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All Hope Is Gone
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After over 5 million albums sold in the US, Slipknot returns with their most powerful
statement yet - All Hope Is Gone. Filled with the fury people have come to expect from
Slipknot as well as some extraordinary surprises, this album is the culmination of the
band' s 9 unique members, three platinum albums and their 10 year journey at the top
of the Hard Rock genre. Kicked off by the powerful crescendo that is Execute and
Gematria (The Killing Name) and ending with the blistering track All Hope Is Gone
- the album is a cohesive statement about the world today and truly cements the
band as one of Rock' s heavyweights. The lead single Psychosocial will propel the new
album to match and exceed the success of the last album, Vol 3: Subliminal Verses
which produced numerous Top 20 songs at Rock radio including a Top 5 track at Active and
Modern Rock radio.

Hailing from the 'middle of nowhere'- Des Moines, Iowa - SLIPKNOT are a true phenomenon of modern Metal.Fortified with an arsenal of blistering music saturated with screams, drums, searing riffs, sampling, scratches and melody, Slipknot's music runs the scale from eerily thought-provoking to utterly terrifying. Already hailed as a landmark in Metal music, their self-titled debut is now close to Platinum status in the UK (over 280,000 shipped), while their second album 'Iowa' made an even bigger impact. Heavier and even more uncompromising, it debuted in the UK album charts at Number 1 (shipping Gold on release) and capped it with a debut sold-out UK Arena tour which spawned their ground-breaking 'Disasterpieces' DVD release. With their third album - 'Vol 3' - the one the doubters said would never see the light of day - the band demonstrated their seemingly innate ability to connect with existing fans (affectionately dubbed "maggots") while pushing the limits of the genre in all directions. Another UK Top 5 and Gold album 'Vol 3' has gone on to retain the sales level achieved by 'Iowa', a rare feat in this digitally-ravaged music business. While Nu-Metal (a genre Slipknot were unfairly tagged with) has long since gasped it's last breath, Slipknot have proved that they really are in a field of one. Now the Grammy Award winning nontet are back with their fourth album, 'All Hope Is Gone', recorded this spring in Slipknot's home state and co-produced by the band and Dave Fortman (Evanesence), mixed by Colin Richardson (Machine Head).All Hope is Gone is more of a statement than a record. Corey Taylor comments, "Every album we have made is a statement about that space in time. I think this era is the most mature, most beautiful and the most powerful. We have made an album that will show the road behind, the road ahead, and where we are as men. I think it's the best thing I've ever made. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong."

Customer Reviews:

  • New to Slipknot
    K, so I've heard many a Slipknot song and album over the years as most of my friends like them. But I never liked them enough to own any. Well, I heard Sulfer on the radio and really liked it so I snagged this Special Edition disk. Boy was I impressed!!! One of the greatest Metal CDs released this year. A couple of spots of rabid, directionless metal, but over all a well focused and implimented CD. If only all their stuff could be this great.

    Keep in mind I am not an old fan, so hardcore fans of the band can ignore my review. But to anyone who loves Metal but don't really know of or care for Slipknot, this is a great CD to add to anyone's collection....more info
  • Uh .....OK
    I need to listen again to truly get a grip of this album, but I am pretty sure I am really disappointed. Not Metallic's Black album disappointed, but nonetheless.

    Solos for the sake of solos SUCKS! There have been very few well placed solos (Sepultura "Territory" comes to mind), so most just makes want to cringe. That's just me....more info
  • they would have done better tough.......stone sour collaborates with slipknot
    It is a heavy album and only the song "all hope is gone" is the one i can call brutal and maybe one of the first ones too.I was a bit dissapointed cause the band said the album was gonna be really heavy and the truth is,it's not heavy as f**k like they said it would be,heavy but not like you expect.The melodic singing is not like the old slipknot is stone sour singing and the slow song sucks unlike the other albums but it's okay.If you call yourself a maggot(i'm not,just like them)then get this album.The last song is kinda technical death metal which is my favorite one but in my opinion iowa is still the heaviest album slipknot have done and not to mention corey doesn't give those big screams he used to i mean his voice sounds like in iowa but doesn't scream like in the old songs like,eyeless,sic,people=sh**,the heretic anthem,he just lost it but what's best for mainstream crap huh?Still good album and recommend it and they are completeley done with the nu metal crap for good....more info
  • Pretty Darn Good.
    I have been slow to warm to Slipknot. I have to admit I bought Iowa when it was released, gave it a listen and then gave it to my younger cousin. However, I liked their last album, Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses, and have since come to really like Stone Sour. Not surprisingly, I like the slower stuff on this album that Corey does, much like on Stone Sour. For my money, "Dead Memories" is the best song on the album. I also like "Til We Die", "The Child of Burning Time" and "Sulfur". ...more info
  • one of the best metal albums of the year
    well i only want to say that probably this album is gonna be the best rock/metal album of the year , i like it so much, this album contains
    very good hard songs, balads,bonos song, and SOLOS, the dvd is not what expect its so short and I think that it could been better with a couple live songs.
    slipknot all hope is gone and metallica death magnetic the best rock/metal albums of the year i think.
    in spanish:
    simplemente un excelente disco mas elaborado y armonico que contiene excelentes canciones fuertes y hasta con solos de guitarras, slipknot sin duda con este trabajo se consolida como uno de los mejores grupos de rock/metal en el planeta.
    en mi opinion este disco y el ultimo trabajo de metallica death magnetic
    son lo mejor del a?o.

