Orange Blossoms
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There are no shortage of retro-soul outfits, but few with the 70s-style swampy swagger of this rural Florida-based act. Orange Blossoms,’ title cut might remind some folks of Jerry Garcia's work with Merle Saunders; with its thick Booker T soul groove and jam band feel. Some of the album’s tracks bring to mind the Allman Brothers, Delanie and Bonny, Dr. John, or the Black Crowes. Grey and Mofro’s earnest songs seem to come from a pre-ironic era before digital production and ringtones. Orange Blossoms is what most bar bands in the world think they sound like; but don’t. It’s down home, in the best sense, performed flawlessly, with an admirable disregard for fashion. --Mike McGonigal

ORANGE BLOSSOMS, produced by long-time cohort Dan Prothero and Grey, was recorded in north Florida and boasts some of Grey's most profound and moving music to date. The album features 12 songs (including 11 Grey originals) inspired by Grey's life experiences and visionary observations. With long-time friend and guitarist Daryl Hance, bassist/organist Adam Scone, drummer Anthony Cole, and the Hercules Horns of saxophonist Art Edmaiston and trumpeter Dennis Marion, Grey moves effortlessly from gospel-tent fervor to Southern-fried rockers to deeply emotional soul. ORANGE BLOSSOMS is a groove-driven masterpiece fueled by JJ's gritty, smoldering vocals and intense, funk-infused guitar and keyboard work.

With 2007's Country Ghetto, the fan base for JJ Grey & Mofro's gritty, funky Southern rock `n' soul grew by leaps and bounds. The title posted a 50% increase in sales over their previous release (2004's Lochloosa), scanning over 30,000 units in less than 18 months. With Grey's new release, Orange Blossoms, he and Alligator are gearing up for another jump in sales. Orange Blossoms is a masterpiece of soul-shaking music, as JJ's deep Southern roots and skill as a storyteller shine through, whether he's rocking with gospel-tent fervor or slowly winding his raspy voice around a lyric of heartbreak and loss. It's an aggressively groove-driven record fueled by JJ's gritty, smoldering vocals and funk-infused guitar playing.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Album
    JJ Grey and Mofro have really put together a great album. Nearly every track takes me back to outside of the West side of Jacksonville. Few artists reflect the proud heritage of North Florida like these guys. Well worth the listen....more info
  • Good Album, bad encoding...?
    Enjoying the album... at least one of the tracks skips (track 3, about 40 seconds in). Anyone else?...more info
  • Just gets better
    I started out listening to this band with the purchase of their album Lochloosa.Totally blown away by the sound and soul of these guys.Think of sitting around on the weekend having a few drinks with friends and totally enjoying the atmosphere with this band playing in the backround or foreground, whatever floats your boat,and you have the makings of the perfect evening.They know how to touch on every day life with their lyrics and music.I have purchased Country Ghetto and Blackwater their debut album as well as this one and have yet to be disappointed.Rock on JJ and the gang and keep up that great music.By the way Amazon, thanks for making the albums available down here in OZ as not many retailers know about JJ Grey and Mofro downunder. ...more info
  • Blues-Southern Rock Soul
    Probably one of the most talented musicians and groups I have heard in my short lifespan of almost 30 years. JJ has a great way of telling a story through his music. The sounds of soul and smooth swinging songs like "Move It On" to the soft ballad "Dew Drops" with its perfectly matched strings move you from within and just make you want to sing out loud without caring who's near.

    I have yet to find a band that matches JJ Grey & MOFRO's level of delivering a complete album each and everytime. Some of the greatest music that you can listen to on repeat and won't ever get old, because its real and overflowing with truth and soul. Its one man's story that somehow we can all relate a portion of our life to.

    Enjoy and pass along to your friends and family. Oh, and if they ever roll through your town or within 4 hours I highly suggest seeing a live show, they are one of the best concerts I've seen. It's usually in a small venue but the moments that pass and are experienced will lift you up and envigorate you. Beware though, you just might become addicted......more info
  • Damn!
    JJ Grey & Mofro have done it again. I own all four of their CD's and they are all outstanding. When you play a Mofro CD you can see the Spanish moss, pine trees, and kudzu in your mind. You can smell the steaming hot cornbread and black eyed peas and feel the humidity of the deep South. From laying outside in the grass watching fire flies to heading to Ybor City to find a woman to love you "out yo mind" Mofro takes you there with more authentic funk and soul than anyone else. On "Orange Blossoms" JJ Grey works in horns, strings, and background singers to augment the soulful slide of Daryl Hance, the "in the pocket" drumming of Anthony Cole and the funky keyboard of Adam Scone. The musicianship is extraordinary and the production rivals anything Stax or Muscle Shoals has produced.

