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Pacific Ocean Blue (Legacy Edition)
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Standard edition. Two CD set with 33 tracks. After 30 years, this lost classic reemerges to the delight of fans worldwide. Since coming out in 1977, this CD had only been released for six months in 1991. This collections contains never officially released tracks from Dennis' Bambu album which only existed as bootlegs for decades. Per Dennis Wilson 'Everything that I am or will ever be is in the music. If you want to know me, just listen.' Features 'Holy Man' an unfinished track that never received Dennis' vocal part with Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters laying down brand new vocals. This limited edition deluxe packing feature 50 page, full color book with two brand new essays and never-before-seen photos and memorabilia.

Apart from the non-release of Smile, the biggest lament of hardcore Beach Boys fans is that Bruce Johnston aside, none of the non-Brian Wilson solo albums are available on CD. But now, for fans of late drummer Dennis Wilson, there's reason to celebrate as his only-released solo album gets the reissue it deserves. Widely acknowledged as the finest Beach Boys solo effort, it's now presented with clarity, allowing the full sonic palette--the punch of opening "River Song" for example--to be heard in its intended glory. Wilson's raspy vocal may have been past its prime, but it's still affecting and ably supported by the sumptuous production values he gave the album. With high quality tracks such as the funky "Dreamer" and the poignant "Farewell My Friend", this will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in The Beach Boys, as well as a delight for hardcore fans as the unreleased tracks (from the unfinished follow up Bambu, easily match the original's quality. While the disappointing absence of earlier singles ("Lady" or "Sound of Free") prevents this from being a definitive career anthology, this is as essential a Beach Boys artefact as Pet Sounds or Sunflower/Surf's Up. -¨CThom Allott

Customer Reviews:

  • Royal reissue of first Beach Boys solo release
    As a drummer, harmony vocalist and occasional songwriter, Dennis Wilson wasn't the obvious member of the Beach Boys to be first to market with a solo album. But with this 1977 release he stepped outside the shadow of his brother Brian and showed off surprising. These rock productions, thick with guitars, drums, keyboards and orchestration, combine his legacy as a part of Brian Wilson's troupe, along with influences of West Coast collaborators like Gary Usher and visionaries like Curt Boettcher. Interestingly, by the time Wilson completed the album in 1976, the sounds upon which he was weaned were giving way to rootsier singer-songwriter introspection and more bombastic arena rock. Both of those flavors can also be heard here, the former in Wilson's introspective lyrics, and the latter in the grandiosity of the productions.

    There's a sophistication to this solo effort that sets it apart from contemporaneous work by the Beach Boys, who in 1977 were still lyrically in thrall of Brian Wilson's childlike wonder. By this point Dennis Wilson's ragged voice was no match for his brothers', but he made canny choices: what to sing, how to sing it and how to surround himself with instrumentation. As other reviewers have noted, Dennis Wilson's rasp is an acquired taste, and can be wearying at album length, but there's no denying the feeling in his vocals or his commitment to the lyrics. Emotionally and sonically this is an album both of its time and of the times in which Wilson grew up as an artist, and the palpable air of depletion is heart-wrenching in contrast to the lyrical optimism. The album can be a wearying spin beginning to end, but the individual tracks make for very great surprises in a mix.

    Legacy's deluxe reissue is one of the best they've ever put together in this series. In addition to superbly remastered versions of the album's original dozen tracks, disc one is filled out with four previously unreleased items, and disc two contains sixteen tracks from Wilson's unfinished second album, Bambu. Wilson's voice was spent and at times tuneless as he recorded the follow-on tracks, making Bambu even more of an acquired taste than POB. Much of the bonus material has circulated on bootlegs, but this is its first official release in full master tape fidelity. The quad-fold cardboard slipcase includes a 40-page booklet stuffed with photos, an essay by Ben Edmonds, a Dennis Wilson artistic chronology, song and musician credits, and lyrics. Disc one also features a PDF that includes a 16-page essay by noted Beach Boys biographer David Leaf and a slightly extended version of the booklet's chronology. [?2008 hyperbolium dot com]...more info
  • Yes, It Really Is That Good
    Despite the positive stuff I'd read about this 2-CD set, I was still flabbergasted when I listened to it whole. This isn't background music. I was completely drawn into Dennis's deep reservoir of emotion and sound, and this goes for both disks. PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE is wonderful, but so is BAMBU. It's not a set of half-finished sketches, as the publicity had me believe. Perhaps it's not what Dennis would have ultimately released, but it's fine by me. It's better than fine, it's fantastic. As I write this I'm listening to BAMBU. Here comes "Constant Companion." There are a number of what I classify spirituals on these disks, and "Constant Companion" is one of the best (another is "River Song" from POB). Then there's the opener, "Under the Moonlight," a superb rocking riff on the laughable egotism of rock musicians. "It's Not Too Late," with a heart-rending vocal by Carl Wilson, will give you chills. "Common" is a simple, meditative instrumental featuring Dennis's piano and innovative harmonies, which moves into a minimalist new-agey frame towards the end. It's beautiful. For its time, Dennis was breaking new ground. Who knew?

