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Jerdon Towel Spa Towel Warmer
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $74.99

You Save: $24.01 (24%)


  • Toasty hot towels in minutes
  • Compact and fits conveniently on the counter
  • Warms towels, blankets, robes
  • Simple to use, automatically turns off
  • Small enough you can take to multiple bathrooms

Customer Reviews:

  • Pampered decadence
    This is one of those items that I am reasonably sure I would never purchase for myself. However, after a trip to England (where this was a staple in the rooms) I thought it would be a nifty thing to have.

    First off, the size, and shape of this item leaves a little to be desired. I would have preferred it be thinner and more elongated for easier placement in the bathroom. As it is, it seems cumbersome and always in the way.

    Secondly, the controls for this leave a little to be desired. Something that should be rather simply, quickly falls into a guessing game of warm/ not warm. Also, if you fold the towel and place it into the warmer it seems to have trouble penetrating the inner parts of the towel. A good work around it to let the towl fall into the bin so that it's all scrunched up. This allows the towel to become heated throughout.

    It does serve it's purpose, in that it does warm towels but seems to have some limitations. Now, I will say this caveat. When the Minnesota winter hits, I am intending to use it to warm up my hats, gloves, and socks and see how that goes. It may prove really useful for that. As a towel warmer for the average consumer I would give it three stars. Good concept, so-so execution. I'm just not sure this is something that people are going to say they 'have to have'....more info
  • Compact and easy to use
    While I really didn't need this product, I thought what the heck... What the heck indeed - I am now addicted to having a warm towel to dry off with. The towel spa is easy to use and quick to set up - just toss in a towel before your shower and by the time you get out, it is nice and toasty. I also managed to warm up a shirt and an afghan in there too, so it can be used for multiple purposes. It's nice and portable - I have a small bathroom and it fits right under the sink out of the way.

    I liked it so much that I purchased one as a Christmas gift for my sister - the hardest person in the world to buy presents for....more info
  • Not much to recommend
    I can't say a "towel warmer" is an essential item to own even in the best of economic times, but for some folks, pleasure is their priority. Still, I find it hard to recommend the Jerdon Towel Spa Towel Warmer.

    I tried it out, admittedly in the middle of July (a time for ice-cold showers, not warm towels), and found it underwhelming. After the required warming time, the towel still wasn't warm enough to warrant the fuss of plugging in the machine. Worse, there was a strong odor present, a sort of burning scent that I associate with ironing boards. I was careful not to leave the towel warmer unattended, although I have no idea if this machine could be a fire hazard.

    If you have everything that life requires, and have some extra cash you just can't resist spending on something useless, this may be for you. It's not for me.

    Brian W. Fairbanks...more info
  • Somewhat inconvenient - which is reduces the "luxury"
    First I should say that the extent to which you will find this product worthwhile, is directly proportional to how "chilly" it gets in your house. (This is why towel warmers are more popular in Britain than elsewhere.)

    This particular device requires a little too much care and attention for my liking. Too many objects in modern life require time and attention. (For example, when was the last time you turned off and drained your water heater - which you are supposed to be doing regularly?)

    This one requires you to plug it in only when you use it, whereupoon it makes a disagreeable hot plastic smell (which perhaps goes away once you have used the device many times), and you need to keep track of the lights, and do things only when certain ones are showing, and so on.

    It is also a bit bulky for the average bathroom, and over time, the power needed to heat up the container will add up.

    Lastly, in my case, I like to have my towel on a rack right next to the shower, so I don't track water through the bathroom. And I don't think that touching a plugged in appliance from a shower or bath is safe, so this is impractical for my use.

    However, having said all that, the device does heat up a bath towel to toasty warm, so it does accomplish its intended purpose. (By the way, the towel does not become hot enough for therapeutic use - you will need a "hot towel cabinet" for that.)

    So, although I think the whole thing is impractical, if a warm bath towel is worth adding something else in your life that you have to pay attention to, then you may like the Towel Spa towel warmer....more info
  • Wonderful
    My husband had been wanting one of these for the winter.

    It is so nice to have warm towels, scarves, mittens, socks etc

    . you can use it to heat towels for back pain neck pain etc

    heat baby towels

    It is a nice little luxury to have, especially in the winter in the northeast!!

    If you or a family member dread showers , baths etc in winter.......'cuz it's so darn cold when you get out of tub....this is IT !!

    a nice WARM comforting towel to dry off in

    and for those who go out in the blustery cold or have just come back
    out of the cold... warm socks are heavenly!! And a warm scarf and mittens are always a nice start when venturing outdoors in winter.

