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Excel 2003 For Dummies
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Product Description

Every time you turn around, you run into Excel. It-s on your PC at work. It-s on your PC at home. You get Excel files from your boss. Wouldn-t you like to understand this powerful Microsoft Office spreadsheet program, once and for all? Now, you can crunch financial data, add sparkle to presentations, convert static lists of numbers into impressive charts, and discover what all the shouting-s about regarding databases, formulas, and cells. You may even decide that getting organized with a good spreadsheet is downright useful and fun!

Flip open Excel 2003 For Dummies, and you-ll quickly start getting the basics of Excel in plain English. Written for the rest of us, this down-to-earth book gently shows you how to:

  • Create a spreadsheet from scratch
  • Apply the basics of formatting cells
  • Take on database forms-even add records-and prevail
  • Get organized and stay that way
  • Save worksheets as Web pages for your company intranet

In a clear and easy-to-understand style, veteran software trainer and technology writer Greg Harvey explains the basics of worksheets and workbooks, how to enter data and work with formulas, and how to print your masterpieces. When you-re feeling very bold, he-ll have you adding comments and pictures, saving files with security protection, and learning to zip between multiple worksheets in a workbook with ease. And there-s much more:

  • Clip and save the Top Ten Beginner Basics of Excel 2003
  • Pay heed to the Top Ten Commandments of Excel 2003
  • Impress your colleagues by creating a company org chart
  • Re-open those documents and add or edit new data with aplomb
  • Move between these sheets without trouble
  • Decipher and take charge of helpful tools and commands such as Sort, Filter, Format Cells, and PivotTable

You-ll finally be able to stop pestering the Excel experts in your office. Become your own expert with the friendly and down-to-earth practical instruction you-ll find in Excel 2003 For Dummies.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excel for dummeis
    I have found this book to be very helpful, with easy to find answers to my questions....more info
  • Not worth it.
    I am an accountant. I was extremely disappointed in this book. Not well structured at all. It doesnt seem to know if it wants to be a reference book, a book for beginners or a book for those that have Excel knowledge and want to figure out the different features.
    In the end the book is a help to no one....more info
  • Loved this book.
    Read it over the weekend, for a test and I passed. It was for a new job, it helped immensely. It was easy to read, and learn from....more info
  • Never got used
    Someone asked me to purchase this book for them as they didn't know excel. The book still sits on the desk unopened. ...more info
  • Exactly what you expect
    It was just what I was looking for, and just as I expected. He assumes you know NOTHING and goes from there. Another good book in the Dummies series. ...more info
  • Excel 2003 for Dummies
    I found this book to be very helpful. I had taken Excel classes before but this book helped me to reinforce my understanding and showed me some new techniques I did not know. I recommend this book for beginners as well as advanced users of Excel....more info
  • Excel for the beginner
    My son-in-law owns two gas stations and all of his records are on Excel spread sheets. I wanted to help him so I needed to learn how to operate the Excel sheets. He is running the older computers which have the 2003 version on them. I had to get a book about the 2003 version. I did buy this book and I read it from cover to cover. I was surprised at how much Excel could do. Once you learn the basics of Excel you can perform most of the functions in simple steps. You can do almost anything on a spread sheet. I kept going back to the book to look up procedures as I got into more complicated procedures. The book has a good table of contents. I even look up some of the words so I could better understand what the program required me to do to get the right results. Later I looked at the Microsoft manual for Excel. The manual has the same information but it seems more technical and it has a minimal table of contents. The Dummies book was more user friendly and it was easier to use as a reference to answer a simple question. ...more info