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Mastering VMware Infrastructure 3
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Product Description

Cut hardware costs, expand your capacity, and manage an entire fleet of virtual machines in your enterprise with the leading virtualization solution, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), by applying the step-by-step instructions in Mastering VMware? Infrastructure 3. Packed with the technical details, best practices, and how-tos you need to install, configure, and run a virtual infrastructure at maximum efficiency, this guide is comprehensive and essential. Learn how to create and manage virtual networks and machines, configure every product in the VI3 suite, monitor resources and performance, maintain security, and much more.

Customer Reviews:

  • A great book for esxi
    I entered the world of virtualization after my company was purchased. We had only played with the desktop versions of vmware; never the hypervisor. The new company had an established setup.

    I had read documentation from Vmware. It does a decent job but I felt I could use something more.

    The strength in this book is the author's ability to explain things. Topics I thought I understood became clearing after reading the chapters about them. In my case it was the virtual switch and the physical migration to virtual process. I had made a couple assumptions which I was wrong.

    I was happy to see the section on setting up esxi installs via kickstart. It was an idea I was toying with and now I have a good example to review.

    Some areas might be a little redundant especially if you read the documentation. Installation for example. However, it does serve as a good review.

    One good aspect is the author ends each chapter with "master it" points. Useful especially if you are going after certification.

    Another good thing about this book are the screen shots with steps on using functions and utilities of exsi.

    There is an emphasis on VirtualCenter and the addon tools you can purchase from vmware. Rather expensive especially when you consider the costs of SQL, etc. However, if you have questions about virtualcenter and want to evaluate it's use, this book will give you a good idea.

    Overall, this was a worthwhile purchase and I will probably go back to it in the future.
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  • Very good book for VMware ESX
    This is a very good for VMware Inf, i use to deploy my infrastructure with VMware ESXi 3.5 U4. Very useful. ...more info
  • very useful
    We`re in the middle of designing and implementing our vm environment so there were some things we were unsure of. This book answered every question we had. Very easy to follow. Gives GUI and cli versions of how to configure your vm. Highly recommend as a reference. It`s better than the vmware class material....more info
  • Excellant Review of VMWare Course Material
    The book comes close to mirroring the course material VMware presents. There are also several additional areas such as configuring the databases for the Virtual Center not covered by the course. The one thing I would have liked to see is an electronic version of the book included....more info
  • Great book to get you started
    I found this book to be a great resource both in preparing for and after deploying 3 ESX hosts in our network. I use this book as a reference frequently and highly recommend.
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  • Excellent Reference
    For anyone needing to learn more about ESX server and VI3, this is the book for you. It's easy to read yet chock full of detailed information to get your VMWare Infrastructure up and running correctly the first time....more info
  • Excellent book but the text is too small.
    I've taken the VI3 course twice and this book goes into greater detail than the vendor course does. The author gives real world applications to many of the issues that VMWare administrators would face. He also presents more detailed explanations of ancilliary subjects such as SANs, command line functions and planning scenarios than you would find by attending the course.

    However, the text is a little on the small side. Not enough to be much of a bother when going through the book generally, but trying to read the text in most of the screen shots without a magnifying glass is so difficult that I found myself ignoring the examples he gives. That's why I gave only four stars.

    As far as the writing is concerned, I feel that the subject matter is right in line with the knowledge and skills that I know the author possesses. He has a distinct ability to explain a sometimes difficult subject in such a way that even those who are marginally acquainted with VMWare will be able to understand.

    Great book, Chris! I just wish I could read it all without straining these middle-aged eyes....more info