers before in hotels and have always loved them but never thought you could actually have one at home and have it be affordable. When I ordered this I had two concerns: one, was is it going to be big enough and two, how long was it going to take between waffles.

    When I made the first waffle, it took half of my pre-made mix so I knew right then it would be big enough. Then when it beeped that it was done in about a minute, my first thought was: oh great, the thing doesn't work. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up, it was done! Thick and a minute! What a joy, I look forward to our Saturday morning waffle day!

    Get this and enjoy!...more info