Creative Labs HS-1200 Digital Wireless Gaming Headset with Sound Blaster X-Fi Technology (Black)
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Product Description

Give your play an edge with Creative's Digital Wireless Gaming Headset HS-1200. The transmitter/receiver module, which connects via USB, features the wireless technology, ensuring top-quality audio as well as maximum freedom and comfort during intensive gaming sessions! Built-in X-Fi technologies deliver crystal-clear audio and positional 3D effects via the powerful Neodymium drivers, while the low-latency design and high-end noise-canceling microphone get you straight to the heart of the action. This is the headset to choose when you want to control every situation with your team members 'as it happens'!

  • 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Transceiver: Experience a no comprise full-featured communication and entertainment experience without invonvenient headset wires.
  • USB Rechargeable Both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the internal chargable battery lets you play for up to 9 hours between charges AND the headset can still be used even while recharging!
  • Powerful 40mm Neodymium Drivers Provide thundering bass and crystal clear highs.
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Software Enhancement Package. Experience a whole new level of headset gaming. Sound Blaster X-Fi enhances and delivers gaming sound like you've never heard before.
  • Optimized for Windows Live! Messenger. Compatible with Skype.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just what I was looking for
    I'm overall pretty happy with this headset. The audio quality is phenomenal. As others have stated, the short cord is a detriment, but I've got a USB hub pretty close to my desk, so it hasn't been an issue for me.

    The other criticism I would mention is that their claim of 8 hours battery life is way off real world usage. I get 4 hours with a full charge. And you can play while charging, which is great.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    Perfect headset for a gamer that has to run to the bathroom, get up to grab a beer, or hates the hassle of the cable pulling the headset down on your head & getting in the way. Yes the ear peices are a little uncomfortable after a long session but they can be removed....more info
  • Good wireless headset, not too tight
    Creative has done a nice job with the HS-1200 headset. After a long time waiting, this is almost exactly the product I was hoping for.

    The big plus, obviously, is the lack of a cord. Audio quality is excellent, although I don't listen to music on this product and I'm not an audiophile. This product is designed for gaming and it does that just fine. Range and wireless quality are excellent. I can walk 30' to my kitchen to get a snack and there is zero static. This is terribly useful for raiding and other cooperative online activities as it allows you to keep track of things and chat with your friends while not being chained to your desk. Microphone quality and volume has been universally reported as fine.

    The product consists of the headset assembly, naturally, and a wireless/charging unit. The charging unit has two cords, roughly two foot long each. One plugs into a USB port for connection and power, and the other is plugged into the headset to charge it. The cords are rather short but long enough to plug into a rear USB port, place the wireless transceiver on the desk, and have enough cord left to wear the headset while charging, if absolutely necessary.

    Basic instillation on Vista 64 was effortless. I plugged the transceiver unit in, Vista detected it and installed the driver from its library, and the headset worked. I never even messed with the provided auxiliary programs and have never missed them for gaming or VoIP. Volume up/down on the headset works and Vista shows the volume change on a pop-up volume meter. The phone icon key appears to act as a right mouse click.

    Battery life is excellent. An all day session of roughly eight hours did drain the charge. The headset will beep repeatedly to warn of low charge and this is very annoying, however continuing to play in this state won't last long anyway. Leaving the headset plugged in when not in use and keeping to more reasonable playing sessions avoids running out of charge entirely.

    I am 6'4", 250 (more or less), and have a head sized to match. I also wear glasses. Thus, most headsets for gaming are painfully tight and headache inducing. The HS-1200 is not totally comfortable in this regard, but it is considerably better than most gaming headsets. The adjustment rails give considerable room and the top band does not press too greatly. After many hours I will get a headache and need a break but I've had much worse products. The microphone boom is long enough to reach around a large head for good reception and stays where it is positioned.

    The flip-up microphone boom muting feature is somewhat cumbersome. Moving the microphone to the mute position vibrates the microphone so others on the line will head a rumble when this happens if your game uses voice activation instead of push to talk.

    The transceiver unit has a blue LED that is steady on when the headset is on and connected. This LED will blink slowly when the headset is off, and the headset turns itself off after long disuse. The blinking can be annoying. I hide it behind a monitor footrest.

    Overall, highly recommended. It took me a while to stop automatically worrying about the position of my headset cord because I've ruined several headsets by rolling over the cord too much with my chair. It was odd to not have that at all anymore. :)...more info
  • I've been looking for something like that for years
    At last a wireless headset which can be used with Skype and from a known company. Know I can walk around my small apartment while talking on Skype and have my hands free to do some other tasks as if I'm in the same room as the person I'm talking to. The battery life is very good the sound quality is as good as any wired headset and the mic is good I never had a complaint from the person on the other end of Skype. ...more info
  • Fails miserably... no sidetone
    Sidetone is a very necessary part of a good headset. This is a feature (standard on everything since the invention of the first telephone) is what allows you to hear yourself in the headset speakers when you talk. This is important because it gives you feedback on tone, inflection and volume. With a headset plugging your ears, it is even more important than on a phone. Unfortunately, the HS-1200 does not support sidetone. This is the answer I finally got from Creative technical support.

    It is unfathomable why a company that professes to deal with sound would eliminate the sidetone feature. If you don't like it, it is easy to turn off using the sound controls on your computer. But Creative chose to not support the feature at all. For this reason, I give the product a 1 star rating. Don't buy it if you expect a good experience.

    Other features were OK. The installation process for the "driver" was annoying, over complicated, and took way to long. You are better off just plugging it in and letting your OS find the driver. It takes less time, does not require a reboot, and does not install a bunch of worthless software on your computer.

    The headset is comfortable enough if adjusted properly and I got very good range out of it. Unfortunately, when it cuts out, it makes a loud and annoying howling sound that can hurt your ears.

    The USB drive for this thing is basically a sound card. This means that if your use it, any other sound card on your system is not being used. If you have a quality sound card, then you just bypassed it for something not as good. This "feature" also makes it a royal pain to switch back and forth between your real sound card and the one for the HS-1200. I don't know about you, but I have a sound card and speakers for a reason. I don't always use a headset when I am on my computer.

    So, along with the sidetone issues, this product has other serious defects. If it would have had sidetone, I probably would have kept it and just dealt with the other problems. But, I can't use a headset without sidetone....more info
  • Does not have much range
    Pros: excellent microphone, very good sound quality even for music, volume control on headset, mic mutes when lifted up, nice charging system through USB port

    Cons: very poor range...only useful in or close to the room where the computer is...hurt my ears after prolonged use

    Overall: if you plan on using them close to the computer and they dont hurt your ears I would give them 5 stars...if you want to be able to use them to walk around the house (like I did) I would give them 1 star...more info