Sony DVP-FX820 8-Inch Portable DVD Player
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Watch movies anytime and anywhere you want with Sony's cool and colorful DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Players. With a 6hr battery life, an 8" high-resolution swivel screen that provides a clear and crisp picture from any angle, 2 headphone jacks for sharing, and a car adapter that ensures your movies outlast even the longest road trip. And when you want more than movies, the FX820 plays your CDs or MP3s, and lets you view your personal photo albums. You can choose your preferred color among Black, Cherry Red, Cool Blue, Bubble Gum Pink and Snow White. Then, sit back and enjoy the crispy and sharp image with this Sony high-resolution LCD display.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sony Portable DVD Player.
    I'm so happy that I bought this player. I bought it as a gift for my husband. He is so happy with this player. I might just have to buy one for myself. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    We absolutely love this DVD player. The battery lasts forever and the screen quality is amazing, better than one of our t.v.'s! Great deal for the money and we love it!...more info
  • Best Electronic Gadget I've Purchased in YEARS!
    I purchased the Sony DVP-FX820/R 8-inch Portable DVD Player about a month ago, and it continues to amaze me with the ease of use and quality of the video -- without question the video quality is better than anything I own that is displayed on my television set.

    I'm not kidding -- I can see very subtle pinstripes on a man's suit and can tell what kind of knit stitch that's on a woman's turtleneck dress without even looking for it. The video is that clear.

    I certainly HIGHLY recommend this product -- I even managed to get it in my favorite color -- red -- and I know the product is available in lots of other colors as well.

    I have only two criticisms -- the sound really is a bit "tinny" -- but you don't notice it much once you get "into" what you're watching. More important re a criticism is that the unit is awkward to open. The unit folds up in a very neat, compact form, about the size of a trade paperback [or slightly larger than a boxed DVD set], but there's nowhere for your fingers to go to make opening it easy. I always get it open, but it's more difficult than it should be -- and given that the unit has a plasma display, you really have to be careful not to damage the screen -- so don't use a nail file or the end of a screwdriver to try to make it easier to open.

    But on the whole, I'm enjoying this product more than I have any electronic gadget I've picked up in a good many years. The pictures are always VERY crisp and clear; if you freeze the picture to get a better look at something, you never get a blurred "freeze" -- even in that mode the picture remains incredibly good.

    And it's easy to tote around -- I can pick up the portable DVD unit, several boxes of DVDs, and the remote all in one hand without it being awkward at all. The battery pack hooks on to the bottom of the player, which makes it a bit heavy, but nothing to worry about -- and the battery pack remains on the player permanently, which makes recharging very simple.

    The minute you turn the unit on, you get a display that shows you how much charge is left in your unit. A full charge gives you 6 hours of disc playing; to recharge all you need to do is plug in the adapter that's hooked into whatever electric outlet you choose to use, and it charges quickly and easily -- no fuss. Of course it takes longer to charge the unit initially once you've unpacked everything and hooked things up -- about a 3 minute procedure [and I'm NOT good with hooking up electronics], and it does take several hours to get a full charge the very first time.

    My practice is that once I'm through viewing, I go charge the unit back up right away, and there's a handy charging light on the front of the player that tells you while it's charging [the light is on] and when it's finished [the light goes out], so it's very easy to tend to recharging while you go do something else.

    Perhaps when a newer model of this unit comes out, the sound will be less tinny and there will be just a little curve on one or both sides so you'll have somewhere to anchor your fingers when you're opening the unit.

    Otherwise, I recommend Sony follow a maxim that seems to [sadly] be much forgotten in recent years -- "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

