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Sony Bravia Z-Series KDL-46Z4100/S 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV
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  • Great TV - Great Price
    My husband and I researched and shopped for our new TV for over a year. We narrowed it down between a Sony and a Samsung. After checking out both in stores and looking at picture quality, which is so close, it was down to sound. Sony, hands down, was way beyond what Samsung was putting out. Then came price. We saved almost $400 by buying on Amazon!! Plus, they shipped it for free. The guy who delivered it came in, set it up, plugged it in to make sure everything was working, then took all the packaging away. It was a great experience to a large purchase....more info
  • sony bravia tv
    sony tv at my local stores was over $2200, one national store ran a sale for $1700 plus tax and delivery. Amazon offered the product for $1450 including delivery and set-up. as for set up the delivery people would only open the box but not turn it on saying it was to cold and would damage the tv. had to wait 24 hours to turn on tv. this was dissapointing, but just watched my old set for another day. doing the set up took quit awhile, as i did not like the colors as they were in the preset mode so i had to experiment with different combinations over several days until i got what i wanted. have been told most people like the factory settings. well at my age my eyes even with glasses are not perfect so i wanted it my way. did not like the sound from the tv. i have a older (about 10 year old) sony top of the line surround sound system that does not accept hdmi cables so my sound even when i hooked up the surround system was not as good as with the old tv. after reading the instructions for my old system i found it had a fiber optic input for digital souund which i did not no was there. local stores wanted $75 for the calble but i found the same cable on ebay for $25 the end result was i now have fantastic sound and i am happy. bought the sony s550 blue ray on sale for $309 (reg $400). a week later i found out that they have a new improved model s560 for $350 wish i would have known. the setup for the blue ray was real easy and i love the upconvert of my old dvds. they give a great sound and a great picture. i bought this model cause it was the top of the line, the xbr was out of stock, dont no if the lower models deliver the same performance but with this being my first lcd tv i wanted a top of the line model. when i replace the bedroom set i will look at some of the lower models as i dont watch that tv very often. I have had the tv for one month so far and would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Great TV - Highly Recommended
    Like many, I researched HD tv's for months. I pretty much knew that I wanted an LCD, so I didn't really look at plasmas. It basically quickly came down to Sony vs. Samsung. I have a PS3 and love Sony, so Sony probably had a slight advantage in my eye. I viewed many different tv's in various electronic stores, and there are truly many great pictures out there. I basically decided I wanted a Sony (saw more reviews about technical issues with Samsungs and just always trust Sony) and for about a month I had my eye on the 46xbr6. I then was slightly torn between the 46xbr6 and the 40xbr7, which I could have gotten for the same price. However, I was worried that the 40 would be too small (and now that I bought the 46 incher, I'm happy I did). I was relatively close to pulling the trigger on the 46xbr6, when I was strolling through the Sony store and talking with a rep. He said he thought the 46z4100 was probably the best bang for the buck, and had all the essential high end features of the xbr6, less the built in sub-woofer (I know there are other minor differences). The z series was also very slim and stylish, very nice looking set. I checked out the picture and it was super clear, and I knew that hardly anyone but a professional would notice any difference between this tv and a more expensive model once it was in my house. I saw the price on Amazon for the z, about $500 less than the xbr6, and I pulled the trigger.

    Let me tell you, I am extremely pleased with this tv and so glad that I did the research and went with the model I did. The picture quality is stunning! I'm using the settings for this TV found on Tweak TV and it seems very nicely calibrated (very good basic setting if you don't have calibration software). Colors are great, blacks are deep; peoples faces look very clear and lifelike. The PS3, with both games and movies, is picture perfect! So fun to play PS3 games and watch Blu Rays on this setup. I also got Comcast HD cable hooked up and the picture quality is stunning on that as well.

    Some have complained about the speakers, but I find them quite adequate and actually more than enough for the average person (quite fine for me). You have to make sure to go into the sound options and turn on the surround sound feature. You can also mess with individual settings, I like Dynamic with treble 7, bass 9, s-force surround and voice zoom +2.