    Buy this CD and get your tickets to see them live. Mofro tours relentlessly and they will be appearing somewhere close to you. Don't miss out.
    ...more info
  • thanks again to mofro
    I'm a long time fan of Mofro (i have no problem with the name change, though i know many do...they changed labels -thats it) and i listened to this album at least 4 times through by now. each album is amazing, and this one is no different. but it is different! there are less references to florida and more mention of the seductive ladies...hmm...i hope the road isn't getting to them! however, that aside, i am blown away by jj's voice on this album. he goes from that smokey gritty swamp sound then to a smooth high tone on 'she don't know' and everywhere in between. they are continuing to evolve but maintaining their mofro sound. Mofro will be present in charlotte in october and i'm counting the days to hear this album live. right on!...more info
  • Awesome southern rock cd
    This cd is good all the way through - favorite songs to check out are "everything good is bad," and of course, the title track "Orange blossoms." Great storytelling and the band has an old-fashioned feel to it. I've seen these guys in person and they're awesome....more info
  • Mofro does it again!!!
    This album is outstanding - from the first song to the last. JJ Grey & Mofro just keep getting better. The horns are awesome and the music just makes you want to move - just awesome....more info
  • Smellin' The Funk of the deep south
    This album is by far the best to date by Mofro. It ranges from a raw 60's sound to a southern rock to almost a gospel feel. All in all this is a great album for anyone....more info
  • Funky, swampy, bluesy grooves. The best!
    No doubt, their previous albums have a somewhat different sound, but is that bad? JJ Grey says this was actually the least produced album of them all. Some of the songs are previously unrecorded but have been part of their live past repertoire including 'WYLF' (What You're Looking For)--a funky grooving tune more reminiscent of the 70s but with a twist, "seen it on your face this is what you're looking for...)", 'Dew Drops' (a gripping, true tale of a young boy with a vivid imagination who grew up with a mean father "sipping on dew drops float above the green treetops and it all walking on moonlight in the day"), and 'Move it On' (a sultry, sweaty slow tempo with a distinctively sexy trumpet prominent. All but one are Grey originals--lyrically and musically, and all still have the Southern/Florida roots that have become Mofro's hallmark. At 41 years old, he quickly admits to the maturation of his voice and that shows more on 'Orange Blossoms' than any of the past. His voice is strong, dripping with soul, and smooth as the waters of N. Florida's St. John's River on a crisp and clear spring morning. If you have a chance to catch these guys live, go for it. They take their music to a whole new level. A 2 hour+ setlist always includes a varied mix from all 4 of their records. It's Southern/Funky/Blues/Rock meets jam band genre and you'll find you won't be able to stay still from start to finish....more info
  • Good record, but lacking some of the usual feeling
    In Mofro's previous three albums (Blackwater, Lochloosa, Country Ghetto) the songs have been a soulful gumbo of blues, funk, rock, and gospel. Slow rollers, mid-tempo groovers, juke house rockers, and soul-baring gospel (some of my favorites). Most songs represent poignant reflections of southern living, whose lyrics often transcend the normal bounds for blues ballads. Some of the best songs of the decade in my opinion. Their simplicity (in instrumentation, arrangement, and emotive delivery) is the key to their resonance with listeners.

    Although Orange Blossoms includes some beautifully polished soul recordings, tight musicianship, and JJ's gutsy vocals, Mofro seems to have strayed from a winning formula a bit. Daryl Hance's slide guitar, always subtle, is mostly lost behind the horns and strings. The mid-tempo groovers dominate the record, making many of the songs sound basically the same (Devil You Know, WYLF, On Fire, Higher You Climb). The tempo goes from slow to slower on She Don't Know, The Truth, and Dew Drops. The more upbeat Ybor City is a straight-ahead blues shuffle that lacks the edge that usually makes Mofro stand out. Funky, yes. Dynamic, not so much. The lyrics just don't seem to resonate quite as well as in previous records, and the subject matter is much more typical of the genre (girls, relationships, etc.).

