Hoyle Card Games 2009
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Step up to the best deal in town and test your skill. Shuffle the cards and deal yourself in to the greatest card games of all time. Hoyle drops you right into the action with over 150 classic games, official rules, tips and strategies. From classic games like Cribbage to new favorites like online Texas Hold'em, HoyleCard Games 2009 has something for everyone. Now with built-in compatibility for both PC and Mac users alike ESRB Rated T for Teen

  • All games are based on the official rules from Hoyle
  • Create your own character with Face Creator, customizing everything from facial features to clothes
  • Interactive computer opponents with multiple skill levels to challenge everybody
  • Play together on the same computer and challenge your friends and family for bragging rights or play solo with 55 different solitaire games included.
  • Over 75 card games including - Texas Hold'em, Hearts, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, Omaha Hold'em, Pinochle, Rummy 500, and much more!

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrific compared to 2008 version
    Game play is horrific compared to 2008 version. Apparently gone are the quick/short cuts to play cards such as right click, and double click.

    Even with the patch, the card sizes are disastrously small, and as an example it's all but impossible to play a card, let alone meld in the game Canasta.

    Sadly most stores won't take a return on opened software - if you're an avid card player look for an older version such as 2008.

    Lord knows how/why this thing bloated to nearly 3 gigs of hdd space as well... I remember a very old version (albeit with not quite this number of games) that would literally fit on, and play off of a USB thumb-drive......more info
  • Don't buy it
    I used to love the Hoyle Card Games 2005 & 2007. This version, the cards are too small and too hard to manouver. It also has a loading time for some reason. Stick to the older versions. I think I'll uninstall ths one and reinstall 2007....more info
  • The Cards are the Thing
    The company forgot that the cards are the thing when we are playing, not the background. To be up to date and impressive, the update has backgrounds of office, living room, or other familiar environments; that's great, but the cards are therefore reduced in size. I played on a 32" monitor and they are still too small.

    This program is, in light of other competitors, useless and a disk you will put in the drawer and forget. Don't bother......more info
  • A waste of money-Fire person responsible for this release!

    This game really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
    i bought the Hoyle Cards some months ago and didn't install it until recently. I was interested in the bridge game. It was horrible. The cards for dummy were so small as to be unreadable!
    After much searching I found from Amazon.com there there is a fix. Several hours of searching for it were fruitless. The game refused to open so I had to delete it. I reentered the application, found the update, not visible before, and downloaded it. I was ok. I quit it after several hands, returned and the thing won't open. I reinstalled three times. It still refuses to launch.
    I plan to return it to Apple and try for a refund if I have the receipt. If I don't, I'm just going to leave it with them, and will never buy another Hoyle game ever!!...more info
  • Hoyal Royal Suite Best Internet Card Game Nobody Knows About
    This review is aimed at everyone who used to play cards on the Hoyle website. As you know by now, the Hoyle card playing website has shut down. The Hoyle site was the best card playing website on the Internet and now it's gone. Never again will you be able to play card games with players with screen names like Frosity, I'm Sittin', Gearfreak, Hearts Addict, Paladin, JJPlays and Dorlen. If you install Hoyle Card Games 2009, however, you can play cards online at Hoyle Royal Suite. The play is not as good as it was at the old Hoyle website but it's, at least, second best. The problem is that there are currently very few players on this site. I am trying to get more people to play. If you used to play on the old Hoyle website and miss it, I encourage you to buy this program. There's no annual fee. The only charge is what you pay for Hoyle Card Games 2009. Don't buy it for the play with the animated characters. Buy it for Hoyle Royal Suite. Other card playing websites like Yahoo and MSN are a joke. Hoyle Royal Suite isn't. We just need more players.

    ...more info
  • review of card games 2009
    I owned an older version of this product and liked the way it was set up better than this newer version. The older one was easier to use....more info
  • Disappointed
    Ballooning cards moving up, down and sideways is distracting and hard to chase down to select. Download time is OK. A 30 minute update is ridiculous. Selected the only 4 music options, that got marked sold, but never showed up. The running commentary on who is selecting a card etc. is useless. At hands end, maybe show the remaining cards in the losers hands, face up, so you coulld see what they had left, to maybe form a strategy of sorts. The speed choice is unsat. It is either very slow or supersonic. All in all I think I would have enjoyed a head cold more than coping with this headache. VR/jebco35 ...more info
  • Not Really Satisfied
    I purchased Hoyle Card Games 2009 even though I had Hoyle Card Games 2008. After installation, the new 2009 did not execute properly. It was jerky and its movements were slow. After a week, I uninstalled 2009 and reinstalled 2008 and I have been satisfied with all card games ever since. This copy of 2009 appears to be defective.
    William M Pate Jr
    12 Dec 2008...more info
  • Change in Card Size
    My name is Kim Henderson and I am the product manager for Hoyle / Encore.

    I want to take a moment to let everyone know that we heard your requests for larger cards and we have made them bigger. As of 11-25-08 there is a patch available to update the card size. Now all the cards are much larger and easier to see. In addition, as the cursor moves over the cards they are magnified even more making it easier to see single cards.

    Please make sure to run your update 1.5 on the game to see the results of the magnification of the cards.

    You are also welcome to visit [...] and post your comments or requests for changes in our forums.

