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Become an instant celebrity or paparazzo! This sleek pocketable design is built for easy video - there is no lens cap, no dials to turn, or settings to set. Just turn it on and hit record to capture the action, adventure, and all the juicy details in stunning HD! Make your cinematic debut on any HDTV. Or just pop the USB in the nearest PC and you're ready to share the fun on YouTube. Edit, add music, and personalize your flick and easily share with your adoring fans. There's no such thing as ''you should've been there'' with the Zi6.

  • Record High Definition video (720p at 60 fps with 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Easily upload recorded footage to YouTube with built-in USB and software
  • Expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32 GB; Rechargeable batteries and charger included
  • Vibrant 2.4-inch viewfinder; Watch footage on HDTV with included cables
  • Edit and share videos with included software CD

Customer Reviews:

  • A great little camera
    Santa brought my daughter this camera and she's put it down long enough for me to play with it. This is a really nice little camera (Santa apparently did his research well) that delivers on the promises Kodak makes.

    - It's easy to use and ready to go out of the box. The batteries come charged - just pop in some memory (or use the small amount built in to the camera) and you're making videos right away.

    - The picture quality is excellent. Images are bright and clear, indoors or out. My daughter has taken video indoors at school and home and the image is very bright. I'm impressed with how sharp the HD (30 frames per second) and HD60 (60 frames per second) videos are.

    - Sound recording is good, nice and clear. Playback (through the camera) volume is loud enough to hear clearly as well.

    - Downloading the videos is easy with the attached USB connector. I recommend buying a USB extension cable Cables To Go - 19003 - 1M USB A Male to A Female Extension Cable (White) so the camera doesn't have hang out of a USB port.

    - The included tripod socket is handy. Santa also thoughtfully included a Gorillapod flexible tripod that works great with this camera. Joby GP1-EGEN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod (Green)

    - The camera comes with both component and composite cables. My daughter loves that she can hook her little camera up to the 50" plasma and watch her videos in HD. Since the component output doesn't have sound you need to use the audio output from the composite jack, or just use the camera's built-in speaker.

    - Some have had problems with larger memory cards. I purchased a Transcend 16 GB SDHC SD Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC6E [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] and it works fine in the camera. Make sure you get a class 6 card for this camera...recording in HD or HD60 requires a faster speed of memory.

    The main problem with this camera is the included software, by Arcsoft. It's horrible. It installs several programs (including an updater that runs all the time) and some didn't install completely so we kept getting messages about missing files. Arcsoft provided the software for an HP webcam I bought...and returned because of the poor software. Fortunately we use Pinnacle Studio 12 which works with the type of file this camera produces (.mov - H.264/MPEG-4 files) so I happily uninstalled the Arcsoft software.

    It's an excellent camera that's worth getting even though the software is junk.
    ...more info
  • Excellent video recorder with one reservation
    The Kodak Zi6 is easy to hold and carry. There are very few buttons to press and a button may have more than one function. That makes it difficult to notice which function you are in. More familiarity with using the camera would resolve that problem. Pictures are of HD quality and are impressive. The failing is that this camera is perfect for filming things that are close up and not moving too fast. Objects, like pets, that are less than 10 feet away will look blurry when they move rapidly. In addition the volume is good for those close up. When trying to get the audio from someone speaking 20 feet away in a quiet room, the audio on playback was not loud enough.
    The software accompanying the Zi6 was underwhelming. I could not use the software to view my pictures, some error on the software side. Videos were able to be viewed in Quicktime player. It is easy to upload the pictures, as there is a usb connector built into the camera, and Windows' Scanner and Camera Wizard was able to upload the pictures, both still and video, without a problem. You can upload the movies to Youtube, but do not need the software to do that....more info
  • Get it from Beach Camera
    This is a great camera. I ordered it from Beach Camera, as amazon was sold out. I ordered yesterday with standard shipping, and an hour later it shipped. I am INCREDIBLY happy with the seller. It took them only a day to get it on my doorstep!

