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Baby Trend Diaper Champ The Baby Trend Diaper Champ has a fantastic odorless design, perfect for a stinky diaper. Parents will love how easy it to use the Diaper Champ from Baby Trend and will love how the white color fits in well with any nursery decor or design. It is one of the most convenient models of diaper pail around because it doesn't require any specail bags. The Diaper Champ from Baby Trend can use tall kitchen trash bags, thick grocery bags or most any other plastic bag. The Diaper Champ only requires one hand to dispose of diaper, perfect for parents with baby in the arm.

  • The convenient odor free way to dispose of diapers
  • Accepts both cloth and disposable diapers
  • Uses any plastic bags and not special cartridges
  • The one hand flip handle makes it simple to use
  • Easy to clean and replace bags

Customer Reviews:

  • Take it from a Mom of 2 ages 13 and 3, this is the best item you can buy...
    I had ten years between my children to watch items evolve and become better. I have to say, I worked in a Daycare center when my daughter was young and we used the Diaper was not very friendly. Pulling out a string of poopy diapers and trying to put them into another bag to dispose of them was not my idea of fun. I originally picked the Diaper Genie for my son and by the time he was a month old, I remembered all the reasons I hated it (especially the costly refills.) I finally purchased this diaper pail and I absolutely love it. My son is now 3 and we have used it with incredible success since he was about 2 months old. There are a few things you have to do....
    1. when you put the diaper in, make sure you have rolled up the diaper and secured the tabs to the diaper, if you don't the tabs get stuck when you try to roll the top with the next diaper (my darling hubby does this all the time...irritating)
    2. You wouldn't use your toilet for 3 years without cleaning it so why would you expect that from a diaper pail? You have to at least wipe it down with some Disinfecting wipes. I also spray it with Lysol everytime I change the bag (which is once a week on Sunday night) and I keep a dryer sheet in the bottom just to help with the smell because it does after all house poop and urine and they never smell good.
    Overall, this is a great diaper pail and I recommend it to all my friends. I would buy it every time if I were to have 10 more children....more info
  • This item may cause death or injury
    I purchased this item for my two children about two years ago. Last night my 11 year old Alaskan Malamute suffocated to death while getting stuck in the opening. My dog, like many, had a penchant for dirty diapers, last night he knocked over the diaper champ, and knocked part of the top off. When he couldn't get to the diapers inside, he put his head into the opening (the top opening where the ball is), and got stuck. He eventually suffocated from the plastic bag. My husband and I replayed what happened with him, and discovered that a child could easily do the same thing going after a toy that fell in there, or just playing. If the child is monitored it would be easy to remove the bag, but the child would still have to have the ring removed (which took about an hour and half with a hack saw). If the product was 3/4" wider in diameter, my dog's head would not have been stuck. My dog's head is about the size of my 4 1/2 year olds head. I would not recommend this product at all, and I am attempting to contact the company WRT this accident....more info
  • Nothing oderless about this!
    While the design of this diaper champ is, indeed, streamlined (it is easy to use and doesn't need expensive special bags) it fails completely in the main purpose: to contain odor! The champ is not airtight, has no fan, no filters - so of course the smell of dirty diapers quickly permeates the room! I was changing the bag everyday and still could not contain the smells. I would NOT recommend this to anyone - better off to just use a plain bag and save your money!...more info
  • You really don't need it
    We had this with our first baby and it worked fine, but was very smelly after a while. I think we used it about 18 months and then it became unbearable.

    You really don't need a diaper pail unless you are going to use cloth diapers. Just use the kitchen trash. You think that might smell, but since most people empty their kitchen trash frequently, there are not as many dirty diapers in there. Put solid poop in the toilet, otherwise you can just toss the diapers. Our daughter is 11 months old, eating solid food, and we've never had a problem. We do have a cheap pail for the cloth diapers, but we clean it thoroughly when we launder the diapers....more info
  • Worked well for 9 months, but is now stinky.
    We bought 2 diaper champs (blue and pink) when our daughter was born and it worked pretty well for 9 months. You would get an occasional whiff of the diapers when you flipped the top, but that was about it. Now it's been 9 months and both of them are starting to stink. I believe the seal on the inside must have worn out because they worked fine before.

