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  • very, very good
    Won't go over the plot, since that's covered to a fare-thee-well in other reviews. A very good movie if you don't mind somewhat surreal love stories. Lots of reviews try to explain it in terms of other movies, but some of the references seem a bit odd to me.

    The 1st movie that came to mind for me after seeing this was American Beauty. I think it had a similar vibe, both with the story line (the search for female perfection)and with the cinematography. It seemed like too many reviews focused on the slacker humor (which was very well done) in their comparisons, leaving out the depth of the characters and the plot, which I found well done just because it's so generic (boy meets girl, blah, blah, blah). To make that old chestnut work takes some story-telling skill, and this movie had that in spades. Watched as a rental, but bought the DVD that night. Just wish it was out on BluRay, it would be stunning in hi-def.
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  • Just WOW!
    Out of every movie I have ever seen, this one film trumped my multimillion dollar favorites Braveheart and The Titanic. Words cannot express the artistic genius contained within this film. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend please show this to them. Life if beautiful and we must always fight to preserve the beauty in which we enjoy every second of life. This movie helps (from a man's point of view) explain the insecurity of men like me; whom many consider the "nice guy", explain the little intricacies that many of us look at when we see such a beautiful woman in life (also what makes us nervous). English is not my first language so please excuse my errors. I loved this film and so will many others.


    Shannon ...more info
  • beautiful thoughtful film
    Out of the ashes and turmoil of a relationship broken up a young man struggles to find his feet in an objectified world of women but one he faces with the utmost respect and artistic reverence.

    Magical properties to stop time and, accordingly, value seconds, lead to this young mans redemption beyond objectification of females to the ultimate in salvation, a mutual loving relationship.

    Brave focus of film in acknowledging the taudry trials of youth learning about anatomy and love yet tying these trials to the heights of human love and interrelationships......more info
  • Sometimes love is hiding between the seconds of your life
    CASHBACK is one of the first movies I've seen this year that got me. I thought it would be a simple comedy and wasn't expecting much, but I digress.

    Ben Willis (BIGGERSTAFF) is an art student who has recently hit a rough patch in his life as he breaks up with his girlfriend. He develops one of the worst cases of insomnia and after trying everything, Willis gives up. After reading tons of books, he finally applies for a job in the local supermarket's night shift.

    Even doing a boring job doesn't deter Willis' creative side as he 'freezes time' as he puts it himself, and draws nude pictures of the women in the supermarket. But even during a scene which portrays full frontal and some genital shots, it's not pornographic (as I've seen numerous people name it). It's art.

    The entire movie is basically a piece of art, no matter what way you look at it. Biggerstaff's natural charisma, whether he's elated, or melancholic or just sketching, will always draw you in immediately.

    On that note, I'd like to add that I found Sean Biggerstaff (Willis) outstanding in this movie. Throughout the entire process, he shows that he's mostly 'lost' in our world. Though he didn't quite say it, the look in his eyes conveyed a lot more. It was as though he forcibly grabbed your attention and didn't allow you to look away until the very end. I very nearly clapped at the end of it. That's what it means to be a good actor.

    Overall, it's very unique movie that'll definitely take you by surprise and show you some introspective. It's a slow movie at times with sad moments, but also happy moments and parts where you'll be laughing hard because of the stunts Ben's co-workers pull.

    Bravo....more info
  • A great break from hollywood.
    Another quality product from European cinema. Excellent film making. Artistic and intelligent. The film maker managed to re-tell a used and abused subject in a fresh way. The music score is addictive. Good chemistry between actors.

    Warning and Spoiler: No explosions or super CGI effects....more info
  • Cashback
    Cashback is done with great taste. The store line is different it's like the outlimits with a twist. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Art Film
    Brilliant, fantastic Art Film. Exceptional story, great cinematography and special effects. An overall entertaining and fun movie that will leave you thinking. The extra features are also interesting as you will learn about the history of this movie (it was originally a short film) and the exceptional effort that went into turning this into a full feature in a very short amount of time with a relatively low budget. Explores the pursuit of an artist developing the ability to see beauty in everything. Because the artist is most inspired to find beauty in the female form, this is not a movie for youngsters or anyone who would be intimidated or upset with nudity and adult situations (guys, better watch this one without the wife unless she has an appreciation for the arts). ...more info
  • Creative, Fresh, and Funny... A Really Great Movie
    Cash Back is a love story, drama, comedy that is amazingly entertaining and heartfelt because of the way it pulls the viewer into its story line, through love. This movie is a work of art in itself, from the way that you live inside the mind and heart of Ben, the main character. Throughout the movie Ben has the ability to stop time, at least in his head he does, and through this ability he is able to create his hand drawings. What makes this movie very enjoyable is that I felt the plot and the story were fully developed for each character, even though its only 1 hour and 42 minutes long. As you get to understand Ben, how he views the world through the mind of an artist and how his inspiration is created by the curves of the female body. This film is simply a refreshing reminder of what it is to love, dream and great life can be when the two come together. ...more info
  • A lyrical reverie on the beauty and dichotomy of women
    This is a dream-like film about art, the beauty of the female form, of love lost, and love regained, of the dichotomy of women in men's lives.

