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What does the American Dream mean today? For Niko Bellic, fresh off the boat from Europe, it is the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don't.

What does the American Dream mean today?

For Niko Bellic, fresh off the boat from Europe, it is the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don’t.

Beginning with the 1997 release of the original Grand Theft Auto, the GTA series has been one of the most prolific, controversial and down right entertaining franchises in video games history. This pedigree of success guarantees that the highly anticipated eleventh game in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV, will garner at least as much attention if not more.

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The Plot
Grand Theft Auto IV is a brand new adventure in the GTA universe following the experiences of Nikolai "Niko" Bellic, a new immigrant from an undisclosed eastern European country whose troubled pa st and the persuasion of his cousin Roman have brought him to the fictional Liberty City. Unfortunately, Niko’s search for the American Dream and a much needed fresh start, hits an immediate snag when the rags to riches story Roman spun to pique Niko's interest is exposed as not only a complete fabrication, but a ploy to enlist Niko’s well-known skills as a tough guy against the ample list of enemies clamoring for Roman’s debt-ridden blood.

Because Roman is the only person Niko knows in Liberty City he begrudgingly accepts his role as Roman’s protector despite the deception. But as time goes on Niko comes into his own, and his experience on the wrong side of the tracks proves more valuable than he could have ever imagined as he fights for survival and later supremacy on the crime ridden streets of Liberty City.

Game Environments
Based on several of the boroughs of New York City and parts of New Jersey, Liberty City, familiar to players of previous games in the series, has been entirely redesigned for GTA IV. Players can expect visible detail down to the weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalk, cars and buildings of visibly different ages and a much greater level if verticality in the buildings and bridges that they are able to explore as Niko moves through the city streets. In addition, pedestrians in GTA IV are much more realistic. No longer simply moving cardboard cutouts, these NPCs are intelligent, modern, human representations that laugh, cry, eat, drink, use cell phones and ATMs, and talking amongst themselves regardless of Niko’s interaction with them.

Historically GTA games have focused heavily on mission-based play, requiring successful completion of fixed tasks in order for players to progress through the game, but this has changed to a great extent in GTA IV. Players will experience an entirely new and exciting emphasis centered on the blending of on-mission and off-mission play, resulting not only in an increased sense of realism, but more interesting and unrestricted gameplay.

Aside from the car jacking and a detailed city environment here are the new features for GTA IV:

  • Improved combat system - Now you can use cover and also a target lock system, which allows you to take out targets with greater ease and accuracy. Plus, you can engage in some hand-to-hand combat if you can't get your hands on a piece quick enough.
  • Cell phone - Not just for basic phone calls anymore. Use your in-game cell phone to receive missions via SMS, snap photos, and ZiT (tag) songs that can be downloaded exclusively on
  • Free time - In between missions you can take advantage of "me" time. There are gentleman's clubs, comedy clubs, bowling alleys, and bars, which all house unique activities.
  • Take a break from the storyline - A variety of side missions allow you to help run a car service, "borrow" cop cars, assassinate targets, help solve problems for those on the street, or take to the air with stunt jumps that are scattered all over the city.
  • Control your own fate - Throughout the game choice moments will arrive causing you to make a decision that will affect relationships and money.

Give Niko a rest and create your own multiplayer "hero." GTA has added multiplayer modes allowing you to take your creation out to play online in competitive, co-op, and free form modes. Competitive mode has you fighting against the cops, jacking cars, or racing to finish odd jobs. Co-op challenges you and your friends with various tasks including Hangman's NOOSE where you are responsible for escorting a wanted kingpin to a safe extraction point. Freeform lets you and 15 others lose on Liberty City. Use this mode to hit up the bar and play virtual darts versus each other or head out to the streets and set up your own drag races. If you can dream it, you can do it in Freeform mode.

