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Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router
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Product Description

The sleek Simultaneous Dual-N Band WRT610N Router sets a new standard for design, expanded bandwidth, and robust performance. It's the ideal router for all your current and future digital entertainment needs. Introducing Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA), the application that provides and easy way to setup, view, manage, and repair your network - it's like having a Linksys expert in your home helping you to get the most out of your home network! Install it, set it up, and let it work for you! Linksys EasyLink Advisor works in the background, watching over your network. It will alert you to new devices, potential problems, security breaches and updates. If a problem occurs LELA steps in with a wizard to guide you and solve problems fast. It's so advanced, it's simple!

  • Internet-sharing Router and 4-port Gigabit Switch, with a built-in, dual-band, speed and range enhanced Wireless Access Point
  • Two simultaneous, separate, radio bands double your available bandwidth
  • MIMO technology uses multiple radios per band to create robust signals for maximum range and speed, with reduced dead spots
  • Connect a hard drive or flash-based USB storage device to allow access to your music, video, or data files from within your network

Customer Reviews:

  • Linksys WRT610N
    This router provides more stable connections than my previous router. I used to have occasional drops from the internet on my wired connection but no more. The wireless on my old router was constantly dropping connections. Not one single dropped wireless connection in over a month with the WRT610N.

    Setup was mostly straight forward. The only slightly difficult part was getting the USB attached storage recognized. Overall I recommend this router....more info
  • Can't connect my xbox360 & PS3 to Media network
    I can't connect my gaming console to the Media network which is the 5 GHz separate network for gaming and media. My game consoles can only see the 2.4 GHz. I spent my money to just provide a separate wireless network to my consoles (Xbox360 & PS3) to get less lag, but I can't.

    I wasted my money on this....more info
  • Great Product!
    I recommend this wireless router! I've used a few and this is by far the best quality-wise!...more info
  • bad, very bad experience
    After spending twenty, yes twenty, hours on the phone with people I could hardly understand much of the time, I finally gave up on the Linksys router 610n. Five case numbers and about six techs could not get two computers working properly. The dropped connections, the stifled URLs, the constant rebooting to re-establish a connection all got to be too much. So I bought the D-link 655n and without a care in the world I got it hooked up and running beautifully with no dropped connections, no stifled URL, and no rebooting necessary. What a blessing to have a technology actually work. And I did it without a call routed to India. Cysco, what were you thinking?...more info
  • Linksys WRT610N Router
    Although I could have purchased a lower price Linksys router for our home, we use this router at our church. Both routers are working just fine. The external USB hard drive feature allowed us replace our church's Network Attach Storage Device and "free up" a port on the router. If you use this feature, you must temporarily turn off your Firewall before you can "map the drive." Then turn your Firewall back on. ...more info
  • Not production worthy
    Before you think about even touching this router, go to Linksys' support forum and read this thread:

    This router appears to have serious issues, which still appear to be unresolved. Serious issues as in, the router hangs and requires rebooting. I have purchased 3 of these units, and 2 are essentially paperweights.

    I contacted Linksys' support forum and they say this problem isn't even listed under this product.

    What's scarier are some of the solutions... people suggest its overheating so they put laptop fans on it, or disable features to cool it down. Some of the security code is unstable so people use lower security.

    Even my 3rd one which "works" has issues. I can't have it auto select the channel and share different protocols on the 5Ghz channel....more info
  • Not as bad as everyone is saying
    Going against all of the bad reviews warnings I decided to buy this router anyway and I am happy with it. From the research that I did the issues with the router seem to be heat related so I have it sitting on a wire shelf and I have not had any problems.
    The only quirp that I have is with the newest firmware which actually seems to disable you from using the USB harddrive feature, but roll it back and you are good to go ! ...more info
  • Good only for pure Linksys networks
    I have had trouble with Linksys in the past but this was many years ago and since I work for Cisco now I felt obligated to give them another try.

    The Linksys WRT610N connected right away to the Linksys USB dual band adapter I bought when I ran the included software. Unfortunately, that was my only success. The three laptops, Playstation 3, PSP and Nintendo DS could not connect at all.