    This is the story of Ben, a shy, awkward art student who is obsessed with the beauty of women. His social skills are not matched by his artistry, however, as he struggles to connect with girls.

    The film opens with a striking scene - a high speed shot, played back in slow motion and accompanied by the glorious singing of an opera soprano, magnifying the contortions in the face of Ben's girlfriend as she hurls obscenities and a coffee mug and then a lamp at him. The shot is repeated again near the end of the movie as another of Ben's girlfriends also shrieks at him in slow motion.

    In between, Ben, having become an insomniac over his breakup with his girlfriend, discovers the power to stop time, a power which he uses to further explore his obsession with the female form. Here, the movie shows off lots of beautiful women in various states of undress.

    And this is the true genius of this film, to show the dichotomy of women, that they can be so lovely to men when calm and naked, and also be so capable of turning into these raging demons from hell.

    At the grocery store, Ben falls for a pretty cashier named Sharon and then almost loses her over a trivial incident.

    The finale to the film is breathtaking in its beauty and artistry. Sharon reconnects with Ben at an art gallery. With a kiss he brings her into his stop-action world, and they walk into a suspended snowfall, hand in hand, pushing through the snowflakes hanging in mid-air, glittering like diamonds in the moonlight. Ben's voiceover at the end lingers in the soul...

    ...Once upon a time I wanted to know what love was. Love is there if you want it to be. You just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away between the seconds of your life. If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it...

    (Note: The beautiful song at the end is an orchestral remix of "She" by Grand Avenue, a Dutch band. The orchestral remix by Guy Farley is better than the original, and is on the Cashback Soundtrack CD, currently available from Amazon's UK site, or through Google Shopping)...more info
  • Consistently Uplifting
    Cashback stands out because you hear the protagonist discuss each and every detail with himself which is what you hear in the form of his voice and something they usually call monologue. It made me smile to see how the character reads a lot of books following his breakup trying to travel and acquire wings or some temporary form of a "just be" existance.

    There are many films that assume artistic license. Some do good and some do bad. Cashback takes the whole artistic license to a level where you won't even notice just how unbelievably dreamy and awake and scientific the film is at the same time.

    Cashback is a bit like LITTLE CHILDREN, settles it's society scores not unlike SHOP GIRL but it is at the same time very interesting. I love the start of the film. One liberty the film-makers have taken is to actually slow the pace of the film as and when convenient. When the pace is slowed, words, opinions, thoughts, reactions, rewinds follow and it is most amazing to watch.

    A must see for anyone who's still reading.
    Thank you....more info
  • Wonderful, Original....Moments of Pure Genius !!
    I selected this movie for the photo on the DVD cover, having no great expectations, but after watching it and the short film from which it was derived, I am in complete awe of the originality, creativity, and cinematic genius of it creator, Shaun Ellis. It succeeds on all levels: masterful camera work, perfect casting, splendid dialog, characters with whom you can really connect, and a clever, original plot.

    Most of us can personally relate to virtually every situation, emotion, and comment made by the lead character. Rarely does a movie so accurately portray so many almost inexplicable emotions such as longing, loneliness, and utter boredom.

    The characters are stuck in the most boring possible workplace and each seek their own ways to preserve their sanity. One idiotic pair play childish pranks, while the female lead, beautifully played by Emilia Fox, covers her watch with tape and avoids looking at the clock at all costs....for as we all know, a watched clock moves even more slowly.

    The male lead, played by Sean Biggerstaff, however, embraces the slowness of time's passage, and appears to be able to make time actually stand still. During these periods, when everyone else is frozen in place, he roams about undressing and drawing some of the store's more beautiful clientele. As other reviewers have noted, this could have descended into gross pornography, but, as a testiment to the great skill of the author and director, Ellis, it actually rises to the level of art.

    The dual love story is also quite moving: the painful destruction of one relationship and the gradual development of a new one. At all times, both are absolutely plausible and emotionally tone perfect.

    In conclusion, there is a much better reason to buy, rent, or borrow this DVD than its cover photo: the simple fact that I and many other reviewers have given it our highest recommendation. So many people just can't be wrong. Please trust us and view this splendid film at your earliest convenience. It is truly a small masterpiece that you will not soon forget....more info
  • Not for everyone... But I loved it
    Personally, I loved this movie. I thought it was thoughtful and tastefully done. Yes there is nudity, but with a purpose. I read another review that said some people will love it while others will walk away wondering what it was all about. I loved it....more info
  • I want a refund for the life this movie stole from me
    I've never written a movie review but this movie is so bad that it is my Christian duty to vent my pain. Absolutely no redeeming qualities. I hope anyone who was involved in making this film feels ashamed. You have been warned....more info
  • Cash Back was one helleva great movie!
    Cash Back, blown away by this wonderful DVD Movie

    I think this movie, Cashback, may have come out back in 2006. Seemingly it had a very late release here in the states. I was truly blown away by this mesmerizingly wonderful movie. It had a great soundtrack, wonderful acting, stunningly beautiful female models (who appeared naked throughout the movie), and a great storyline and plot. A bit of a twist of "the office," meets Indie Films. I loved it!