    The quality of the video is what you pay for. It's great quality, but it doesn't have image stabilization, so you need a stable hand. For an example of the quality search youtube for kodak ki6 field test. If you want a good camcorder for an amatuer this is a great one.

    Overall this is a great product sold by a great company....more info
  • HSN Today's Special Value 1/18/09
    Was considering this little camcorder as a first time buyer of a camcorder for home use and stills. HSN includes a 4 GB card and a 1Gb card and $55 in Kodak gallery items. Thankfully, I have researched and learned the rechargeable batteries and recharger are standard accessories with the camera, along with pouch, cords, etc. The big turn off for me is the problem with a steady video and lighting issues. This was a today's special value back in November,too, so it's not like it's brand new to the market. I soooo much appreciate all the feedback here to help me indeciding. You guys are great!...more info
  • Buy it
    Love this little guy. I take it everywhere. It is great!

    After reading reviews and working with products in the stores, I decided to purchase the Zi6 over the Flip HD products.

    Here are my reasons:

    1) Zi6 uses Memory Cards, up to 32gigs, not an option with the Flip Products. Swap out, easy to move data around, print stills directly to my Epson printer.

    2) Batteries, the Zi6 comes with rechargable batteries, actually my Zi6 purchase came with two sets of batteries and one charger. Batteries life is very good, mine last about 4 days between recharge.
    3) Zi6 LCD screen size large compared to the Flip screens.
    4) Great video qualtity, for the device type.
    5) Zi6 comes with all the cables.

    I did not work with Flips software, but Kodak software works well. I use Pinnacle Studio to edit and upload my videos and stills.

    Again, really enjoy this camera. It is always in my pocket and now I don't miss anything.

    ...more info
  • Great product for the price!
    This is a great, easily portable video camera for the price. The sound quality and volume has room for improvement....more info
  • Kodak's answer to the Flip Mino
    Great Camera for a great price ($159). I wanted the Zi6 because of the SDHC capability. The versatility of 3 recording speeds is definitely nice too (HD 30 frames, HD 60 frames, VGA). Super simple user interface for the camera. I'm still learning the software and like all media software it tries to make itself your default for everything, what a pain.

    All in all, I'm a very satisfied customer. ...more info
  • Sample footage
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2GG0LJIMTT9Q1 Sample footage taken with Zi6...more info
  • Worth the Money
    This is the best camera for the money. This camera allows you to swap out batteries, simply and the SDHC Card function is a must have. Be sure to update your firmware. And YOU MUST hold this camera still. Easier said then done I know, however, if you can achieve using this on a tripod, you get the benefit of great HD Video with supurb color. I suggest the refurb for $100 from Amazon. It is just as good and likely not to have the sound hiss 1/3 of these cameras have new....more info
  • Totally great camera, but...
    I did a lot of research before settling on he pocket digital video camera. These little cameras do some great things. For my money, I decided to go for flexibility so I chose the Zi6.

    While a bit bigger than the Mino, the Zi6 gave me greater flexibility with the ability to use SD cards to expand memory. Because it's HD, the picture is great in almost any circumstance, but you need to keep clear that you have a pocket digital video camera and you're going to get what that can give you - little more.

    The camera is great. It came with charged rechargable batteries. I popped in a memory card and was off. The first big test was taking the camera to record my son's band. They were very loud and I thought the sound might be too distorted because of the microphone, but the end product was pretty good!

    The camera is super easy to use I've really enjoyed getting to know it. I found that a cheap, expandable mono-pod helps me resolve any stability issues I might have with a shaky hand and as long as you consider where you are - you will not be disappointed with this camera.

    The only downside is the software. The Arc Mediaimpressions that came with the camera imported the video fine. It helped me add screens and titles - ok. It's not flashy, but I didn't really expect it to be. The Problem came when I tried to burn something to DVD or export it. Nothing happened. My system meets the requirements, but still... I've contacted Kodak, but they refer me to Arc. Arc has yet to respond.

    As I did some looking around for a fix, I found a great number of people who have experienced trouble with the software. Not the camera - but the software. Arc apparently, is not responsive and in my case it's been about 2 weeks and still no word.