    First I used WPA2 based encryption but the keys would not exchange (timed out). Then I switched to WEP based encryption but the router would not provide IP addresses even though DHCP was enabled. In addition the 2.5 GHz networks stayed locked in wireless-B (around 1 Mbps) regardless of the settings used. After many hours I finally gave up and reinstalled my old wireless-G D-Link for a "solid" 54 Mbps.

    If you don't mind spending the money to create a pure Linksys network and using the Linksys software exclusively (assuming all your platforms can run it - the PS3 and Nintendo can't) this may be a worthwhile purchase for you. I was really expecting more success connecting to existing Wireless-G infrastructure.

    This one is going back to Amazon.

    Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router...more info
  • Great Router
    I bought this router after purchasing the Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter WMP300N. The PCI adapter is a 2.4Ghz Wireless N adapater that I was trying to downlevel to a Linksys Wireless G router. The speeds were horrible and at times dropped the connection. After I introduced the Wireless N router network back into the mix both the G and N client nodes were happily firing at a good speed. You can split the networks up on this router to a 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz network in order to run your N based media network at the higher end band and keep your A/B/G client nodes on the 2.4Ghz lower end. Ensure that your 5Ghz client adapters are dual band and not the WMP300N, which is a 2.4Ghz band only NIC, that I got. If it does not say dual band and the packaging doesn't state it supports both the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands, then the adapter won't be able to find your 5Ghz wireless N network. So far it appears that Cisco/Linksys only have dual band USB network adapters. So we'll have to wait on either a PCI or PCIe NIC to come from Cisco/Linksys.
    On a side note, the device isn't altogether ugly as I set this router up on top of my TiVO. I also used the setup Cat5e cable on one of the open GigE ports on the back of the router. My internal communication between my TiVO and TiVO desktop server has become slightly better as well as internet based content to the TiVO. Even though the TiVO is constrained to the 2Mbps ISP connection it appears that the internal switch handles traffic better....more info
  • Couldn't maintain a wireless connection
    In principal it had everything I wanted in a router. In practice it dropped wireless every few minutes. Worked great when it was connected but if it can't maintain that connection it is of no use to me. Waiting for delivery of cheaper similar unit the D-Link DIR-825 which from reading reviews on Amazon seems to be a better unit for less money. Wish I had read all that first....more info
  • Question ?

    anybody who tried this router can u give the maximum range it reached ?

    Thanx...more info
  • Just excellent; powerful and have a very long range.
    It is a very nice device, easy to set up, nice admin software and can connect to other devices through concrete walls. I have one just to connect to a NINTENDO Wii that is placed at the other side of my house that have brick and concrete walls, works excellent....more info
  • Much better than D-Link's DIR-825
    I own and am using this router right now, and I'm mainly posting this review to state that before I had this one I owned the D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N QoS 4-Port Gigabit Switch Simultaneous Dual Band Draft 802.11n Router (White), which was really just straight-out awful. The Linksys offers better range and works fine pretty much out-of-the-box. The only manual settings I had to tweak was the port forwarding for BitTorrent; otherwise it's spinning just fine on the factory settings. (With security enabled and a new admin password set just in case.)

    As I mentioned in my review of the DIR-825, remember that 5GHz (802.11a/n) is never going to have the same range or obstruction penetration as 2.4GHz (b/g), for various physical and regulatory reasons. This device delivers acceptable 5GHz range, compared to its competitors. Also note that when shopping for 802.11n client hardware (network cards), not all of them are dual-band. Most 802.11n cards on the market are 2.4GHz only; look for "5GHz" or "dual-band" if that's what you need....more info
  • Lynksis WRT610 N
    I've had a Linksys 802.11B for about 4 years without any issues but it was time to upgrade. I bought the WrT610N and hooked it up. I'm a Computer Engineer so I know what I am doing, but I had a heck of a time getting two HP laptops to connect to the network. Two other computers were not an issue. One laptop was Vista, the other XP. After about an hour messing with it, I called Linksys support and worked another hour on the phone with someone who did all the same things I did. I was then told a level two support person would have to call me and it could be up to 4 hours.

