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Hudson Hawk
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  • There's Nothing Wrong With Your Eyes-I Did Give This 5 Stars!
    Hudson Hawk has gone down in film history as both a colossal box office bomb as well as a lousy movie. If you ask me, that's only half right(the first half, that is). It's been vilified for years and usually makes a good weapon when someone wants to attack Bruce Willis' career. But if Hudson Hawk is a weapon against Willis, then Armageddon should be a nuke.
    I don't think people knew what they were getting into with this movie, nor do I think the world was ready. Willis was hot off the griddle as the new movie action hero with the first two Die Hard films. Hudson Hawk was foolishly advertised as a flat out action film, and this was what people were expecting. What they weren't expecting was the totally insane and zany live action cartoon that is Hudson Hawk.
    Hawk is a cat burglar fresh out of the slammer. Immediately he is thrown into a caper where he has to steal various works of art from Leonardo Da Vinci from museums. These works of art contain pieces of an apparatus that Da Vinci created to operate a gold making machine. On his adventure, Hawk and his partner Tommy(Danny Aiello) are pursued by CIA agents(led by James Coburn), a crazy millionaire couple(Sandra Bernhard and Richard E. Grant), mobsters, a blade wielding British butler, and a lunatic nun(Andie MacDowell).
    This movie is nuts! The assassins are named after candy bars(a then unknown David Caruso plays "Kit Kat", a silent Harpo Marx type of character who's constantly changing his wardrobe and speaks through printed index cards), MacDowell speaks to her superior through a two way radio in a crucifix, cartoon sound effects accompany the characters' actions, everybody overacts, Willis leaps and falls and gets slapped around like Wile E. Coyote...and if this weren't all enough, there are musical numbers! In order to keep time during their heists, Willis and Aiello don't rely on stopwatches, but sing songs to keep track of how much time they have. A lot of the humor is very juvenile. This movie has some of the worst jokes and one liners of any film you'll ever see. They're so bad that they actually become hilarious! There's a running joke throughout the movie about Willis trying to get a cup of cappuccino, but something always prevents him from drinking it, whether it's him getting bumped into and spilling it or the mug being shot out of his hand.
    Hudson Hawk has probably the stupidest headscratcher of a one liner in motion picture history. During the climax of the movie, a character manages to decapitate himself while fighting with Willis. After the decapitation, Willis exclaims, "I guess he won't be attending that hat convention in July!!" Who the hell wrote that line? And what does it mean? And did they really think that was funny? Well, it is so awful and ridiculous that it ends up being hysterical(to me anyway. Most people will probably just groan in pain).
    Needless to say, I simply love this movie. The world wasn't ready for it then, and they're still not today. It's very unique, bizarre and silly. I've never really seen a movie quite like it.
    The special edition includes the director commentary from the previous edition, but adds a featurette from 2005 with Willis and composer Robert Kraft talking about the movie(apparently the character of Husdon Hawk started out as a character from a jazz tune Kraft had written). It's okay, but I was hoping Willis would talk more about the details of making the movie, it's all too generalized. I was also surprised to hear Willis say that he likes the film. For years he has publicly trashed the movie, but I guess he really does like it. Also is a short monologue from Sandra Bernhart on her experience making the movie. This is funny at times. It's actually quite a good package for the price. I'm surprised any attention was given to the film at all. Thankfully it was.
    If you haven't already, Catch The Hawk! If you already have, Catch It Again!!!...more info
  • Pure Comic Genious
    I know this movie gets bad press but it's an ingenious masterpiece. Putting the robberies to music and the fact that his "high tech" gadgets include skateboards, softballs, and olive oil in such an unexpected and brilliant move that the amazing cast, hilarious lines, and uproaring sequences (my favorite being the "purary dart" sequance)just help put it even farther ahead of its time to the point that we still haven't caught up. The only comedies that walk beside it are "UHF" and "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie". so when you buy this also buy those cause they add that same humor.