    Now I resolved my issue by securing some different software, but I think that should be Kodak's responsibility. If you are going to package software with your camera, you want it to work or the customer has a bad experience overall.

    All in all. Camera good. Arc bad....more info
  • So easy a Cavedude can use it!
    I love Amazon i did one day shipping and got it the next day by 1:30pm, awsome!! This little gadget works great. Some people complain that it has low quality, but for the size and price I say it works great. Totally happy with my purchase. I bought two, one for my mom and one for me, and she just loves it. The Zi6 it so easy to use she doesn't even need my help to operate it. Thanks Amazon and Kodak....more info
  • great camera
    Great camera, works well, we use it mostly for business takes good still and excellent video, only drawback I can see is you have to be careful how you hold it or your finger willcover up the microphone... I would highly recommend this camera for any business or person that is looking for an inexpensive digital camera/video camera....more info
  • Better than Flip
    Did a lot of research on this before purchase. Cheaper than Flip HD and better built. Kodak did it right on this device. No complaints and I've gotten a couple of others to buy one after seeing mine!...more info
  • Good value for casual video, some s/w issues for PC
    I already had a "good" and reasonably portable camcorder, but found I didn't use it much because of the hassle of carrying it around (even though it could, with some bulging, fit in my pocket). I thought it would be great to have a camcorder I could actually USE with little preparation or bother. Now,I use the zi6 much more often and with little need to plan.

    My PCs all run WinXP, and my initial impressions of the zi6 output were quite poor, because the playback (even after copying the MOV files from the SD card to the HD) looks very jerky, even on a reasonably powerful PC. However, I was pleased to find that once you convert the MOV files to a more Win-friendly format, the playback is really very good -- not like from an expensive camcorder, but certainly better than my old "home movies" or VHS-based recordings. So, for Windows users, the immediate/instant playback of the MOV files should be seen as just a first draft -- it will look much better if you care enough about your video to convert it.

    The software shipped with the camera is crap -- a total waste. Good choices include: DVDFlick (Free!) to go directly from a series of the zi6's MOV files, to creating a DVD (with simple menus); or, if you want to do editing or enhancing, you might invest a hundred bucks in Adobe Premiere Elements. Forget using Windows Movie Maker, which will not accept MOV files due to Mr. Bill's pathological hostility to anything Mac-based, including MOV files, a/k/a QuickTime Movies. ("Thanks," Mr. Bill.)

    Another tip: Use the default HD format, even if your TV and computer monitor display in the older 4:3 ratio. You can switch the zi6 recording to VGA, which is 4:3 (although you have to do this EVERY time you start the camera), which I did at first, but the HD mode has significantly more pixels, even with the bands of black across the top and bottom, and I found it really does look much better. I can learn to ignore the black bands, until I eventually move to a 16:9, HDTV.

    Two more drawbacks: You cannot turn-off the musical chimes at startup, which seems like a small thing until you want to start-and-stop recording during, say, a school play or in some other situation where your little beeps will disturb others (and their own recordings). And, there is effectively no zoom (just digital zoom, which here is both minor and counter-productive).

    But if you don't care about zooming-in for closeups, and if Windows users don't mind some post-processing before seeing the output actually look good, and if your camcorder criteria place a high value on portability and convenience, this is an excellent choice.

    I now think nothing of slipping this less-than-wallet-sized beauty into my pocket, going someplace and capturing some potentially good moments. And if the results are keepers, I can spend a little time making them more Windows-viewable.

    The zi6 fills a need, and fills it better than comparable products, in my opinion. My only misgiving is the technical issue, for Windows users, of dealing with these MOV files.