    ...more info
  • Change is good I guess
    This album is a little different than previous. It has a bit less angst I feel. Several tracks have more Corey Taylor Stone Sour sound. I like it the more I listen to it. Don't even waste your time watching the DVD. It is just a bunch a video clips of them in various parts of recording. No interviews or anything to make you feel connected to the band, like seeing them goof around....more info
  • Great Album!!! But...
    The Album Is Graet! Be Sure About It! but...There Are a Songs That Remanis Me Stone Sour Style...
    But....Its A Great Album! Buy It!...more info
  • quit your whining
    I personally believe that this is an awesomely good cd. Everybody keeps whining about, "It's not as good as the first" or something to that effect. I can't think of many bands at all that's always measured up to their first effort, and those that have stuck to one type of writing, I ask, how long did they last? Not long. Musical style, to an extent, is something that needs to change and grow over time for a band to truly move forward. I honestly think that this is their most musically-mature effort to date.
    Sure there's a couple of slower parts on the cd, but wheather those songs are typical Slipknot songs or something a little different, you'd come to expect it since this is their first true collaberetive effort. You had more ideas from different angles coming in on this one than before, which I think is totally cool because it gets more of the band involved in the writing process. Besides, those songs are still good. Just because is not the typical sound doesn't make it bad, just makes it out of some people's taste. And most of those people are youngin's that think no band should ever evolve and everything should sound the same...always. And the fact that people are calling it a bad cd just because it's not a remake of the original slightly angers me.
    That being said, there are plenty of brutal songs on the album that you'd expect to come from Slipknot. They are as heavy as ever, enticingly
    intricate, and masterfully written. They are true masters of their craft.
    I highly recommend this to any TRUE Slipknot fan that knows good music when they hear it, and are not just caught up on the novelty of it all. If anything, they've gotten better at what they do, they know how to use their instruments VERY well, and am not AT ALL let down by this one.
    ...more info
  • Does for 00s metal what Bon Jovi did for 80s metal.
    "Customers who bought this item also bought Staind, Disturbed, Nickelback and Mudvayne."

    'Nuff said....more info
    WELL.... its really amazing... my favorites : psicosocial and sulfer. For some strange reasons people says why jim and mick do a few guitar solos... ?

    this album breaks all that stuff...solid riff...classical C tunnings and more ... DVD is just familiar and helps to understand the SLIPKNOT recording moments. IOWA is the place for doing this kind of electric dark music.......more info
  • Best Album By Slipknot, Only Snobs Say Otherwise
    This is by far their best effort to date. Being a long time fan since '99, this album pleases on many levels generally because of the album's lack of filler, the one aspect that generally plagues every other album by them.

    Iowa and Vol.3 have more than their share of jams but they have a ton of filler and half baked ideas/songs that werent fully fleshed out... this album is solid and comprehensive from top to bottom. There is no need to skip songs or make your own custom disc of this. Press play and forget about it.

    Also this is by far the most serious, professional release theyve done. They've finally put everything together on this disc. Its heavy and riff crazy without being over the top for the sake of being over the top.

    Its also the strongest album in their catalog lyrically.

    Only the Hot Topic portion of their fanbase would dislike this album.

    Stay (sic)...more info
  • Reluctant To Buy It, Glad I Did! Their Best Ever!
    This is a fine release from Slipknot. The songs/musicianship have improved. The songs are creative and show growth from the band as a whole. The songs surprise you with plenty of awesome, heavy, distortion-drenched hooks.
    This CD kicks all over and totally wastes Disturbed and Mudvayne's latest disappointing releases that sound the same as all their other stuff, at least in my view.
    Although they are somewhat considered mainstream metal, this album proves that they are not sell-outs and have kept their hard edge in check. The production, although a bit polished, absolutely rocks your car stereo. It's been getting me pumped up for work for the past few weeks! The lyrics are a nice mix of rough and clean. Corey shows he can growl, but also "sing" (Dead Memories). There are some cool harmonies (Psychosocial).
    Overall, the louder it is, the better it sounds! I am a late 30-yr-old lover of heavy music and I have heard lots of it, from Ride The Lightning to All Hope Is Gone. I must say that I totally dig this CD! Blast it in your car stereo and head bang! ...more info
  • Much to my surprise!
    Not being a big Slipknot fan to begin with except for a couple songs like'the blister exists' I didn't expect too much out of this album either. Then I saw the video to Psychosocial and thought if the rest of this is as good as this song then the cd might be worth getting. So I bought the cd and in my personal opinion the whole thing is the best Slipknot has ever done. This is coming from a person that is a fan of death metal and listens to alot heavier and harder music than this. I just like this album period. I have it in my stereo at home and it gets played at least once a day. I don't care what direction some think Slipknot has taken and they might not like but I do like this cd and now hope Slipknot sticks around for more like it....more info
  • worth it, about as good as v.3 , but if your closed mind then your lost
    best songs are, Psychosocial,Dead Memories,Sulfur,Gematria [The Killing Name,and All hope is gone.

