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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 (Black)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $39.99

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Product Description

The sleek, ultra-thin comfort curve keyboard encourages natural hand and wrist positioning for unprecedented comfort and productivity.

  • Flip 3D Experience this dynamic Windows Vista feature by pressing a key or the mouse scroll wheel to display a 3D overlay of all open windows, and cycle through them.
  • Translucent Border and Polished Racetrack Detail Brings the subtle elegance of Windows Aero to your desktop.
  • Comfort Curve with Ultra-Thin Quiet Touch Keys Your hands sit more naturally on the quiet, responsive keys for comfort and productivity.
  • "My Favorites" Keys Customize these 5 touch-sensitive keys to instantly bring up the folders, fi les, and Web pages you use most.
  • Mobile Laser Mouse - with Magnifier, 4-Way Scrolling, Extended Battery Life, and 2.4 GHz Wireless

Customer Reviews:

  • NO
    Don't do it. Range is horrible. At 2ft. it doesn't even work correctly....more info
  • [Was 3.5 stars, now 3] Excellent ergonomics, some problems
    Interesting, no, that I'm using the keyboard and mouse package right now to write this review? I wonder if I started typing out words it doesn't like whether they would somehow revolt, start sending "nice" instead of "terrible"?

    So I've been using the mouse and keyboard for about three days now and while the experience has been mostly positive, there have been a few problems. The installation was a breeze into Vista. I didn't need any drivers and within 10 minutes, I was using both the mouse and keyboard without a problem. I did need the IntelliPoint software installed so that I could program both the mouse and keyboard.

    The ergonomics of the keyboard are pretty good. It comes with two little "feet" that you can insert under special slots under the keyboard to raise either the front or the back to your liking. Or leave them off all together. I experimented with all three and found that inserting the feet under the front ends give me a better typing experience.

    Programming the keyboard's several "special" keys was rather straightforward and there are quite a number of those. Keys exist for one-click printing, email program execution, open different folders (the user's Documents and Pictures, for example) and the list goes on. I don't really know how much I'll use these but they are quite convenient and like I said, setting the programming up is quite simple.

    It has long been my contention that the best keyboards I have ever used with the Sun Microsystems keyboards that came with the old UltraSPARC machines and I've since judged any keyboard by that standard. The keys on the SPARC were spongy yet firmly resistant so that typing a key wasn't a chore. The keyboard in this package is close, very close. I like the softness of each key as it is pressed, which softness leads to a quiet environment. Nothing breaks my concentration than the clickety-clack of keyboard keys, especially with a fast typist. Definite big points on this.

    At first I thought the mouse would be "interesting" to use seeing its shape. That was the least of my problems as it turned out. The ergonomics of the mouse took some getting used to, to be honest, but within a few hours, it became second nature. The mouse is right handed only with groves for the other, non-clicking, fingers to rest.
    On the left ridge of the mouse are two buttons mapped to backwards and magnify (the magnify threw me off the first time I used it, but a nice feature is that a help screen immediately pops up explaining the magnification process and most importantly, how to get out of it--I wish they'd simply mapped it by default to "forwards" as I'm used to, however). In Vista, Flip 3D with the mouse wheel enables you to flip through the applications. Nice, but useless for me.

    One thing I did find slightly irritating was that the mouse wheel had no clicking! It makes it difficult to accurately choose when and where to stop scrolling and while the (good) point has been made that no clicking makes it easier on the hands and fingers for long documents, I much rather a clicking for better control. The mouse is definitely comfortable in the hand and works well for extended computer use. Accuracy is good in general.

    I ran into one issue that I'm not sure about: mouse and keyboard flakiness. The claim is that with the 2.4GHz "dongle" inserted into one of the computer's USB ports, you can use the mouse and keyboard within a 30-foot range. When I'm playing on my flight simulator program, I have to move the mouse and keyboard about four feet away but I start experiencing dropped keys and the mouse starts catching and jerking as I move it around. Very annoying.

