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Bracketron UFM-300-BX Nav-Pack Weighted GPS Dash Mount/Carrying Case
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Product Description

portable carrying case and dashboard mount combination for your GPS navigator,stable base with anti-skid materials,includes shoulder and wrist straps

  • Universal Mobile Electronics Nav-Pack Weighted GPS Dash Mount/ Carrying Case
  • Padded/ Durable Construction Protects Your GPS When Not In Use
  • Easy to Take With You for Added Security
  • Weighted Anti Skid Base Contours to Your Dash On Uneven and Textured Surfaces
  • 2.00 Lbs. (WxLxH) 6.25" x 2.75" x 6.25"

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than expected
    Very good protection for GPS and easy to store in in this very nice case....more info
  • Good product to carry and use for a GPS.
    I like the case, it stores my GPS and allows me to open it, put it on my dash, plug it in and ready for use. It does slide a little on the dash, but only when I make sharp turns....more info
  • Hands Free
    The weighted Dash mounting case is so much more user friendly than the old stickem holders!

    Delivery was fast and in good shape....more info
  • High Hopes
    I thought the Bracketron Nav-Pack Dash mount/Carrying case would be the perfect device for my GPS because it was portable and fulfilled two functions. However, I have the smaller Garmin and it seems to be "lost" in the holder. Also, the device has to be on a perfectly flat surface or it will not stay. In my car, that is an area that blocks my clock/mph/outside temp gauge. In order to take it with you when leaving the car, you remove the weight device from the pocket of the case. Sounds easy but its not. Possibly if I had the larger GPS, a different model car, and gave it more time to get used to removing the weight, it would be fine....more info
  • Worst Buy Ever
    Do not waist your money in this piece of junk. It does not stay on top of the dash-board. Whenever you make a turn it slides....more info
  • GPS Carrying Case Bracketron UFM-300-BX
    Just what we were looking for. One items to cover both functions (carrying case and car mounting)...more info
  • Excellent combo product
    Bracketron UFM-300-BX Nav-Pack Weighted GPS Dash Mount/Carrying Case
    This product is a time-saving wonder: an excellent combination of carrying case and dash mount. Given the theft danger to gadgets such as GPS units, being able to easily store the GPS out of sight and avoiding the telltale sign of the suction cup for the typical dash mount are both postives. Added to that is the ease of setting it up for use and you've got a winner. The biggest downside is that the unit may slide on the dashboard if a sudden stop is required. The silicone potholder recommended by another user wasn't very helpful here. ...more info