Greenies Pill Pockets, Beef, 3.2 oz, for Tablets
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Product Description

No more forcing pills down your pets throat. Simply put the pill inside the Pill Pocket, pinch the open end of the pocket shut and feed as a treat. Contains probiotics.

  • Take the stress out of giving medications
  • Tuck the pill or capsule into the built in pocket and your dog gets medication along with a tasty flavored treat
  • Designed by veterinarians to be a nutritionally balanced treat
  • Enriched with vitamin C and E for boosting immune systems

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy and My Dog Loves Them
    One of my dogs needs to take pain meds and it tastes bitter to the point that he would spit it out. Answer, Pill Pockets. He loves them and the medicine is no longer a problem.

    By the way, this is how the kennel at our vet's office always provides meds to their dogs....more info
  • works great
    These work great for giving my 20lb Lhasa glucosimine. I had given up because I got tired of trying to find something to put them in, she would always find them and spit them out, even though the bottle said they were yummy and chewable... I gave her one pill pocket alone first and she gulped the second one down with the pill without even noticing it and begged for more....more info
  • Very good deal
    Terrific product and great price from this vendor. Makes pill giving so much easier for my little dog....more info
  • pill pockets
    Great product. Very easy to dispense pills for your pet in these pill pockets...more info
  • A lifesaver for a pet owner whose pet spits out its pills!
    My 1-year-old Shih Tzu, Missy, was recently diagnosed with a skin infection and allergies, so the vet prescribed an antibiotic and an allergy med twice a day. At first, I thought it was going okay with my hiding the pills in a piece of banana or cheese...but then, I started finding pills all over the place...she'd been appearing to eat the food while in front of me and then going elsewhere to spit out the pills!

    I was seeing my money go down the drain as these antibiotics and allergy meds went anywhere (including staining my carpet!) but IN HER TUMMY! Finally, a friend who has a cat suggested pill pockets, so I ordered a small packet of these beef flavored ones to see if they would work.

    WELL! She not only takes her meds now, but she BEGS for them as soon as she sees me open the package of pill pockets! I am FINALLY seeing her skin clear up because the pills are FINALLY getting into her I gave her a bath and her skin is clear!

    My only issue with the pill pockets (the ONLY reason I gave them 4 stars vs. 5) is that they are very soft and mooshy...I guess this is necessary so that you can mold the pill pocket around the pill, regardless of its shape or size...but I find it a little yucky. A few months ago, I may also have complained about the VERY strong smoky smell (like beef jerky), but I've gotten used to that via some treats Missy that loves.

    I will definitely be ordering these a larger quantity!...more info
  • Great way to get your dog to take pills
    I have a hard time having my dog (a toy poodle) take his pills. We've tried a lot of different things, and none of them worked -- until we tried the Greenies Pill Pockets.

    Our dog loves taking his pills now. He actually thinks that he's getting a treat!...more info
  • Greenies...a lifesaver!
    These are a must if your pet needs medication. This price seemed a little high, but they are worth it....more info
  • best way to get your dog to take pills
    I was so annoyed when our local pet store was continually running out of this item. Purchasing this on-line saves me a great hassle and saves me money as well. ...more info
  • The way to hide pills from Gracie
    The pill pockets are great. Gracie is an older dog and has seizures. She has to take pills twice a day and I would rather fight a mountain lion then try to get them down her. The pill pockets are perfect. Thank you Greenies.
    Dianne...more info
  • They are gone in a flash.
    My vet gave my dog medicine and pill pockets. Every morning she would look at us wanting a pill pocket. We would break it up into tiny pieces and reward her for doing various things. If you are trying to potty train your puppy, just get pill pockets because all dogs will go crazy for them. You can keep feeding them these after their medicine is done....more info
  • The Best!
    My Beagle was recently diagnosed with epilespy and has to take medication twice a day. Pill pockets make it so easy - she hears me opening the package and comes running! Thank you Greenies!...more info
  • Good Concept
    I bought this product (Beef Flavor) to be able to maybe give my dog her medicine more easily, but she won't eat them. She puts it in her mouth, but then spits it right back out, licks it a little, then leaves it alone.

    I've tried breaking it into smaller pieces (she is a small dog), but she still won't eat it.

    This is a dog that LOVES treats and this is the only "treat" I cannot get her to eat.

    It's a good concept, but you may be wasting your money as I did....more info
  • These are fantastic
    After years of shoving pills down my dog's throat, I discovered these. I wish all veterinarians informed people of their existence when they prescribe medication. My dog things the meds are treats now-- it's fantastic!

    P.S. If your dog needs daily meds I'd recommend buying these online to save some money; they cost nearly twice as much at my local Petco....more info
  • Best Price Anywhere!
    Both of my dogs love the Pill Pockets. They don't even mind the most vile smelling and tasting pills if they are in a Pill Pocket. This is also the best price I have found. My Vet charges $11 to $12 per bag. When I told them I purchased at $5 per bag including shipping, they were astounded....more info
  • Pill Pockets are brilliant - I wish I had invented them
    We have 2 dogs that take pills twice a day every day. And now they take them with no fuss at all - they actually come over when they hear their pill boxes. The pill pockets are very easy to use - stuff the pills inside - mold them to hold the pill and toss it to the dog. You can hand it to them also but a tossed pill pocket will never be rejected!...more info