    over all very good album not as good as the first album but nothing can recreate it , personally i think Iowa and v.3 is tied.

    because iowa has lots of heavy and speed, fast but not as much meaning, rather when v.3 is more refined yet slower and has more meaning ;

    now if your a hater and or wern't happy with v.3 or EVEN Iowa I don't think you'll be happy with all hope is gone.

    but if your a hardcore maggot then run down to your local fred meyers , target , or amazon website. and buy this album

    4/5 or
    ...more info
  • Still worth the money!
    A little soft for me but not horrible..... my expectations were too high. I totaly forgive them for a few of the songs because they make up for it in concert! I've been to many concerts (back to the 80's) and they continue to put on one of the best shows I've seen!...more info
  • Everything I Expected,and More
    This cd/dvd set was more than I expected in terms experience. I have all their albums,I have seen Slipknot in concert 37x's,I have even met them and taken pictures with them!! Yes,I am a Maggot. But,I have never seen them actually record an album. The DVD in this set shown me the only thing I know I can't see in person. I recommend this set to anyone or any other Maggot. Enjoy!!...more info
  • same ol' same (angry)
    i'm a metal fan since 1990 but i'm aint a knot fan i like stomesour more, anyay i think that this is a cool cd but if your looking for something more then just screams and angry songs this is not the cd for you,...more info
  • More like ALL HOPE IS GAINED
    Everyone knows slipknot from the past as the hardcore metal band that made music that only seemed to address rage. that is, nine members in masks, screaming until the throat bleeds, strumming at light speed at distortion level 10 thousand, and beating the cymbals & double foot pedal so fast the mind struggles to comprehend it. all that equals a riotous, verbal and instrumental massacre of what any non-hardcore metal fan wouldn't even classify as music. i sure dont (with the exception of the subliminal verses). but now slipknot's full out 4 year effort to create something that more people can actually appreciate has paid off. Anyone who likes iowa, don't even consider this album. you will just end up insulting slipknot. but anyone who has enough sense to appreciate a maturing band's introduction of variety, dynamics, REAL solos, singles worthy of impressing those who dont like their ears bleeding, and even a BALLAD. yeah, take a breath... will be impressed. i'll compare slipknot's evolution to avenged sevenfold's. everyone thinks hardcore mind numbing violence is awesome, honestly, for most, it loses novelty quickly. both of the bands realized that, and in a painstaking effort, released new albums that, if it weren't for the introduction songs, you would think it was a different band. so for those thinking the brutal introduction of AHIG is indicating the nature of the rest of the album, think again. Every song truly is different, and good. and because slipknot turned the intensity level, from the stratosphere, you can really tell! the tempo in particular never stays the same. Dead memories and psychosocial are the most creative tracks of the whole album, and they are on the radio. The rest are right up there. And the selling point for me wih this album was slipknot's ability to finally create something meaningful. Songs that people are gonna remember. It grows on me more every time. They expanded their portfolio in both directions of intensity, slightly up for some songs, WAY down for others. but the experimentation reequired for a band to keep or get people interested is what its all about. 5 stars...more info
  • Never were metal, never will be
    Slipknot is one of those bands that cares so much about trying to look metal that they forgot to integrate the sound of it into the mix. They seem to care so less about actually making tolerable music its actually disgusting. Seriously, it took these guys 4 years to put out yet another less-than-mediocre studio album that simply proves they will keep pushing out garbage because some poor saps will buy it. The vocals are horrible, even for trying to be 'metal', and the music itself is over simplistic and just plain boring. Out of 9 bands member (why the hell do you need 9 to do a 3 man job?) you'd think there would be some progress made over the last decade. When was the last time you've ever heard a solo in a single Slipknot album? I have personally NEVER heard a solo come out of these guys, if that doesn't disqualify someone from being 'metal' I don't know what does. Maybe Slipknot is claimed to be 'the most metal band ever to grace metal' because some insecure little punk wants to act like he's hard. And what better way to do that than to listen to Slipknot? BECAUSE THEY'RE SO METAL!...more info
  • A Solid Effort From An Intense Band
    The new Slipknot album "All Hope is Gone" can be described as a solid effort. However, some factors keep this album from being great.

