Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance
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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 09/16/2008 Run time: 60 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • What a workout!
    This is a hardcore dance workout - not for the faint of heart, as you learn real dance moves, not just some aerobicized version. The pace is great, but it really will make you work up a sweat. Also, make sure you've got plenty of room to MOVE! This DVD is a lot of fun and the instructions work even for a dancing novice like me! If you're looking for a great workout while actually learning to dance, then this DVD is for you!...more info
  • Fun moves in theory, poor execution by Cheryl and Maks
    I really wanted to like this DVD for many reasons - learning fun latin dance moves, great cardio, and DWTS favs Cheryl and Maks. The moves/dances they are showing in and of themselves are fine. I did break a sweat and I could see how this would be a good variation to a workout regime.

    But Cheryl and Maks had NO ENERGY, they were monotone, and that on-camera enthusiasm that makes workout DVDs fun was just not there. and the dancers that were behind them looked like they were bored and wanted to leave. My enthusiasm slowly dwindled as the DVD went on....and on.

    The silver lining is that there is an option to show the routines with music and no commentary. I think I will learn the routines better and do that instead, just for the added workout boost....more info
  • Wowzers!!
    I LOVED this video. I haven't tried the first one, but after using this one, I'm definitely going to buy it as well. I danced and taught ballet for nearly 15 years, and I haven't done any of that for awhile after I had children. I got really tired of workout video after workout video that was just "exercising." This video is the first I've come across that is actually dancing! If you do this workout with the proper technique, your legs and core will be burning in the first five minutes. I had so much fun and was smiling the entire time. It was easy to fall back into steps that I'd learned so long ago as a dancer, and it made me feel young again. Love, love, loved it....more info
  • From my livingroom to the club!
    I love it!
    I gotta say, I am a latina who knows how to dance... or so I thought. Definitely got schooled. I knew they (Mak and Cheryl) were great dancers, but now I know that they are great instructors. The way they break the steps down, how they encourage you to have fun, and the warm-up/tone-up excercises that professional dancers use in their studios, I have to say, it's superb! And for the record, you are not only working out, you are really dancing! Without even knowing! And sweating like there's not tomorrow!
    The only thing I can say as a 'con' is that Cheryl goes a little too fast for beginners, and it was a little hard to follow her, Mak is better at explaining how the step goes.
    Nightclubs, here I come!!! ...more info
  • Not my favorite...liked the original better
    I liked this DVD because it was customizable (you can choose 40 minutes of dancing and/or 15 minutes of toning with a 5 minute warm-up option) and I like a longer workout.
    I did not like this DVD because:
    1. There was a lot of standing and stepping with arms close. My heartrate monitor never made it to a full cardio workout.
    2. I thought that the instruction was just okay. Not enough advanced warning as to what was coming up next. Now we'll do a cha-cha and "GO!"
    3. I thought the instructors were not as "fun" as the first DWTS DVD. They were monotone and almost boring. Not quite, but close.
    I really wanted to like this one because of the funtionality of it, but it didn't work for me....maybe for beginners?...more info
  • Won't use it again.
    Joyless and boring. I'm not a workout fanatic; I need something fun and motivational. I threw this one in my closet....more info
  • maybe to old?
    Love the video but had a hard time dancing with cheryl...she's way to fast... max is a little slower and i could follow along without any problem.I'm in shape but always looking for a new way to stay that way-I'm a young 54 but i think this video is not for all ages -They need to address this issue....more info
  • Fast shipping!!
    I was very pleased with the arrival of my purchase! It was fast shipping and in great shape! ...more info
  • Dancing with the Stars Latin Cardio Dance
    I think that this video is really fun. However, I think that it is kind of fast pace in some parts and extremely difficult to keep up with. If you have latin dance experience this would be a great choice for you. ...more info
  • Love It!
    Love working out to the video and the service was incredible. I got it on Sept. 16. Exactly the day they said it would be available. Thanks!...more info
  • Ok, but not great
    Definitely, the actually dancing does give you a bit of a workout, but another reviewer was right, Cheryl does have a monotone voice and about put me to sleep, and what's up with the dark-haired female dancer in there? She looked VERY uninterested in the whole thing. Cheryl seemed to stumble quite a bit in her talking, and I thought Max was better, probably due to being in the other video. I will do this video a bit, but am kind of disappointed, again with the kind of "boringness" to it. ...more info
  • good but fast
    product is good but hard to follow because i think you get lost focusing on step and movement that you cant be loose like you should be when dancing...more info
  • Lack Luster! Very disappointed!
    I give this 2 stars instead of one because it does get the heart rate up and you do burn calories! But not at all what I espected! Cheryl and Max are not very good with their instructions. They both lack enthusiam about this work out. It's almost as if they were going through the motions because their locked into a contract or something! Especailly Cheryl! The Samba is the worst work out of all! At one point she goes entirely too fast like she's out on the dance floor with a partner and not instructing others! They both should have watched some other professional work out videos and learned how to instruct a dance class!...more info
  • If your looking for cardio-choose another DVD...
    I am a huge ZUMBA fan and had to drop my membership at the Y. I was looking for something w/hardcore cardio. The "dance" part of the dvd is way more instructional than movement all at one time. I like my HR to be about 145..highest I got was 122..in the "toning" section. All in all, it's just okay. Still looking for the "one" that makes me feel energized!!! ...more info
  • not as good as expected
    I have been fan of dancing with the stars, and really liked Cheryl. For me, the instruction was so-so, and the workout wasn't all too fun and engaging. As far as my background goes, I am a musical/dancer-type who has taken some ballroom although I am by no means a professional. I love ballroom, and was expecting much more from this DVD. Overall, I did get a good core workout, but the instructors were not as enthusiastic as I would have liked. I purchased Fitness with the Pros as well as the DWTS original video. I hope those better meet my expectations. Guess I'll have to find out!...more info
  • Dancing with the Stars: latin Cardio Dance
    I like having so many dances to choose from. The music and movements are intoxicating. Maxsim is good instructor....more info
  • Disappointed!
    I thought this video would only expand what I have already learned and be a great workout. Once you get into the harder steps, it is too hard to follow. The dancers are facing you. If they had someone dancing with their back to you on screen, you could follow the same steps with your feet. It would be a great workout out if you can do it the way it is presented. Not me. ...more info
  • Lacking
    It wasn't what I had hoped, the energy level was low. The music was quiet and the instructors lacked energy- almost seeming unprofessional. "Now I'm tired, so here's Maksim." What??