    I then worked on the laptop a little more an got it to work, however the range was terrible. I would get halfway up the stairs and it would just drop off. I then but everything back in the box, took it back to the store, bought a D-Link, hooked it up without any issues and had great signal range. Linksys support did call back, and I told them never mind....more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    Well I got everything working on both 2.4 & 5 GHZ... kind of...

    But I can't believe how bad the signal strength/ distance /frequency of signal loss is on this unit.

    I've perused all the relevant posts on the Linksys tech forums & based on the other posts, it seems to simply be the way it is.

    I would have thought that at least the 2.4GHZ would perform as well as my old WRT54G.

    Since the whole point of wireless is to reach locations that cables don't, I've opted to reset up my old router & put this one on Craigslist & Kijijji. Will be taking a bath.

    The old router may not have the speed, but what good is speed if you have a bad connection that drops all the time!

    In short: if your computer is sitting in the same room as this router, it'll be fine (but then why not use cables!).

    I strongly suggest that anyone thinking of buying this router read all the reviews, esp. the ones on the Linksys tech forum - even though they have been "sanitized" by Linksys, the dismal truth of this POS seeps through.
    ...more info
  • better than all the critical reviews would have you believe
    I bought this router primarily because it was the most expensive, lol. I didn't really think it through at first. My main reason for getting it was that I had a Netgear wireless G USB adapter which I hated because of the poor software. I decided if I was going to buy a new adapter I would get an N adapter. So, I went an bought this router before I ever got the N adapter so that when I got the new adapter I'd be N ready.(I know, I did it backwards considering I had no problems with the old router, only the adapter). My previous router was an old Belkin G router. I had also used a Belkin N router for a short period of time (temporary housing while on an assignment for work). I eventually ended up with the Linksys WET610 dual band N bridge for my network adapter, after I bought this router. It's a good combination.

    My observations on the WRT610N router;

    1) Setup - Setup was extremely easy. One thing I should mention though is that I never even opened the disk that came with the router. I used the manual configuration through the web browser. The interface is pretty good, and I like the help feature that opens a new window and explains each of the settings on the page. I think the Belkin web interface is better, but this one is certainly functional and not difficult to use. Many people report problems with the setup, and all of them are using the setup wizard on the disk. My advice is either have someone who knows what they are doing set it up for you, or if you have the knowledge or think you can figure it out, then use the manual configuration. I should also confess I upgraded the firmware before even trying to use the router, so some of the problems others have experienced were probably fixed with the firmware upgrade.

    2) build quality - plastic fantastic, just like all the rest out there but at least it looks cool. It gets super hot on the bottom, but that hasn't caused any problems SO far. LEDs look nice and give you enough information without having a silly screen.

    3) features - I didn't realize it when I bought it, but the best reason to get it is the dual bands. I've got it configured now so that my desktop is on the 5Ghz N band and the laptop (which doesn't support N) is on the 2.4ghz band which is set to "mixed" to allow both G and N connections. Something many people don't realize is that your connection is only as fast as the slowest device connected to it. So, with the two seperate bands, I can set the 5ghz to N only and always get N speeds. The 2.4ghz band gives me 5 bars signal on my laptop in any room in the house which is much better than either the belkin G or N routers I tried. The 5ghz band doesn't give all that strong of a signal, but you have to realize that 5ghz is a shorter range technology which is why 802.11B and 802.11G were 2.4ghz in the first place. I don't suspect that this router is any weaker that any other 5ghz router, and in fact based on the signal strength im getting from the 2.4ghz I suspect it's probably stronger. However I don't have any other 5ghz routers to test it against. The nice thing is that I can have my dual band N adapter fall back to the 2.4ghz if I move it out of range of the 5ghz N only band. In any case, if you are going to be hooking up any G devices, such as a game console, media extender, or older laptop or adapter, then you will definately be able to benefit from limiting one of your frequency bands to N only.