    I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact I don't have a mouse pad and use the wooden tabletop instead. It worked for my other Dell mouse which used a red laser--I don't see any lights on the underside of the mouse, by the way. I chose not to investigate further as I don't want my eyes lasered out! That said, I don't see why the keyboard started dropping keys when I moved it only about a foot or two from its normal location.

    Anyway, I plan to get a mouse pad to see if it makes using the mouse better but I don't know what I'm going to do about the keyboard's errors. Perhaps I'll try and move the USB dongle from the bad of the computer where it's located now to the one of the front USB ports to move it closer to the keyboard and mouse.

    If it weren't for these bouncy, jerky, dropped keys problem, it would be a five-star review. As it is, I'm afraid I'm going to give it a three-and-a-half stars because of the annoyance factor--a four-star if I'm being honest, but it's my review and I'm slightly put out. Just saying.

    *Update: I just found out the reason why my mouse jerks and hangs. Incredibly, installing and using the IntelliPoint software with the mouse causes problems and the fix? Well, the fix is to uninstall both the mouse drivers and the IntelliPoint software and then, get this: go into your registry and obliterate any traces of the mouse by deleting a million and one reg keys. Ah, that's the Microsoft I know and love. Demoting to 3 stars from 3.5!

    *Update 2: The keyboard is now having the same problems with dropped keys and such. Will it never end? I'm going back to using my wired keyboard and mouse....more info
  • nice keyboard
    This keyboard is a really convenient accessory to have.
    I use a Macbook pro which is rather heavy.
    ..I connect the same to my Sony Bravia and use the TV as a monitor and also to watch movies.
    FOr that reason alone I was looking around for a wireless keyboard and mouse.
    I just love the convenience of not having to get up and go to my laptop for things like forwarding and volume.
    For me personally its a multi media use.
    I am sure people will have lots more use for the same.
    The ergonomic contours of the keyboard and mouse make it more comfortable on the hands and though I cant make out too much difference, I am sure it is helps to use it when people use it for a long time.

    Worth a try.

    ...more info
  • product as advertised - works great
    wireless keyboard and mouse both work great - no problems to report after a month of daily use.
    seller proved to be reliable and delivered when promised...more info
  • Apple products are better
    I got these to try out with my Mac. They work fine, but everything is just so cheap! I guess I'm spoiled by Apple products. I got these for free as part of the Amazon Vine program, so you should take that into account here. I probably would give them more of a chance to impress me if I had paid for them....more info
  • Outstanding Ergonomics But Spotty Connectivity
    This is my third wireless keyboard/mouse combo (I have one from Dell and one from Logitech as well). I have highlighted some things that I particularly liked about it along with some of its drawbacks.

    [Update: I've downgraded my rating to 3 stars because the keyboard amd mouse started having connectivity problems.]

    - Decent Wireless Range
    The effective wireless range for both the keyboard and mouse is about 15 ft. Beyond that, the response from the keyboard and mouse becomes sporadic. Still, it's a decent range and will suit the needs of most people.

    - Ergonomic Mouse
    I love how the shape of the mouse allows me to "hug" it with my entire hand, and it fits very snugly and comfortably. Its ergonomic shape, coupled with the support I get from my wrist rest, really helps to alleviate strain on my wrist. As far as ergonomics is concerned, I'm surprised that I actually find myself liking it a fair bit more than my Logitech MX Revolution.

    - Ergonomic Keyboard
    The slight curvature of the rows of keys for the QWERTY part of the keyboard helps to accommodate the natural position of your wrist. This is my first Microsoft "Natural" keyboard and I must say it has completely dispelled my skepticism of Microsoft's so-called "Natural" keyboard design. I find that it does work as claimed in helping to properly align your wrist so you can work more comfortably.

    - Ultra Quiet Keyboard
    Wow... I'm very impressed by how quiet the keyboard is no matter how fast I type or how hard I press the keys; there's none of the familiar "clacking" sound that comes from typing on a normal keyboard.

    - Pleasant Tactile Response From The Keyboard
    I also love how the keys on the keyboard have an almost laptop keyboard feel to it. The keys are firm, not jiggly, and they have a very pleasant tactile response.

