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Acer 19" Wide-Screen LCD Monitor - Black (X193WB)
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $109.99

You Save: $30.00 (21%)


Product Description

The Acer X Series LCD monitors portray an unparalleled combination of uncompromising performance and outstanding value. Crafted for enjoyable and comfortable viewing, the Acer X Series is ideal for those who demand clarity of text and graphics. The sleek silver/black color scheme, softly contoured bezel and sturdy base depict a classy, functional design that adds an exquisite accent to your home. A friendly user interface and the convenient arrangement of buttons make the Acer X Series easy to use. With its powerful, rich features that fit your budget, the Acer X Series is your clear choice for the clearest views.

  • Acer X193Wb 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor General Features: Black design
  • 19-inch Widescreen TFT LCD Display 1440 x 900 resolution 0.284 mm x 0.284 mm pixel pitch
  • 300 cd/m2 brightness 2000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 5 ms response time
  • 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle Kensington anti-theft lock VESA wall mount
  • Energy Star Compliant

Customer Reviews:

  • great plug and use monitor
    Great monitor, glad we bought it. Still trying to get used to a wide monitor probably should have gone with a square monitor -would have been less change from old CRT version....more info
  • nice monitor
    Works great. Hooked up to a laptop no problems.
    The picture is fantastic. So much so, we just ordered
    the 22 inch for my wife....more info
  • Acer Lcd 19" screen
    I checked all over for a screen that would work and not be too expensive. Thanks to the reviews in Amazon, I felt safe to buy this one - not knowing much about the product name.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the display was and it is exactly what I wanted- and for a good price.
    And as usual, delivery was fast and everything arrived in good shape...more info
  • Review of Purchase of Computer Monitor
    I was very pleased with the purchase of the widescreen computer monitor. It was exactly what I wanted and was priced within the range I wanted to pay. The purchase through was simple and efficient. I couldn't have asked for anything better....more info
  • Great monitor. Great Price.
    This is my first flat screen monitor and I am truly pleased with this Acer. After much research for one in my price range, the good reviews were true to form. It took me awhile to get use to the large screen, after years of using the old CRT's, but just love it now. The colors are vibrant and I like the option of larger print. Now I have so much more room on my desk; and you just can't beat the price. Very glad I bought this monitor....more info
  • Decent small screen
    This screen is a lot smaller than I thought it would be - my fault. But since it's widescreen the 19" doesn't make nearly as large as I imagined. It's only 1" taller than my old 15". Quite tiny. I was really looking for a big bump up in size and didn't get it. Keep this in mind when looking at sizes.

    My other issue is the legs - because of the way they angle - I cannot get my keyboard right up under the monitor. This is annoying because ACER could have chosen any number of leg configurations what wouldn't interfer with keyboards.

    Other than that - the monitor is fine. It's bright and the resolution is good for both work stuff and fun stuff. I streamed some TV shows off a network site recently and the quality was fine - if a bit tiny. The widescreen was nice since the TV show was shot in widescreen. The widescreen is also nice for the design software I use for work stuff since there a zillion property boxes that I can set off to the side now that I can't do when I work from the office.

    Also, the order came nice and quick - unlike many non-amazon amazon sellers.

    Smaller than I expected or wanted. Remember - widescreen makes the height smaller than you might think....more info
  • Widescreeen movie editor
    We use it in our editing studio. Works way to beat the price....more info
  • Excellent product
    This monitor was really easy to set up...just plug it in, no software or adjustments were needed. I don't do any gaming, etc. so I can't really comment on those aspects, but for wordprocessing programs it's great. I've had no problems using it with Vista, without Vista and even with my favorite old stand by DOS program. Also, mine was delivered through Tiger Direct ahead of schedule and in excellent condition....more info
  • Only Works with Vista?
    I will withdraw my review if I'm incorrect about this, but I purchased this monitor to use with my Samsung NC10 netbook, and it wouldn't connect. The instructions and troubleshooting were nearly nonexistent and ultimately I couldn't find any help in getting this connected. The only driver I found online was for Windows Vista. I will have to return this product, which is highly inconvenient as it came through a different vendor than Amazon. Very frustrating purchase....more info
  • Bang for the buck
    This is a great value if your looking for a bigger widescreen monitor that will not break your bank. I paid over $100 more than this a year ago for a comparable Samsung model. This is a great value for all you websurfers and basic computing needs, resolution is good for some minor picture editing and light video editing. I can recommend this monitor to you with no hesitation....more info
  • Great buy
    This was a great buy.I love the fact that it is thin and easy to handle.I was surprised at the quality of the picture for such a cheap price....more info
  • Acer is best bang for buck...
    THis one has VGA input only. I have the X193W+BD that has both VGA and DVI. The X193W+BD also has 1680x1050 resolution that can't be beat in a 19" widescreen. This X193WB is 1440x900 max. I paid only $20 more with free shipping. Either way, the Acer LCD is a very good product. I have an older AL1912 std screen that is 5+ yrs old and still works and looks like new. The power consumption of the new Acer LCDs also seemed to be at the low end compared to other products....more info