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Samsung LN19A451 19-inch 720p LCD HDTV
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  • Total Satisfaction
    This Samsung 19" HDTV I ordered for the kitchen is FABULOUS, WONDERFUL !
    It is a great buy...I am so pleased with this purchase, I feel like it's Christmas....more info
  • Samsung 17" HDTV
    A nice small HDTV set suitable for close-in watching for a den or office. Picture is sharp and clear but audio is medicore. Menu offers a myriad of adjustments to picture, sound,channel,setup and input. Good value!! ...more info
  • Great TV
    I bought this TV to replace one in my office. I can't believe how beautiful the picture is. The set-up was easy. My only complaint is that the price was somewhat high (almost $300). ...more info
  • amazing hi def clarity/weak sound
    b/c of the 19" size the clarity on HD channels(via time warner) is so good you think you can just reach in and "touch someone"......seriously.

    We have a 36" HD Sharp in our den that will not touch it and the Sharp also changes channels VERY S L O W L Y. This 19" Samsung cgs channels very quickly.

    HOWEVER, the sound volume issue seems to be the only slight draw-back to what I believe has got to be the best video out there!!! Being in our kitchen, and between the side of our refrigerator and pantry.......on a recessed writing desk...the sound is not terrible, only weak.

    highly recommend this Samsung for smaller areas and would be a great wall mount unit as well.


    ...more info
  • Samsung is great.
    Very pleased with Samsung and product. Quality is excellent. Size and simplicity of design prompted me to buy this product. We now have three Samsung TVs and a French door refrigerator....more info
  • Love this HDTVII
    I love this TV. I did have a problem shifting the base to vertical for a couple of weeks, but once I hooked it up to the cable, WOW. The standard definition stations look almost as good as HDTV. The color on all of the stations is realy bright and sharp and intense. My TV enjoyment is 100 % better. The sound is OK for the price of the set. Highly recomened ...more info
  • Pretty as a cloud
    I bought this t.v. at HHgregg as a floor model, so I got a nice discount on it. I didn't realize how cute it was till I saw it in my room. The stand makes it look like something out of the Jetsons cartoon. The picture is quite vivid, beautiful, and very crisp. The sound is loud for me, because I only watch it at night. Others must have damaged ears from going to too many Rock concerts. I'm trying to figure out how to mount it on my wall while keeping its base on it, because I think the base is half its beauty. OTher than that, I love it!. Some shows like cartoons just look so much better on a white t.v. I think I will order another one, but from Amazon this time. I might even get a hot pink Favi t.v. for my daughters bedroom. Samsung is the leader in LCD t.v.s, and I feel safe with this name. I will buy a larger model later down the road. But for my small bedroom, this is perfect, it goes real nice with my Beachy theme....more info
  • Great small screen tv
    I bought this product mainly because of my previous experience with Samsung products and I was not disappointed. It is very easy to set up and it's compact design makes it perfect for our kitchen. The color is great just on coax. I haven't tried HDMI but I'm sure it would be even better. The sound could be better, but for it's size I have no complaints.
    ...more info
  • Mostly good TV; unfriendly picture adjustments
    This is a feature-rich 720p TV with very good performance on all of the many off-air channels in the LA area. The only negative I found was that the as-supplied color quality was not to my liking and the picture adjustments were difficult. The standard adjustments are straightforward, although I've seen better organization. The main problem was that the white balance is in the "service menu" which is not in the user manual and I could find no documentation on the web.
    ...more info
  • Great TV for the kitchen counter!!
    I agree that the sound is not home-theater quality but for the kitchen counter the TV is perfect. Amazon's price beat all local chain stores' advertised prices....more info
  • Love this TV
    I bought this TV about six months ago to put on my desk beside my computer. Overall I am very happy with its picture, performance, and features. The picture is great, it is a full 720p pictures on a 19in screen. Anything above 720 resolution in this size screen is not noticeable in my opinion. The picture is great, I purchased a Toshiba upconvert DVD player that connects via HDMI and the picture is amazing. The only issue that someone might have is there are light spots on the top and bottom of the screen when viewing a blank screen (power on), but this is not noticeable when a picture is being displayed. The screen has a matte finish which is good for bright rooms, since the glare that it shows is minimal.

    All of the connections are great, although I wish that it had a second HDMI input. A headphone jack is a big plus for me since I own a nice pair of headphones and there are times when I need to keep sound down in the house.

    The sound is not as bad as many of the comparable models in this range. No TV of this size has great sound, but this one has good sound that can fill a room. The headphone jack makes it easy to hook up your computer speakers if you need something louder or bassier. It also has a built-in equalizer, which I find to be extremely useful.

    There are a lot of different picture and sound modes built-in to this set but I would recommend going to CNET to find their recommended settings or playing around with the custom settings until you find what looks and sounds good for your room.

    The remote is great. It is big and easy to navigate. All of the features can be accessed from the remote. One of my favorite features is the "favorite channel" button that you can save your favorite channels to and it will jump around to the channels that you like to watch. The set does not have a built in guide.