    Not every single track in the collection is a masterpiece, but the overwhelming majority is either great rock 'n roll or beautiful, heartfelt meditations on love and life's purpose. POB is a unified finished product, with many standouts. Dennis mixed up tempos and styles within one song, making for surprising musical twists. In "Dreamer," horns come in at the end of each verse with a wailing Dixieland/blues chorus. There's lots of variety too. "You and I" is a gentle bossa with lovely jazz harmonies; "Farewell My Friend" is an unabashed love song/requiem, "Thoughts of You," is a wrenching ballad about regrets and loss, and of course, there's the opener, "River Song," with a full gospel choir, expressing Dennis's longing for freedom and the natural world.

    I hear numerous musical influences on these CDs: Beatles, Stones, Brian and the Beach Boys, jazz, r&b, doowop, even classical. But none of these styles defines Dennis. He had his own Muse. Dennis was a true artist, as original and creative as Brian in his own way. The word "meditation" comes to me over and over again: these songs are meditations on love, joy, heartache, dreams, spirituality, loss, life and death. Like a meditation, when Dennis sang he was fully engaged in the present moment.

    About Denny's controversial voice, I have no idea what the problem is. If you like Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker, Tom Waits, or Mark Knopfler, you will like Dennis's singing. He's solidly in that unpolished, white soul singer tradition, completely honest and emotional. I'm willing to bet that many people who dislike his voice are just uncomfortable with the degree of feeling and vulnerability he allows us to hear.

    If you have even a slight curiosity about Dennis or are simply open to hearing unusual and excellent rock music from the 70's, buy this thing, please, and get ready to be moved. Note to Dennis: with these two CD's in my hands, I miss you a little bit less....more info
  • sentamentalism?
    Please people let's not get carried away. As a music producer I understand as perhaps some of you do not that the strength of this CD is NOT it's "songs" i.e. compositions, it's the stellar production, which was handled by the man who produced all of the early Chicago albums.
    Yes there are a few high points, BUT what a shame Dennis Wilson DID NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BEST HARMONY GROUP IN HISTORY, HIS OWN EX-BANDMATES!!!! Yes, Carl Wilson,Bruce Johnston and Hal Blaine are listed in the credits, but their contributions aren't evident in the listening. Take a real look at the cover photo of a man only in his 30's who looks; depressed, addicted and at least 20 years older than his age, this tells the real story of Dennis' life. If Dennis had only had enough humility to ask for Brian's help in the product of this material, it could possibly have been "shined" up to the level of another Pet Sounds. The deluxe package features 2 bios (both almost identical to the other) why bother? The irony is that Dennis real life situation was MUCH more interesting than either of these gloppy centimental fairy tales. For Beach Boys purists and completists ONLY. This material does not stand up on it's own merit and you guys know it....more info
  • Dennis Wilson's solo efforts
    I was disappointed with this disc. After reading the hype, I expected a classic, but while there were a few nice songs, there were none that really grabbed me. And certainly nothing to suggest that Dennis was anything more than the drummer. It seems like a vanity project. ...more info
  • pacific ocean blue
    This has to be the best Beach Boys solo album of all. It is also one of the best records of it's time. I can't help hearing goodness knows how many influences this has generated. It has every trick in the book and, when you thought 'ground breaking' artists were responsible for some great sonic virtuosity, Dennis had already been there. It is truly a legacy....more info
  • The Real Review
    After reading the recent reviews by "Curt The Rock Expert" who obviously has no clue who "handled" the production of this LP, and the guy who insists that the Explorers Club is superior to this...sigh...I had to weigh in. Granted I'm as biased a reviewer as there is, but someone needed to balance the deficit left by these underwhelming opinions. To me this is one of rock's most original statements ever. This is a great, great release by a completely unique and honest artist. POB/Bambu is a one of a kind listening experience...and once it connects with an individual it never loses its appeal. It penetrates and lives in your heart... forever. I'm happy to see so many of you are feeling it, and I feel sorry for the few who don't. Thanks to Dennis for giving us the truth. Its a beautiful thing. ...more info
  • Not worth the price!!!!
    Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue has been released in a "Legacy" edition with a second disc of bonus material. The packaging has overblown hype suggesting this may be the best solo release by a Beach Boy. Give me a break!!!!