    'nuff said...more info

  • A gift for a friend
    I ordered this because a friend of mine loves this movie. She couldn't find it anywhere, I suppose. My first thought was to check and obviously it was here. She jumped with joy when I gave it to her....more info
  • Hudson Hawk
    Although this movie was not what I normally think of as a Bruce Willis movie I really enjoyed watching it. Nice to see the tough guy in lighthearted plot line for a change....more info
  • Classic film like no other!!!!
    I remember really diggin the hell out of this at the theatre, despite the fact that it tanked and I was all of 12. What gets me is that- I understand why your average brainwashed zombified office drone wouldn't like this but the critics panned it too. Actually, that doesn't surprise me, given the heidi fleiss treatment they've lavished on the wretched 'Troy.' Anyway, Glad to see there's a little amazon cult of like-minded souls who appreciate the hilarious absurdity, one-off jokes, great performances, neat ideas and all around craziness this movie delivers.

    Yeah, there are some plot problems and pacing is off-kilter, but heck, this film is so much fun from the first second til the end when Eddie finally gets his- no I won't ruin it... Give it a chance. I haven't perused the DVD but doubt it has much extra stuff. This isn't the kind of film the gets the redux.

    If the thought of Danny Aiello, Bruce Willis, James Coburn, Sandra Bernhardt, Andie McDowell (no relation to Malcolm), a young David Caruso, and a handful of other dynamic character actors doesn't appeal to you then stop reading now. Moreover, if the thought of the world's greatest jewel thief stealing Da Vinci treasures, a Vatican spy agency, an over-the-top madman entrepreneur and his depraved wife aimed at destroying the world's economy, a corrupt CIA covert ops team called "The Candybars," doesn't pique your interest then go back to bed.

    Some of the best one liners I've ever heard. They never get old. "I must speak with the dolphins now." "Just kill her- Darwin! This is supposed to be torture, not therapy." "Bettie Jo Baijarsky? I can get you an address on that." "Bunny?!? Ball Ball!!!"

    If you like Bill Murray's everyman attitude in ghostbusters then this film's humor will appeal.

    In summation- If you dug 'Ice Pirates,' "The Princess Bride," or any Terry Gilliam film you will probably dig this one.

    ciao....more info

  • One of the films I'd have with me on a deserted island..
    Every year, I have the great enjoyment of pulling out this DVD and introducing yet another person to one of the most enjoyable movies of all time. Does it have fantastic acting? Nope. An earth-shattering plotline? Nope. It's just a fun movie with an odd storyline and some great singing.

    I highly recommend this film....more info

  • Does anyone agree?
    This movie is Don Quixote. The action movie genre deserved skewering, and what better way than through the silly, exagerrated idioms of action movies. It's brilliant because it's ridiculous - cause let's all admit it, barring (maybe) the 007 series, action movies are a tad ridiculous. This movie does for the action genre what Cervantes did for the literature of caballeria - expose what absurdity it is through replicating from a more realistic point of view. No stone is left unturned - the stupid catch phrases, the exotic death of the villians, the deus ex machina survival of the deady explosion, the inane love story. The casting of Willis, one of Hollywood's most celebrated action stars, serves to highlight the irony. If you take this movie too seriously, if you approach it with a serious take on action movies, you won't get it BECAUSE THE JOKE'S ON YOU!...more info
  • A movie everone needs to see at least once.
    Hudson Hawk is movie about Eddie Hawkins, famed cat-burglar the 'Hudson Hawk', who after serving 10 years in prison, finds himself blackmailed into stealing the works of Leonardo Da Vinci to recreate his gold transmuting machine. Sounds like a generic action movie, until you find that Eddie and his old and fattening partner Tommy are as unconventional as thieves can be. Singing songs to time their actions, using flair and creativity and mocking the use of gadgets, like a 'watch'. Then we find that the blackmailers include inept mobsters, sardonic and insane CIA agents, and two Billionaires that are such over-the-top lunatics that the action and dialog begin to seem like a comic book.