    We are now trying the Diaper Genie 2 Elite to see if it'll work better....more info
  • Does the job but lacks in capacity
    I've used the Diaper Champ for 2.5 months with twin babies. It keeps the stink contained and is usually easy to use. There have been times when I couldn't flip it over, but it might be because a wipe got loose or a diaper wasn't rolled up real good (directions state the wipes cannot be placed in the compartment by themselves - just wrap them up in the diaper). My only complaint is the storage capacity which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5. The container looks like it would hold more than it does. With twins, we are changing a 4-gallon bag once a day. I recommend an 8 gallon bag. A good thing about this container is that it can use any bag (or none if you are in a bind). I recommend the Safety 1st Pail over the Diaper Champ since it can hold more and is similar in performance....more info
  • Not as good as the original
    We had the original version of the Diaper Champ for 4.5 years and 2 kids. It was getting a little smelly so I replaced it with the new and improved version. Yes, the wider opening is easier to use, but it does not contain the smell nearly as well as the old version. I used to put all diapers in it, and change it 2 times a week, for 4.5 years. With this one I can't even put the stinky diapers in it at all, they just have to go right outside. I put one stinky diaper in it, and came back to my son's room 2 hours later (he'd been asleep with the door closed) when I opened the door to his room the smell almost knocked me over. For the people with 3 month olds who rave about this diaper pail. Write again when your baby is eating solid food and let us know how you think this one does....more info
  • Pleased with this product.
    I have been using the Diaper Champ for 4 months and really like it. The only problem I had was that the blue ring on top stuck making it hard to flip over. I just taped it down with regular clear tape and have not had a problem since. Other than opening the Diaper Champ to remove and replace the bags (ANY bags can be used), I never have dirty diaper smells escaping from it. ...more info
  • Great, but you MUST install bag correctly!
    This product is great. I used to have a DiaperGenie with my first child and I hated it. I tried this one and it is just perfect! No odor!...more info
  • A disappointment
    This broke before my son was even 4 months old. The blue ring/seal around the top stopped working, which made it impossible to put more diapers into it. I called baby trend, and they emailed me instructions to fix it, but they didn't work. I have a friend with the exact same issue. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Highly recommended!
    After we tossed out the worthless Diaper Genie, we bought a Diaper Champ. It's a world of difference. This uses any trash bag, so you don't have to buy a proprietary bag pack. You just put the dirty diaper in the top, grab the handle, and flip the top over. Works great. There's only only little problem--if you toss wipes in the top, they can (and often do) get stuck in the mechanism and jam it up. I see some of the other reviewers noted this as well. We just stick the wipe inside the diaper when we toss it in, and then close up the diaper with the velcro. We almost never get a jam this way, and it helps keep the smell down when you change bags. I strongly recommend the Diaper Champ....more info
  • Gets the job done!
    This is our first baby, and our first diaper disposal system. The Diaper Champ doesn't take up a lot of space, isn't bad looking, is the easiest thing to use, and is pretty easy to change. One down side is when it gets too full and it's the middle of the night and you're trying to turn the handle to get rid of that dirty diaper and it refuses to turn without some jostling. But, changing the bag out is easy, and it's nice we can use kitchen drawstring bags instead of special refills. The other down side is when it's full is stinky diapers, sometimes you get a bad-smelling breeze back up at you when you turn it too fast. But hey, dirty diapers stink, so what do you expect?...more info
  • Very Stinky
    I found the Diaper Champ to be VERY smelly. Not only did odors leak out, but when you take out the bag you are assualted by STANK. Just like when you take out a regular garbage bag, you have to pull up on the bag with it still open and the smell is awful. I much prefer my Diaper Genie II....more info
  • tossed out the diaper champ
    I feel bad that I purchased this product only to throw it in a landfill...regrets. It is a terrible product. It jams all the time, which requires two hands (a safety hazard while changing a baby).
    I now use a garbage can with a lid and change it frequently--a much simpler solution. Don't buy this big plastic piece of junk....more info
  • It Never Worked Properly
    We bought this, tried it and never got it to work properly. The air-lock gasket kept getting caught when you would try to drop the diaper into the hopper. Being an engineer, I quickly concluded it was pointless to expend any energy on getting it to work, and just threw it out. We bought a small SimpleHuman step can, and have been very happy, since. If you get a SimpleHuman can, I recommend getting the bags designed to be used with the can....more info
  • EXTREMELY disappointed
    The lid doesn't turn and the blue lip gets stuck. You have to wrestle with this with both hands while holding the bottom with your foot. And the wipes fall out all the time. It's just AWFUL!!!...more info
  • May have just gotten a faulty one - but don't recommend
    I bought this diaper pail on the recommendation of TONS of friends who used it with their children. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. After about 1 month of use, I began having problems turning the top due to the rubber seal becoming mailable. I really had to put some muscle into it and would end up just opening up the top and throwing the diaper in the old fashioned way - releasing all kinds of stank. We tried making sure the diapers and wipes were wrapped up tight to help from getting anything caught in the door, but that didn't really work. We also tried greasing the rubber, but that only worked for a few days. We've kept it for lack of wanting to buy a new one and just open the door rather than turning the top as intended. I am now in the market for a new one because the smell is getting worse and we've used it like this for 11 months - getting tired of it. Like I said, great concept, lots of happy buyers, but just didn't work for us....more info
  • Regular cleaning and febreeze only kept the odor contained for 10 months......
    I had to rush out recently because the "odor seal" on the product had thinned out and has caused the dirty smell to linger throughout the house (I change the diaper bag regularly so it's not for lack of care). I bought the Safety 1st pail at Target yesterday that's battery operated.... I hope that this one will last us longer. Hope this review helps!...more info
  • Smelly and not worth using
    I just bought this today because I was tired of buying refills for my Diaper Genie II, especially on a tight budget. After using it for just 4 diapers, I packed it back up and am bringing it back to the store for a refund.