    The TV is great, and for the price I got I just couldn't be more satisfied. I run everything through 2 Mediabridge high speed HDMI 1.3b category 2 cables that I got for a great price on Amazon as well ($9.99 each).

    As far as Amazon, the experience was quite excellent as well, and I'll not be afraid to purchase from them again. I ordered the TV on 2/12/09 at about 11:00 p.m. and received the TV by noon on 2/18/08 and the shipping was free. That coupled with no taxes made this one heck of a deal, and I saved at least $600 or more over the best deal at any store. Additionally, the price dropped $120 a few days after I ordered, and I found the customer service number on here and called. They quickly agreed to give me a credit for the $120, no questions asked. The overall experience was great. (I assume this price match may have been because this TV was offered directly through Amazon, not some other vendor. They may offer price match with the other vendors, but not sure)

    Very Happy!

    (p.s., there seems to be absolutely no clouding or "sparkle" on my tv, not sure if those problems were just with the first few shipments of this series or if I just got a good tv, but there seem to be zero technical flaws with my set)

    *update: just upgraded to the newest software version 205r. This update is really nice and seems like it improved the picture quality on my set. It looks close to perfect now; I recommend updating by downloading from the Sony site, it's quick and easy. I've never had any issues with any prior software versions, but I feel it's good to have the most current version; that's one of the great things about having a TV with a usb port, etc. ...more info
    Saw the actual product at a retail store, but by the time I decided to pick one up they were sold out. Found the same item here on Amazon for an even better price and bought it right away. Picture quality is awesome, sound is pretty good considering the size of the speakers but when you're watching a blu-ray movie you might want to consider buying a sound system since it does not do its justice. The connections to HDMI, component, ETC are offset to the left so that if you mount the TV to a wall or something, it is still easily accessible. Overall something you would expect from SONY....more info
  • Pleased with product and service.
    Having researched LCD TV's and decided on make and model, I went looking for PRICE. All local outlets and ended up with AMAZON. The price, free shipping with in house delivery was the best. The 46" Sony Bravia has proved to be of excellent quality and has provided many hours of pleasure. What more can I say....more info
  • Great picture, fantastic sound, all around perfect buy
    I searched for TVs all around Christmas time to see what TV would a) have a good price b) be the right size and c) have all of the features I want. After doing a lot of research and reading lots of reviews online (including watching Cnet videos) I decided on this TV. Now you might be wondering exactly why I decided on this TV:

    1) Great size (46" is perfect! I'm glad I didn't go lower or higher because lower would have been a wee bit too small and my space wouldn't be able to handle larger)
    2) 1080P! (around black friday and christmas time I read lots of things that said 1080p wasn't worth it when 720p was getting so low priced, I'm glad I trusted the things that said 1080p rocks instead ^_^)
    3) 120HZ (I love action movies and knew that this was a must have feature for me)
    4) Good on-board sound (I considered getting a sound system but decided against it... it would require setup and tweaking time + take up space, luckily this TV has fantastic sound~)
    5) Good price range (ok, it's not the cheapest TV you can get at this size with the features I mentioned above.. but it had great reviews, people rarely had bad things to say about it, and I kept on finding myself back in front of it when I went to Fry's to view TVs)
    6) Easiest to view in person - I was always planning to buy it on Amazon but since a TV is such a bit investment I wanted to find one I could also view in person. Luckily Fry's had the TV, Circuit City did (well, before they went bankrupt), and I even have a Sony store near me.
    7) It looks nice - I ended up with the black model when I was originally considering the silver/chrome one (it was the only one amazon had at the time I first started looking) - it's nice and sleek, I keep my room dark so I don't see bright spots on it, and it's really easy to forget the borders are even there. My other choice had been the Samsung with the touch of red but I just couldn't stand that extra little feature - it was too distracting and sleek is much nicer.

    The only thing I would ever say was a downside to this TV are the CC. Not necessarily because of how they are but just the fact that there is only one CC option - but it seems like multiple CC options might have gone away with CRTs, so no biggie. The CCs are still very legible and are easy to forget about.

