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Sleepy Wrap Baby Wrap Carrier -Gray
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Product Description

Sleepy Wrap was born out of the dream of the ideal baby carrier void of buckles, rings, hard parts, pinching straps or stretched out fabric. Simplicity and comfort were key. An active mom in love with her newborn was our model. Keeping her child close and secure while shopping, hiking, cooking, dancing, navigating airports or libraries were our activity minimums. We ended up creating a durable non-sagging wrap baby carrier with great quality fabric, made especially for newborns but that would comfortably accommodate a two year old. Since then there is every day more and more happy and content moms with sleeping babies in Sleepy Wraps all around the world. They know why!

  • Baby Wrap Baby Carrier
  • One size fits all
  • From premature/newborn to toddler
  • Wrapping instructions enclosed
  • Hands free walking, hiking, shopping

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent product
    I use this wrap several times a week. It works good and my baby loves it. It's worth the money....more info
  • Its Ok
    I liked the idea of this product, a wrap that cuddles the newborn like its still in the womb. But it was such a process to put on, that I only used it a couple of times. I also own a Baby Bjorn and I really prefer it. Much easier and the baby is happy, even though hes not cuddled in the same way....more info
  • Awesome!
    I just got my Sleepy Wrap last night and my 6 week old son has already spent hours in it! I'm still trying to get the hang of wrapping it tight enough so he's not hanging too low, but the instructions even say that it may take a few times to get it right.
    I love how this really distributes the weight evenly across my shoulders and doesn't pull and strain my lower back. Because the fabric is stretchy and holds my baby close to me, it's a very natural feel. With my other carrier, my son bobs all over the place when I'm walking and I spend more time making sure he's comfortable than paying attention to whatever else I'm doing! With this carrier, my son moves WITH my body rather than a separate weight hanging off the front of me. He really loves it and so do I!!...more info
  • works wonders
    Just opened and used my "Sleepy wrap" today. Got the wrap down on the first try though will have to work on the "tightness". My 2 week old fell asleep almost instantly. And this was after fussing for awhile - not hungry, couldn't rock to sleep. Put him in the sleepy wrap and started vacuuming. He was asleep and is still asleep. I am getting things done and he is getting rest. Works great....more info
  • Super functionsl
    I have so enjoyed my sleepy wrap I only wish I would have gotten it sooner! My husband and I (6'1" and 5'4" can both wear it with no problem and I can do everything around the house with both hands free. We love it on walks or out shopping. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their baby close while they are doing everyday things. The only down side is I live in a hot climate and having that much body contact in the summer gets a little warm....more info
  • Love my sleepy wrap!!
    First of all, I ordered from Sleepy Wrap on a Thursday afternoon, it shipped the same day, and I had it in the mail on Monday! Incredible service!

    I was so excited to try it out with my five week old. The instructions were so easy to follow, and it was a snap to tie on. Putting my little one inside was a cinch from the first time. I love how he is snuggled inside and secure, and I can truly have my hands free. I have used ring and fitted slings in the past, as well as Snugli type carriers, but I really wanted my baby to be held closer to me and not lost in the fabric or limbs dangling. When I heard about the Sleepy Wrap, I had to try it. My friends from my Moms message board just raved about theirs, and now I know why! It's so perfect. The main concern I had at first was that the material looked heavy and would be hot. We live in the (hot and humid) South. This fabric is awesome- totally breathable, light, stretchy. I can't say enough about my Sleepy Wrap! I only wish I would have had one with my first two babies....more info
  • Its a Wrap!
    Let me begin by simply saying, "WOW"! THis simple, comfortable and inexpensive wrap made my afternoon right out of th package. After searching more than a few uncomfortable baby carriers with buckles, straps and odd weight distribution, this was like a breath of fresh air....and a weight off my back. Easy to use, and keeps my baby snug and safe, without extra strain on my back and shoulders.....I am done searching! I have found my carrier of choice. Excellent product, Thank you!...more info
  • All About The Babywearing!
    The Sleepy Wrap is an excellent choice for carrying newborns and small babies in my opinion- and so nice for nursing discreetly! The fabric is light and breathable- pure comfort for both Mom & Baby. There are so many benefits to wearing baby close.

    Adventures In Babywearing info
  • secure but comfortable
    The sleepy wrap is far more breathable and comfortable than most other baby carriers. The generous amount of stretchy fabric that envelops the baby gives boths the wearer and the baby more of a feeling of security. The sleepy wrap shapes to the baby's position, rather than the other way around. It's just a stylish, east to wear, comfy baby carrier !...more info
  • awesome carrier and I have tried them all!
    I have tried almost every carrier on the market, and I cannot say enough about the sleepy wrap. It is simple, beautiful, affordable, and safe for baby and carrier. I had never found a stretchy wrap that didn't stretch too much with any child older than a newborn until I tried this wrap. I still use it throughout the day with my 23lb baby and it works great for both of us. You can make it as tight or lose as you or your baby likes. It is the perfect carrier for a newborn as well because it can keep them so snug and comfortable! Plus, it keeps the baby's legs and hips in the correct position unlike other carriers on the market. There is a bit of a learning curve with using the sleepy wrap as there is w/ all carriers, but hang in there because it is so worth it. Once you learn a few ties which doesn't take very long at all, you can do them without even thinking about it. I highly recommend this carrier....more info