    This router also has alot of different firewall features, like letting you lock out connections by time (so the kids would not be able to use the internet when they are supposed to be in bed, etc.) or monitoring connections, or locking out connections by MAC address. You can also easily block or open specific ports. It also has a feature which lets you give priority to specific applications. I have it setup to give high priority to skype or MSN, so no matter what my webcam calls will be high quality. This is nice for the media streamer, the chatter, or the gamer as these can all benefit from priority in the router.

    You can also attach a USB device and make it a Network Attached Storage drive. I have to admit I have not tried this feature although many complain it has a clunky interface. The only words of wisdom I can offer here are "BACKUP your drive, stupid" especially if it has anything on it because I've seen more than one report of some bonehead accidentally formatting the drive while trying to connect it.

    Finally, it has a four port gigabit switch built in, which is nice for those who are going to be connecting multiple computers through wired ethernet. most of the other N routers are going to be 10/100.

    4) value - at $199 most places this is definately one of the most expensive routers out there. It's almost a full $150 dollars more than the belkin 2.4ghz N band router and it's generally about $100 dollars more than most other N routers. However, the dual bands, the gigabit switch, the firewall and QOS (quality of service) features, and the network storage attachment all add value to this router. My advice is if you need any of those things, you won't go wrong with this router. If you don't then buy something cheaper, like a single band N router, and don't bitch about this one because of the price.


    There is certainly more to this router than most of the critical reviews on might lead you to believe. Certainly I think the vast majority of those that ranked it low either used the setup wizard, had a mac and tried to use the setup wizard, didn't know what the heck they were doing, or had the older firmware and didn't upgrade it. Probably also some sour grapes about the price I would guess. I like this router and I gave it four stars, primarily because it gets so darn hot, and also because other routers I've used have had a better web interface. It definitely deserves kudos for it's performance and it's features. I'm definitely not a brand loyalist, I've used AT&T, Trendnet, DLink, Netgear, Belkin, and Linksys products. They all had some things I liked and some I didn't. As for this router I do recommend it!...more info
  • Don't buy the Linksys WRT610N router
    I can honestly say the box of the WRT610N router is utterly misleading. The claims that the router has 'robust range and speed' and provides 'more complete coverage throughout your home' are basically untrue in anything that looks like a real home. The Rangeplus antenna technology does not give you 'expanded wireless coverage' as promised. Basically, if you want to use this router to stream to any device in any room OTHER than the one the router is in - forget it.

    I live in a small flat. I have my internet connection and media server in my office and I want to stream AV to my media PC attached to my TV ie the exact use the router is marketed for. As you can see, in the 5GHz band this is impossible (cannot receive). I am better off using my ancient WRT54G even for the 2.4GHz band.

    Using the format: band (GHz)/ throughput (Mbps)/ signal (dpm) / noise (dpm)

    Same room (4m - distance router to PC. No internal walls)

    WRT610N Version 1
    2.4 / 130 / -52 / -91
    5.0 / 162-270 / -55 / -88

    WRT54G Version 4
    2.4 / 18-36 / -51 / -89

    Next room (8m - distance router to PC. 1 internal wall)

    WRT610N Version 1

    2.4 / 78-104/ -64 / -91
    5.0 / 13.5 (av) -54 (peak) / -77 / -98

    WRT54G Version 4
    2.4 / 24-48 / -65 / -89

    Next room (12m - distance router to PC. 2 internal walls)

    WRT610N Version 1
    2.4 / 13 (aV) 19.4 (peak) / -83 / -91
    5.0 / ZERO / NA / NA

    WRT54G Version 4
    2.4 / 11-36 (18av) / -78 / -89

    I called Linksys support. It was very hard to get them to understand the problem. They tried lots of things which were not very successful. After reading how poor this router is (why I not find these reviews by users before I bought it I am not sure) I tried the moving and benchmarking exercise above. I called back Linksys. They are exchanging the router but I am extremely doubtful the next one will be any different.