    Gotta say, the young nubile female walking up the stairs fully nude, with the long camera shot of the behind was the best I've seen in an R Rated movie in a long time! So glad it was so classy too, and full of great story and characters!

    Two very hard thumbs WAY up!!!...more info
  • Way off track
    I see that this film was well liked by some viewers. I believe that this movie failed on three important levels: TV-style music, the lead actor narrated through the whole darn movie (I expect film to show a story as opposed to a book on tape that tells a story) and overall, it failed to intertain....more info
  • Hilarious, Sexy, Deep
    When the DVD cover features a half nude young woman, you do not expect to find a profound and deeply affecting movie underneath. "Cashback" is a standout film, one of those original and striking creations that blow you away once every few years like "Trainspotting" did, or "Donnie Darko" and "Snatch." At once slapstick and quite amusing, "Cashback" is a startling meditation on the beauty of the female form introduced through frozen time, wherein the lead character is able to wander amidst the rest of us, stuck in our places, while he variously undresses, poses, and sketches us unaware. Much of the movie is voiced over, an internal monologue that never tires its audience or slows the film. The special effects last throughout the movie, fisheye lenses, time standing still, and a positively beautiful ending amidst a time-frozen snowstorm that the two lovers wander through, the individually discernable snowflakes parting in their wake to leave human outlines hanging in the air. The soundtrack alternates between Ravel's "Bolero" and pumped-up house, the plot taking on similar extremes of comedy, beauty, and profundity. "Cashback" is like an old sweater that you just slide into on a rainy Sunday afternoon, everything is so comfortable and familiar as you microwave your organic popcorn, but at the same time the perspective is startling and original, the world is slightly askew, and you have stumbled upon a movie like "The Time of the Gypsies," or "Office Space" meets "The Matrix," if you want a comparison more widely known. "Cashback" is funny, sexy, and wildly original, it moves, sings and transports, there is a hint of mystery; and in the end it is a simple girl-breaks-up-with-boy, boy-meets-new-girl story: but no one has told it like this before. ...more info
  • A delightful small film
    A delightful combination of a work-place hijinx and a love story, this movie uses the metaphor of stopping time for the artwork of the principal character. Well-acted and brilliantly cast, ignore the sensational cover and get into this story. Yes, there is nudity, but, for once, it actually has to do with the movie and it's plot. Not very much related to the Oscar winning short of a few years ago, this is nevertheless a well-made, fun to watch and delightful movie. ...more info
  • " Once upon a time, I wanted to know what love was. "
    Honestly, when I see some of the tags and reviews on this movie, it amazes me that you even sat down to watch it, and the actuality that you cannot have grasped a single thing on the screen.

    I mean let's get the cat out of the bag here-and-now and get to what really matters... this movie has NUDITY! If a couple shots of the female form is going to get your panties in a bunch then don't sit down to watch this film, please. Though cover art can be deceiving one should assume that the image of a possibly semi-naked girl might imply some nudity.

    With that being said, 2006's Cashback is a story about newly single Ben Willis(Sean Biggerstaff, of Harry Potter fame) an art student who's break-up has given him an unshakable case of insomnia.

    Ben realizes his inability to sleep might be fruitful if he gets a job, therefore he becomes employed at a local grocery store as a night janitor. With a crazy bunch of co-workers and his own special way of stopping time help to maintain any sense of his sanity against the long, tedious shifts and abrasive customers. Ben feels like he's barely getting by when he meets Sharon(Emilia Fox) a quiet checkout girl who works at the market, and who just might be the perfect distraction.

    Cashback portrays an artists mind perfectly and beautifully as we examine Ben's ability to 'stop time' and admire every bit of beauty around him, even in the hell hole he seems to be stuck in he can find beauty.

    "I read once about a woman whose secret fantasy was to have an affair with an artist. She thought he would really see her. He would see every curve, every line, every indentation and love them because they were part of the beauty that made her unique."

    It's not for everyone, but if you can open your eyes to the beauty that is Cashback, you will surely enjoy it.

    ...more info
  • Worth your time
    I just watched this movie yesterday and it is different... unlike commercial movies this movie comes with a different perspective and different way of acting... I mean most of the movie is narrated... and this did grasp my attention while for other viewers it might seem useless and pathetic...

    The movie will get you in its frequency from the very beginning... I dont want to ruin nor say anything about the story...

    All i can say is that its worth the watch as it is deep and its one of the few movies that i have seen of which managed to send to you how a person really feels not just acting... and that is what made the narration beautiful... Just freeze the moment and let him tell you how he really feels at this very moment...

    Its really worth the two hours of your time......more info
  • Good Film
    Just happened upon this movie on Netflix and it was good enough to buy...funny movie with some beautiful women....more info