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Samsung Touch Of Color T240HD 24-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor
List Price: $869.00

Our Price: $299.99

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Product Description

Get ready for the widescreen TV buy of the year! The SAMSUNG T240HD HDTV monitor looks more like artwork than a high-performance video display. It features revolutionary Touch of Color, a built-in full HD 1080p digital HDTV tuner, so you can watch both TV and HDTV, and 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for sharp images. Beautifully designed, the T240HD is unlike any monitor you've ever seen. The sound quality is just as impressive as the picture. An invisible speaker system with stunning Dolby Digital surround sound lets you experience the thrill and excitement of movies, music, games. Two High Definition Multimedia Interface - HDMI - connections make your monitor a multimedia centerpiece and let you easily and conveniently connect your other digital devices. And it's energy efficient too! The T240HD is designed to be extremely efficient and uses up to a third less power than other monitors in its class. The unique SoftPower off function lets you put the T240HD in standby mode right away, using just 0.3W of power. It's perfect for your bedroom, studio, den, or work room. The sharp 24" widescreen will enlighten any area and will completely entertain you. USB powered hub lets you connect wide range of peripherals including your digital media player Swivel and tilt stand 5 Millisecond screen response for crisp, quick, video and action game display 3 Watt built-in multimedia speakers with Dolby Digital virtual surround sound ENERGY STAR qualified Samsung USA 3-Year Limited Parts/Lbor Warranty

  • 24 widescreen HD display with 1000 - 1 contrast ratio (10,000 dynamic contrast ratio) and 300 cd/m2 brightness
  • 1920 x 1200 maximum resolution covers every TV resolution up to 1080p
  • 160 horizontal and vertical viewing angles for easy view from virtually any area in your room
  • 15-pin D-sub,Video Signal, Input signal that Monitor can get from devices such as PC, Audio, AV devices, analog RGB, DVI, HDMI, component , TV (digital TV/analog TV) composite video and 2 HDMI inputs
  • Built-in ATSC TV tuner - Ready to receive off-the-air Digital TV

Customer Reviews:

  • Broke quickly, repair failed
    I used this model as a desktop monitor for my computer. It is large, clear, and really pretty cool. Well, I thought this was a pretty cool until it broke exactly 105 days after I purchased it. That was 15 days after the return policy expired.

    For a $400 monitor to break within 4 months is intolerable. The screen is dark, but the power light comes on.

    I sent the monitor to Samsung to have it repaired. The repair was performed within 9 days (7 business days) - which is pretty quick. Well, I thought it was pretty quick until I tried to turn it on. It doesn't work.

    In fact it is more broken than when I sent it. Now the power light doesn't even come on.

    I scanned the internet and apparently Samsung monitors have this problem. So I caution: buyer beware. Do not buy Samsung products....more info
  • pretty neato
    using it as a tv for my ps3 at the moment. works fine, and is rather large for the price, but not huge by any means. later, if i get a better pc i will probably use it as a monitor too. it is easy enough to work, and when you turn it off and on it makes this wonderful beeping sound. the power switch is on the tv itself, but it is one of those buttonless ones (like the ps3), and i have had some trouble switching it off this way, so i wouldn't lose the remote if i were you....more info
  • Great Value
    I am very pleased with this TV. Mostly because there are virtually no 24" LCD TV's out there. Also, most TV's this size come with 720 dp....this one has the 1080 like the big sets. Very pleased with picture and sound....and value....more info
  • Great TV/Monitor
    This was one of the simplest monitor's/tv's to set up. Just make sure you tighten the screw underneath the stand and the TV will be sturdy.

    I use a Galaxy HDMI (1.3b) cable to connect my Dell 1737 Laptop to the Samsung T240 HD. The display is gorgeous and is extremely intuitive to adjust. I just click menu on the remote and adjust the settings to my heart's desire.

    The sound is fine. I don't hear any buzzing or tinny sound from the speakers.

    I watch TV in 2 ways: 1.via the monitor from a high definition TV tuner USB stick 330 (with antenna) I bought from Kworld:

    2. via the TV from the super cheap budget TV antenna I bought, which gives me 74 free over the air digital channels, many of which are in 1080i format:

    There is a source button on the remote which allows one to switch from monitor to TV and back to monitor instantly.

    Some colors fade on the monitor when you view it from the side, so it's best to sit in front of the monitor.

    For this price, this monitor/tv is an absolute bargain.

    ...more info
  • Good value, but lots of little problems
    I bought this unit because it was a good value for the money. It has a built in HD tuner and lots of different inputs, including 2 HDMI ports.

    The problems (some of these are going to sound like nits, but they severely affect the usefulness of the product):

    1. The bezel surrounding the active part of the LCD has a very shiny beveled edge on it which makes everything close to the edge of the screen appear to have a mirrored duplicate.

    2. The unit has 2 HDMI ports, but one of them is on the side behind a closed door.

    3. The headphone hack is behind a closed door. Why not get rid of the door?

    4. The power light shines when the unit is on and is extinguished when the unit is off. It should work opposite of this so it doesn't distract from the viewing.

    5. The monitor isn't very good at dealing with multiple resolutions. Some of the PC content is off the screen.

    6. The monitor always stretches the image. It is not possible to display lower resolutions 1:1, non-stretched.

    7. The stand is slick on the bottom so when you push the power button, the whole monitor pivots on the table. Overall, the stand is a joke. The monitor can only be tilted back slightly, that's all.

    8. No composite inputs (I knew this going in). These would be nice to connect older gaming systems that can't do component or HDMI.