    In short. If you want to use a router in a different room room to the target device DO NOT BUY THIS ROUTER.
    ...more info
  • Nice box, easy to setup and use, works as expected
    Within 10 minutes or so after unpacking this, I was up and running securely with a shared storage device attached. The setup CD, while a little slow, worked perfectly without any problems. I liked that--unlike setup programs in previous routers I've owned--this one made sure I set it up to be secure.
    Wired and wireless clients, XP,Vista and Mac, are all working fine. ...more info
  • I would not upgrade to this.
    I bought a Linksys 802.11n router and pc card adapter but am returning it. It did nothing to solve my dead spot problem in the kitchen. I spent a good deal of time with on-line support getting it set up properly, but the thing was disappointing.

    Then, when I tried to get my old 802.11g system going, I had trouble and had to pay $39 for a support package because the equipment was beyond its tech support term.

    I'm going to skip the 802.11 w, x, and y before I re-enter the market. I might try the z. ...more info
  • Fantastic Router!
    This a fantastic router!

    Do not be misled by all the negative reviews. But, be sure you really need and can use all this thing can provide. I'm sure there are simpler and cheaper routers around, but in my case the price, performance and feature mix was the best.

    I did end up spending over 2 days tweaking this unit to get it to perform as advertised. But, it has now been working flawlessly for over 2 months.I've got 8 pc's hooked into this thing, 3 wired and 5 wireless. I'm streaming video to every pc in every corner of my house (over 3,500 sq ft). Slowest connect speed is 243 Mbps, most are 270 or 300 Mbps. Interestingly, the PC farthest away gets the fastest link.

    My network is now all Linksys N devices, so that may explain things. But during my transition phase, I had both 802.11g and 802.11n devices connecting at greater than standard G speeds.

    This is not a Plug and Pray device, this thing means business. Do your reasearch. If you are uncomfortable with flashing bios, tweaking settings and getting your hands dirty, then this may not be for you. But, if you need a high speed, fully configurable router, this is it!
    ...more info
  • Awful- DO NOT BUY
    They should be forced into a recall- my Downloads and streaming have been reduced to a crawl on the G-Band 2.4 - there is no speed consistancey and the disconnects and timeouts are never ending- I am on cable with a 3 mb speed- their website forums shows numerous other users with the same problem including notes Tech Support is aware of the problem- may be heat related but I've dealt with that to- cannot see a Youtube piece without timeouts everty 3- 4 seconds ...more info
  • Good buy; PRO easy setup; CON pricey
    Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router
    Nice router - setup was piece of cake with dynamic on screen instructions....more info
  • Useless USB capability, disappointing support
    I bought this top end router over the other choices for the USB feature. I have a 500gig USB external hard drive that I periodically hook up to 3 different computers at home to do backups. Having it on the network would make that job easier and more frequent. While the router itself is plug-and-play the USB isn't. Absolutely no documentation comes with the device about how to use the USB port, and the software application that manages the router has no information about it. In the software there's a wizard for "Connect a new device" to the router - but it knows nothing about the port. The online help at Linksys also knows nothing about it. I called their support number and the technician knew nothing about it. I had to be escalated to someone who finally knew there even was such a thing. What I learned was bad - the port only recognizes storage devices (including memory sticks) that are formatted with FAT32 (whatever that is) but almost all Windows compatible storage is formatted with NTFS. So the suggestion was I reformat the disk and lose all my backup data and start over. No thank you.
    Don't buy this product for the USB support unless you're a true geek and can deal with the absurdity of it not being compatible with 99% of the computers out there.
    I wasted a huge amount of time figuring this all out only to be totally disappointed. I feel misled by their advertising claims and was led to the wrong conclusion as to the value of this device.
    ...more info
  • Good product but firmware issues
    I bought this router to replace a WRT54G from Linksys. The product has a nice design and runs cool compared to other Linksys products. The setup is rather easy, I didn't use the included assistance, just set it up via the webinterface as I am running mostly Macs in my home.

    The Webinterface is okay but settings are hidden in various screens. For example to setup the Wireless you need to go through several different pages to setup the SSID and the encryption. It's okay but not straight forward in a wizard like fashion.