ZiT: We'll Spot The Song For You
When playing Grand Theft Auto IV, if you hear a song that you are interested in buying as an MP3, all you have to do is dial ZiT-555-0100 on your in-game mobile phone and a text message will be sent to you with the name of the artist and the title of the track. The next time you log in at the Rockstar Games Social Club, you will find 30-second previews of all the songs you have ZiT'ed while playing the game. You can add them to your basket there and click to purchase at Amazon MP3, or you can find them all at

  • Carry on the Grand Theft Auto tradition playing through the single player campaign as Niko Bellic
  • Get cars and other modes of transportation anyway you can
  • Interact with various colorful characters who give you various missions to engage in
  • Engage in multiplayer challenges ranging from cover matches to shoot-outs
  • Game Rated 'M' due to Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun Fun
    I also bought this game for my husband. It seems to run show, as we don't have a quad core. ha. But other than the occasional glitch, grey screen of distance when the graphics can't keep up, it's a great game. He loves it, despite it's graphics that aren't compatible with even the best of computers. Go for it. And get over the glitches. It's worth it!...more info
  • An epic failure....
    The people who programmed this "game" should hang their heads in shame.

    - You have to sign up for some stupid rockstar social club and windows live in order to save the game. I have yet to see any benefits for doing so. I guess i am screwed if my internet connection goes down.

    - I don't have an Xbox controller, nor do i want want one of the ugly things. However this game only supports microsoft's hardware. You can use the keyboard, but that's quite hard to do, especially in car chases.

    This game might be good on playstation or xbox, but for the PC it's a joke. I've never wanted to return software so bad. Guess that's 39 dollars I'll never get back. ...more info
  • waste of time/money
    I bought this as a Christmas present for my son. It would not load on any of the computers in our home. My son emailed Rockstar for help and they never responded so I returned it to Amazon. Now I'm waiting for the refund so I can let my son buy something else.
    ...more info
  • CPU and Ram Sucker
    This game is fun. I got Mercenaries 2 thinking it would be like a GTA game, but it turned out to have no replay value what so ever. All you can do is play the game over again, or run around doing just about nothing. GTA 4 is great because there is the multiplayer aspect, and you can keep exploring the world and finding new things all the time, unlike Mercs 2. You can keep up with little side tasks, run from the cops after doing whatever, or play the multiplayer games. Sadly, the multiplayer is heavily dependent on other players. It isn't too hard to get people to join some of the games though.

    This game sucks up your CPU and Ram. Have at leas 4 GB of Ram, at least in Vista. Quad Core is your friend here. Also, more video memory is key to run this at full specs, like 1-1.5 GB of it....more info
  • This game is Amazing.
    Even more amazing than this game is the incredible amount of 1 stars. After reading the reviews, most people seem to be complaining about the anti-pirate measures that Rockstar is using.

    Basically this game is turning out to be harder to steal than most people can believe. You all have to understand that there is a 'debate' going on as to whether games really need anti-piracy measures. One side (usually the side that steals) says that anti-piracy measures only hurt non-software-pirates because there is a slim chance the anti-piracy measures will not allow your disc drive to read the disc. But if you bought the game legitimately everything should work fine for you, assuming you have a disc drive that was made within the past few years (and if you don't have one, get one - they're only some $35 on Newegg). And on the other side you have the developer that wants to discourage stealing of their Intellectual Property over file-sharing sites.

    What you see here with the low scores is based solely on this ongoing debate, and not on the quality of the game itself. And that people here take it to such a laughably dramatic levels is funny, transparent, and a little sad.

    So, one needs to log into Windows Live to play, but this only takes a moment. Next it asks you to log into the Rockstar Social club, but I just skip this part because I don't really care for multiplayer or sharing replay movies, and it's not required for you to sign in to play. Including the time it takes to find my disc and put it in the drive, it only takes me about 30 seconds to get into the game. Once in the game, howevever, another 10 seconds or so is taken up by the Rockstar Logo while the menu loads. It takes another 10-20 seconds for the game to load into memory until you begin playing. I'd say it takes some 1.5 to 2 minutes to begin playing, which is nothing, really. After doing this 5 times you're so used to it you don't even think about it anymore. Besides, this game is HUGE, of course it's going to take a little longer to load.