    - Accurate Mouse Tracking
    The tracking on the mouse is responsive and precise. Because it uses laser tracking, it works on pretty much any surface - light, dark, shiny, dull, smooth, rugged - you name it. It took on surfaces that my optical mice have trouble tracking - with no problems.

    - Mouse Customizability
    All buttons can be completely customized. These include the left and right buttons, the wheel click, and the two buttons on the side traditionally set to forward and backward.

    - Lagging Quirk
    Periodically, there a slight lag in response from the keyboard for about a second or two, before it "catches up" with the typing - not terribly bothersome, but definitely noticeable.

    - [Update: Every so often, the keyboard loses connectivity momentarily. At first, it was an occasional glitch, which was bearable, but as time went by it became more and more frequent, and now it's just plain unbearable.]

    - [Update: The keyboard also seems to have developed the problem of repeating certain keystrokkes - justt likkke that. I find myself having to backspace to correct the glitch every few minutes - very annoying!]

    - Mouse Has Too Much Friction with Surfaces
    There is more friction between the mouse and surfaces for my liking. I guess I'm spoiled by the way my Logitech mouse glides on most surfaces - thanks to the coating of Teflon on the bottom of its contact points. Having a mouse that glides effortlessly really makes for a much more pleasant mousing experience.

    - Lack of a "Click-to-Click" Wheel
    This is a biggie for me - I am thoroughly used to a mouse wheel that gives you tactile feedback of a "notch"/click as you turn it, so I'm very disappointed to find out that the wheel of this mouse turns almost frictionlessly. It's a problem because most people have their mouse optimally set to scroll 3 lines at each click/notch (the default setting), so it requires some effort to precisely control the click-less/notch-less turning of the wheel for scrolling a page up or down to the desired position.

    - Mouse Customizability
    The left and right tilting motion of the mouse is strictly reserved for left and right scrolling, and is thus not customizable. So far, I've found one particular application (Opera) the side-to-side scrolling doesn't work on.

    What impressed me most about both the keyboard and mouse is how much they help in alleviating wrist strain to help me work more comfortably. I give it high marks for ergonomics, which is a pretty compelling incentive for me to switch to it from my Logitech keyboard/mouse combo. However, it has some quirks, and there are a couple of drawbacks to the mouse, the most significant of which is the lack of a "click-to-click" wheel - something I find very hard to get past. There you have it; the above are some considerations you might want to take into account before deciding whether the Microsoft Natural Keyboard/Mouse Combo is right for you.

    [Update: I see at least a couple of reviewers have, like me, come back to downgrade their rating and update their reviews after they, too, started having connectivity problems with the keyboard/mouse. I was initially stoked about the ergonomics this package has to offer and was prepared to accept a couple of minor quirks. However, the glitches became more than just "noticeable"; they became unbearable as connectivity problems became more and more frequent. I'm switching back to my Logitech, which gives me rock solid reliability.]

    ...more info
  • Not great, certainly not worth list price
    But... well no. Not worth what Amazon charges either.

    The keyboard isn't bad, I have a few issues changing over from my old one, just slightly out of register, but since I touched typed all this I don't think it is far off. The action is a little lifeless, but I can live with that. I don't care about the position of the function keys since I don't use them much and although I don't expect to be using this for gaming I am pleased to have the cursor keys in a conventional relationship to the insert/delete block.

    But the mouse! Horrible. Nasty horrid mouse. It jerks across the screen and takes ages to wake up. Yes, it's supposed to be energy saving, but it sleeps so easily and takes so long to wake!

    So I have gone back to my well worn Logitech mouse. So well worn I can't even tell you what it is. Sometimes windows is slow to bring up Bluetooth devices from sleep, like minutes, once in a while I even need to run Linux to fix up the hardware so Windows can use it again, but even with all that the Logitech is still better than the Microsoft offering.

    After half an hour I removed the batteries from the 6000v2.0 mouse and went back to the old Logitech. Still not certain on the keyboard, but with a nad mouse it isn't worth the cost....more info
  • Okay Keyboard, Decent Mouse, Nothing Amazing
    I've used quite a few keyboard and mouse sets in my time, so I know what I like in a wireless set.
    1. Decent range and a solid connection
    2. Quiet keyboard with a decent amount of shortcut keys
    3. Well tracking mouse that doesn't make my hand hurt after several hours of use
    4. No irritating required software

    While this set did well on #2 and #3, it failed #1 and #4. I'll start with the positives.