    The issues I ran into with this router after setting up had mainly to do with storage and a VoIP device I have on my network.

    For the storage the initial firmware it came with could recognize my 1TB external disk and set it up. However there is a newer firmware version on the Linksys site that helps to solve some of the Wireless dropout issues. Once upgraded to that firmware the 1TB drive was not recognized anymore - this issue is discussed in detail on the Linksys support forum, several users have this issue and have unsucessful tried to solve it with Linksys support. So far no response from Linksys as to why this happens. You can only downgrade to previous firmware to have drives over 500GB recognized and then have to deal with the Wireless dropout.

    As for the VoIP device I have it worked with my WRT54G flawless. Once I replaced my old router with the WRT610N I couldnt' receive any calls and had issues with voice quality and dropped calls. Also the Linksys support forum has several entries on VoIP issues and the workaround suggestion is to open ports in your firewall or put the device in the DMZ. This is not an ideal solution, especially as it's working with an older version of the router. The WRT610N seems to block incoming VoIP transactions and hence messed up the communication.

    Overall I think it's a good product from hardware point of view put the current firmware leaves a lot to be desired to the extend that this device was unusable to me at this stage and I had to return it to the store for a refund.

    Due to my mainly Mac setup I went a Airport Extreme Base Station which works flawless with my current setup and was also a lot easier to setup than the Linksys due to it's wizard driven setup via Airport Utility....more info
  • Good but overpriced router
    The router works flawlessly in my hands. The set-up CD provided by the manufacturer is a waste time, however. After fiddling with the installation program for 30 mins (I could never get it to detect the router in the first place) I directly logged into the router using a browser and set it up manually. Performance is fantastic compared to wireless-g. However, I expected to be able to connect my notebook to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels simultaneously. As some of the other reviewers have remarked, that is not possible. The product's webpage certainly insinuates that it is, which I find deceptive. All in all, a good and fast router, but its steep price tag is only justified by letting you avoid the performance hit from running wireless-g and wireless-n devices on a single band. If your network has either only wireless-g or only wireless-n devices, then it is pointless....more info
  • What range plus???
    I recently moved to a bigger house, so my previous router wasnt strong enough to get across.

    I bought this router for the extended range. What I got was an eaven worst range, and basically I spent more than 150$ for a product that doesen't work like they say it will.

    It's not very compatible with G, B networks either....more info
  • Awesome N Wireless router BUT the NAS USB port SUCKS!!
    The dual N band wireless on this WRT610N router screams and is easy to setup. If you have some technical knowledge DO NOT use the LELA setup program. It really bogs down older machines and continues to run even after the router is completely setup.

    The first router I received would just freeze up so I found the new firmware upgrade on Linksys's website and installed it. After I installed the firmware the router and wireless worked perfect but the NAS USB port stopped working with my WD 1TB hard drive. I contacted Linksys tech support and they had me hookup and 2GB thumb/flash drive and the NAS USB port still would not work. They instructed me to return the router to and get a new one which I did. Amazon was great with the whole return process and I received my replacement WRT610N router in 2 days. Once I received the new one the same issues occurred again and I still cannot get any USB drive to work on the NAS USB port. At this point I'm only using the router/wireless and waiting for the next firmware release to come out from Linksys.

    My personal opinion is that this product wasn't ready for consumers just yet but Linksys released it anyways. Hopefully Linksys will fix this issue very soon....more info
  • Just terrible
    I bought this router for its "N" capabilities hoping to achieve faster download speeds at my house (my g router was working just fine). Even though many of the reviews here were negative, I decided to try it anyway.

    Although this is one of Linksys's newest and most expensive routers, it is far worse than my old router. The simple problem is that it constantly drops the signal (from both signals). After searching the web for answers I discovered that if you use WPA instead of WPA2 this problem improves - but not enough. The 5 mhg channel is only available if I'm about 15 feet from the router, any further and it doesn't connect. Download speeds for the 2.4 channel are terrible.