    If you're a Mofro fan you'll still really like Orange Blossoms. It's just a little more over-produced than you're used to. If you're just getting to know these guys, check out Country Ghetto or Lochloosa first. I hope JJ and Mofro get a little more back to basics on their next release. ...more info
  • Not bad, but not one of their better outings
    These guys are a great band with a range of musical styles. One of the reasons I wasn't blown away by this outing is it is mostly a "blue-eyed soul"/R&B set, unlike their other stuff which is more wide ranging. I love the inspirations behind this sound: the late 60's early 70's sound that had a fat horn sound, background singers who step in to hit chorus with a wavering note, organ lead-ins, and funkified twangy guitar. But in a lot of places he moves past that period to something closer to the later 70's where it was losing its edge. Think of the difference between early Sly Stone, Dobie Grey, or Al Green and their later stuff -- it became over produced, the horns became trite vs insipired, the background vocals headed toward soft rock. On this dics you get the gamut. You have tunes that hit the mark like "Everything Good is Bad" (could be a great Sly Stone tune), "On Fire" (a raw funky number), and "I Believe" (which has the build of a classic R&B ballad). But others that don't seem up to J.J Grey's previous high standard like "Orange Blossoms" (seems like an attempt to craft the Gulf Coast answer to Seger's "Night Moves"), "The Truth" and "Dew Drops" (cheesy strings), and Move it On (intended to be a sexy groove, instead borders on Broadway). If you are a J.J. Grey fan, there's enough here to like to make it worth buying (or cherry pick the tunes you want via download). If you are new to J.J. Grey, go with the albumn Country Ghetto instead -- better introduction to the tremendous talent this guy has. ...more info
  • pretty good
    i enjoyed the Production on this album a great deal. the horns, keyboard and tight drum work were all on point from start to finish. vocals had some moments. a strong stax influence is felt throughout.i like the Grooves and feel.alot of different hybrids at work that make a interesting musical stew....more info
  • Over-produced?
    I don't think I've ever thought that a record was produced too well, but this might be it. I actually enjoyed the grizzly feel to older mofro albums. JJ's voice sounds great on this record, but the songs are too bland. They seem to have gone from swamp rock to mainstream blues. Finally, while their overall type of music seems to have taken a fairly large change, almost every record on this album sounds the same as the next.

    Highlights are On Fire and Everything Bad is Good....more info
  • Mofros the Man
    I love Mofro, I have all the CD's and preordered this one before it came out. Not disappointed at all. It kept with the style of theirs that I loved so much, with out seeming repeative of their first albums. ...more info
  • You'll be able to smell the orange blossoms after this too!
    Orange Blossoms is a great album, and if you like JJ Grey & MOFRO, you should like this album. Like all their music, Orange Blossoms effortlessly evokes feelings of coming of age, living, and loving in a Florida quickly consigning itself to the dustbin of history. That's a lot of emotion to pack into 12 songs, but JJ Grey's vocal abilities and MOFRO's musical prowess easily carry the load.

    As a native Floridian straight out of the bayous of Northwestern Florida, I'll say there's good reason why the word "swamp" is often mentioned in the same breath with this group's name. After a childhood of nights on the porch, staring into the darkness of the bay trees and listening to the crickets chirp, I can tell you that the music playing in my head belonged to this band, I just didn't realize it then.

    That being said, this album isn't as strong as Lochloosa or Country Ghetto. As I listened to the album for the first time, I felt a slight disappointment at the relatively subdued feeling of the first few songs. My final opinion of the whole album changed when I hit Track 11, however. "Ybor City" is, for me, the best song on the album by far. Its upbeat tempo, raucous lyrics, and musicianship really set it apart.

    If the slower songs are more your predilection, as they sometimes are for me, several of these also stand out as particularly poignant. "I Believe (In Everything)" and "Dew Drops" hit the spot.

    Other strong numbers on the album include "On Fire" and the title track, "Orange Blossoms," probably my second favorite song.

    Bottom Line: If you like JJ Grey & MOFRO and enjoy the sounds of a Florida which has more culture and meaning than Disney World, Condos, and Tourists, then this album is a must have....more info
  • Great CD!
    This is a really wonderful CD. I enjoy almost every song on it, but the best is "Orange Blossoms." I first heard this music on XM and so went to JJ Grey & Mofro's website, they have a great website and you can listen to all of their music there. ...more info