    Overall, I am very happy with this set. I wish that it had a second HDMI port, a built-in tuner, and a backlit remote. However some of these features are available on the ln19a650....more info
  • pretty darn good
    I had absolutely no problems setting up this TV straight out of the box. Within a couple of minutes I had it hooked up to a a Nikon D90 via an HDMI cable, and I was easily able to select the image source. The menus are simple and easy to navigate.

    The picture quality is relatively good- it's not 1080p, but it definitely looks better than some other 19" HDTV's I checked out. The sound is acceptable, but not great.

    I would have given this TV 5 stars, but for the interface design on the TV itself. While the remote is well-designed, with large, easily distinguishable buttons, the "old school" controls are a thin row of black buttons on the side of the black casing. Yes, the most important buttons are included, and it is possible to program the TV without the remote, but it is practically impossible to read the buttons without a flashlight. I think I'll touch up at least the manual power button with some red nail polish......more info
  • Good value, great tv
    We purchased this for our kitchen counter and it works wonderfully. The sound and picture quality are perfect. We've always enjoyed the Samsung brand and this is no exception. ...more info
  • Apparently, I Got A Lemon
    I bought my Samsung LN19A450 720p LCD HDTV from Best Buy in early January. Apparently, I got a lemon. I've waited too long to return it to Best Buy. The speakers make two different weird noises on separate occasions: 1.) A hum 2.) An audio static (like the ocean). ( I do not hear this noise when I use the headphones, or when I press the mute button.) When watching over-the-air television, I hear the humming noise over analog channels, but not digital channels (usually). When I have a VCR connected and switch the Source to AV, I hear the humming noise and/or static, regardless of whether I am playing a videotape. The volume of the noise does not change when I adjust the volume between 1 and 100. Today, I finally called the Samsung Customer Care Center. I was provided a Reference number and UPS Return label. My only option now is to ship it to the provided New Jersey address (all the way from here in Los Angeles), which doesn't even have Samsung's company name! I am very annoyed, and will probably never buy another Samsung product....more info
  • Wow
    I bought this TV to replace my old 10-inch Sony analog on our kitchen counter. Wow, what a difference, the image is impressive. This is a very good HDTV for the price if you need something for a small to medium size room. The setup menu is clear and easy to use. The default factory settings for color, brightness, backlight, and contrast is excellent. Sound quality is good for a small to medium size room. ...more info
  • Shipped fast and all is great
    Was a little worried about ordering TV's from the web but 6Ave shipped fast and double boxed to make sure they came safe. I'm very happy with this purchase and will do business again with 6Ave....more info
    -the PICTURE and price are the reasons to favor this over its 19" competitors.

    -buy logitech s220 $25 speakers/subwoofer along with the samsung for a low price viewing pleasure (just plug them into the headphone jack) -- and don't even TRY to listen to the bare samsung speakers, it will make you weep with despair.

    -obvious but important: when setting up, plug in the cable or air antenna BEFORE auto setup, or you will get no memorized channels and no signal (the easy instructions TOTALLY skip over this simple basic first stage). it took me three setups to figure that out!

    -the button for picture size gives ways to fill in horizontal or vertical black edges and can even zoom a little.

    -nice and light and thin (shallow), the plastic looks good, but don't expect it to feel luxurious.

    -if other important observations come to mind, i'll drop by again....more info
    SAMSUNGS 19'' flat screen right in line with the high quality of the rest of their products.We bought their small 2010 toner printer first some years ago,,then their micro wave,,,next their refridg..their stand alone fax,copy,printer..and lastly this nifty little 19 for the computer room. We returned a small Colby 10" that had a TERRIBLE picture ....The new SAMSUNG has an OUTSTANDING quality picture and is a joy to set up and use...what a great product to add to the rest of our other SAMSUNG products in our home! ...more info
  • Samsung 19 inch digital TV
    A pretty good state of the art television.
    The sound seems ok to me. There were no stickers on the face of the screen on the set that I received.
    Negatives: picture seems a bit "soft" at times--likely due to the quality of the input signal. Viewing from a side angle is poor.
    My, how much space this thin set technology gives you back on the night stand compared to the old CRT televisions.
    I recommend this set for your small viewing distance applications, e.g. bedroom or kitchen (though the problem of viewing from an angle may present some difficulty if you move around a lot in the kitchen). ...more info
  • Programming digital channels is impossible
    Great reception if you can get it to tune a station. But using antenna (programs direct from air), unless the auto select picks up the digital channels there is no way to manually select tem. Also, a couple of nonexistent (at least around here) channels: 23.9 and 23.10, keep adding themselves back in to select list. All in all, a poor way to desing a consumer electronics product....more info
  • Poor sound quality.
    My kitchen TV shorted out over the weekend, so based on reviews I ordered this Samsung. I liked that it was available in white--it looks great with my white cabinets. My old TV was about the same size, but the screen was much smaller. My only complaint is that the sound is very tinney, even after playing with the various settings and equilizer. Picture is not as crisp as I'd expected, but it may be the fault of the old cable that I used to hook it up. Set up was easy. ...more info
  • Samsung HDTV
    Neat little kitchen TV. We are totally on antenna for our tv reception and this was an experiment with HDTV before the total cutover in February. Really enjoying the clarity and sharpness....more info