Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7)
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Valerius isn't a popular Dark-Hunter-he's a Roman, which means that the largely Greek Hunters have a major grudge against him and his civilization for superceding them. To make things worse, he's very conscious of his aristocratic background and breeding. So it serves him right when he runs into Tabitha Devereaux. She's sassy, sexy, and completely unwilling to take him seriously. (Not to mention that she's the twin sister of the wife of former Dark-Hunter Kyrian-Val's mortal enemy.) What Tabitha does take seriously is hunting and killing vampires-and soon she and Val have to grapple with the deadliest of all Daimons-one who's managed to come back from the dead, and one who holds a serious grudge against both of them. To win against evil, Val will have to loosen up, learn to trust, and put everything on the line to protect a man he hates and a woman who drives him nuts.

Customer Reviews:

  • A series to try if you're up for fun and laughter =)
    This is a book which really changes alot of what you precieve you knew what the DH world really is...
    I've just started reading this series 2 months ago... and I can't wait for 2007 for Ash's book... :P
    The characters are people you can related too... someone you know maybe? :D The difference how you see 'paranormal' romances...
    Highly recomend to any1 who 8 yrs ago reading Night World series... it's of somewhat a similar concepts... if you're into romance books full of fun, laughter, and a really really good thought out background storyline... this is a series for you to try :)...more info
  • Love really conquers...
    This story is the ultimate example in 'accidentally' falling in love. It hits you when you least expect it. And with Tabitha, love is SO not in the cards. She's entirely too busy kicking Daemon butt. Nevertheless, when she manages to stab a dark-hunter instead of a soul-sucker she's left with the challenge of nursing him back to health. Unfortunately, the unconscious DH happens to be her brother-in-law's biggest enemy and as handsome as they come.

    Valerius is a regal and proud Roman General and completely unprepared for a woman like Tabby. She is ill-mannered, improper, and human--therefore totally off limits. But her stunningly sexy and courageous defiance makes his blood heat and his body stand at attention.

    It's true that when opposites attract things can get wickedly hot!...more info
  • It was okay?
    It was an okay read, nothing spectacular. After reading Kresley Cole's Immortal series, I guess am a little spoiled. I may read one or two more of the Dark Hunter series, eventually. It wasn't a bad book, but it was not the same caliber of Ms. Cole's novels....more info
  • So/Not So-- So with some moments, Not to action based
    SEIZE THE NIGHT really let me down. I was looking forward to reading the story of my favorite wacky Deveraux girl but feel cheated, namely because of the characters from former books who can't leave the past alone and the horrible tragedy that befalls one of my beloved men.

    The story goes: Tabitha Deveraux, twin of Amanda from 'Night Pleasures,' is a self-made vampire hunter, delightfully eccentric but still tough. She stabs Valerius-- a Roman DH whom everyone hates because, well, he's Roman-- takes him back to her house to heal... and they fight, they misunderstand each other, yet they find one another appealing. I do like the relationship between Val and Tab, but there are so many mundane details that fill up the story that I begin to forget that this is supposed to be a kick-butt romance and start putting the book down to clear my head. Then some former threat from the past sneaks up, but all the while Tab and Val make out and fight with other Hunters because they hate Val's guts for something he didn't even do. I GET IT ALREADY! THEY HATE HIM! CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON?!?!

    And Nick... WHY?!?!? I was so heartbroken for him, and then what happens to him later on is so darn evil that I cry. I must admit that Ms. Kenyon did a good job with that part, even if it was infuriating. This book will do that to you- you don't know whether to grimace in tolerance or begrudge the fact that it has some okay moments.
    ...more info
  • seize the night
    just loved this book, and the others in this series. would strongly recommend this, has everything you need in it....more info
  • Boring
    I'm a big Kenyon fan but she seems to have lost her gift for story-telling in these last books. I find that I not interested in what is happening between the hero and heroine and more interested in information from past characters. And that is not even entertaining. Kenyon needs to focus more on her story instead of promoting her series. Lately, her books seem to be rushed out. Perhaps that is the fault of the publisher but I find that I am willing to wait 2 weeks for the library to get it to me instead of purchasing. Certainly that is not good for the Publisher.