    The gameplay itself is exactly like any of the other recent GTA's, and there are plenty of great reviews out there so I won't waste time going over any of that. Simply: if you liked the other GTA's, it's the same thing, only it's more like playing a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

    The graphics are nothing short of superb. I have a relatively nice computer (quadcore, GTX 260) and I can only put the sliders up to about 30%, and many options off in order to have a steady 60 frames-per-second. The game relies heavily on complex textures and lighting, so you're going to need a video card with a lot of video memory to play it smoothly, and probably at least a 3.0Ghz Dual Core processor to calculate the many laughable physics gags in the game (hitting pedestrians with your car sends bodies flying in ridiculously realistic ways). Luckily, for those of you with low to mid price-point computers, the game scales very well. You can instantly gain a performance increase by scaling down the view distance of shadows and objects without much of a difference in visual quality overall. Having a high-end PC will only allow you a little extra eye-candy that doesn't affect the mood or pace of the game, especially when you're fleeing for your life from police down the freeway or otherwise engrossed in the game world.

    The only thing I don't like about the game is its lack of anti-aliasing support. Aliasing are the "jaggies" you see on diagonal lines while playing a game, and anti-aliasing is what your graphics card does to smooth out those lines and give you crisp edges. With anti-aliasing this game would look nearly photo-realistic, especially in some of the downtown areas of the game. But this is a pretty small complaint considering ALL THAT YOU GET for only $45!

    Don't be scared about the low-star reviews, as 99% of them are political and based off of an ongoing and often heated debate. GTA 4 gets the brunt of these haters because Rockstar actually made this game very hard to steal. And because internet-savvy software pirates are exceptionally outspoken online, they have rallied together to inflict this game with a low, undeserving score.

    I docked one star from this because the game does get a little tedious after a while as missions become a sprint-across-the-map-again-and-again affair. But, considering the game is called Grand Theft AUTO(mobile), you can expect to be driving and traveling a lot! ...more info
  • I like it and not just because it's free.
    Here are my machine specs. The reader can decide whether this is top-end, mid-range or a budget-low-end computer.

    I'll just lay down the cold, hard facts.

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3- 32 bit

    Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 4850 Sonic, DDR3 512MB
    ATI 9.5 Catalyst Control Center and video driver
    Audio Adapter: Realtek HD Audio output
    Intel Core2Duo E7400 (2.66Ghz.)
    4Gb DDR2 Memory Dual Channel
    320GB Sata HDD in 3 partitions- Win XP, Ubuntu 9.04 and an NTFS partition

    GTA 4 Game Statistics:
    Average FPS: 49.85
    Duration: 37.15 sec
    CPU Usage: 91%
    System memory usage: 49%
    Video memory usage: 86%

    Graphics Settings
    Video Mode: 1360 x 768 (75 Hz)
    Texture Quality: Medium
    Texture Filter Quality: Medium
    Shadow: High
    View Distance: 24
    Detail Distance: 36

    Before I go any farther here's my review in a nutshell. I am happy with the game. It pushes the limits of my hardware but still give me playable framerate and satisfactory detail. I find a few things I wished the developers improved or did away with but these things did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the game. It is still the same GTA mayhem I came to love and yet, it has it's own unique ambiance and storyline that for me sets it apart in a positive way from other GTA games before it.

    All these registration stuff and Secu-ROM issues were more of an unnecessary nuisance for me than real reasons to ditch the game. I also got the game for free (more on this later) so I could come across as biased in favor of Rockstar and the GTA4 Game promo, though I certainly try my best to be as objective as I can.

    I'd like to frame my review in a Q&A format.

    (Q) How long did it take to install the game?
    (A) Let's break this down:

    - 27 minutes for just the game and the mandatory Rockstar Game Social Club (RGSC), and Windows Live (WL)programs all included in the 2 DVDs.
    - about 5 seconds to test for "passed release date" and serial number activation.
    - 5 seconds to ignore update of RGSC and WL registration

    At this point I disconnected my internet connection rebooted the pc and then started the game. Intro movie played for about 15 minutes until it arrived at the first save instance. When I tried to save WL again appeared asking me to register. I couldnt ignore it as I couldnt save unless I dealt with it. So I followed the prompts to sign-in to WL. There is however, indeed an option to register Offline. I entered some random characters which WL accepted.