    Despite, or because, all this the story holds together and still evokes a laugh. The last action sequence does come off as somewhat silly, and a second of censor editing left in for unknown reasons that chops a wity one-liner in half(half liner?) disrupts the movie slightly. But overall the movie is fun and enjoyable. And the last line of the movie made me go back and watch it again, to see the truth for myself. The REAL plot of the movie: Eddie is trying to get a cup of coffee. ...more info
  • Hudson hawk
    I cannot believe there are actually people out there who like this movie. It would be the worst film I have watch in decades....more info
  • Hudson Hawk
    Can't wait to see the movie.The preview makes me want to see it.Rated R for language....more info
  • This turkey flew the coop!
    The movie attempted to be cute, funny, and witty. It was a dismal and abyssmal failure. The best part of the entire film was the ending credits. I don't know how desperate Bruce Willis was when he made this film, but I'm certain that he now has night sweats dreaming about his involvement in this turkey. Rent it before you buy it -- that way you're just suckered out of a few dollars....more info
  • GOOD Grins
    OK, so it's not high drama. But the critics need to get a clue. This is a fun flick. The music is great, and it fits. It borders on slapsitck from time to time, but manages to to miss it by a hair. The music as a timing device is very clever, and makes it all work....more info
  • Laugh Out Loud Ridiculous
    I've read reviews saying this movie was one of the dumbest ever, and it was a major blockbuster flop! But it still makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. Its got comedy, suspense, romance and musical numbers? *LOL Don't be too harsh when going in to see this and remember its not an Oscar winner. If you're looking for a movie to watch that definately doesn't take itself serious, this is the movie for you....more info
  • Sheer glorious insanity!
    Please disregard the bad press this movie has gotten and check it out for yourself. If you're in the mood to watch a movie that fits any and all of the following criteria, Hudson Hawk is just what you're looking for!
    * Laugh out loud funny
    * Completely ludicrous
    * Action-packed
    * Has a (mildly demented) love story
    * Totally surreal
    * Thoroughly enjoyable....more info
  • It cannot be watched. Official.
    Occasionally, along comes a film that is of such preternatural badness that you cannot describe it's awfulness. Thankfully, this isn't that movie. This boisterously jejeune enterprise jumps the shark early with a positively cringe enducing duet sung between Willis and Aiello while robbing a museum. It then goes on to pole vault the polecat, leap the lizard, circumnavigate the crocodile, skip the snake, bye-pass the barracuda and last, but by no means least, winch over the whale. Yes, my scriptwriter is Bruce Willis.
    Mr Aeillo seems happy to have his weight ridiculed in order to feed the wife and kids.
    I have tried twice to watch this film and was forced to give up again in exactly the same place. It is genuinely unwatchable. The reviews here suggest that it really is impossible to go broke under-estimating the intelligence of the American public. DVD rules! Astonishingly, someone even wrote a several paragraph thesis on why the script was in the tradition of William Shakespeare. Well, Bill never had much of a sense of comedy so maybe he's on to something. The trouble is, if all laws of the known universe are suspended, so is suspense. Which is why, at least for me, 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' grows tiresome after twenty minutes.
    I have it on good authority that this lamentable effort gets worse when Richard E Grant turns up. No suspension of disbelief needed there, then.
    I'm determined to sit through it all one day. I'm thinking of having someone tie me to a chair in front of a television and administer large doses of mescalin every twenty minutes or so. On second thoughts, better make that ten. I'll be able to finish that Noam Chomsky, too....more info
  • The best unappreciated movie of the 90s
    This film is just about perfect. You either "get it", or you don't. I never write reviews for these films, but I noticed people dissing the film, and I had to comment. "Hudson Hawk" is brilliant. It is, dare I say it, the "Buckaroo Banzai" of the 1990s. Catch the Hawk!...more info
  • An over-the-top comedy - and good because of it! "B+"
    From beginning to end, this film is filled with tons of effective silliness; a few examples include Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello singing a showtune while robbing a museum, a henchman named 'Butterfinger,' and the brilliantly-delivered, classic line as Willis decapitates a bad guy: "Won't be attending that hat convention in July!" After listening to the director commentaries for both this film and 'Big Trouble in Little China,' 'Hudson Hawk' reminds me of the former - most people at the time of its release (it would seem) were expecting an outright action-adventure and instead got a very unique comedy, so if this movie hasn't been on your radar, keep the thought in mind. This film has a lot of charm, a lot of laughs, and really deserves a look if want a different kind of adventure story....more info
  • Was A Gem, Is a Gem, and Shall be a Gem
    Interesting that the Box office Summaries do NOT include how much was taken world wide.
    I enjoyed this film when I first saw it, and enjoy it in the DVD format. The audio is very good, the Video quality is superb. The Amazon is, once again, far of the mark, and shows just how much the editors are out of touch with the fans of these films.
    Watch the film, give it a chance, and if you have even a cursory knowledge of what works in europe, then you are likely to enjoy it.
    Yes the story is convoluted, and yes it is a Bruce Willis Pet Project, but its fun, and most people who like it REALLY like it. And the directors commentary is very revealing. From the deliberate continuity gaffs, to the Three Stooges style elements that are included, you can have a fun time, and don't believe everything that the Director says; for example, he says that the use of the Tape rewound was copied from them in a later film, however, POLTERGEIST 3 uses exactly the same trick, and that was done before this was made. Some other points show a little bit of additional ignorance by the director, but on the exposition of the events surrounding the film, its all fun and games, and shows a lot of fun by all, and this fun is indeed very contagious.

