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Samsung WEP 301 Bluetooth Headset (Silver)
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $16.39

You Save: $43.60 (73%)


Product Description

The WEP301 is one of the newest additions to the SAMSUNG Bluetooth family. The WEP301 features a simple yet robust design that compliments any style and includes 6 interchangeable fashion skins. Features include up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 80 hours standby time and weighs only 8.7 grams. Package includes Silver WEP300 Headset, Travel Adapter, 2 earpiece covers, removeable earhook, 6 skins, and User Manual. The WEP301 is compatible with SAMSUNG and other non-SAMSUNG Bluetooth enabled phones utilizing Bluetooth v2.0

Take one look at the Samsung WEP301 Bluetooth headset, and you will see it's anything but ordinary. You can add one of several included, easy-to-apply skins to the exterior of the WEP301, turning this very functional and nicely affordable headset into a fashion statement. Designed for the user who seeks value without compromising quality or performance, the WEP301 virtually seals off the ear canal to block ambient noise and facilitate crystal clear communication. This smart design also means the headset stays securely in place, whether you choose to use the detachable ear hook or not.

The Samsung WEP301 includes a number of stylish skins that you can snap on to create a personalized fashion accessory.
Features and Specifications

  • Up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 80 hours of standby time
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with Handsfree profile (HFP) version 1.0
  • Comfortable ear fit (ergonomic rubber design)
  • Ambient noise blocking
  • Detachable ear hook
  • Changeable skins for added style

Pairing Instructions

  1. When you turn on your Samsung Bluetooth headset for the first time, it proceeds into pairing mode immediately.
  2. If you have paired the headset with other Bluetooth devices, make sure that the headset is off. Press and hold the Multi-Function button until the blue indicator light stays solid blue after blinking.
  3. Set your Bluetooth phone to discover the headset by following your phone's guide. Typically, the steps involve going to a 'Setting', 'Connection', or 'Bluetooth' menu on your phone and then selecting the option to discover Bluetooth devices.
  4. Your phone will find the Samsung headset and ask if you want to pair with it. Confirm this by pressing the Yes or OK key.
  5. Enter a passkey or PIN, 0000 (4 zeros), then press the Yes or OK key.
  6. If pairing was successful, the indicator light will flash in blue 10 times rapidly before going to flashing every 3 seconds. If unsuccessful, the light remains on, and you will need to re-attempt pairing.
  7. When you turn on your headset after pairing with the phone, the headset is automatically connected to the phone.
  • Includes 2 ear piece covers, 6 skins and travel adapter
  • Bluetooth Version - 2.0
  • 5 hours of talk time and up to 80 hours standby time
  • Lightweight design weighs only 8.7 grams
  • Simple yet robust design that compliments any style

Customer Reviews:

    This product will arrive with a flimsy, ready-to-break ear hook. When you attempt to replace the ear hook, which will almost surely break within two weeks, Samsung customer "service" will tell you: 1) they do not warranty the ear hook, even new from the sealed package, and worse, 2) they will NOT honor warranties for ANY products purchased on!! I confirmed this twice, and finally argued with the customer "service" staff, so it is not a miscommunication that Samsung refuses to honor warranties on purchased Samsung products....more info
  • 50/100 Mediocre Quality Product
    I bought this headset for the sole reason that there was a mail-in rebate and it was available for $6. I haven't received my mail-in rebate yet. Maybe I'll receive it soon.

    On overall product quality, I give it 50 marks out of a 100.

    Pros: The multitasking button and the volume buttons are very good. If pressed in different combinations, they serve different purposes. So, the basic idea behind the buttons is good.

    Cons: The implementation of the ideas is not up to the mark in this product. The thin wire that is supposed to support the headset on your ear and prevent it from falling off is not very reliable. The product didn't fall off yet. But it keeps shifting and doesn't stay still.
    External noise is not eliminated. People at the other end of the line complain of some disturbance.
    The earpiece is not satisfactory. It does not stay completely in your ear either.