    Each time I flipped the handle and the piston moved, it gave off a huge waft of diaper smell. And the smell lingered and it was all I could smell in the room. Not ideal for a diaper pail.

    And when the piston is down it leaves a large hole where you put the diaper. But my 3-year old thought this would be a great place to put her toys. Yuck!

    I will stick with my Diaper Genie II. I've been using it with regular trash bags with it and it still works better at containing the odor than the diaper champ did with just 4 diapers....more info
  • A Nursery Must Have
    We got this from our registry and it has been in our nursery since the day our 4 month old came home from the hospital. It does a nice job containing all of his dirty diapers. my only problem was that there was no way to tell it was full until you tried to turn the lever and it wouldn't move. Otherwise I wouldn't think of having another gadget like this one. It uses the tall kitchen bags like our kitchen trash can uses, no need to buy special bags. and it keeps the smells contained. we love it!...more info
  • So happy with the Champ.
    I've never had a problem with the Champ sticking or the closing mechanism not "rolling" correctly. The best part is, you can't close it once the thing is full and you are forced to change it. If you are like me, if you can't smell it, you're not going to do anything about it until it's gross. This thing makes you keep up with the diapers.
    I've got a 4/5 month old and we have to change the bag twice a week. We just use our tall kitchen trash bags. I give the thing a quick wipedown and we're off and running again.
    It is also small enough that my baby's tiny room isn't overwhelmed by a diaper contraption....more info
  • The "Champ"
    This is the "one" that will take you from infant to toddler and beyond. We tried the Diaper Dekkor Plus and couldn't bear the smell beginning at around 8 months. I can't say it any more strongly - this model really does seal the smell into the unit better than any of the others. We paid more than we should have to learn the truth - there's no reason you need to make the same mistake. Get the "Champ" at the start - you won't be sorry....more info
  • very satisfied with Diaper Champ!
    I am very happy with the Diaper Champ. We haven't noticed any smells, it's very easy to use with one hand. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Not such a champ!
    I don't review products unless I think they're really great or a waste of money. The Diaper Champ is a waste of your money. While not having to buy refills for it and being able to use trash or plastic shopping bags is convenient, that's the only pro of this pail. It's okay in the beginning when your baby is on breast milk/formula and not much else. But once they start eating and really pooping, not only do you deal with odors every time you change the bag, you deal with them EVERY time you add a diaper to the pail. When you pull the handle to dispose of the dirty diaper the scents of everything inside come floating out. My son's room constantly smelled of dirty diapers. I bought the Diaper Genie II when my son turned a year old and I'll never use anything else again. The refills hold a lot of diapers and there is NO ODOR EVER!...more info
  • Poor design and poor customer service
    My Diaper Champ wouldn't work properly (the drum won't rotate to dispose of the diaper) because the blue ring inside the device interferes with the rotation. The problem is very common with the new model. Just go to [...] and read the complaints and the poor customer service reply. I followed the instructions from the customer service three times with no luck. I am going to return this piece of plastic to Babies R Us this afternoon. ...more info
  • Diaper Champ Sucks!
    Got it on the advice of my sister in law, who is a ditz. This thing gets stuck when you put a wet wipe in it, gets poop down the inside of it and the piston just drags the poop through it if the diaper is not perfectly sealed up. It stinks, literally. After only a month of use as the babies diapers got more smelly, so did her room. It poorly contains the odor. Shoulda just got a diaper genie, like my own sister had. I hate to buy the refill's but its better than having a stinky room when people come to visit. I have to clean the inside of it all the time. THis thing sucks....more info
  • Great Product but not $[...] Great
    I'm an avid Amazon shopper [...].