    From then on, the game used that Offline profile automatically. No other info was asked. Only then was I able to make a Game Save point.

    On my next game start, I was already online. Now apparently the game detects when you're online and will trigger the update of WL when it finds a more recent version in Rockstar's servers. I could not start the game unless WL is updated. No wonder a lot of people were so mad! This is so unnecessary.

    - another 17 minutes to download and install WL update file size of 30MB. Yes, I have slow connection.

    (Q) What game patch do you have? Is it any good?
    (A) Patch 1.0.3. Before the aptch I averaged 36fps on the same settings as you see above as measured by the ingame benchmark. Patch 1.0.3 resulted in 49fps average framerate. Pretty good, I should say.

    (Q) Where did you buy the game?
    (A) I bet you did not expect this one. The game came FREE with the June 2009 issue of Maxim Philippines that is sold only on the 24/7 store called Ministop within Metro Manila. Maxims are now flying off the shelves. Any magazine would, too, with this kind of promo.

    (Q) No! You gotta be kidding!
    (A) Nope. It's the real deal. Not a demo, not a crippled version but sealed, FULL retail version. It is a beautifully packaged GTA 4 Games for Windows containing 2DVDs, one huge Liberty city map and 2 booklets. The package has a notice "For Sale In Asia Only." Dont take my word for it. Google Maxim Philippines plus GTA 4 and it will eventually lead you to the promo flyers. For us, this is a once-in-a-bluemoon incredible promo!

    (Q) How is this free game possible?!
    (A) Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps all these negative reviews caused huge overstocks of GTA4 for Windows which the local media giant ABS-CBN (for Maxim Phils.) in partnership with Ministop took advantage of.

    (Q) How do you rate the game?
    (A) Overall, I am very satisfied. It's still the same GTA free roaming world I like but with a unique and intriguing plot all its own. I would like to give it 5 stars but some things prevent me from doing so.

    - the cars are butt-heavy! they always fishtail out of control! Even the Turismo sports car handles like a freight truck. They only differ in speed but handling are all the same to me.
    - Windows Live is unnecessary. I mean, really! It should be optional, yet it blocks the game from starting unless WL is updated. While you can play the game itself without its own updates (patches) Windows Live will not allow you to play the game at all if you did not update WL! How cool is that?!
    - even on high setting for shadow, the edges appeared to have a weave design. Weird.
    - RGSC and even Secu-Rom issues are for me annoyances but and I wont take it against Rockstar, except to say that Secu-ROM is totally useless against piracy. The only people it upsets are the legitimate users. How ironic, actually. WL is entirely a different beast.
    - Rockstar lowballed the minimum machine specs for this one, I believe to sell more. My machine's specs are much better than they recommend so I expected to set 2 or 3 graphics options to high/very high settings without framerate drop. No such luck. I give them credit though for coming up with a patch to improve the game's performance at satisfactory world detail.

    (Q) How stable is the game?
    (A) Rock stable. The game has not crashed, blue-screened, quit to desktop while playing, or froze; not once even before the patch.

    In closing, let me say that despite the issues, GTA 4 Game For Windows is worth playing. It's beautiful in its own way. I enjoy being immersed in it. The graphics are a big improvement over previous GTAs for pc and for the first time, the sounds of weapons posses that realistic crack and boom! Scary in an entertaining manner. I expect that Rockstar's servers will still be up 3 to 5 years from now when most of us would be lucky to upgrade our computers to higher specs so we can see all that GTA4 has to offer.

    I give the game a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars rating. ...more info
  • This game is theft
    Rockstar is stealing $50 from everyone who buys this game, and installing a load of crapware on their computer.

    I know they are fighting their own personal war against piracy, but this game has made me more inclined to steal games or play free games in the future.