    [Minor Point: IF you like the advertised cover shown above, do not expect to get it , since that snap is from the inside card on the US release, and it was earlier VHS releases that had the above cover, the DVD as at this date, has another shot. less appealing in my opinion, but still good .]

    ENJOY...more info
  • Sorry Mr. Editor...this is a lost GEM !!!
    I don't understand...and I don't really care about the other reviews. This is a very funny movie. A young Bruce Willis and an all-star cast. Hidden humor abounds in the tounge-in-cheek action comedy. The presidential phone ring from James Coburn's Flint movies is just one example. I rented it and now I plan to buy it. ...more info
  • Fabulous irreverent fun!
    Hudson Hawk is a cult classic full of over-the-top antics and truly irreverent tongue-in-cheek humor. It pokes fun at everything and reassures us that not all need be taken seriously. The sight gags, unforgettable one-liners and cast of quirky characters has made this film one of my all-time favorites....more info
  • Catch the excitement, catch the hawk, catch the Kitsch!
    Hudson Hawk is the funniest "bad movie" since Rocky Horror or Plan 9 (well, the latter was not MEANT to be funny). Its equally hated by critics and Bruce Willis himself. But it has some really funny, twisted parts, it has everything, comedy, drama, science fiction, and some scenes bring a tear to the eye! Its worth seeing at least once even though it is widely hated. I would say that this movie is a cult classic in the making, give it five more years....more info
  • some people don't get it...
    I suppose people expected another type of Die Hard when this first came out. It's certainly not a Die Hard, but I still think it is great. Rather than being a hard core action film, it is more like a cartoon come-to-life comedy. Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello are so good together here as buddies. When you add a couple of jazz tunes sung by the aforementioned actors, a witty script, a great score, and cappuccino, how can you go wrong?...more info
  • what the hell...
    This is one of the worst movies ever made. The comedy can only be enjoyed by a preteen. An R-rated movie starring Bruce Willis with loney-toon style sound effects and all of the crappiest things you can think of. This movie is horrible. In order to like this movie you must have had a full lobotomy....more info
  • It's a comic book movie
    I think the biggest problem with this movie is that people think they're supposed to take it seriously. Ummmm, no. It's satirical comedy, not straight comedy.

    All the indignant people who pan this movie by saying it's stupid are taking it way too seriously. Of course it's stupid, it's satire.

    (warning, some minor spoilers, but they don't matter much) I mean, the love interest is a nun, he mails himself to the Vatican, he spends the whole movie trying to get a cup of capuccino and his parole officer tries to get him to commit a crime.

    Think The Da Vinci Code meets Laurel and Hardy. ...more info
  • **still laughing**
    Despite the critics comments...I loved the movie..but then I used to write consider the source.
    I guess it depends on the person. As another reviewer either get it or you don't. ...more info
  • I love this movie
    Hudson Hawk has to be one of the best Bruce Willis movies of all time. The plot switches, the music, and the cast were wonderful. It is a joy to watch and I upset that so many people hate this movie. I think they missed the whole point of the movie....more info
  • Funny...
    Funny! Not the movie, but the fact that one reviewer insinuated that Bruce Willis himself should have written most of the positive reviews of this movie! Actually, Bruce Willis once said during an interview that he regretted ever participating in this lousy movie but that he just couldn't be choosy at the time. You must smile at the fact that so many reviewers found it worth 4-5 stars.

    Watch "The Whole Nine Yards" for a jazzy flick with Bruce or "City Hall" for serious movie with a few nice old songs!...more info