    The Good
    -2.4ghz signal means a great range but no intense battery drain like bluetooth keyboards tend to have. You could use this in an HTPC setup with the computer 15-20 feet away and be fine as long as it stays connected (see "the ugly").

    -Nice quiet keyboard with a good tactile feel. A must for any keyboard.

    -Great mouse tracking. The mouse worked well on any surface a laser mouse could be used on, and laser is of course vastly superior to optical.

    -Great mouse shape and feel. The mouse looks a little strange at first, but feels awesome once you start using it. One of the best ergonomically shaped mice available.

    -Small receiver. The receiver isn't a huge block you have to set somewhere, just a small usb dongle you plug into any USB port you prefer.

    The Bad

    -Curved keyboard. It's not as intense as the Microsoft Natural series, but the keys aren't in a straight line. While these are a little bit better on your wrists, the problem is you tend to get so dependent the shape that any other keyboard or a laptop feels weird. I have to be able to use any computer at any moment, and I can't be so addicted to a curved keyboard that I can't use any generic flat one.

    -Decent shortcuts on the keyboard - the drawback is you have to use their software.

    The Ugly

    -Required software. I hate having to add software to use a mouse or keyboard. Microsoft's was a bloaty mass of frustration. Worse, as another reviewer mentioned, the set actually works BETTER without the software, but you lose support for the keyboard shortcuts.

    -Connection issues. The connection tends to flake out and lose signal from time to time. A wireless keyboard and mouse without a rock solid connection is like a car without wheels.

    In conclusion, while the mouse and keyboard were designed fairly well, the shortcomings of questionable signal and poorly designed software killed it for me. It's not a horrible set, but not the best either....more info
  • Premium Price, Awful Performance
    I am intentionally not editing the repeated and/or deleted/stray keystrokes in this review to demonstrate just how fouled up this keyboard is.

    The Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 is my third wireless keyboard (the others eventually wore out), and it is BY FAR the worst wireless keyboard I haave ever used.
    It tends to randomly generate extra keystrokes, sometimes just ignoring keystrokes completely, and also lags by several seconds in response to typing speeds of 20 wpm or less.

    The transceiver unit resembles a thumb drive. The transceiver appears to be highly sensitive to placement. I keep the transceiver and keyboard about 9 feet apart and in line of sight of each other, but still experience an exreeemely high error rate.

    This keyboard has caused me no end of is not depeeendable enough to do anything important ...for goodness sakes, never usee this keyboard for any federal or state websites where reliable typing is required.

    I find myseelf having to stand up and walk over to move the transceiver several times a day to reorient the antenna, but honestly nothing seems to make this keyboard perform in anything close to an acceptable manner.

    Yes, I know, the "e" key is repeating right now, but in a few minutes other keys will exhibit the same behavior, or stop working altogether.

    I cannot recommend anything but avoiding this keyboard/mouse combination at all costs. While the mouse is ergonomically nice, and the keyboard is quiet, the communication link is so awful that the entire setup is basicall useless.

    This will be it's last use before heading to the trash. Shame, it ooks and feels so nice....more info
  • Great Quality and Functionality
    The MS wireless laser desktop 6000 is a great product that should make a lot of customers happy. However, it does have a few slight, nagging problems that, in reality, would lead me to give it a 4.5 star rating. But based on Amazon's rating scale, I rounded up to 5 stars.

    This desktop set has a lot going for it. The installation of the software was painless. The wireless connection is simple plug'n'play with the USB dongle--the keyboard and mouse didn't even have to be sync'd up, it worked right out of the box. It's nicely constructed and has a pretty sharp looking design. The keys are ergonomic and comfortable for all-day use. There are plenty of dedicated function keys that are clearly mapped out for things like the calculator and media center commands. In addition, there are programmable keys up at the top of the board that let you assign any program or document to them. You just hit the key and it asks you what you'd like to assign to it. And for the ultimate test, I let a very non-techie friend borrow the keyboard for a week and she had zero problems installing it or assigning programmable functions to it. It's a great desktop combo, and I would give it a full 5 stars if I had never used Logitech's Wave Desktop.