    Wait and get it from your library. If you are new to the Dark-hunter series, don't bother....more info
  • Fight for Night
    Of course, there are going to be some previous characters coming into play with Sherrilyn Kenyon's seventh main Dark Hunter novel. Tabitha Devereaux, the twin sister to Amanda, finds her way with her spirit and unforgettable spunk into the hearts of beloved Dark Hunter readers. Tabitha, the vampire hunter of the night, comes back only this time to realize her life is deeply threatened and it is not just by the Diamons that walk the street but by her uncharacteristic love interest who threatens the only security she has ever had: her family.

    Valerius "Val" Magnus, a gloriously Roman Dark Hunter, a Dark Hunter who has excruciating familiar relations with Zarek and a crucifying clarity of what and who Kyrian of Thrace once was. He will have to face his past along with both Zarek and Kyrian, ultimately one will not survive.

    This book is seriously not for the faint of heart. More than one beloved character will parish before the end, however, there is hope for the future and in someone who hasn't fully realized their own powers who might eventually be the key to unlocking the secret of everything. Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again with a few more twists and turns along the way. Seize the Night offers readers more parallels to what is happening while bringing up more questions yet to be answered....more info
  • takedown
    This book is what happens when high and mighty meets total irreverence. Dark tormented vampire hunter mistakenly stabbed by bubbly infectious human and subsequently falls head over heals in love amid danger, hatred, and lots of laugh out loud moments!!...more info
  • Well...Duh, Of Course It's A Five Star Review... It's SK!!!
    First off let me say that I've been reading this series in order from the very first book and each story gets better and better. Why do you ask? Simple this is a complex world that Ms. Kenyon has created and as a result each book is a small "episode" in the big picture. We learn a little more about the characters (both new and past characters), learn a little more about the legend, and of course there is always the romance!!! *SIGH*

    In this story we are treated to Valerius Magnus. We have been introduced to him in several of Ms. Kenyon's other DH stories...a more unlikable charcter I never thought to read about (okay I thought the same about Zarek and was wrong) so because I'm a loyal fan I picked up her latest. Silly me...I had nothing to worry about. We truly get to know Valerius and what makes him tick. His story (without getting into details that would spoil it for other readers) is fast paced and...well, great. Tabitha is a very strong character (again we met her in earlier DH stories and she is the twin of Amanda) but at the same time amazingly sweet and understanding. Just the kind of person Valerius needs in his cynical life. Of course the path to true love is never smooth and this is the case for these two lovers.

    I highly look forward to the next in the series and know that it will be as good if perhaps not better than the previous titles. A warning to new readers...this really is a series that builds on it's self. In order to understand all of the little twist and turns it's helpful to have read all of the previous titles. Still this is not a book you want to avoid if have not already read the first six books. This story is still a good stand alone read. If anything it will have readers looking for Ms. Kenyon's backlist.

    For a fun and entertaining paranormal/vampire read I highly recommend Ms. Kenyon and her Dark-Hunter series!

