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Q-See QSD6204-250 4 Channel MPEG4 DVR with Remote Internet Monitoring and Pre-installed 250GB Hard Drive
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $240.00

You Save: $9.99 (4%)


Product Description


  • MPEG4 Compression
  • Record & Display at 30/120FPS
  • Remote Viewing through IE Browser
  • Pre-installed 250GB Hard Drive
  • 3 Audio inputs and USB 2.0 Port for Backup on PC

Customer Reviews:

  • Not happy with Q-See quality
    As of this date I haven't had much time to try this DVR out, but because the trouble I am having with the cables that came with the Q-See QSC48030 cameras and the Q-See QS100B Video & Power extension cables, I must post this now.

    This is what I bought with this order:
    Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof CCD Camera w/80ft of Night Vision (Color)

    Q-See QS100B Video & Power 100 Foot BNC Male Cable w/2 Female Connectors

    Please check my reviews of those items. This will explain in detail the trouble I had. The reason for the bad rating, even though I haven't had trouble with this device yet, is because you cannot use this alone. You must use it with cameras, and the cable comes with the cameras. Plus, they are all the same brand, so they should together flawlessly.

    I will edit this review when new information arises....more info
  • Q-See QSD6204-250 4 Channel MPEG4 DVR
    I bought this DVR and I used it for a week and suddenly stop working so I returned it to Amazon.Com and waiting for my refund....more info
  • Pretty good, if/when it works.
    I had a few issues with this product and had to send it back; I suppose I should have listened to all the negative reviews.

    As for my experience, the remote would randomly not work, the hard drive would not always be detected and while motion control alarm is active it often freezes to a constant *BEEEP* and the unit would become unresponsive. It appeared to happen whenever there was constant movement in frame.

    I'm afraid I cannot recommend this unit....more info
  • Does the job needed for security.
    With a little help, does everything it says. Can do more but not necessary for my needs....more info
  • DVR is bad
    Worst ever, Chinese crap. Picture is not worth watching. I dont know if the Q See cameras are bad or the DVR is bad. Cameras are supposed to work at night, all I see are shadow people. Got s a gift from Costco, its going back....more info