    I can only surmise that the draft N technology is really in draft form and not ready for the consumer market. Too bad they rolled it out so soon as I'll be very hesitant to upgrade in the future. ...more info
  • Only after firmware upgrade was it working correctly
    I bought this router after spending several hours researching various products. This is my fourth wireless router. I decided to get a router with the N band to allow fast connections to video media using my SlingBox Pro and Buffalo Quad Linkstation. I was reluctant to get this one based on the some of the bad reviews I read here. But it had everything I was looking for including the dual simulataneous band wireless. Once I bought it and started having dropped connections I almost returned it. However, I went ahead and upgraded the firmware and the issue was of dropped connections was resolved.

    After one week of using this router and connecting multiple devices, VPN to employers site, and streaming media all around my two story home, I am very satisfied.

    In addition to the devices already mentioned, I use an Epson Artison 800 configured for wireless access, sligbox powerline switch, windows media extender, WII, and cable modem.

    I would have rated this a five if it was not for the firmware issue. Based on the number of reviews with the same issue, it appears that Linksys/Cisco let this one out before proper testing was completed.

    So far so good. I'm keeping it. ...more info
  • Good router .... once you make it work
    I bought this to replace an Apple Extreme to expand the range of my network and be able to leverage the dual band since I have 10+ devices between tivos, macs, pcs, etc. The router was on the second floor but we also have devices in the basement and those were receiving poor signal. Also, accessing online video on the Tivos was not working properly and service interrupted constantly.

    After I installed the Linksys router, with a relatively easy software application, I was ready to go. The first days/week were really impossible and frustrating, having to reset my modems and routers at least once a day. I was ready to return this product given continuous drops on both 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz. I even had an Return Authorization. But since it was a pain to configure all the devices to the new networks and passwords (mix of Tivo's, Macs and PCs) I gave it another try.

    You need to make sure you upgrade the software. Make sure that you do it with a computer directly connected with an ethernet cable to the router. When I first tried it from another one that was wirelessly connected, the installation did not complete. I called customer service and they wanted to charge $9.99 to help me with the resetting. This was completely unacceptable. I decided to try again with the computer and an ethernet cable and worked. Since then, the connections have not dropped. However, my Tivo's were unable to connect because it really requires a signal of at least 70-80% strength. I decided to use the NETGEAR power line extender and now I can do video streaming without any interruption and excellent quality. Those same Tivo's were able to connect with the Apple Extreme but were not able to get a steady signal for online streaming.

    It also helps setting the 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz bands to the right setting depending on your devices (e.g., N only, or G only works better than mixed N/G/B)

    So if you're looking for a reliable double band, it works well, but if you're looking for a large range, you may need to complement your network with extenders....more info
  • Didn't know why anyone would buy this product.
    Read all the reviews on the product and predominately the reviews were negative. Problems with the storage link, problems with drop out, problems with the signal strength. Still I had such good luck with my 54G that I thought I would give it a try any ways. Maybe the product would work in my environment.

    The router worked for the first couple of days and then I decided to try out the storage link feature. I installed an external USB drive. Storage link was very hard to mount reliabily and exhibited random drops. Also while trying to remount the drive I wound up reformatting it unexpectedly. The user interface was a tad unclear as to what I was about to do. After a few days of random drops and unreliable access using the storage link I removed the drive. Feature is not realible enough to use for network storage.

    I placed the router in my basement. Typical wireless distance was one floor up and about 15-20' laterally from the router location. N-Band was 1-2 bars, while G-Band was 4-5 bars. N-Band signal sufficient for use but signal loss pretty bad. Wanted to use N-Band to avoid interferance from cordless phone. After a couple of days the router started dropping the connection. I tried to update the firmware but it was the latest revision. I tried resetting the device and it would work for a day and the next would start dropping out. Returned it and bought a D-link dual band. I loved my 54G wireless router from Linksys. Hated this one.

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  • Lousy signal strength... you -want- external antennas
    Unless you're living in a 1 bedroom apartment, avoid this router. The old wrt54g it was supposed to replace had much better signal strength and range.

    Also, better firmware such as dd-wrt and openwrt do not yet run on the 610n.
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