    As for the product itself... it really is great. If you don't try to jam diapers in there, the bag usually doesn't have problems. We use leftover grocery/store bags as well as trash bags in the Diaper Champ, both work great. As for smell, the only time we smell anything is during a bag change but hey... it's diapers. ...more info
  • Great product, bye bye stinky
    This is a great product, easy to clean, easy to maintain and does not require expensive refills!!! Wish I had it from the get go....more info
  • Does NOT work
    I sincerely cannot believe how anybody will give a 5 stars to this product after using it for a week. It is a complete gimmick... My wife and I bought for it "felt" like a solid piece of equipment for containing odors. At first looks it seems well-constructed and pretty innovative about keeping an "airtight seal"...

    On reality though: The mechanism fails to work on second use... Cloth diapers get stuck almost right away. The lid does not rotate as intended and you end up using not only both hands (instead of the advertised one-hand operation) but both feet as you struggle to contain the basin while removing the malfunctioning lid. My wife cannot even do this without my help as it takes some forceful maneuvering.

    It is not a problem of manufacture, it is a problem of the intrinsic design. On careful inspection (I am trained as industrial designer) I realize that it is over-engineered, and adds too much complexity with a focus on emotional perception on first buyers rather than actual science... The mechanism will fail after the pail fills-up (in less than a week with 20-23 cloth diapers with aided manual compression). The gravity-driven drum does not have enough weight to compress diapers and these will push up... making it to jam when you try to rotate as advertised.

    Bottom-line: DO NOT BUY IT... IT IS A BAD PRODUCT. I have not tested it on disposable diapers but I feel that it is a rather large waste of plastic. Simpler solutions will do much better.

    ***** 3-Month usage UPDATE *****

    Yes, I have still tried to use this faulty product (since I paid for it, regretably so). SInce it was proven NOT to work with cloth diapers... I switched it as a trash bin for disposables (which we use on the baby on night time or on long trips). Not good either, as the stained diapers do touch the sliding drum, and they are prone to smear it while you sruggle with the cumbersome mechanism. So there, a bad product no matther how many chaces I gave it. Now, I have to figure out what to do with so much plastic taking space in the baby nursery....more info
  • Don't like it
    I purchased this after using the diaper genie product for 18 months. True you don't need to buy special bags, but that means nothing really fits well. Also, there isn't a way to secure the bag. So once it is full it slips down. The smell does not escape while the unit is closed, but when the bag is being changed or when putting a diaper in the smell is bad. The diaper genie did not hold the smell this way. Overall, I would recommend a product like the diaper genie over this one. The cost is higher but so is the overall convenience and ease of use. ...more info
  • Not great for cloth diapering
    We bought this because we heard it can be used for cloth diapering as well as disposables. It works well for disposables, keeps smells in, uses any bag etc - all the good things people say. But for cloth, we found the bin to be too small and would fill up fast. And the cloth diapers have a way of jamming in the flip top part - so we'd end up just opening the whole thing up every time we had to change a diaper which completely defeated the purpose. If you're using disposables, this this is great. But if you're cloth diapering, a regular garbage can with a loose fitting lid works much better....more info
  • Newer Models Not As Good
    With our first child nearing four and a newborn in the house, one of our two diaper champs (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) kicked the bucket, its foam sealing ring tearing out.

    I went got a new one and was pleased that they'd stopped the silly detachable base nonsense and was glad it was easier to open. Only one problem, the new mechanism will sometimes catch wipes, hold onto them, and toss them out the next time you flip it. My wife and I have noticed it do this multiple times, particularly when it's getting close to full.

    So far, it hasn't tossed any terribly soiled wipes on the carpet, but we're just waiting for the day. It's still better than a diaper genie in many respects, but the new design did not go through decent QA testing. ...more info