    To sum up, it is worth $6, taking into view the prices of other better quality bluetooth headsets on the market....more info
  • hard to control
    Poor range with my lg8300. Turns on while in pocket. Good value at $7...more info
  • Not so great product
    It's small and sound quality is good. However, the ear hook is so cheap and is made by hard plastic. I had a Sony headset before which earhook was made by hard plastic as well. It was broken within a month. I have to be very cautious of using this one as it's even thinner and cheaper than the Sony's.

    I feel the headset is falling out even with the earhook on and trying to use different sizes of ear plugs.

    The battery life of this WEP301 is short compare to my Jabra's headset.

    The price after rebate is attractive. If you don't mind of the CONS above, you can buy one. If you are looking for a durable headset, try to shop for another models.

    Happy shopping....more info
  • snug fit
    This is a very comfortable unit. It is very light weight. It has a lot of interchangeable ear pieces for just the right fit. Has a volume control on the little unit which is really nice feature. The ear hook is a little flimsy. It should come with a couple of extra hooks for when one breaks. Sound is good and the connection seems to hold better than our two other blue tooth devices. The person on the other end does, at times, does have a hard time understanding and hearing the conversation. If the $20 rebate comes back it will be a great buy....more info
  • WEP200 vs WEP 301
    I have a Samsung 200 before this.
    In comrison for their performance, WEP 200 and WEP 301 are almost same besides their form factor and looks. Its a little bit lighter and slimmer than the WEP200 model . Though the sound quality in this one is clear, it does not fit in my ear properly. But it looks great and pretty smaller than the jawbone and some motorola models. And the ear hanger gives it a little bit more stability but the plastic is pretty cheap and looks like it will break very soon. Battery life is pretty good. I use it for 3/4 days at a time with 1 hour talk time or so. It comes with different size ear cups which you can fit in your ear as per the size. Pretty neat and cool looking headset. Performance will not match the noise cancelling feature in some other advance headsets, but it does what it is supposed to do for its price. ...more info
  • Nice lightwright bluetooth!
    This samsung bluetooth is pretty nice. It fits great in your ear and is lightweight. The sound quality is decent. My only complaint is that the volume buttons are the side are really small and hard to use....more info
  • You get what you pay for (too cliche?)
    I got this for my wife so she'd have something to use in her car to make driving while talking a little easier. After trying it for a couple of days we returned it because we were unhappy with the sound quality on the OTHER end.

    1. It's very small and light, and very comfortable. It fit both of us very nicely, and we both have freakishly small ears.
    2. Pairing with the phone (iPhone) was easy, but I'm beginning to think that pairing is very seldom an issue with bluetooth headsets.
    3. The sound quality (speaker on the headset) was good.

    THE BAD:
    1. The only really bad thing, and ultimately the reason we returned it, is that the person on the other end had difficulty understanding what you were saying. My wife (the one using the Samsung WEP 301) always sounded very distant, tinny, and staticy. I thought it may be because I was listening to her on my bluetooth device (plantronics discovery 925), but other people had the same complaint. I frequently was having to ask her to repeat herself. WE got tired of this, so we returned it and bought a Jabra 4010.

    As far as comparison to a similarly priced headset, the Jabra 4010 is much better, in my opinion. While it doesn't fit as deeply in the ear as the Samsung, the sound quality on both ends is great. When my wife is using it, I can't tell a difference between her using the headset and her using the phone.