    The original recording is not awful. It isn't particularly interesting either. Nothing about it merits the release of a "Legacy" edition and there is absolutely nothing of interest on the disc of bonus material. That Legacy edition is being sold as a full-price two CD set is shameful.

    In the Wilson family Dennis got the looks and Brian got all of the song-writing genius.

    For great solo Beach Boys works see Smile or That Lucky Old Sun.

    ...more info
  • A Lost Classic
    Beginning in 1970, Dennis Wilson had been working on material for a solo album. In August 1977, Pacific Ocean Blue was released and enjoyed moderate chart success; staying on the Billboard album chart for 12 weeks, while peaking at #96.

    Brian Wilson praised the album - though some critics felt it was a lukewarm effort in trying to emulate the older brother's orchestral movements - and Dennis Wilson vowed to record a follow-up, Bambu. Though sessions were held prior to his death in 1983, Bambu was never released, though bootleg albums over the years have featured some of the recorded material.

    The 2-CD set is an incredible collection of material; the Pacific Ocean Blue CD features the original 12 tracks from the solo album and four additional numbers, while the Caribou Sessions disk has 17 songs, 15 that were recorded for possible inclusion on Bambu. An unfinished track - Holy Man - is augmented through the writing and singing of new lyrics by Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and a piano version of Thoughts of You are also on disk two.

    Though personal demons were tugging at Dennis Wilson, he produced one solo gem and was poised to release a solid sophomore effort. This set is a wonderful tribute to a lost classic from a vastly underrated artist....more info
    Well finally God Bless his sweet soul, Dennis Wilson is getting the recognition he deserves. What a out poor of feeling from the inner Soul, what a true revealing emotion in every song sung with love, fear, happiness & understanding. There will never be another piece of art music like this...The Wilson's have a special God given talent in there family that no other musician could ever match! Brian, Dennis & Carl are one of a kind and no one will ever come close...God Bless Dennis & Carl both as they are now singing in God's Quire.

    Every song is sung with true meaning deep, deep within the soul. Dennis knows how to really make you feel like he does by pooring out his spirt & soul on this album.

    I always thought that the Beach Boys "LA Light Album" was so underated. It has Dennis singing "Love Surrounds Me" that was a song from the Bamboo Sessions which was phenominal. "Angel Come Home" was another great song sung by Dennis. This was great a greatly UNDERATED Beach Boys Album.

    But lets get back to POB & Bamboo Sessions....

    If there is one CD or Album you should buy this Summer, Buy Dennis Wilson POB & Bamboo. You will not be disapointed. The sound is fantastic & the clarity is beautiful. Plenty of Photos and Memories...

    You will not be disappointed!

    P.S Now we just need one more great album from Brian and the remaining Beach Boys to close this wonderful journey of Love, Hope, Happiness, Youth & fear all rolled into one solid album for a closing of all hearts at rest!