    This game is not worth going thru the draconian install process, much less what they are charging for it....more info
  • Not bad
    The game plays fine. Found the problem after my install. The problem is uninstall NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and it plays fine. I havent reinstalled it yet to try but will later on. When the game plays I agree the requirements are way too high. I just go over the minimum system requirements and it plays alright. Very fun game I have completed 3 missions so far and it never crashed once. I am running Windows Vista 64bit Service Pack 1. Ran all updates for the game as well. ...more info
  • Information in bad reviews often misleading
    Let me start off by saying that I was concerned about buying this game due to all the negative reviews. Most of the reviews say that the game will not run, even on good systems.
    My specs: AMD 64 x2 5600+ (2.8GHz) - Geforce 9800GT 512MB - 4gb DDR2 PC2-6400 (800 MHz) Vista Ultimate 64-bit. 22-inch widescreen monitor.

    On installation I was expecting 2+ hours like other reviewers said, it was a long installation but more close to an hour. And given that its two DVD's I can understand it taking that long. Right after installation you are required to have an internet connection to verify your copy of the game, I found that this is the only part of the installation process where you are required to go online. When you are done verifying you are asked to sign up for Rockstar Social club, right beside the login button there is one that says Skip Login, I clicked on it and the game started. When you start the game you are asked to sign up for Windows Live, there is an option for Offline Registration that I clicked on and was asked for a new user name, I gave it and was not asked for more information. Game saves with no problem. When I am ready to play online I guess I will have to register for Rockstar Social Club, but this is not unusual for online games so it does not bother me. Also, other reviews said that their computers performance decreased when they were not playing GTA 4 after installation, I did not have this experience at all. You can right click on the Rockstar Social Club icon on your taskbar and uncheck Starts when Windows starts and close it when you are done playing. I also verified before purchase at the Rockstar website that this game will let you have an unlimited number of installations per disc.

    When I was in the game it defaulted to my native monitor resolution, 1680x1050 with the graphic options set to medium, I was surprised at this because my brothers computer, a Phenom X3 2.4 - 3gb - Geforce 8600GT 256MB, would not let the resolution get close to that. The game would run at about 45fps setup like this. I am very disappointed that the graphic options are locked out but was able to find a workaround online easily that unlocked them all. I set the distance to 50%, textures on high and resolution to 1680x1050 with shadows on max and it looks great. I did find that if the game resolution is set lower the shadows look a lot worse. With the settings like this the frame rate is about 30fps, a little slow for my taste but definitely playable. After some tweaking im sure I can increase performance, if I had a better processor the frame rate would also greatly improve. The game does have some graphical flaws, sometimes small parts of the road or walls will lose there texture for a second, I am hoping these will be fixed in future patches.

    The gameplay is one thing that even all the bad reviews agree apon, very awesome. I purchased a wired Xbox 360 controller (USB) and it worked right away (works well for Crysis also). Some of the customization from the previous games is gone but the physics, textures, sounds, missions and the amount of cars on the road by far make up for it. Gameplay rated alone would be 5 stars.

    Brief recap-
    No registration with Rock Star Social Club required for single player.
    No online registration with Windows Live required for single player.
    Unlimited installations

    If you have a decent gaming computer and want to play GTA IV I would highly recommend this purchase.
    ...more info
  • GTA 4
    Very disappointed. Tried everything, still couldn't get it to run- gives directx 9 error. Computer has directx 9 installed, so go figure!
    Also, all the extra down loading (social club, Windows live) is not only frustrating but also confusing! Though, you don't have to reformat your hard drive to remove social club & live, like some of the reviews I've read, it is still strong arming us to participate in something we shouldn't have to!
    Poor attempt RockStar, lucky I have a PS3. I will definitely be cautious my next RockStar PC game purchase, if I even make one!
    ...more info
  • Stop whining Little kids...This game is GREAT
    Ok honestly, stop writing reviews giving 1 star to this game... The game is 5 star. If you can't spend 1 hour setting the game up for a game that will give you 60+ HOURS OF PLAY TIME. You need to quit gaming...right now pls....more info
  • Complete Crap.
    You'd think they didn't want people playing their game, at least I've already paid for it. This is the last rock RockStar game I will ever buy.