    Official Reviewer for info
  • Please more!!!!!
    I absolutely love everything about miz kennyon new series, I await every new book with baited breath!!!!...more info
  • LOved it!!!!
    I LOVED this book!!!! It it definitely one of my Favorites from this series! Tabitha first appears in Book 2 of the series with her larger than life Deveraux personality. This book delivers on the expectations of a Tabitha book and also closes the loop on the Kyrian/Julian/Valerius dynamic. Not to mention i fell in LOVE with Valerius. I devoured this book in a day. Once I started reading I could not put it down. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone. ...more info
  • Everything I Hoped For
    There are few things more exciting than a Dark-Hunter novel. I figured Kenyon owes me big for the complete disaster that was Night Play, which many fans loved for having an overweight heroine (completely ignoring the fact that the only thing that keeps Bride from conforming completely to the ugly stereotype of overwight people as unhappy, socially inept losers is her lack of intreset in Star Trek). I will admit that when the couple from Night Play made a cameo I blanched, but fortunately Tabitha is a complete 180 from Bride and a very fun and refreshing character.
    I really enjoyed the relationship between Tabitha Deveraux, the vampire hunting twin sister of Amanda, and Dark-Hunter Valerius Magnus. I think the evolution of the relationship is probably the most skillfully done one that has appeared in this series. There is actually that getting-to-know-you thing going on before they start lusting after each other like there is no tomorrow. Tabitha was a real surprise. She maybe a bit flighty and eccentric, but she is very loyal and surprisingly well-read. The thing I like best about her is that even though she has a scar on her face from a past scurmish with a daimon, she doesn't spend the entire novel obsessing over it. Valerius is equally entertaing. A bit stuffy and snobbish, Valerius is Tabitha's exact opposite and its very fun to watch how their personalities play off one another.
    While I absolutely loved the main romance, I found the plot a bit of a mess. Apparently, Desiderius, the evil super-daimon from the first novel, is kinda back from the dead and looking for a body. The Spathi Daimons want to kidnap Kyrian and Amanda's psychic uber-baby, and Apollymi the Destroyer wants out of her prison. Somehow it all ties in together, but I just could not follow it. Not to mention I thought bringing back an old Big Nasty back from the dead was rather cheap as well as deus ex machina-ing immortality on all the main characters past and present in the story. However, Kenyon really shows that the war against the daimons is escalating into something big as bad things (including death) are allowed to happen to some of the characters we've gotten to know. I also thought that Zerek acted really out of character at the end of this novel. When he last appeared in Kiss of the Night and in earlier parts of this book, love hadn't mellowed Zerek out that much as he was still bad-tempered and surly. I can't believe that he would just give up his grudge against Valerius so easily and suddenly start acting like everything was hugs and kisses.
    I also wish that Kenyon hadn't made everyone so over-the-top nasty to Valerius. I guess I can understand why the Greek Dark-Hunters and their friends and family would have such a deep prejudice towards him and Romans in general, but I find it hard to believe that they could make all the others, many of whom were born a long time after Rome callapsed, hate him too. The way Kyrian (who isn't presented in a flattering light in this book) talks you'd think that Valerius was a cruel butcher, completely ignoring the fact he himself was a conqueror and is most certainly not innocent of the very same things he accuses Valerius of. Kenyon also needs to learn how to make her characters deliver barbs and insults better, because (and this is something I noticed in all of her novels) the person making the insult always sounds really immature, like a elementary schooler on the playground.
    It might seem like I've picked apart of the flaws of this novel, but even though I think they are some really big ones, the good points are strong enough to make this an exceptional read. As this book seems almost like a prelude to bigger things, I'm sure the plot will settle down and be fleshed out better in later novels. Seize the Night fully redeems Sherrilyn Kenyon in my eyes from the awful Night Play and has restored my excitement and hope of the rest of this series. ...more info
  • Hot hot Dark-hunters!
    Can't miss with Sherrilyn Kenyon, she's the best! She always brings humor, chemistry & lots of action into her books. Gotta love Tabitha, she's something else. Excellent book, highly recommend....more info
  • Pretty good - not my favorite DH book
    It was ok, and I enjoyed it because it continued the series, but it was not my favorite. The characters seemed flatter, and so much action was thrown in that they never seemed to develop like some of the other books' characters....more info
  • Loved It!
    Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the best... Love her Dark-Hunter books. I really like that the characters keep coming back so you see how their relationships progress past their story. In this one Tabitha and Valerius are just great together. The interaction with Amanda, Kyrian and Julian and how their relationships with Valerius evolve. And the way Zarek keeps getting back at Valerius is funny, and the way Ash fixes is is just as great... The one big shocker is Nick (and I'm not spoiling that, you have to read the book)....more info
  • Originally Posted on Romance Junkies in 2005
    For those of you who have been living in the Dark Ages, or perhaps under a rock, and haven't a clue of Ms. Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, there are a few vocabulary terms you must become familiar with before reading this review.

    Dark-Hunter: Dark-Hunters are created from ancient warriors-but not just any warrior-only those who have been wronged and are dying, due to an act of treachery and betrayal. At this time, Artemis approaches the dying warrior and offers them a pact-a one-time Act of Vengeance against the party who has wronged them. These soulless beings, neither Apollites, Daimons, nor humans, are the only thing that stands between humanity and the creatures who seek to destroy them.