    Kenny Charles...more info
  • Another overrated "Wilson" production??
    I love The Beach Boys--and especially related to Dennis' genuine, gifted spirit and great heart.. and feel the group is certainly one of the top musical forces to come out of the USA in the last 50 years.But they, and especially Brian Wilson,and now even Denny's very marginal PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE are being SO overrated...I recently viewed the Brian documentary, BEAUTIFUL DREAMER a Smile-era retrospective and Mr.Brian is unabashedly trumpeted as the greatest composer and artiste since musical invention...jeesh! PET SOUNDS sold poorly (until relatively recently) and SMILE was never commercially released during it's era! What's next? A CARL AND THE PASSIONS TV mini-series? There were OTHER great groups of the 60's too folks..go listen to bands like THE RASCALS and THREE DOG NIGHT or even JAN AND DEAN, for instance. Every bit as valid and enjoyable as our kids from Hawthorne.Like I said, The Wilson brothers and the Beach Boys are doubt...but let's bring California musical history back down to reality just a little....more info
  • Nice in small doses
    I'm generally of the opinion that "masterpiece" is a word that's too easily used these days to describe just about anything anybody says is good, and in this case that caution particularly applies. This is a good album, and Dennis Wilson's rough-hewn baritone makes for quite a few high points. But what works best on here are the arrangements for each song, as opposed to the songs themselves. There's a few memorable songs on this album, including "Farewell, My Friend," "The River Song," and the title song, but none are up to the caliber of what this Wilson brother often contributed to the Beach Boys ("Forever," "Never Learn Not To Love," "Only With You," to name a few). Likewise, said arrangements get downright lugubrious sometimes; what might have been intended as a sinking into a pool of sound (as older brother Brian Wilson often managed with his arrangements)occasionally feels like trudging through a mud bog. I can listen to this album in bits and pieces, but trying to listen to it in one go turns into a chore awfully quickly. Most of it is nice to listen to, all the same....more info
  • Great music
    It was a collector`s item for years and this great reissue proves it right. If Holland is one of your favorite Beach Boy's albums - it definitly is one of mine BB-favorites - than Pacific Ocean Blue is a must have-item. Great music....more info
  • Under-Welmed To Say The Least
    At best Dennis Wilson was a medicore back-up singer and an abysmal drummer. Had it not been for the formitable talent of his older brother Brian, Dennis Wison's fifteen minutes of fame would have been reduced to his passing friendship with the deranged Charlie Manson. As a life-long Beach Boy fan, I'm amazed that Pacific Ocean Blue has had such lasting impact. It's clear to me that Dennis had no voice at the time of this recording. His song writing ability was extremely limited and the arrangements, on this album are bland and lifeless. What on earth are all these five star reviewers listening to? All I hear is the hollow, soul-less voice of a burnt-out and over-the-top old surfer. Sorry Dennis. I wish I could offer kinder words for this dribble, but I'm under-welmed to say the least....more info
  • Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue (Legancy Edition)
    It is a very good CD and I highly recommend it to all the people who are big Beach Boy Fans!...more info
  • OK, But Where's Carl's Stuff?
    Dennis's stuff was good (even when he couldn't get the lyrics to "Do You Wanna Dance" right) but not great. Of course, he was overshadowed by Brian's solo stuff...but the real crime is that CARL's two solo outings from the early 80s from CBS have, best as I can tell, NEVER seen the light of day on CD...and they were fantastic. Produced by James William Guercio & Jeff Baxter and managed at the time by Jerry Shilling, Carl collaborated with Shilling's then-wife Myrna Smith. You might remember her being formerly of Sweet Inspirations... she sang some duets and backup with Carl on some kickass songs. There were inspired covers too, like "Young Blood". If you liked the early 70s Beach Boys output--from "Sunflower" to "Holland", Carls solos a decade later were pretty similar. Come on Sony, get with it!...more info
  • 4 Stars For This CD, Plus 1 For What Could've Been
    This re-issue is long overdue. But in waiting this long, perhaps Dennis Wilson will finally get some of the props he so richly deserved. This is to the Beach Boys what "All Things Must Pass" was to the Beatles -- an unbelievable release from the most unlikely (to the casual observer) former member of the "supergroup."

    Dennis Wilson was a troubled guy. His dad was a freak. His brother was considered a genius. He was considered the weak link. So to tweak his own life a little more, he partied like a rock star -- undoubtedly, as one way of escaping.

    However, from listening to this, it's abundantly clear that toward the end of his life, Dennis was also finding the studio to be an even more fulfilling form of escape.

    "River Song" is one of the finest songs to come out of the seventies. Really. As you listen to the rest of P.O.B., you'll get a Little Feat vibe and a bit of prime-era Chicago vibe...not to mention a huge feeling that perhaps the other Beach Boys should've stood back and let this guy take the wheel more often.

    The non-Brian-Wilson Wilson brothers have never gotten their due. And while Brian will always be considered the one who made them all rich beyond their wildest dreams, Dennis and Carl (and to a lesser extent, Al Jardine) made some outstanding music from 1969 to 1973.

    Unfortunately, the media could never seem to get behind a version of the Beach Boys that had clearly evolved beyond "Catch A Wave" "Be True To Your School" and "I Get Around." So over time, they opted to become the Vegas-On-The-Beach nostalgia act they've been ever since.

    This incredibly-produced debut effort emotionally demonstrates that maybe it didn't have to be that way. For Dennis, at least. (Somehow the county fair circuit seems to suit Mike Love, but I digress.)

    The world will always have Brian Wilson to thank for giving the world Good Vibrations, Pet Sounds and some of the best 60s ear candy you will ever fill a jukebox with. But any music fan who picks up this album -- or the Beach Boys first two LPs on their own Brother label, Sunflower and Surf's Up -- will discover some outstanding music that proves those other Wilson boys could create some genius of their own.

    Hopefully, some music supervisors in L.A. will have the good sense to sneak one or two of these terrific songs into a movie that becomes a blockbuster. The world will never guess where they came from.