    One last word to the wise - regular def TV does not look great on this thing unless you tell it not to stretch it. Even if you don't stretch it (do regular 4:3 ratio) it still doesn't look fantastic but I knew when I was buying it that getting channels in HD would be an important thing to do in the future.

    So really even though CC and regular def viewing are somewhat downsides this TV is so fantastic and it's so easy to forget about those two little things when watching something that I still think it deserves 5 stars.

    -For people wondering about delivery - it was great, got it setup with a time and date I wanted although I had to call the delivery service directly because otherwise they would have waited a day or two to call me : P The guys who set it up were great and also setup the stand for me (I had no idea how I was going to do that on my own so I was very grateful) + they started the setup for me and made sure I could get a feed....more info
  • dlna is bogus
    After deciding to purchase the z model over the w model, i found out that Sony's dlna is not complete. Sony's dlna only supports pictures, it does not support video or music. To stream music or video you need to spend an extra $300 for Bravia link. I would advise against purchasing this model and go with the less expensive w model....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was unsure about ordering such an important part of my life online but my husband insisted that we do it. We went to a bunch of stores and picked out the type we wanted and then came to Amazon to try and find it. We got it for at least $400 less than any store around and the shipping was free. When we checked out the shipping dates were going to fall exactly when he and I were going to be out of state visiting family. We contacted the seller(late at night) and in less than 14 hours we got a personal response letting us know that they would hold on to the TV until we were back in town. It came the morning after we got home. Very great customer service there. We were both very impressed with the TV and delivery and the entire process. Now we have to switch out our regular cable box for an HD one and we are good to go. ...more info
  • Low price & very convenient
    Compare to big stores around Glendale CA, Amazon price is the lowest considering it includes shipping & tax. Delivery schedule can be arrange also at your most convenient time & the shipper arrived within the first 20 minutes of the appointment time & carried the box all the way to the 2nd floor. So if you don't wanna go through the hassle of driving to the store, pay extra 8.25% CA tax & then fit the big box in your car, then get it from Amazon. I've been using the TV for more than 2 weeks now & I'm very happy....more info
  • Good choice
    Prompt delivery. Took it out of the box, connected the base, DVD, VCR and ran setup. Perfect picture for one month now. I ordered the strap that keeps it from falling off the table. It was not expensive. Seems like for the price of the TV Sony would have included it. I'm no expert in TV electronics but I did study most of the sets available. My set is in a room with many windows yet I never see a reflection on the TV. I could not be more pleased....more info
  • Best price/performance and absolutely stunning picture!
    I started my hunt looking in the stores and was considering others like LG LCD, Sharp Aquos and even a Panasonic plasma, but the Sony just stood out as the clear picture winner. I know that Samsung is the common competitor, but I know 4 people with Sammys and all 4 have died within the first year. I don't like those odds. I decided on Sony based on visual and then dove into the specs. With 120 Hz motionflow, 1080p, High Contrast ratio and 10-bit, Deep and x.v. color (yes, the Sony site confirms this spec), the Z-series was a clear winner for price/performance. I considered going with the 52v4100 and 60 Hz in a similar price range, but I opted for the better specs on the 46z to make sure it had the most "punch". The 46z4100 was also actually less than the 46w4100 at the time I bought this so the W was out!

    I ordered from OneCall through Amazon with free shipping and it was delivered in 3 days! The brushed metal "S" frame was discounted greater, so I got that and I actually prefer it over black. I was initially concerned with glare, but it doesn't reflect at all and doesn't take anything away from the awesome picture. I couldn't be happier with this TV. Now is the time to buy as they are clearing this model out. Thanks Amazon and OneCall!...more info
  • Z Series is Awesome
    I just received this Monday. The picture is phenomenal, way to go Sony. I have looked at many 46" 120 Hz LCD's. I took home a Phillips from Sam's Club and was not pleased with the picture. I took home a Toshiba Regaza from Costco, the price was right and the picture was better than the Phillips. The Toshiba remote was incompatible with my DirecTV box so back it went. I was going to get the W series Sony from Costco and then I found this on Amazon.