    Apollites & Daimons: Apollites are direct descendants of the god Apollo, who has the unfortunate luck of being cursed when they killed his twenty-seven year old mistress, Ryssa, and child. Even worse, Apollites are forced to die a horrible, painful death over a twenty-four hour period when they are twenty-seven themselvs. Daimons, of course, are the unearthly creatures that Apollites transform into during their twenty-seventh birthday celebration.

    Now that you have the basic downs, you can fully enjoy SEIZE THE NIGHT. The latest in Ms. Kenyon's series, this book centers around Valerius Magnus, the good-looking, quick-tempered Dark-Hunter who had the good fortune of being born to a Roman Senator, serving as a Roman General, and conquering cities throughout the countries, too numerous to name. He's also the poor, unfortunate soul who has the bad misfortune of being betrayed, losing the woman he loves, and becomes a soulless Dark-Hunter.

    I could say that Valerius doesn't play well with others, but that would be an understatement! He refuses to embrace those who once rejected him, and he's not quite sure how he ended up in New Orleans, staked by one Tabitha Devereaux, a woman who somehow happens to be almost as proficient at hunting and destroying Daimons as he is. But, alas, the gods aren't happy enough just to force Val into working with the Dark-Hunters he has tried to avoid at all costs-instead, fate has decided that his mortal enemy should be married to Tabitha's twin sister. He'd probably laugh, but he lost that ability sometime around 160 BC.

    I love this series. Actually, I love every book that Ms. Kenyon writes. But with SEIZE THE NIGHT, she's managed to capture the true emotion of Valerius's pain, his betrayal, and his resolve to stay emotionally uninvolved with Tabitha. Tabitha herself is no humble society debutante-she's worked for years to put her psychic talents to good use, by protecting those she loves, and her city from the destruction of the inhuman beings who wish to destroy it.

    However, this time, an evil force is determined to destroy everything that Tabitha holds dear, and if it can take Valerius down in the process, so much the better. The storyline is non-stop action, the heat and emotion between Val and Tabitha is kept at a perfect pitch. Once again, the Dark-Hunters reign supreme-or do they? There's only one way to find out, and that's by picking up your very own copy of SEIZE THE NIGHT.
    ...more info
  • Very good read
    I love Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I have made it a must, to read every one of her books. I have completed the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter Series and now I am venturing into her other works. The only complaint I might have is not with the book but with the Amazon shopping and shipping, I bought 3 books to get one free, qualified for the free shipping and will never do that again. The part that upset me was they did not ship my order for a week and a half after it was ordered. Not pleased by this at all....more info
  • Pretty good
    Another nice addition to the Dark-Hunter series, with a very intriguing hero in Valerius. We have been conditioned to dislike him throughout the other DH books, so it was neat to see the good side of him and understand why Tabitha could fall for him. This one gets 4 stars instead of 5 because they fell into bed a bit faster than I like, but it is still a worthwhile read. "Dance With the Devil" is still my favorite of the bunch, so if you haven't read that one yet, check it out next....more info
  • Done it Again!
    SK's book is full of action, humor, sorrow, joy, and hot steamy love scence that will keep the reader engrossed....more info
  • who wrote this?
    I like Kenyon's earlier works, they're witty, steamy and fun. But what happend to Kenyon's newest book 'Seize the Night'? Akward syntactics stopped the flow of the novel, and the story line also has akward connectiions between the characters. This book gives me the feeling that it is someone else's work and not Kenyon's. I gave 'Seize the Night' only 2 stars because it just does not have the same quality that is found in the earlier Dark Hunter novels. I hope this is not this is not a trend. ...more info
  • Not bad, but not SK's best.
    I'm a huge fan of Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, and while this book was better than the last three I picked up, it's nowhere near as good as Night Pleasures or Night Embrace. This book seems less rushed than the last few stories, though it still feels like the writer is just mailing it in. Perhaps she's simply created too complex a universe, with too many characters to fully explain or do justice to. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but I wholeheartedly agree with the other reviewers who mention that these books feel hurried. Please Ms Kenyon, S L O W down with this series. I'd love to read everything in this series (especially Acheron's story) but not if it feels this half-hearted. I'd love to see the same quality of writing that I enjoyed in Night Pleasures. Not the same stereotypes, predictability and repetition rehashed over and over. ...more info
  • Twinkies are good every once in a while
    I must preface by saying that this is the firs of Ms. Kenyon's works I've read; I picked up a free copy at a convention for kicks, and it turned out to be just about what I expected: the literary equivalent of a Twinkie with sprinkles; good fun, but not much quality.