    So what are the shortcomings of the microsoft 6000? The first thing that's a dealbreaker is the mouse--for lefties. This is a right handed mouse. The Logitech Wave Desktop has an ambidextrous mouse by comparison.

    The other minor problems are indeed, minor and somewhat personally picky. First, the mouse scroll wheel glides freely when used. I prefer a scroll wheel that has a click-step resistance so that I can scroll a specified 3, or 6, or 9 lines at a time. Again, not a big deal, and more of a personal preference. The final thing is the space bar. The space bar is soft and has some "lazy action." It just doesn't bounce up quickly the way I'd like it to when I'm cruising along typing fast. It's functional and very useable, just not a real 5-star perfect.

    So, overall, I'm a little torn. I really, really like this keyboard/mouse and would give it 5-stars. But since I've also tried out the Logitech Wave (you can check my Amazon review on that as well), I have to give that a 5-star rating and my full recommendation--especially for lefties. If you prefer a free-scrolling mouse wheel, or a few more easy to use programmable buttons, then go with the MS Desktop 6000....more info
  • Solid combo with a few minor quirks
    I like this set so far. Wireless range seems ok to me. Everything in my setup is within a few feet of each other, so your mileage may vary. I did lose connectivity to the mouse once. Reseating the transceiver did the trick. I'm not sure if it was an issue with my PC or the mouse itself, but it hasn't repeated. I have a wireless G router approximately five feet away and have not noticed any interference between the two. Performance wise, the mouse seems pretty reliable and accurate. There is no stutter or lag. I don't notice a significant improvement in this particular laser mouse over normal optical mice. Then again, I'm not a big gamer or graphic artist, so I don't need the absolute pinpoint precision. The additional buttons and scroll wheel on the mouse work well, although I have a tendency to accidentally click the side mouse buttons with my thumb. Despite the occasional errant button click, I do like the ergonomic design of the mouse and my hand seems to rest comfortably around it. You do not need to install the included intellipoint/type software for basic use of the set, however it is required if you want to use some of the more advanced mapping options. I use XP Pro, so I can't comment on some of the new features for Vista such as the flip 3D. Keyboard responsiveness is good. The keys are shallower (more like laptop keys) and have a less-tactile feel than normal keys. I prefer firmer keys although I don't find the soft keys particularly distracting. I didn't experience any issues with latency or missed characters. I do agree with others about the design of the escape key. It's smaller, placed farther away than normal, and just not as intuitive to locate when your happily typing away as opposed to two-finger pecking. I'm also not a fan of Microsoft's curved keyboard because it's just not as natural feeling (to me) as standard keyboards. I seldom use keyboard hardware shortcut buttons because I prefer using Windows keyboard combo shortcuts (like alt+tab), the run box, and the quick launch bar. I like the fact that they labeled some of the frequently used Windows shortcuts (such as ctrl+C (cut), ctrl+V (paste), and ctrl+S (save)) on the keys to make them easier for users who may not be familiar with them. There are also plenty of programmable shortcut buttons on the keyboard and controls for frequently used features such as multimedia and web browsing. For users who took the long route over learning the many Windows keyboard shortcuts, this keyboard can save them from a lot of time-consuming digging through menus. I also give Microsoft points for styling an attractive keyboard. The translucent edges give it a modern feel. Microsoft usually goes for frumpy design (remember the original brown brick Zune?), however, they got this one right. Although I'm not crazy about the placement of the escape and function keys, I still think it is a very nicely designed keyboard. It's also lightweight and compact despite all the features.

    Overall, this set contains a wealth of features that can make computing quicker and easier, although there are a few design quirks, such as the escape key, that may annoy some power users. It is an attractive combo that (so far) seems to offer solid performance. ...more info
  • Wanted to love this great set, but just couldn't do it...
    I ordered this with a little hesitation since I do not like the feel of the extreme ergonomic keyboards where the keys are tilted almost 45 degrees. This keyboard, however, does not have such dramatic angles. They are only slightly angled and I found myself typing with ease within minutes.