    The bezel is small and elegant, the picture unbelievable and the sound is the best out of all 3 I have had home. This is a keeper! Delivery from NJ to CA only took a week and the service that delivered was very professional. Came in perfect condition. What can I say this was perfect all round. Thank you Amazon.
    ...more info
  • z4100 or a650?, we picked the z4100
    We spent 2 months evaluating the Samsung 46" a650 and the Sony 46" z4100 (and others along the way). We finally decided on the Sony and purchasing online through Amazon. We have only spent an hour or so with the new TV, but so far we are very impressed with it. There were a couple reasons we chose the Sony over the Samsung. One reason was consistent with all the reviews about glare on the Samsung. I noted the glare several times in different stores and happened to be able to observe the z4100 and a650 side by side at an hhgregg store. The two looked virtually the same except for one very noticeable difference. That difference was the glossy screen on the Samsung. I think the ideal tv would be one that produces images that cannot be discerned from real images. It was obvious on the Samsung that people looked too shiny and those same people looked more life like on the Sony. As a side note, the hhgregg we were at obviously did not have a looping video stream but instead had some movie playing on all the tvs on the wall. This movie was featuring two people rolling around in bed, which was causing one of the employees to be shouting for a channel change. It wasn't until the scene changed to full frontal nudity of a woman at the bedroom door that the channel actually got changed. Two full walls of tvs showing that was certainly interesting for a couple seconds. Back to topic, the other reason we chose the Sony was the cabinet. A Circuit City we were at had the a650 setup with a nice recliner about 10 feet away. When we sat in the recliner, the red touch of color border which also has a transparent rim was annoying. It seemed it would be distracting while watching tv, although one would probably get used to it. The z4100 has a much smaller frame, so small I thought it might seem cheap, but it doesn't in my opinion and does not detract from the image at all.
    One last thing... we were hesitant about buying a large tv online with regards to shipping (and waiting). However, as much as we looked, Amazon continuously had the lowest price and offered free shipping. The shipping worked out great. It came through a forwarder that was extremely helpful and I was able to pick the tv up from their facility 4 days after ordering and 3 days before the estimated delivery date. I was surprised when I saw their backroom and how many large tvs (ironically mostly Samsungs) that they had. I was told they would all be gone and delivered by the end of the day. There must have been 20 or more....more info
  • Beautiful
    Amazing picture, right out of the box. I was prepared - went to all of the websites to dial things in just right. Didn't need to do anything. The delivery guy unpacked it and it was gorgeous. It's hard to watch our other TVs now....more info
  • Obsessive
    I researched obsessively for almost a year before purchasing this TV. Once connected with the HDMI cables, this TV looks unbelievable. Save yourself the time. This is the best TV at the best price on amazon!...more info
  • Perfect
    After months of research I decided this was the TV for me.

    What I can say is that the free 1080i HD content on TW Cable looks great, even SDTV looks amazing compared to our old CRT. I've never seen colors POP like on this set. I don't even want to fast-forward commercials anymore! They all look so good!

    I have a friend who works for Sony and he was able to get us a slight deal over the amazon price but not much. The amazon price is great! Don't trust the sites out there with $100 lower price tag. Read reviews for those sites and you'll know why.

    We have a tiny living room and the 46" screen is HUGE! More than enough connections for a normal user. I have HDMI from the cable box to the TV and then optical audio out to the sound system. No syncing issues at all.