    9. Speakers are weak. They don't put out enough volume except for very quiet environments (like a bedroom).

    10. The tuner does a lousy job of displaying HDTV accurately. I have a DVICO PCI card that blows this out of the water.

    11. Gradient banding is noticeable because of the LCD type.

    I'm only giving it a three because I think the monitor is inexpensive, otherwise I would have rated it lower. ...more info
  • Samsung Touch Of Color
    I was so pleased with Samsungs Touch of color TV-Monitor that I bought 2 of them.
    Excellent color picture,,, love the zoom features. I have never own a TV-Monitor this good. Love it,,, ...more info
  • Great except for one major problem.
    The major problem is a buzzing sound when I turn down the brightness. This is totally unacceptable when using this as a monitor, since being so close to the screen, the buzzing is clearly heard and very annoying. In monitor mode (PC and DVI modes), the buzzing starts when the brightness is set below 90.

    In TV and HDMI modes, the buzzing starts when the backlight is set below 9 (10 is the maximum). There is another control called "brightness", which does not affect the buzzing, so setting backlight to 9 and "brightness" low, is a way to get around the problem. I am not sure why there are 2 ways to control the brightness, and what is the difference between them.

    Customer support were not very helpful. They suggested I send them the TV, and they will fix it or send me another one. I decided to return the TV to the store, and get a brand new one instead. Unfortunately the new one has exactly the same problem as the first one, so unless I get used to this buzzing, it will also be returned.

    This is my first LCD TV, so I don't know if this is a common problem. I have another LCD monitor (which is about 5 years old) and 2 laptops, and none of them have this problem.

    If it wasn't for this buzzing, I would give it 4 stars. I especially like the size and the resolution when used as a monitor. The only other minor problems are:
    - sound is mediocre
    - I really don't like the glossy bezel. It does look beautiful, but I hate the glare. It also shows fingerprints, dust, and scratches easily.
    ...more info
  • Samsung Touch of Color T240
    Great video, sound is a bit tinny although some of this is improved using the equalizer function. Wish Booklet for TV had greater detail. We are using this unit for TV viewing in the kitchen, just about perfect. Set up was very easy and automatic. I had some difficulty learning how to utilize the menu functions, but thats just me....more info
    Downloading Netflix movies and watching them instantly on this 24" Samsung SyncMaster T240HD Computer Monitor/with HDTV TUNER has been a real joy!

    I couldn't wait to try it out with the TERK amplified HDTV antenna. Today I hooked up the antenna inside my apartment to this computer monitor/HDTV. WOW! I'm blown away! I live about 10 miles north of Boston, inside a brick building and surounded by many homes and trees -- and I am getting (about 10 channels) simply dazzling high definition TV channels.

    I dropped cable TV months ago because of all the commercials. That saved me $70 per month ($840 yr). Who needed cable TV? I'm a "movie freak", not a commercial freak. The commercials simply steal your time. It's criminal to have to pay (cable) and be forced fed commercials also. Sitting 3 feet away from a good 1080p full HTDV monitor like this Samsung monitor is like being in the 3rd row of a movie theatre. For $14 a month, NETFLIX lets me watch commercial free movies downloaded to my computer to watch nearly instantly. And they just upped their selection by teaming with STARZ. Now with this new 24 inch HDTV/computer monitor - I've made my computer my entire home entertainment system. Hello free HDTV. Good bye cable... This works great for a single computer geek like me. Tired of computing? No problem, download a movie, watch your own DVD movie, or switch the remote to the computer monitor to TV, and watch free HDTV coming over the air.

    Thanks SAMSUNG & TERK ($38 indoor HDTV antenna)! You made this free HDTV possible.Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna for Off-Air HDTV ReceptionSamsung Touch Of Color T240HD 24-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor...more info
  • Excellent monitor
    I've only used this as a secondary monitor to my MacBook Pro 15, but it works fantastically. Colors are bright, power consumption is low, and I've had no problems at all. I only wish I would have waited for the 26" to come down in price. ...more info
  • Samsung ToC T240HD
    Samsung has done it again. I was originally looking for a 20+ inch monitor to hook up to my laptop and at the same time I wanted a small LCD TV that I could take on the road. After doing extensive browsing on the net (which I always do before making a purchase) I came across this model. I'm not a professional television/movie watcher nor do I deal with CAD graphics or a lot of gaming, so for these people this product may not be what they are looking for but for the rest of us, this model is more than satisfactory as a TV/monitor. I have not used the VGA connection so I can't speak for its quality but I have a Dell XPS M1730 laptop connected through the HDMI port and the picture is bright (almost too bright) and the text is crisp and clear. Watching a Bluray movie is a total pleasure, I have noticed no blurring or jaggies even with movies with fast action. The only major downside is that it does not have the ability to be mounted using a standard VESA plate and the speakers sound a little tinny, but adequate for a 24" TV/monitor.

    Bottom line: if you are looking for good 20"+ monitor that has a HD(1080p)TV tuner built in, for the price, this one is hard to beat. ...more info
  • Not a good choice for TV
    This may be a fine monitor but as a TV it has several drawbacks:
    1) The VERY narrow viewing angle. I read other reviews and thought they might be overly critical but once I set it up I realized how horrible the viewing angle is.
    2) The poor sound quality. Again I read the reviews but assumed the reviewers were being too picky. The sound is akin to a cheap little clock radio.
    3) The on screen menus are too small for a TV that will be viewed from 6 feet away.
    All the above criticism apply to using the as a TV.
    As a PC monitor it seemed fine except it lacks height and pivot adjustments
    ALSO: I'm surprised that Amazon is hiding it's return policy for monitors under the heading "See more technical details". Come on Amazon this is blatantly deceptive. I'm surprised Amazon has pulled a fast one here. I'll have to rethink where I buy stuff based on the little stunt.
    ...more info