    The mouse, on the other hand, I did not like. I felt it was too 'flat' and did not have much of a 'hump' in the center where you can rest the center of your hand. It had an odd feel to it... it's hard to describe. I put it up next to my Logitech mouse and it was the same height. However, the angle goes down quickly to the right, giving it an odd feel.

    The battery life appears to be great and they both appear to be well made. I did notice a slight lag in the keyboard response when typing. I think that is true with most wireless input devices though. As far as the mouse, I would suggest you stop by your local electronics store and lay hands on it to see if you like the feel. If so, then come back and order it here where it is usually cheaper.

    ...more info
  • fantastic keyboard
    I was looking for an ergonomic keyboard with a decent mouse that was also wireless. This is very comfortable and the mouse is very responsive. I love the magnify option and it also is very appealinng to look at....more info
  • Where is Amazon's Standard?
    I received this item in a re-sealed box. The mouse included is a V2 edition. Is this package really shipped by Amazon? Should Amazon specify the product as an open box or re-...???

    Where is Amazon's STANDARD???

    Amazon also sent me an email to review this product that was cancelled by the other seller. I mistakenly posted a review against that seller. Customer service: wake up!!!

    ...more info
  • Range of 5 feet... not 30 like advertised!
    Purchased this keyboard because I needed a keyboard for my media/tv pc. I use this computer for TV but also for every day computing. I use it from my coffee table which is about 5 to 7 feet from my tv(depending if the keyboard is on the table or my lap). This keyboard/mouse is advertised as working from 30 feet. That is completely bs. With the USB plugged into the back of my computer, it wouldn't even work from 5 feet! When I changed the USB receiver to the front of the PC, it started working ok from 5 feet. I get missed key strokes often, however, and quite often the mouse goes out and in. Not for long, but the mouse will just stop for like half a second, then go again like normal. This happens at least a couple times a minute. Same with the keyboard. Sometimes when typing nothing will register for a second. You may be typing a sentence and if you are a fast typer like me the sentence will be missing a word or two. But like the mouse it just reconnects after a second or two.

    I went with this keyboard because I figured with the Microsoft name and a 30foot rated length of signal it would suite my needs fine. What I got was a very nice looking and feeling(I do like the feel and quiteness of the keys) piece of junk. For $70 a keyboard/mouse should run smooth. There is no way I would ever try to use this keyboard for writing anything of length. In fact this review is getting annoying to keep writing as I am using the Microsoft keyboard now and my keys keep getting missed.

    To anyone out there looking for a long range, good signal keyboard/mouse. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE! ...more info
  • Not perfect, but my favorite so far
    This keyboard is that in-between fit I was looking for. A little more girth than a notebook style keyboard, but much slimmer and faster than a regular one. The mouse is comfortable for larger-handed folks, and since it's wireless it helps keep my desk clear.

    I've read some reviews that mention a weak receiver signal, and while I don't use the set off my desk, I can tell you that there ARE times where the keyboard will simply stop sending keystrokes to the computer for a few seconds. This doesn't happen on a fresh set of batteries though, so it's a not a major annoyance.

    I also replaced the keyboard because the enter key had a loud plastic "click" to it. The replacement had a better enter key, but a noisy backspace. I solved that problem with a small folded piece of paper inserted into the clip that the key hooks on to.

    I've owned Microsoft keyboard/mouse products in the past, and I have to take a star for what I think is lesser-than-normal build quality. That said, I'm still using the keyboard a couple of months later when it would be easy to switch out, so it's perfectly fine overall. The best choice for this key style and feel.

    PS. I should also mention that, as usual, the Amazon service was excellent....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Two shortcomings. 1. Doesn't have a "sleep" key. 2. Would like full size F1-F12 keys. Other than these two small deficiencies I would have rated it 5 stars. Very comfortale and good tactile response. Love the magnifier built into the mouse. ...more info