    So if you're looking for a portable DVD player, I don't see how you could find anything better than this Sony player. I think it's terrific!...more info
  • Great product
    I needed a DVD player with a long lasting battery and I have been very pleased with this product. Furthermore the picture is clear and the price was quite reasonable for the quality of the player....more info
  • Sony 8" Portable DVD Player
    I bought this product in Feb. after leaving our other portable player on the plane (ARGGH!). It's a littler pricier than I would have liked, but it's been worth every penny. Yes, It's a little heavy, but it has a huge battery on it that does last for hours! It can get through two movies using headphones and by lowering the back light a bit, and when you're traveling with two young children, this is a huge deal! All in all, I LOVE this player....more info
  • Love it.
    This is a great deal for a portable dvd. The picture is excellant and the sound is ok but better with headsets. Have fun running dvds in bed and outside on a hot summer's day....more info
  • So far, so good
    We've had this player for a few weeks and used it a few times. So far, the performance has been good, as well as the durability with a 3-year old using it. The screen could be bigger, but the picture is pretty good. Wish it came with a bag or case to mount on a seatback in the car....more info
  • Perfect
    I am very satisfied. The picture is very clear. The video does not skip like my other DVD player. The screen is big enough. The sound is good. Love that one can put 2 headphones. I recommend this to everyone. ...more info
  • Great Portable DVD player
    I can't say enough positive things about this dvd player. The picture is great. The sound is loud and very good. The battery does last 6 hours if you turn down the backlight. I bought one and sent one to my son in Iraq. He thinks it's the best one he's had. He's had 2 other brands. ...more info
  • Love this DVD Player
  • Great portable..if only it lasted.
    I purchased this Sony FX820 based on the numerous great reviews it got on Amazon and I wasn't disappointed. My 2 1/2 daughter can open, change dvds, play and adjust the volume by herself. It even plays vcds (dvds from Asia). I love the clarity of the picture but the speakers could be improved. All in all I was very happy with this portable dvd player. That is until we started having problems with the screen. The picture wouldn't come on when we turned it on. There was sound and the dvd was playing but the screen was black. I'd have to fiddle with it; turn it on and off, switch from input to output, take the battery off and on before the picture would come back on. I've only had this player for 8 months. It's a big pain in the butt and I feel Sony should look into this issue for future model improvements. I plan to get another one soon...maybe not Sony this time around....more info
  • Fantastic picture and high volume sound!
    We bought this for the kids for our recent road trip and we are very happy with it. Great picture quality and I love that it has a remote. The volume is incredible. You DON'T have to have headphones on to hear it in the car. We used this in conjunction with the "In-Car" 7-9" portable dvd player case also sold on Amazon so we could hang it up behind and between the two front seats so our three kids could watch it at the same time. This way you only have to buy one player instead of for each child. Would definitely recommend this player to anyone!...more info
  • Great Portable DVD Player
    We bought this to take with us on vacation and although we are really only using it as a dvd player and using a separate monitor for viewing, it has worked great. When using it for viewing, it looks great and the audio is great too for a portable player....more info
  • Nice unit
    I like the unit. However, I would like to see the screen move in both direccions and I would like to have more options to change the picture size on the screen, even if the movie does not allow it. At 8 inches, with a picture size like a TV, it's hard to see....more info
  • Love It!
    I am so pleased with my little red DVD player.
    The picture is great and I truly love it.
    The battery last and it is easy to use.
    Thank you!...more info
  • Best DVD Player Ever!!!!!
    This is the best dvd player, the battery life alone makes it worth every penny I paid for it. The picture and sound quality are phenomonal, I look forward to be able to take this on long trips. My old portable dvd player only had a 2hr battery life to it, maybe 2 1/2. I love the lcd screen, it makes it so there is no glare whatsoever and the swivel screen is also great. D.Coughlin
    N.H....more info
  • Overall good, some nit-picky stuff, though
    The picture, sound and battery life, like all of the reviewers have stated are great. overall I am pleased with the unit, so I will point out the few annoyances...

    there is no way to lock the case closed, and the "open" but is on the top near the power/hold switch, so more than a few times I have accidentally popped the unit open trying to put the thing on hold so my kid didn't start pushing buttons.

    The other buttons (play/ff/rew/volume) are all flush with the case. However, they are NOT membrane. Therefore, on (several) occasions, the buttons get stuck and you have to massage them to have them pop back out.

    Overall you cannot beat this unit for the price. It is tiny and totally portable. (As one reviewer said, if I wanted to lug around a laptop, then I would buy a lap top).

    Overall, thumbs up....more info
  • Very nice
    This is a very nice player. Easy to use and a good price. The picture is clear, and the product is durable. I highly recommend it....more info
  • good picture but battery??
    I just purchased this sony DVP-FX820/P 8 inch and I really like how easy it is to use and the picture is great. I have to agree with one of the other reviews though, that the battery life is very disappointing. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong with the charge until I read that others are having the same results with battery charge time. I am getting 2 hours from a full charge. I am using the speakers not head phones. But I didn't expect it to go from a six hour charge time to one third the time. So I highly recommend anyone thinking of getting this player to plan on using headphones to extend the play time. Otherwise it is a sleek beautiful little toy....more info
  • Top Notch!!!!!
    Worth the price, the best picture, very fast daughter is gonna love it. Ill just have to get my own. p.s it arrived two days early VERY NICE!...more info
  • great product!
    This is a great product. It was realitivly inexpensive and worked great. Battery lasted long and it holds up well in heat and being tossed around, not on purpose. ...more info
  • Pretty in Pink
    Very good fit & finish, quality, and ease of use. The 800 x 480 resolution is the highest available for portable DVD players I believe. Nice video and audio quality. Few things to note about this unit: 1st it had a constant yellow pixel on the left of screen just above the 1/2way point. 2nd I had to keep on selecting widescreen option (16:9) after powering on and/or putting in a new (4:3) movie in. 3rd Though Sony just came out with a 9 inch model, I think an 8 or 9 is just a touch too small for us - too bad a 10 or 10.2 inch doesn't exist with Sony. Lastly, I returned this unit and will probably opt for the 10.2 inch Coby for about $140 delivered....more info
  • Great quality
    We have been using this player for about a month now.
    We are happy with everything: great picture and sound quality. Picture is better than our big HDTV. I am a big fan of Sony and this was another great buy.

    ...more info
  • Perfect companion for roadtrips
    We got this DVD player so our son could watch something while we drive - he hates being in the car. It's durable, despite several drops in the car, and very ease to use right out-of-the-box.
    The battery time is good and the speakers are pretty clear sounding when not used with a headset.
    For the price, you can't go wrong!...more info