    ...more info
  • Christmas Gift - Recepient was very happy and camcorder works as advertised!
    This was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she is very happy with it....more info
  • Kodak Pocket Cam A Winner
    I checked a lot of online reviews before ordering this pocket HD cam. Picture is crisp and clean and the audio quality is much better than a slightly cheaper flip cam. Simple to use with easy interface it epitomizes plug and play....more info
  • Great camera, horrible software
    I've had the Zi6 for about three months now, and I am very impressed with the camera's performance. The picture quality is quite good for a point-and-shoot video camera, and the ability to use off the shelf replaceable batteries and SDHC cards puts it way ahead of the competition IMHO.

    However, the Arcsoft MediaImpression software included with the camera is one of the worst pieces of video software I have ever encountered, and is essentially useless. When it first comes up it attempts to scan your hard drive for video files. Given that I have 1T of hard drive, this is not a good idea. And there is no way to defeat the scan, which ran for many hours before permitting me to attempt to produce a video. It crashes inexplicably every time I try to produce a video longer than about 15 minutes. And it produces a temporary file on my disk that grows without limit every time I try to produce a video, filling up the disk (which is quite a trick with 40G free). Customer support for the software is essentially non-existent, although they do have a user forum, which documents all of the problems I have had with no solutions.

    Kodak, if you cannot provide quality software with your cameras, just do us a favor and don't include any. This MediaImpression trash is damaging to your reputation, and the Zi6 deserves better.

    ...more info
  • Good Alternate to FlipVideo
    Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Camcorder (Pink)

    I purchased this item despite having already owning a FlipVideo F260N
    which I have had several problems with, and returned to manufacturer and received a reconditioned replacement. their customer service is very unsatisfactory
    So how was Kodak Zi6? works very well and produces quality images both in HD and regular. No observable flaws, although the software for the FlipVideo is a magnitude better that the Kodak camera as supplied. The cons are; it defaulte to HD when turned on and one must remember to toggle to VGA for regular resolution, also the camera produces .MOV files which are not as universal as .AVI as produced by Flip camera
    Software as stated not as good, however larger viewing screen and it has a quality feel about it. The FlipVideo sometimes does not start when clicked. Costs a little more but worth it
    ...more info
  • Simply Perfect!
    For making home videos this is so easy and simply perfect for such usage! Just don't forget to buy an SD card which is very necessary. I purchased an 8GB Class 6 SanDisk Extreme III and it works great....more info
  • SDHC size/brand
    The Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC6 would not work in this device. After checking Kodak website I found several clicks
    in that even though this device is said to work with up to 32GB SDHC
    it was only tested up to 8GB SDHC size. So I'm not sure whether it is the size or the brand that was the problem....more info
  • Mediocre, no firmware upgrade on website
    I wanted a replacement for my old JVC Mini DV camcorder. Big shoes to fill, I was willing to compromise slightly on video-replacement had to have SDHC, very small form factor, and decent still photo function. Versus the JVC and Panasonic LX500 still camera, the Zi6 rated thus, scale of 1-10:

    Video: JVC 9, LX500 6, Zi6 5
    Shakiness of video: JVC 8, LX500 6, Zi6 4
    Sharpness of video: JVC 8, LX500 5, Zi6 4
    Speed of focus: JVC 8, LX500 7, Zi6 5
    Form factor/portability: JVC 6, LX500 8, Zi6 7
    Still photos: JVC 2, LX500 9, Zi6 3
    Intuitiveness/Ease of use: JVC 7, LX500 6, Zi6 7
    Portability to other devices (TV, PC): JVC 3, LX500 8, Zi6 7

    Will return Zi6, then it's head-to-head LX500 vs. Samsung SC-MX20, same criteria.

    ...more info
  • I LOVE it
    I just bought this camera, and my plan was to only use it for basic recording. I have had the camera for 2 days, and I LOVE it. I recoreded several hours and love the feel of it. The only problems I have noticed are the batteries, the charger, and the software. It is mediocre. The camera in general, I love....more info
  • Small, Easy to Use and Great Video Quality
    There's a heck of a lot of technical reviews out there and this won't be yet another. This is from the perspective of a mom who loves to capture clips of her child at any moment.

    First... the size of the Kodak Zi6 makes it fit perfectly into a purse or a baggy pocket, making it a breeze to just pull out and start shooting immediately.