    First of all, there is a lack of brutally heavy songs on this record. However, the songs that are "brutal" are among the best the band has ever made. "Gematria", "Psychosocial", and "All Hope Is Gone" are superb tracks that will get the blood flowing. However, fans of the self-titled album and Iowa could feel a bit disappointed.

    Secondly, regardless of what some fanboys are saying, there is a Stone Sour influence on this record. Don't get me wrong, I like Stone Sour! However, I want Slipknot records to sound like a Slipknot record. Songs like "Sulfur", "Dead Memories" , and "Snuff" sound more like Stone Sour than Slipknot. These are great songs, but not what I expect out of the Knot.

    Other than these two complaints, this album is very good. Although, either Volume 3 or this album ties as my least favorite Knot record. Volume 3 was heavier, but All Hope is Gone is much more polished. However, the raw brutality of the self-titled album and Iowa is gone. ...more info
  • This is 1 hell of a cd
    Wow I got this and Metallica Deathmagnetic the same day but Metallica didn't see the cd player for over a week. All Hope Is Gone is 1 of the best cds of the year. Slipknot just keeps getting better every cd. If you liked Vol.3:Subliminal Verses then you will love All Hope Is Gone!...more info
  • For all the haters......your wrong!!!!!!!!!!
    Read all the reviews from negative to positive. I'm a life long fan of this band. Refrained from buying this album for awile because I belived the negative reviews and thought I would be wasting my money. Got it on sale and yet again kicking myself in the butt for believing the dummys for a lack of a better word that this album sucked. If your a true fan of Slipknot, this album is just as good as the others. All I Did was picture myself at a Slipknot concert live playing this whole album set. There would be nothing but true dancing to all to 70% of the tracks. The rest is still great but just watchable without dancing if you know what I mean. 1000 stars all the way. For all who gave this a bad review.......Loser.....Losers...more info
  • all hope is gone
    for all those here. first off i know metal. and this isn't a metal. album. what it is a waste of money. i have this cd. i tried to like it. i did. but it just plain stinks. and the one dude that says theres songs that sound different yeah right. just a bunch of yelling. and screaming like any other band.nothing really memoriable or fun here....more info
  • All Hope is Gone is definitely not the case!
    Being a huge Corey Taylor fan, my opinion is semi bias. One thing that I can promise you is, this album (All Hope is Gone) is nothing like their self titled album, Iowa, or Vol 3 The Subliminal Verses. Creating their fourth album with different perspective, different recording style, and brand new lyrics... has turned into a matured Slipknot masterpiece.

    These nine guys have different personalities, different recording tactics and styles. Each single member of Slipknot brings different artistic ideas to the table and to this record. One thing for sure, these guys know how to rock and can pull off any type of project that is given to them!

    All Hope is Gone is by far their best album yet! Slipknot shows you that they are a band who will never break up and better yet.... give us Maggots security that there is indeed more to Slipknot that we have not yet seen!

    All Hope is Gone not only gives us hope for future projects by Slipknot, but All Hope is Gone is a remarkable and refreshing album!...more info
  • Horrible
    One good song, which is Phsychosocial, no surprise they made it the single
    They went way down hill album by album. And now theyve hit bottom...more info
  • Better than Vol. 3
    This album is definitely better than their last outing Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses). The last record sounded like Corey's voice was just completely shot and he was losing it. Then they returned after a 4 year hiatus and had a much heavier sound with Corey's voice sounding like the good ol' "Iowa" days. Standout tracks are: "Sulfur", "Psychosocial", "Dead Memories", "This Cold Black", "Snuff" and "All Hope is Gone". "Snuff" is an unexpected acoustic song which is actually one of my absolute favorites from them. Excellent song plain and simple. "Sulfur" follows the same formula that "Psychosocial" does with very heavy screaming in the verses followed by a catchy melodic chorus that will get stuck in your head. "Dead Memories" is more melodic than most of the record and serves its own purpose. The opening to it is reminiscent to Metallica's "Enter Sandman", but follows its own path after that. "This Cold Black" is just a heavy song from start to finish, no singing, just nice heavy screaming from Corey. The closer and title track serves that same formula. Starts of by kicking you in the face and continues to kick the crap out of you until you can't take anymore. This song made me look forward to this record because it returned to their heavy roots. Overall, good album, could be better though. Still much better than its predecessor....more info
  • BAM!
    Slipknot got brutal again! This in my opinion is the best they have ever done, it is amazing! There is a deep political overtone to most of the songs that are devastatingly true! Buy it, love it, listen to it constantly and carefully, and enjoy! America is a killing name it doesn't feel it discriminates......more info