    Now I just need a PS3 and I can finally enjoy full 1080p. ...more info
  • Sony Bravia Z
    I have no regrets with buying this LCD from Amazon. Price was the best I could find. Second, I am completely satisfied with the quality of the LCD....more info
  • Delivers on every promise
    Having recently upgraded from an off-brand HDTV to the Sony Bravia Z-Series, I now see everything that I was missing. The picture is amazing, and the 120Hz MotionFlow technology works very well to eliminate the annoying artifacts from fast action scenes. The sound from the TV speakers is decent, but I also purchased a Sony Bravia home theater system and it was worth every penny. I am very pleased with my new home theater set-up and would highly recommend the Z-Series to anyone who wants XBR performance at a bargain price!...more info
  • MUST HAVE!!!
    We recently purchased the Sony Bravia Z-Series KDL-46Z4100/B 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, Black and absolutely LOVE it! It was shipped and received in a timely manner. My husband did a great deal of research before deciding on this television and we have NO regrets!!...more info
  • Sony Bravia
    The online information was helpful. The price was very competitive. The order procedure was simple. It was delivered in 5 days. It works beautifully. That's 5 out of 5. ...more info
  • Buying from the Warehouse side
    Bought an open box item - Sony 46" z4100 series. After delivery, found that the trim frame around the outside was broken. Contacted Amazon and agreed to a rebate on the price. Since then have found several other places that the trim around the screen and on the back that are broken. I want to make clear that the TV is wonderful and that Amazon did nothing wrong. The purpose of this posting is make you aware that you really have to look closely at any purchase but especially to open box items. We love the TV and would buy it again. If I had it to do over again, I would return the set for another of the same make and model.

    Gary...more info
  • Sony Bravia 46" Z-Series
    The white glove delivery was excellent. They gave an appointment time range and were here 15 min after the earliest time. The HDTV works great and I was very pleased that this model has a USB port for viewing photos. I have a USB card reader for SD memory cards which eleminates the need for the cable and tieing up the camera. A minor complaint is that the Bravia series does not have a 'monitor output' like my 2001 Sony XBR had. This was a handy feed to my DVD recorder. Also the remote was easily set to operate other electronics but there are a couple of issues. It will change channels on my Scientific Atlanta digital cable box but will not turn it on/off. Also it does not seem to have an 'open tray' function for my Sony DVD recorder. Not sure if this is inherent in the design or a shortcoming in my ability to set it up correctly. Overall an excellent value. ...more info
    I am very pleased with this purchase. Everything went very smoothly and the TV is great....more info
  • Amazing TV - Great Customer Service via Amazon!!!
    I originally ordered my TV at the end of January after researching TVs for roughly 3 months. I have more faith with the Sony brand than others, so I focused primarily on Sonys. I began monitoring the prices on Amazon before Thanksgiving, and after visiting SonyStyle, Best Buy, Circuit City...I realized it was worthwhile to purchase on Amazon in regards to price.

    In regards to Amazon:

    At the time, TV was listed as $2,299. Amazons price in the end was $1,446. Without paying taxes on top of the savings, it saved close to $1,000. I don't know who in their right mind wouldn't take advantage of Amazon's price.

    I was worried about the delivery method and if my TV would arrive in excellent condition. Unfortunately there was minimal damange to the plastic frame in the back. I called Amazon about the damange, and within 3 minutes on the phone, Amazon had placed an order for a replacement. It was a simple process and a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of other customer service centers. Although, the replacement TV had the exact same issue as the original TV delivered. I recommend anyone that ordered this TV through Amazon to look on the left side panel where the extra HDMI Input is located and make sure there is no damange to the structure.

    In the end, I spoke with Amazon customer service and ordered a new TV, and they would pick up the original defective TV. TV arrived today and old TV taken away, upon initial inspection, no visible damage. Besides the structure damange, Amazon is still the place to go. I am sure the same issues could have been experienced at any other vendor, as I believe it is just a defective problem with the TV's design. But personal experience with places like Best Buy, etc., returns are complicated and near impossible.

    I will always recommend Amazon for major purchases, like a TV.

    In regards to TV:

    Great features, great size, amazing picture. I don't think there is a better TV out there for the price paid!...more info
  • Great picture
    I am using this TV with a U-Verse connection and am loving it. The installation and setup took about five minutes. I am not very high tech so I haven't played with the various options on the back (and there are a lot). I would definately recommend this unit to a friend....more info
  • wow
    this tv is amazing.i had 40inch sony V series and it night and day.and for the price it cant be beat.all my friends have lcd and cant believe how crazy the diff. is.and the look of just the tv itself is like a work of art. go with the z series all the way.. the only problem is i live in boston and my friend just show up for all the games and trash my house. but i can live with that thanks amazon...more info
  • Very Happy
    A very enjoyable buying experience. No phone calls froma salesman trying to change the price or sell me warranty, extra, etc. Simple and straight forward. ...more info