    Second... the quality of the video is awesome compared to the really very good true "video" camera I was using.

    Third... It's so easy to use. You turn it on and you hit record! What more could you want?

    Fourth... It's so cute! What girl wouldn't love a little pink Zi6?

    Fifth... Price. You can't beat it. Sure the similar camera made by Creative produces an even better picture but it's also about $100 more than the Zi6. If you're wanting to spend around $150... this is the HD handheld camera to get.

    The only reason I didn't give this camera 5 stars is because there is little to no image stabilization. So, if you tend to have a shaky hand, you will probably notice a good bit of shake in your resulting video. But, that said, every video camera I've used that did have image stabilization also sacrificed a bit of quality to provide it. I'd take quality over losing the little bits of shake I see any day.

    Everyone says the camera does poor in low lighting but from my experiences so far, it's giving a true picture. If you're in a room with low light, guess what? The video will have low lighting. Seems common sense. Still, it doesn't get grainy which is something I have experienced on so many occasions with an "old fashioned" video camera in such a situation.

    All in all... best gift I've received in a long long time. I love this little thing....more info
  • Simple, easy to use
    Already purchased one before. Purchased another one for a gift. Camera is easy to use. Great for travel and spur of the moment videos. Easy to download to the computer. Had a little trouble trying to convert to DVD, but we eventually figured it out. Quality is not as good as regular video cameras, but I feel it is outstanding for the type of camera and ease of use....more info
  • Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera Review
    Pros: Great HD video (video is good even in low light conditions), SD memory, uses AA batteries, USB connection.

    Cons: Digital zoom, eats batteries (get the most powerful mAh batteries you can afford).
    ...more info
  • Great Little Video Camera
    To really appreciate this depends on your requirements.

    This is one of the few handheld flip-like phones that offer the following:
    - HD 720p resolution at 60 frames per second (also supports HD 720p at 30 fps, or VGA (640x480))
    - upgradeable solid state storage (I purchased a cat 6 16 GB SD card for it for $30). There are 32 GB cards and I believe 64 available as well. You can fit hours of video or 1000's of photos on this camera without running out of space. If you find you run out of space often, you can buy more SD cards just about anywhere.
    - AA rechargable photo batteries are provided. Many units either have proprietary batteries that cost an arm and a leg to replace or others have integrated proprietary batteries that cannot be replaced. The fact that this unit takes standard AA, I can go buy new batteries from any store on vacation if the charge runs out.
    - The screen is a nice size, very clear / crisp
    - The video coming out of the device is very good. No image stabilization, but most of these types of devices don't have it. Up until a few years ago most consumer cameras didn't have image stabilization (or good stabilization).

    Also, many cameras like this one have USB connectors to connect to the computer to download your photos, videos. USB connectors are designed to only last for 1000 to 2000 insertions. After that, the connector doesn't work and for cameras without removeable memory, your videos will be stuck on the camera forever (plus you may not be able to recharge the phone). However, with this device, you can remove the SD card and plug it into just about any standard laptop with an SD slot. Most laptops have them, or you can buy an SD reader for your computer for less than $25. And you can keep using the phone without a working USB connector....more info
  • Kodal Zi6 Video Camera
    Excellent product. Does most of what I wanted it for. However software does not allow one to make a CD. When I contacted KODAK, THEY SUGGESTED ANOTHER software program which costs almost as much as the product costs. This is a problem...more info
  • Excellent, considering the price
    The complaints made about this camera should fade away, when you consider the price. You have a camera, cables, batteries, charger, manual and a small amount of memory. The manual is barely adequate, but it doesn't matter, since the camera's controls are intuitive and easy to master.
    The manual tells you to go online for more information. Don't bother.
    The software works but doesn't explain itself very well at all. You should have no problem figuring it out.
    You can slip this in a pocket or briefcase and take videos and/or snapshots within seconds.
    Kodak has made a very consumer-friendly product....more info
  • I like It.!
    This is not a professional cam. It does the work that it is build for. Very portable and easy to use. And the Kodak software make the job for you.

