Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Image Entertainment Release Date: 10/14/2008 Run time: 48 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome!!! Amazing!!! Thrillride!!
    I saw this movie in an Imax theater. I loved it and couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. I've rarely seen a a movie with such great, up-close shots of the action. This movie makes you want to go out and sign up to be a fighter pilot! (Well, I already wanted to do that, but this movie will make you REALLY want to do that). I'm a girl and I loved it. I can only imagine that guys will love this movie just as much. ...more info
  • A wow'd little boy!
    My 6yr old son loves this movie, so much that he watched this almost everyday for months. We had to hide it from him for a little while. He wants to be a pilot when he gets older and loves anything that has to do with a jets or airplanes. If your child is a fanatic about jets and all, then buy this movie!! Why not show him what our real heroes can do and insight of a military pilot's life. ...more info
  • Awesome but short
    I loved this movie, would recommend it to anyone interested in military aircraft and operations. The movie was more engrossing when I saw it at the Luxor in Las Vegas, but still great on the small screen....more info
  • Best Air Force Flick I've seen
    Terrific & realistic. Lots of action. Those guys are more fearless than NASCAR drivers! ...more info
  • Excellent documentary
    This film is well worth owning if you're a military buff. I'm finding Blu-ray DVD's that were made with Imax film are excellent quality. If you want to show off to a friend how well Blu-ray works, this is a film well worth owning. It'll catch a persons attention and they'll want to watch the whole thing. I highly recomend Fighter Pilot both for it's content and quality....more info
  • not amazing
    don't think to be amazed by is a nice gentle documentary of what air force today is.I don't know what Imax could do on such a film
    when it is finished after 40mn max you feel realy disapointed and you expect the real thing to start but the Dvd is over!!!...more info
  • Goosebumps all over
    On the topic of the NTSC disc possibly not playing in "multizone" players outside of zone 1, I am happy to say that my JVC home theatre system (in Zone 2, PAL television country South Africa) had no problem in playing it in it's full glory. Despite it being obvious that quite a bit of the move was "staged", it doesn't detract enough from sheer moments of power, where surround sound comes to its right like never before, to warrant it not being given 5 out of 5. The Windows High Definition product also creates visuals on my computer monitor that has not been matched closely by anything else ever.
    Despite the high cost of having it sent all the way to South Africa, it has already a "money well spent" item to me. No regrets (on the contrary, constant pats on the back!) on having taken the chance to purchase this product!
    Hanno Liebenberg
    Cape Town, South Africa...more info
  • Great Imax DVD
    purchased for our 6 yr old grandson who watches the military channel religiously. He know all the names of the fighter planes that are retired & in service. We watched this DVD twice while we were visiting. The filming is fantastic....more info
  • superior blu-ray film to date (IMAX+1080p=awesome!)
    If USAF use this video to recruit they would have a lot more applicants. In regards to the video it's fantastic film making with breathtaking close ups and incredible aerial shots, the picture crystal clear (IMAX+1080p)and the content captivating. It's the next best thing to actually fly these war machines and see them engage in live combat action. ...more info
  • Amazing USAF production
    This is extremely well made despite the amateur acting by actual USAF guys. They are actually very interesting, and has some of the best video of modern military aviation Ive ever seen. It was an IMAX film, so its absolutely breathtaking. Highly recommended even for people who know little about the military. If you wanna see what the USAF does, this is a great film.

    By Carl Gould...more info
  • Awesome show!
    A lot of the reviews state poor acting, poor CGI graphics, etc. For anyone that has not seen this before, this is not a hollywood movie. This is an actual account of Operation Red Flag. No actors, no special computer animations, other than those used by the wonderful men and women of the Air Force for flight review, as demonstrated in the video. This is a true tribute to the men and women who put everything on the line so that we can whine about "poor CGI graphics" or "bad acting". This movie was designed as an insight into the main function of Nellis AFB and into the lives of USAF aviators and ground crew members for people like me who can't serve there country, but desparately want to. Enjoy the show for what it is....more info
  • Awesome
    I picked up this at Best(or Worst) Buy as it caught my eye.Stunning video,a compelling story line.I only wish it were 2 hours.That F-15 is one awesome fighter, been a favorite of mine since i saw one at an airshow in Va. many years ago,doing what the pilot is doing a minute into the film,going straight up in a hurry.I highly recommend for your Blu-ray collection. ...more info
  • ok, but not great
    The movie follows a fighter pilot sent to a elite training mission, however does not go into the more educational role as most IMAX movies do. It mainly tells a short story with no real details or plot line. ...more info
  • Oh I wish I was a Fighter Pilot
    I was Visiting Vancouver in January 2005, I went to see Fighter pilot at the Imax cinema, and thoroughly enjoyed this Action packed inspiring movie, Just had to purchase a copy to watch again. Extremely enjoyable especially if you are a Aviation Buff...........more info
  • Very well done
    Fighter Pilot was a spectacular video, I must say...the aerial battles and the panoramic views of the action was incredible. The dogfighting lacked a little and the movie was more of a aerial musical than a documentary, but hey it's still a great film. The only thing that bothered me was the length, I just wish it was longer....more info
  • Great Fighter Pilot Video
    I have watched this video many times. I first saw it on the IMAX screen at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Wow, what a movie. I subsequently bought several copies of the DVD and have given them away as gifts. If you are thrilled by high performance military jets, buy this DVD. Better yet, go to an IMAX theater....more info