    This is also the least expensive place to buy it that I have seen thus far.
    It is a little pricey but it has many uses, all practical ...more info
  • Size of warmer
    I expected this product to be a bit larger. It seems to be able to handle smaller towels fine. My wife uses a larger towel and it is difficult to fit in the warmer....more info
  • Ohhh baby!!
    This thing is going to be wonderful come winter time! It is large enough to take a good sized bath towel and it gets 'em pretty dang warm. I dinged it one star because the first few times I used it, the towels smelled like hot plastic but this went away after a while (not sure what caused the smell as the interior is metal). Definately recommend this product for folks in a cool/cold climate or for winter use....more info
  • The Epitome of Decadence
    Okay, this is probably one of those items no one ever really needs, but it is sure nice to have. The Jerdon towel spa is a small compact chamber that will heat your towels (sweaters, sweatshirts, or small blanketrs) in a matter of minutes. The unit is quiet and simple to use. If you are one that likes a warm towel after a shower, this unit will do the trick.

    This would be a nice gift for a baby shower as not only towels can fit in here, but also small baby blankets. The towel warmer definitely performs as described....more info
  • A (very) little bit of luxury for your morning
    I bought this despite all the warnings about the smell (which are accurate -- it does have a distinct odor when heating). I'm glad I did -- it provides a nice touch of luxury to the morning shower. One thing to note: many reviewers complain about the lack of warmth. I experienced this as well -- the heat didn't seem to penetrate the towel very well. What I found worked much better was to heat up the unit with no towel in it, then throw my towel in once it was heated. For whatever reason, this let the heat penetrate the towel much better. If someone uses the unit immediately before you, you'll experience the same benefit. All around, it's a nice (and small) way to luxuriate in the morning....more info
  • "Dryer-Hot"? Not exactly.
    I want to love this thing, especially with what it cost me and how many years I looked forward to owning a towel warmer. Unfortunately, after a couple weeks of use I can report that it's quite disappointing. Does it fit a bath sheet? Technically... but the larger the towel, the more you have to cram it in, and the more densely the fabric is packed the less it heats up evenly. I have tried it under the following conditions, with the following results:

    1. Bath sheet and/or towel: Warms unevenly, nowhere near "dryer-hot". If left in the warmer more than a few minutes after the "heating" cycle ends, it cools rapidly. Heat dissipates from the towel very quickly anyway, once it's out. Fresh-from-dryer towels seem to hold their heat a lot longer. Multiple cycles (i.e., pressing the button again once the machine allows it) helps a little.

    2. Pajamas only: They come out much warmer than towels, probably due to the looser fabric distribution. However, the heat dissipates within seconds-- twenty, max-- once they're out, and these are flannel pajamas I've been wearing.

    3. Both towel and pajamas, with jammies on the bottom: Forget it. Spotty patches of warmth, making the rest of the fabric seem colder by comparison.

    I think this gadget would be most useful for heating socks while the kids are playing in the snow. If you do buy one, be prepared to monitor the cycle times during your relaxing shower so you can keep it running as much as the safety settings allow. Otherwise you will probably find the pleasure of a nice warm towel is outweighed by the annoyances of everything that isn't what you'd hoped for. My advice is to spend your $75 on a couple of really fantastic fluffy towels and a box of candy bars to bribe your kid to schlep them to you from the dryer on demand.

    ...more info
  • Best Towel Warmer I've Ever Used
    Best towel warmer I've ever used! Actually, it's the only towel warmer I've ever used. But it does what it says, it warms towels, and it does so quickly. I can throw a towel in, close the lid, jump in the shower for a quick rinse and come out to a waiting, warmed, dry towel. The speed at which it warms is actually quite amazing.

    I have found this to be useful to warm towels for my 2-month-old daughter for her bath. She loves it and it keeps her from her post-bath cries. I wish there was the ability to choose a temperature setting so it wouldn't come out so hot. I have to spread it out and let it cool for a few seconds before wrapping my daughter in the warmed towel because it comes out so hot.

    Beware of the circuit you plug it into as well. It has tripped the GFCI twice, so I assume it is quite the energy hog.
    ...more info
  • Interesting - Sort of Handy
    I received a sample one of these. It works really well, assuming you have the need for a towel warmer.

    It holds ONE full size towel, or several hand towels. I live in Arizona, its about 110 outside as I write this, so the need for a warm towel after my shower is relatively low at the moment. I am sure it will be handy during the winter months though.

    What I LOVE about this, is that it warms hand towels. It is great to get a warm towel quickly to put on sore muscles or joints after a workout. For this purpose alone I can recomend this product. If you live in a colder environment, it would be even more useful.

    ...more info