    Dennis Wilson deserves this....more info
  • Wilson Magic
    I have waited for this release for years. I have spent a small fortune on Ebay buying bootlegs and, finally, a copy of the 1991 CD release. I have waited patiently for the two Wilson classics. Smile and Pacific Ocean Blue.

    And now, at last, I have them both on official release. I am a happy bunny.

    It is not unfair to mention both in the same breath. Smile is obviously a 20th Century classic that will stand the test of time for centuries to come. A piece of music to be compared with the Bachs, Beethovens and Mozarts of history. But what of the younger, forgotten brother?

    Pacific Ocean Blue can be extremely painful to listen to. It pulls no punches, it does not spare any feelings. It is raw, it is honest, it is beautiful. Sometimes I cannot listen to it for the waves of emotion are too great, the undertow of pain too heavy. Other times it lifts my soul and cries for freedom and experience.

    Dennis lived life to the full, he put his life down on tape and we all benefit. It is a shame he could not stay around to benefit with us.

    As a Briton I salute two American heroes and their timeless contribution to world music....more info
  • ignore the naysayers...this is a great release...
    disc one, the original release sounds great. the real treat, though, is the second disc of unreleased stuff. even if you have a bootleg of the bamboo sessions, you need to still get this. the unreleased tunes sound better and more finished than the tracks you might have heard before on unofficial releases (ie wild situation, he's a bum, love surrounds me). the tune "companion" is very different than the one on this official release. the one i heard on the bootleg version of bamboo has a kick butt latin flavoured percussion and conga bit (a la chicago's beginnings). sadly this tune is edited and the original boot version is personally favored by me. there are a lot of tunes that have never been released as well and those are awesome too (check out dw's version of the holland cut, only with you...sublime stuff). people who have given this release mediocre reviews need to get their ears checked. play this and then listen to something like still cruisin right after so you have an appreciation for how awesome this is versus some of the crap that the bb's release later. ( i call it the cash in years...when they continuosly released and repackaged the same crap they've been reselling on compilations for years)...more info
  • Pacific Ocean Blue is a gem
    This album is much better than I expected. The melodies, harmonies, and production techniques exhibit Wilson's immense talent. I found the music very relaxing and enjoyable. I recommend this to people with an open mind about music....more info
  • Magnificent-Expect to listen to and hear in a way different than you have ever listened to anything before! before!
    This is an incredible release, anticipated for many many years. I have missed out on this numerous times, and have just never been willing to shuck out the big bucks to get this. Now I'm kind of glad I didn't-what a water
    shed of music to sift through. One things for sure the wait was well worth it, even though it's been thirty years.
    I have been a Beach Boys freak since 1976, and havebeen listening to them intently since 1968. The
    first album that i bought, and didn't leave my turntable was friends, and even at the age of 13, i couldn't get
    over the spirituality of their music. This is what has always drawn me to them. Dennis I felt was always at the front of this attitude, and this collection really shows it! While I will say that an edited version (you could do on your own) might be a more polished and stronger release-this is a joy to listen to, in fact I have found that each time I listen it gets a little better! So sit back, and let Dennis take you through his journey in life, if you care to come along, you'll not be the same again!
    ...more info
  • welcomed reissue....
    I have a vinyl copy and the 1991 CD copy of this album.... the remastering on this issue is fantastic. It is great to see this album reissued along with the Bambu sessions; long overdue. There isn't a weak track on POB and the unreleased track "Tug Of Love" is a gem; how this remained unreleased for over 30yrs is a wonder.
    I admire the talent of Dennis Wilson, i prefer his solo material above the other BeachBoys, including his contributions on Sunflower and 20/20. The reissue of POB should see Dennis Wilson's talent recogised by a newer and wider audience...... deservedly so......more info
  • Dennis Wilson's Gift to the Country: A Seminal Underappreciated Album
    All that is best about 70's rock, with none of what is worst about 70's rock. In the end what comes through is the personality of Dennis Wilson: Beach Boy. bad boy, sensitive, misunderstood Dennis Wilson. This album is a tour de force, and while indulgent in places, is always earnest. While 70's rock is earnest to a fault at times, Wilson's ability to create hooks out of the flotsam and jetsam of his doo op roots combined with honest self-revelations, is what distinguishes this album from less ambitious (if more successful) albums of the same era.

    Wilson is not confined to the past, musically. Numerous influences from the past and from the vibrant 70's scene sprinkle the tracks. Combined with spectacular mastering, this collection is a no-brainer and a must for any serious fan of rock music....more info