    The contortions necessary to install, update, create online accounts, link online accounts, create profiles, update again took more than an hour is ridiculous. Why are you making people that paid for the game do all the work? A pirated copy would be faster and easier to install and actually play.

    I don't want to join a community, or two for that matter. I want to play the game, plain and simple. I want the producers, writers and designers to get paid for their good work. Don't buy it, steal it, the time I've had to invest just to play my legal legitimate copy more than doubled my perceived "cost" and will without a doubt fill my email box with spam....more info
  • An afterthought
    I have the game for Xbox 360 but being primarily a PC gamer I have to say the whole problem is that PC gamers are obviously treated as an afterthought when compared to the console market. The PC games have so many bugs and performance issues and people get fed up and companies wonder why PC games don't sell. If they don't wanna port console games fine IDC I have a PS3, Xbox 360, a Wii and a gaming PC anyway. BUT EITHER PORT THE GAME PROPERLY WHERE ERRORS ARE FEW AND MINIMAL OR DON'T PORT IT AT ALL!!!!! Give PC gamers the same treatment that any console game would get. Now the DRM: the so called copy protection that doesn't protect games but screws the honest customer 3 ways from Sunday. With all the branding of PC gamers as pirates, I wonder if console gamers will get the same warm reception when console games are burned and copied as frequently as PC software. Its inevitable folks and its actually happening now. What will these companies do then? End the video game industry as we know it? If they respond to console pirating the way they answer to PC pirating then the answer is yes. BTW I do enjoy this game on Xbox and the main complaint I have is having to drive all the way to the mission after failing it, it gets very old and annoying after a while....more info
  • Review of only play
    Preliminary: The game runs OK on my system:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000 3.00 GHz
    Windows Vista Ultimate 32
    8 GM RAM (4 visible to Windows)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

    There are some minor texture issues (e.g., "ghost" floor appears in one safehouse), and I've noticed 3 or 4 times only slow frame rates. However, the game ran well enough to be enjoyable.

    My game experience is limited to basically only the GTA III and later games in the series: I've tried others (e.g., Halflife 2), but never bothered to finish any because they were too boring.

    The good news here is that (a) GTA IV is better than GTA III (though rampages are still missed) and (b) it's probably just as good as Vice City was. (c) The police searches/star levels are much better in this version of GTA. (d) The game is fairly pretty, though one notices more flaws than impressive points as playing time increases.

    The bad news: (a) the game is not as much fun as San Andreas. (b) The characters are all one-dimensional. Central figure Niko Belic never, ever laughs, for example. (c) the races are far too easy: though I spent months trying to win some of the races in San Andreas (as well as the notoriously difficult story race in Vice City), in IV I won every race on the first try; furthermore, after the first two races I _knew_ I would win every time, which made the races a chore, rather than a challenge. (d) There is far too much driving time involved. (e) The extensive city is underutilized. (e) The ability to set destinations on the radar is convenient, but actually leads to spending most of the time looking at the radar display, rather than the cityscape. (f) The game is too short: it took me (having a job and other interests) two years to the day to finish San Andreas to 100%, while (despite my being busier) IV took only a month.

    This is a good game, but fans of San Andreas are likely to be, like me, disappointed.

    I gave the game two stars overall because the system demands are probably too high for most computers....more info
  • Great gameplay, disappointing graphics
    After playing this game on my friend's Xbox 360, I decided to get it for PC. I saw all the one star reviews complaining about Windows Live, but decided that didn't bother me. Really, it's not much worse than signing into Live on an Xbox. Rockstar's Social Club also has to be running for you to play, and it's a bit of an inconvenience.
    I've had the game for a few days now, so I haven't beaten it yet but I can share my impressions so far. The gameplay is great. It's a typical GTA game where the missions are fun, but free roaming is by far the best part. However, I've been disappointed so far by the graphics. My computer is one year old and was a top-of-the-line laptop when I bought it. It runs other games, such as NFS Underground 2, on max settings. So, I was hoping to run this game on medium settings. Instead, my computer struggles to run it on bare minimum settings, because the performance requirements are absolutely insane! The game looks significantly worse than on an console. It's playable and doesn't lag much, but the details are absent. I'm sure this game will look great in three or four years when the average computer can actually run it. For the time being, I would recommend buying it for a console, if you have one, otherwise be prepared for sub-par visuals on anything less than a decked-out gaming PC....more info
  • Great game if you have a "Great" PC
    You need the best of the best to play this game. I ran this on a Geforce 7950 and it looked like junk. I would wait for the price to drop and buy the game in the future.