    If you had to choose between the two devices, I'd go with the Jabra 4010 easily...even if it is more expensive (which we paid the same price for both of them)....more info
  • I am pleased with this Bluetooth headset
    It is very easy to set up with your phone and comfortable on the ear. The silicone ear buds and Samsung OEM Clear Replacement Ear Hook for Samsung WEP301 Bluetooth Headset can all be purchased here in Amazon for a good deal if you do a bit of shopping around. I have seen that some complain that the ear hook breaks easily or quickly, I have found that if you use it kindly and carefully, it can and will last a good while as it has for my husband and myself. (We both have the same kind of headset. Sound is good and well worth the money spent!...more info
  • Just as previously reviewed by others
    This item works just as previous reviewers have stated.
    It works great. Very good price. Works very well with my Rzr V3.
    The ear hook is kinda cheap and flimsy. Be Careful not to break it.
    And the charger jack should have been mini usb.
    All in all, I give the product 4 stars... like a B+ ....more info
  • it decent with great price
    bought it 10 dollars after rebate so, u cant beat the price, quality not bad at all after fully charge but after 3hrs straight the performance get worse, so it like static and stuff to listeners. ...more info
  • good headset
    The samsung wep301 is a decent headset with good call quality, but after a couple weeks of use the ear piece broke. Not that big of a deal because it fits pretty snug in my ear and you can buy replacements from samsung. Battery life isn't that great either, usually having to charge it every 2 days....more info
  • Great headset, great price
    Great sound, the best price you can find on a blutooth headset. 4 stars because unless it fits nicely into your ear , the plastic piece that goes around your ear does not keep the headset on well. I love the sound quality and the price, but its a little annoying sometimes to push it back into your ear. Comes with cute stickers to customize the look (leapord print, solid black, etc) and also with different size silicon pieces to fit over teh ear "plug". When I lost my last one, I came back to Amazon and re-purchased the same one. Its cheap enough to do that....more info
  • nice looking bluetooth but it doesn't fit properly
    Bought this bluetooth for a very good price since it has a rebate. The connection seems to be okay but it is not the best comfortable bluetooth. Although this is my first one, I have tried other ones from friend. The ear piece is fragile, sometimes it falls off. You would have to reclip it. ...more info
  • It's a nice bluetooth
    It's a nice bluetooth. It's light and good for the price. The only thing is the piece that hold the bluetooth to your ear should be stronger because mine broke already. I still recommended....more info
  • good quality for the price
    The product was OK, as some of the previous reviewers, for the small ears, the ear hanger doesn't fit very well. Other than that the product is pretty good for the price. I bought is for $25.99 before (MIR $20). ...more info
  • great product, could be better
    this Samsung headset is great, I bought several of it for my family members. The only things I don't like much about is the ear-hook is somewhat flimsy, the other thing is came with 3 extra ear cushions, and they are such a pain...hurt your inner ear very case you lost your original one...which came with is much friend has the same dislike about those extra cushions....more info
  • Thank you very much....
    Very great product from Samsung once again. I love this bluetooth as I am travelling a lot n over the phone often. Thanks....more info
  • Totally Great
    These things never fit on and stay on my ear, but this one actually does! It's small and easy to use and it actually works. Only downside is its pretty fragile so I am afraid of breaking it - I keep it in a little jewelry box in my car so it doesn't just lay around. Very satisfied with this product!...more info
  • I have nothing to compare it to,but!
    This is probably a middle of road model at best. It is very lightweight and the most annoying feature is that once you are disconnected and press the black button it calls back the last person you talked to. Sounds like a neat feature but one usually doesn't know who hangs up 1st in a conversation so when I presume I am ending a call I am actually calling them back if they hung up 1st.

    ...more info
  • With an Achilles heal
    The performance of the electronics was very good. The design and fragility of the loop holding it to your ear is abysmal. After talking with Samsung support, I learned they were aware of it and had redesigned (new material) the clip but would NOT stand by it. A penny piece of plastic (which should have been MUCH more robust or made of a near indestructible wire) rendered the product useless. THEN they had the audacity to want $3 to replace the broken piece... For that they not only lost any sale of an earpeice but also of a nice monitor I had my eye on or any other product they make....more info
  • inexpensive and cheap
    the ear-clip is too flimsy and comes off easily. I already lost it!!
    I will stick with Plantronics.
    ...more info