    The characters and plot are predictable, even for someone who's not read any of her other works--will the fiery redhead manage to melt the icy, wounded heart of the uptight nobleman and introduce him to his wild side (or at least hers)? Will he struggle with great confustion over his attraction to her? Will her family hating him cause friction, but eventually be resolved so they can be together? Anyone familiar with books and stock plots in general and a high school education could have written this. The style gave me a headache; I believe it has been described elsewhere as "choppy," and that's accurate. The characters just seem to jump around from one action and thought to another without much apparent prompting, leaving "meaningful" moments feeling flat. It seemed, to me, like the kind of thing you might get from a high-schooler writing vampire fanfiction.

    However, this was clearly not intended to be a great work of literature; it was intended to be a fun-filled, action-packed romp through an erotic fantasy world, with more throbbing cocks than a chicken coop sitting on a subwoofer. And that it is. It's a light, quick read that does entertain. In short, even though the crafting made me cringe, I did enjoy it. And while I won't be rushing out to buy the next one, I'd consider picking it up second-hand, or borrowing it. ...more info
  • Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7)
    Even though I am not a romantic, I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. Haven't read one yet that wasn't very entertaining. Good read!...more info
  • I couldn't put it down!
    This book has so many "twists and turns," I couldn't put it down. I literally read it overnight. I don't want to give too much away, but trust me Dark Hunter fans, it is well worth the wait.

    The only problem that I had with this book, was that there was so much going on, Valerius and Tabitha, the main characters, were like a foot note. Still, it was a great read!!!
    ...more info
  • of my favorites!
    This is Book 7 in the "Dark-Hunter" series. My goodness, I am enjoying this series (grin)!

    This novel is one of my favorites of the series. It tells the story of Valerius, a former Roman general with a very big heart. Unfortunately, every time he tried to help someone during his mortal life more harm came to that person because of his involvement. So as a Dark Hunter he was doomed to be misunderstood and thought to be ruthless, which is the exact opposite of his personality. Therefore, he was friendless and walked alone. That is until he met the fiery Tabitha, one of the Deveraux sisters!

    Once again, this is a very sweet love story with a wonderful ending. Good plotting, good dialogue, good sex scenes. Must be why I have become such a big fan of this series!
    ...more info
  • SEIZE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have read all the dark hunter novels and my only complaint is that it takes SOOOOOOOOO long in between publication of the books. I need more sooner then every six months.
    Well, all the DH books are awesome. This one is too. This story blew me away. See, you never really know what to expect because of all the ways these stories can branch off and who is in them and what elements the book is going to have depending on the characters. Weather they are Dark Hunters, Were Hunters or Dream Hunters. What they were back in their time, you just never know. Apolite or animal, the possibilities are endless.
    In this book we have Valerius, the Roman mortal enemy of Kyran, and Tabitha who's twin is married to Kyran. We have met both these characters in past books, but we really get to know them in this book. There was such a deep look into these two that I almost could not stand it. It goes down into you and does unbelievable things. Valerius is a great hero. One of the best from this series. Maybe because you hear about him and his family through the whole series and then this book knocks everything you thought out the window and you understand so much to the point that it almost hurts. It changes everything that the characters opinions made you think. Valerius's story touched me deeply. Only Zarek came close in his story. I really enjoyed this book. It was one ringer after another. Nick, Tia, Then Desi coming back to finish what he started in Talons story, and then some. What the daimons did was sure a surprise. I cried more then once. This book has twists and turn that you never see coming. It is an unbelievable story and this series is one of the best that I have EVER read. This book was moving, funny, deep and a great addition to the series. Sieze the Night also opens more doors in the dark hunter world and tells more of its secrets. You learn alot in this book this is definetly a surprise. I had chills the whole time I was reading this book. There is not enough to say and not enough words to explain it. It falls into its own unexplainable category where its so good, only there are no words to say how good. I hope the series goes and goes. Its got a while in it, you can tell, with how many options the author has because of all the different elements. I cant wait for the next book and will probally go over this one one more time. I read it in a day and want to make sure I did not miss even ONE thing. This book is one of the best in the series, definetly shocked the **** out of me. One thing, the very end could have been better, it was almost anit-climatic, but after what just happened in the story, I might not have been able to handle it. Yep, its that good people. Better then you could ever imagine. ...more info
  • Action packed!
    This is one of the best books in the series because so many things happen. Amanda's twin sister, Tabitha, is the heroine in this story and a sassy character she is! She meets Dark-hunter, Valerius while out fighting Daimons and from that point forward they are nearly inseparable. The hero and heroine truly show that opposites attract. There is a good romance, but the action and suspense parts of this book are even better. There is a lot of new information about Ash and some resolution of past conflict. I enjoyed it!...more info
  • Seize The Night
    This book was a GREAT read. As are all of the Dark Hunter novels. I'm only about half way through the series, but I'm hooked, and a fan for life....more info
  • Ms. Kenyon does it one more time
    To all those fallowing the Dark Hunter series, I would have to say that this is by far one of the most rivoting books yet. I sat up until three in the morning to finish this one book and could hardly hold back the tears as I finished it. Once again Ms. Kenyon does her books justic. "Sieze the Night" dulves even deeper into the lives of not only her Dark Hunter characters but also shares more about Acheron, Artemis and a few others.