    I know my system isn't top notch but I'm using a dual core processor along with a nvidia gtx 2**....more info
  • I loved San Andreas for PC - GTAIV is merely adequate
    I strongly recommend that you check that your computer meets the recommended requirements or better before you buy this game or you will likely be unable to play it. Overall, this game is moderately fun to play. The biggest drawback is Nico Bellic, the main character. He's not likeable and the storyline around him is not compelling. The game starts to get boring about halfway in and doesn't rebound. That said, a major improvement over San Andreas is the ability to use cabs or a cab service. I'm still a fan of the GTA series and hope that V comes out soon. ...more info
    Que no se ha dicho de este una maravilla y es hiperdivertido, la ciudad es mas compleja y completa..aunqye hay menos que hacer que en el san complejidad de las misiones hacern quye se te olvide.

    lo malo...evidentemente es un port mal hecho...necesitas mas procesador que tarjeta de video..y te ayudaria si esta tiene un gb de una x2 o u Sli o crossfire, sino una single de mas de 512 megas de vram.

    un quad core se hace escencial...

    pero si no eres muy exigente y juegas con todo a medio(no importa la sesolucion) es bastante jugable...

    mi recomendacion...espera a que baje a 36$ y es una buena compra si tienes un dual core de mas de tienes un demasiado bueno...more info
  • Don't buy it... waste of time and money
    I bought this game with the wonderful experiences that I've had w/ GTA in the past in mind. After trying for hours and hours to get the game to work, encountering all of the problems that you read about in the other reviews, I gave up.

    Shame on Rockstar for putting out a game which you can't even get to load or play. Save your time and money, don't bother with this one at all. ...more info
  • gta4
    was not able to get downloaded on my computer at all..............and i ordered the game on the 5th of feb. it took almost a month to recieve it........and would like to send it back....can you give me some information on how to do that?...more info
  • Missing many of the classic elements; Poorly-ported console game
    I have played every GTA game since inception available for the PC.

    I do not play console games - If I wanted to play games with 12-year-old boys I'd become a priest.

    That said, this is obviously a lousy port from a console. Little things, like when saving a game, it says "Saving - Please do not turn off your system" make this obvious - Who turns off a computer while software is running?

    Besides that, the game seems to be missing many of the small touches that turn GTA games from a walkthrough 3rd person shooter into a classic. There isn't nearly as much sandboxing that can be done in this game as there was in GTA:SA. Sure, you can get lap dances and whores, but what's the point? They don't advance the game or do anything for your character. You can't hook trucks to trailers, the cab, police, and fire missions are more difficult to get started, and the whole social relationships - girlfriends, buddies, etc are just annoying. The goddamn phone rings off the hook and you have to go wine and dine these idiot characters when you're in the middle of driving around halfway across the map. In short, they've cut out the fun sandboxing and made what little is left into a never ending chore.