    It is a good product I recomend it....more info
  • Broken Eject and Just Poor Quality
    I was excited to receive the Zi6 HD based on the reviews I had read here and on various website. However; when I actually got it I was less than thrilled.

    First, when I tried to insert a brand new 16GB SDHC Card, the eject mechanism in the camera was broken. The card just slid in and kept on sliding... to the point I had to use tweezers to retrieve it.

    Next, I slipped the card in and knowing there was no working mechanism to stop the card, I got it to where the camera would actually acknowledge its presence. I took a couple videos inside my home and outside on a sunny florida day. The videos all looked washed out and since the camera lacks any optical focus, nothing was really sharp.

    I ended up packing it all back up and sending it back to Amazon. To the credit of Amazon, they do make the return process very easy. Just print a label and give it back to UPS....more info
  • Excellent resolution, easy to operate.
    This product beats the competition hands down. From ease of use to picture quality, this mini camcorder is by far the best I have ever used in this price range. ...more info
  • Pick a better Pocket Video camera
    I found that the video is OK but not as sharp as I expected. It falls into the same quality as others on the market but fails to fit into the 'Pocket Video' category. The camera is heavy and reminds me of older designs of still cameras that Kodak has done. However, it is 2009 and the device could be much smaller and lighter so that it is pocket size. It, like the RCA, seems to be designed by old guys in Asia who did large camcorders in their past....more info
  • Noise-filled pictures, grainy video...but is HD (16:9) capture
    I got this camera just before Christmas 2008 and used it only on Christmas day. Upon viewing video and pictures, I found the picture quality to be totally unacceptable and video quality not very clear and quite a bit jumpy. I will mention that, after inspecting the camera very carefully, I found a flaw mark or minor scratch on the lens which may have degraded it's best ability to perform optimally. (I returned this camera) The only nice quality is the HD video capture which is a great feature for the future of video cameras to be in sync with newer tv's and computer screens. Otherwise, it feels to be constructed well other than the poor design of the USB connector which is easily accidentally released at inopportune times. I somehow must have hit the release button while camera was in the carry case making the camera difficult to remove from cloth carrier. Overall, I would recommend either buying a higher quality camera for those "special" moments or waiting for the technology to expand and produce better products for around the hundred bucks this camera cost and is only worth at this time. ...more info
  • A great video camera.
    My husband and I bought each other Zi6s for Christmas. We are both so pleased with them! The video quality is very good and so are the still photos. I will admit that the quality is not as good as my full size video camera, but it is pretty close and this camera fills a different function. I really love the convenience of it, it is so small and light I can carry it in my purse! My husband and I are Canine Behavior Counselors and there have been so many times when we've needed to video something and not had the camera along, simply because it is too much to carry. Now we always have our cameras with us! Not only did they help us with our work, they are FUN! Uploading is a snap, much quicker and easier than my other camera, and we're able to share easily and quickly. Since I have it, two of my friends bought them too!...more info
  • I love it, with some caveats
    Other reviewers have already spoken very highly of this little device, and it's praise well-earned. However, there were a couple of disappointments for me that I want to point out for others.

    1) Instead of using the more popular .MP4 container for AVC video, it uses .MOV. The upcoming Windows 7 supports MP4 natively, but not MOV. If you want to play the videos as-is without installing Quicktime (ugh!) then you will need other players (such as the Zune software or an open-source player called Media Player Classic). This is actually mitigated for me somewhat, as I transcode all my video to XviD anyway for playing on the Xbox 360 and some other devices I own.

    2) Kodak points out that they only tested it on SDHC cards up to 8 GB. Normally, I wouldn't think this was a problem, so I ordered the Transcend 16 GB card in Amazon's frustration-free packaging. Apparently, the camera just can't handle that much memory. It often freaks out on playback, displaying a red exclamation point. I even lost a few minutes of footage earlier today when it apparently locked up while recording. If I use the 4 GB card from my wife's camera, it doesn't have this problem. So do stick to memory cards 8 GB or less....more info