    Taken from the views of Tabitha and Valerius, this book shows just how important families and friendship really are. And while Ms. Kenyon dazzels us with more sexy DH scense, she also shows a man who, through time tried to help those in need and could never quite succeed. Valerius is a strong character, and while at first my dislike of his character in the other books made me cautious about this one, Kenyon shows just how any one person can really be good. Ms. Kenyon is truely a spectacular writer as she shows just how everyone can be blinded by the truth of events. Acheron, whos knowledge and wisdom knows no bonds proclaims in her novel, "There are always three sides to every memory __. Yours, theirs and the truth which is somewhere in between the two." I believe that that one statement will stay with me throughout the rest of my life. ...more info
  • My views on Seize the Night
    I love S.K.'s style of strong females paired with tuff and mean on the outside but but all soft and gooey on the inside males. And the jokes keep on coming "penicular" had me on the ground in tears. Good read all around, more enjoyable if you're followiing the series....more info
  • fabulous
    It's a must read!!!! And then you'll want to purchase all her other books. I know I did....more info
  • Light-hearted Enjoyable Book
    I believe this book is one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's best of the Dark Hunter series. I love the strong female (Tabitha) character and she can fight together with the rest of the Dark Hunters, in spite of her being human and mortal. And off course, I love the hero Valerius, the Roman General turned Dark Hunter. Very enjoyable good reading....more info
  • Shelved until a later time
    This is the first (and most likely only) Sherrilyn Kenyon book I've read. The premise sounded interesting, given that I'm an Anne Rice fan (mostly her early Lestat and Lasher books).

    This is book 7 of a series on immortal Dark-Hunters who hunt vampires. This book centers on Tabitha and Valerius. Tabitha is a human who hunts vampires and it's during one of her hunts that she meets Valerius, a Dark-Hunter disliked by everyone else.

    I haven't been able to finish the book, not so much the plot, but SK's writing style. She is constantly going on about how this guy is so sexy and all about their sexuality and deliciousness and then doing the same for the next guy. It gets old after a few lines. And her sex scenes seem to go on forever. Don't get me wrong, I love a good sex scene in a book, but when its pages and pages of it...

    After reading half the book, I haven't learned anything but what I've written above.
    ...more info
  • Sloppy writing spoils the story!
    These books would be better if the author actually remembered what she had previously written and therefore did not contradict herself.

    For example: on page 339 of "Dance with the Devil" she described Archeron thus: "His long blonde hair flowed around his shoulders".

    On page 8 of "Seize the Night" however she says that Archeron "......wore his long black hair loose and flowing around his shoulders".