    As a third-person shooter, it's a decent game. As a GTA game, I give it 1.5 stars....more info
  • pure GTA fun
    This game embodies all that is the GTA Series: the money, drugs, violence, hatered toward authority (police), idiotic over-indulged grab-a** society, and comical satiric advertisements of products that don't make sence. True, the language is harsh (by the way this game has the best Russian spelling and speaking I've seen yet and that includes COD4 and COD5), the drugs are plentiful, the porn is crude, and the gambling is in abbundance, but that's what the theme is.
    If I were to rate this game solely on its fun factor, it'd go off the charts. However, the evil secoROM does make an appearance. As much as I hate secuROM and all that it stands for, it is NOT fair to write off this wonderous creation that is GTA4 just because of it.
    Internet connection is required only for online activation (there IS an offline activation option that I haven't tried). And yes, you CAN save games without an online LIVE account. Just have an offline LIVE account and you're good to go (some people have difficulty with saving apparently - they have to understand that to save you have to return to your appartment.) The game also plays wonderfully with the keyboard/mouse but for a gamepad it requires the xBox controller (although the patch must've taken care of several new control additions).
    My game runs well on a stock DELL 2.4GHz core2duo (quad works best for GTA4), 2GB RAM, 300GB HDD, 8800GTX 768mb video, and a 2ms monitor. The loading times (at start and exit) take a little while but are generally OK.
    P.S. You can input your own music into GTA4 (put a shortcut to the music FOLDER into x:\users\your name\documents\rockstar games\GTA VI\user music) but the premade radio stations are very good anyway....more info
  • Liars!
    All these people are full of crap or entirely too lazy to install a game that is well worth the time. 10 million morons spent hours installing and updating WoW but you guys can't spare a fraction of the time to set this game up? I was slightly perturbed when I learned I had to sign up for windows live to play, but two clicks of the mouse and some taps of the keyboard later my worries were settled. Nonetheless, the game is well worth the minuscule inconvenience

    ...Oh, and by the way, that's all you have to do is install the tiny windows live application and type your nickname in (maybe a password I forget, it hasn't prompted me for one since). YOU CAN skip the whole Social Club nonsense - I don't know what it does and I couldn't care less! I'm sure the Social Club is only added incentive (multiplayer or something), but completely optional for single player which I've enjoyed so far.

    The game does install one application that I know of to run in the background and startup with windows. I'm usually against this kind of thing, but then I used my most common of senses and determined: If you're computer can't handle the 10 MB Social Club App, then right click the icon and uncheck the option to start with windows and launch it at your own convenience. You should have a decent machine if you're looking at playing this game and it won't slow you down nearly as much as the anti-virus Geek Squad suckered you into buying. As for security - if you're worried about being at risk by having these apps running you should be using a mac and not a PC. I can't verify that there's anything else running because all I see linked to GTA is RGSC.exe (Rockstar Games Social Club). Honestly, if there is something I missed, unlikely, it is no more dangerous than browsing the internet and shopping online, which you are doing now. Yes, firefox users too.

    So in the end, these are reasons only for a lazy ignoramus to be thwarted from playing this game. If you got a PS3, get that version, otherwise if you have a nice machine and have a good feeling you'll like this game, buy it already....more info
  • Crashes every 5 minutes
    I have a new and powerful computer that plays other video games great. I thought that after the 3rd patch that the problems other reported would be ironed out. However, even after updating all of my drivers, the game only plays for about 5 minutes then crashes. So frustrating because it looks like a cool game! But I can't even finish the second mission because it constantly crashes.

    Very frustrating! Shame on you Rockstar for releasing such a buggy game....more info
  • If you love registration, registration, and more registration, you'll love this game.
    I had read the negative reviews before I bought this game, but I dismissed them because, I thought, it couldn't possibly be that bad. I was wrong. It is.

    Before you can play, you have to register with two different services - Games for Windows Live and Rockstar Social Club. The registration process is user-hostile: it's tedious, intrusive, and as far as I have seen, does not enhance gameplay in any way.

    Also, before I played, I decided to apply the latest patch. I couldn't do that through the game itself, so I had to download it from Rockstar website. However, rather than provide the patch in a common file format - like zip - Rockstar provided an rar file. I'm familiar enough with the format to know where to find an extractor for it, which is good, because Rockstar doesn't bother to tell you if you aren't.

    Finally - and this is what prompted my review - I returned to the game after a month away yesterday. Before I could play, I was prompted to "activate" the game. Yet another annoyance, but I suppose I was used to these by now. However, when I tried to activate it, I couldn't. Not because I'd bought a pirated copy, but because the website for the DRM provider, SecuROM, was down.

    So XKCD is right, "If you want media you can count on, pirate it."

    No game should be this much work. Don't buy it. Don't play it. And don't buy or play any other game from any publisher as hostile to its users as this one is....more info