    Thank you for your purchase of Hoyle Cards 2009....more info
    I owned & enjoyed Hoyle Card Games 2005 for Windows XP, so when I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows Vista, I bought this version since I was told my old version of Hoyle 2005 would not work. When I tried to install, the disc did not work and ended up corrupting the entire hard drive on my brand new laptop!! After calling customer support for my laptop, (which, by the way, they were extremely helpful) I spent over 3 hours restoring the hard drive. I will definitely be returning this and will not attempt another one. ...more info
  • Horrible!
    I had 2008 and thought 2009 would be better. WRONG! I play rummy alot and you could double click a card to make it move to the discard pile in 2008. You can't in this version. You have to manually drag it to the pile. Also in some of the solitare games that I could go through the deck more than once in 2008 you can't in 2009. I thought Encore would do better than this. Also had problems with load and updates too. Had to disable UAC in Vista to get it to work. If you have 2008 stay with it. If you are buying for first time buy 2008 not 2009....more info
  • No on Macbook Pro
    Well... It looks like it would be really fun, but I got the game and installed it on a Macbook Pro, and it turns out it doesn't work on a macbook pro and they want to refund it but i am going to try and rectify the situation....more info
  • abysmal
    pretty much useless since the face of the cards are all but illegible even on the largest screens. if you are blind then this is a great piece of gaming software....more info
  • Unplayable!
    The graphics were just horrible. I couldn't read the cards. The game wouldn't go in to full screen mode. I returned it....more info
  • Too much graphics, too little card sense
    I upgraded from Hoyle 2005 looking for a bridge game that was more sophisticated. Instead, it was slow in card playing (flipping the cards as played), partners card were so small as to be unreadable and the programming had not been approved....more info
  • Not the greatest
    I purchased this game basicly for one card game (pitch) and to replace my old Bicycle Gin card game which Vista 64 won't run. I agree with the rest of the reviews, the cards are small and very hard to read. It looks like they are in the shadows and not highlighted. I also have an issue with the gameplay. In playing Rummy 500 it seems like the computer gets all of the high cards. I have yet to win a game which is frustrating. I paid $12.00 for it so I'm not going to complain too much, but I can't recommend it. If I can find a better product it will be replaced....more info
  • card games butchered by Hoyle 2009
    How does a card game get botched????

    During a time when games like Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 blur the line between fiction and reality, I am rendered speechless by this indefensible crap.

    it's over 600mb!!!...for a f'ing card game??? HOW!?!?!?!?

    The cards are illegible and I have to watch the cpu play out each f'ing hand even after I fold.

    This pos crashed my computer too. Unreal.

    I wish I could hand out negative scores cuz I have to go through the pain of uninstalling this crap and who knows what residual shi* it has smeared onto my registry....more info
  • Hoyle Card Games 2009 Review
    All in all it's just okay. Sometimes the view of the table is completely obscured by the lamp in the game. Also some of the functions on a few of the games from 2008 have been removed (such as being able to review previous hands in a bridge game)....more info
  • i can't read the fne print!
    Good grief! What a waste of my time and money. I even tried getting right up to the computer screen in order to see the cards. I can't put my finger on the exact problem but it seems to be the angle at which the cards are shown. Very uncomfortable and a strain for me. Uninstalled and back in the box. ...more info
  • Poor graphics
    Hoyle Card Games 2009
    Other reviewers complaints about poor graphics are correct. The new 2009 version cards are very small. Virtually unuseable....more info
  • hoyle card 2009
    enviroments are too busy, hard to see cards. Card size is too small, even by using the casino large option. Bridge is manageable, but hearts and other cards are too small. Solitaire games are unplayable as the cards are stacked too tight and only the top card is readable...more info
  • hoyle card games 2009
    this game takes a few minutes to start loading, you may need to disable your firewall during the install depending on who you use, all in all it is worth the effort...more info
  • Hoyle Card Game 2009
    Hoyle Card Game 2009 I found to be very hard to use and the graphics are awful, the 2008 version is great so I thought the 2009 version would be better it isn't. The cards are too small and I found it difficult to use. I was fortunate enough to be able to return the product for a refund. I would not recommend this program. ...more info
  • BIG Disappointment
    Hoyle Card Games 2003 is played everyday on our Windows XP home computers but my daughter's new Vista laptop will not recognise the 2003 version. I bought the 2009 thinking I would surprise her. When we tried to play the games on our computers it is complete disaster. Nothing seemed to work very will and as mentioned before, the upgrade stopped mid download. ...more info
  • This game is a joke!!
    I upgraded from the 2005 version of this program and I have to say, I wouldn't do it again.
    First of all, I had to reload the program maybe three times on my PC before it would stay loaded and still on occasion it stops working and unless I reboot won't load.
    Also, every other time I do open the program, it stops me to tell me there are updates. I took the first ones, but the last set downloads about half way and then quits and tells me to go to the website to get the updates. It is saying there are 102 updates? Geesh, you would think they would get the program ready to release rather than release it and let the consumer do all the work!!
    If I had a choice, I'd not buy this one, it's a real pain in the neck imho....more info
  • Lousy service
    I downloaded this and could not get them properly activated. Kept telling me it was a trial version. Got the key but did not work. Got no satisfaction at all from Hoyle Games. Running on Vista Home Premium...more info
  • Not as good as previous versions.
    I have been purchasing Hoyle Card Games since the 2005 version. I am disappointed in this new 2009 version. The cards are so small that I can't read them. Also, I cannot locate all these new characters that are supposed to be included. They need to work on it!...more info
  • Not Mac compatible
    I have bought this item 3 times now the first one worked for 1 month and then quit. I then purchased it again, it would not load on to my Mac, I then bought it again thinking something was wrong with the CD, nope, it would not load. Thinking it was me I took the game with me to the Mac store when I had my Mac upgraded and asked the tech to load it. He could not get it to load either. So I am so done. I have wasted far to much money on this game and will never try to purchase a Hoyle Card Game again....more info
  • Piece of crap
    I bought this despite the poor reviews because Encore said they had fixed the bugs. Bull; This product does NOT work smoothly on either Vista or XP. The games freeze and preferences change everytime you try and play it again. SAVE YOUR MONEY buy something else....more info