    On page 242 of "Dance with the Devil" the author says "Zarek stripped his own clothes off" and yet just one page later on 243 she says: "Zarek moved away from her only long enough to remove his clothes".

    This kind of sloppy writing detracts and distracts from some rather unusual ideas that deserve either a) a writer of more discipline or b) proof-readers who knows what they are doing.

    The other thing that detracts from what would be interesting stories is the insistance that all her primary male and female characters seem to suffer from a severe sex addiction and the inability to control it to the point where it interferes with the flow of the story.

    On top of that the sex scenes are so repetitve that having read a couple of them, the reader is free skip forward a couple of pages in any and all of the books to pass over the "seeing stars" and "hissing" with passion bits.

    It's a shame because the basic themes are interesting....the above instances are distractions from what should be good stories....more info
  • really enjoyed this one...
    it is fun to see Varius learn to care and melt some of that ice around him. ...more info
  • Better and Better...
    I don't know how she does it. She uses the same story line and can make each book better than the last. I too thought it would be hard for her to beat the wonderful story of Zarek, but she did very well in writing and keeping up the suspense in this story of Valerius.
    Valerius is hated by just about everyone for something that his ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Talk about holding a grudge! Tabitha Devereaux, whom we met earlier in previous books sees Valerius for the sensitive being he is and helps him come out of his shell, all the while helping other people forgive the past.
    If you haven't read any of the Dark Hunter series then your missing out. I suggest you get started ;-)...more info
  • A heroine who doesn't need to be protected...well, sort of
    I was so hoping for a heroine who didn't need to be protected, who has a man in her life who sees her as an equal, to stand beside him, not behind him....and a hero whose male ego isn't disturbed at the idea and doesn't have to fight the urge to 'protect' her....well, close.

    ...more info
  • Even more twists and turns!!
    Just when you think Sherrilyn can't surprise you anymore, she pulls something else out of her hat for us to reel over!!! All I can say is 'WOW' another winner!! I love all of her books, so I am slightly biased, but this one was a real page turner, especially towards the end. I was pretty intrigued by the idea of a story about Tabbitha since she has been such a huge presence in past books. There is no way to forget that girl and her Vampire slaying ways. I recomend this book highly, as usual!!...more info
  • Slightly disappointed, SPOILER don't read if you don't want to know what happened
    I was slightly disappointed with this book. Maybe my expections were too high. I had been waiting to read this story since Kyrian's book (Night Pleasures) and thought this would be a great story.

    First I liked the hero, Valerius and heroine, Tabitha. Valerius is not like other Dark-Hunter heroes. He is a conservative aristocrat who would not be caught wearing leather or riding a motorcycle. Instead he wears Armani and has impeccable manners. He is a snob and is hated by everybody because of crimes his grandfather & father commited. Tabitha is the exact opposite: a quirky gothic chick who owns a sex shop. She hunts vampires and accidently stabs Valerius. The two are a good couple. Valerius doesn't mind Tabitha's crazy life while Tabitha gives him the love and companionship he never had. Val & Tabi was the best part of the book. Also towards the end of the book, Zarek gives a speech to Val & Tabi on their wedding day that just makes you feel all warm, fuzy and happy. Especially because it's coming from Zarek.

    However, I was letdown with some of the other stuff going on with the book. There was no explanation as to why the goddess, Apollymi needed the child, Marissa. We know the child has powers and probably will play some key role in a future book when she gets older. Maybe after reading so many DH books, I've grown frushrated with all the secrets. Especially with Acheron. I really love the guy and in each book we learn more about him but his secrets got give already. Plus he keeps erasing people's memory if they find out too much about him. That bugs me. This book pretty much confirms that Ash is somekind of God. He brings back to life, Kyrian and Amanda. Then hands out immortaility to both of them as well as to Tabitha too. It just seemed a little bit too much wow factor. Which now brings me to Nick. Basically, because Ash kept Simi as a secret from Nick, he dies. I had a problem with the why and how he died. I don't care for Aretims but I give here credit for saving Nick. Otherwise he would have been a Shade.

    In general the book was still worth the read. However, I believe to fully enjoy and understand the book, first time readers should read the 6 books before this one....more info