    As mentioned there was alot of stepping from side to side, not enough to get my heartrate going. It was fun to learn the steps, but not hard enough work to qualify as even a rest-day workout for me. ...more info
  • Would not give even one star.
    It is horrible. There is no cardio (it's not an exercise, so you would not get any results out of it) or dancing; only marching...more info
  • glad I bought it
    This was harder then I thought it would be, but fun. They do a really good job of teaching the steps....more info
  • Disappointed Customer
    The product arrived in great condition and there was no problem with quality. But the service was very poor. It took several weeks to get this item. I will probably not purchase here again because it took so long to get this item....more info
  • Dancing with the stars latin cardio
    Overall I like the dancing aspect of the video, but I feel that the section of the video, when Cheryl is instructing needs more work. I think she is not clear enough, it feels as though she expects everyone to be a dancer. For example "replace" means nothing to me and should be explained before instructing the viewer to "replace", because I have no idea what that means in terms of the steps. ...more info
  • Excellent workout
    This is an excellent workout. Not for the beginner in my opinion. You also would need appropriate dancing shoes, my opinion. Each dance episode is about 10 minutes long. They have a little warm up in the beginning, and other workout exercises in the end. My legs hurt for 3 days and I already workout. It is a serious, sweating workout. More workout than warm up....more info
  • excerisel
    The video was shipped in a timely matter. It was also in very good shape, but it wasn't what I had in mind,for a exercise type video....more info
  • excellent!!!!!
    I bought this one after buying the cardio dance because I enjoyed that one so much. It is fun to do and will definitely help you get your cardio on. I love it!!!!!...more info
  • amazing
    Perfect for weight loss & for learning dance. It goes step be step and then puts it all together. You couldn't ask for a better dance video....more info
  • Right-On-Target Workout
    Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance

    This excellent DVD would allow you to follow easily every single dance step even though you have no previous dance experience. Each dance workout features great dance moves that are gradually built from low to high intensity. In addition, the music selections are very catchy and upbeat. I highly recommend this product to any one interested in losing weight in a fun way while learning the fundamentals of Latin ballroom dances....more info
  • fun work out
    lots of fun, and maybe learn a few dance steps in the process. I definitely have two left feet and I can do it. I need the exercise and the dance lesson, two for one. Great DVD came and as always it came on time. ...more info
  • good for learning steps
    This video is great for learning basic latin dance steps and vocabulary, but as far as "cardio" it doesn't really do much to get your heartrate up. I could burn more calories on the the treadmill. If your goal is to learn latin dance steps, this is a easy video to learn from. As far as a workout, it's a bit slow for me. ...more info
  • more instructional
    This one is much easier than the other Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance.You can follow their moves without getting as confused. I like it alot but it's not as much fun as the other one. But at least with this one, you can actually learn the steps....more info
  • Works!
    I loved the show and I had seen how well the dancing was working for the stars so I decided to give it a try. I noticed the difference in the first week just doing the Merengue I lost 3 pounds and my abs were shrinking....more info