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Call of Duty: World at War
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Product Description

Go to war in the final tension-filled, unforgiving battles against a new ferocious enemy in the most dangerous and suspenseful action ever seen in WWII. Call of Duty: World at War throws out the rulebook of war to transform WWII combat through a new enemy, new tactics and an uncensored experience of the climatic battles that gripped a generation. As U.S. Marines and Russian soldiers, you will employ new features like cooperative gameplay, and weapons such as the flamethrower in the most chaotic and cinematically intense experience to date.

Building on the Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into the ruthless and gritty chaos of WWII combat and challenges them to band together to survive the most harrowing and climactic battles in both the European and Pacific theaters. The title re-defines WWII games by offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies, jawdropping fire power like the flamethrower, and combat variety, including Kamikaze fighters, ambush attacks, Banzai charges and cunning tactics, as well as explosive on-screen action through all new cooperative gameplay.


  • Multiplayer - Call of Duty: World at War supports intense, online multiplayer action using the Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare engine. Bringing multiplayer to the Wii for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise, players will be able battle it out in a variety of game types, plus upgrade and customize characters by using perks and completing challenges.
  • Squadmate Mode - This single-screen cooperative mode lets players team up to play alongside friends and family. At any moment, a second Wii Remote can be activated, giving the second player their own aiming crosshair to provide cover and added firepower while fighting alongside their Squadmate.
  • Combat-Look - Call of Duty: World at War includes "Combat-Look" technology - as the player runs through the game's diverse environments and topographies, the vertical line of sight discreetly adapts to keep players focused on the battlefield without having to radically adjust for uphill/downhill grade variations in the terrain. This system still allows complete freedom and mobility for targeting and results in a smoother and more playable Wii experience.
  • Wii Zapper Support - Call of Duty: World at War fully supports Nintendo's Zapper controller through a customized game setting that allows the entire game, including multi-player, to be played with the Zapper. This customized setting adds a new way to play by incorporating unique gestures and button layouts that add to the Call of Duty experience.
  • Set in the Pacific Theater of World War II
  • Online multiplayer
  • Squadmate mode allows for a second player to "cover" the first player
  • Wii Zapper support
  • Powered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Wafare technology

Customer Reviews:

  • wii call of duty world at war game
    my son loved it was very interactive and better than other war games he has played before. he said he'd rate it a 9!...more info
  • Cover Art Better Than The Game
    The game is medoicre to play. There is a major bug at one level that I cannot pass. I need to return the game and play the entire thing to provide a complete....more info
  • Lots and lots of fun. Most intense Wii shooting game yet!
    Although initially the game did not look very good, I was definitely satisfied after finishing the first mission. The first mission was dark, barely able to see the so called graphics people were raving about. However, as the game progressed, the graphics were truly on display. The battlefields, scenery, tanks, weapons, soldiers, everything was clearly defined. You may find the scene of air support missiles completely destroying a given area that you coordinated particularly pleasing to the eye!

    Wow, talk about being immersed into war. All the sounds of war - gunshots, the grenade explosions, the Banzai and Nazi screaming into your ears, commands and objectives, and much much more were orchestrated perfectly.

    Well, I started out using just the Wiimote and nunchuk and I was just plain frustrated. Immediately, me and my brother went out to get the Wii Zapper. With Wii Zapper in hand, you'll experience a game experience that other consoles cannot offer. The Wii Zapper is fairly accurate once you get the hang of it. It's hard to go wrong when the controls are based on the natural stance of shooting. It beats sitting down and aiming with a D-pad or analog stick.

    I must say that this game is a must for ANY WII console owner. It's an experience you cannot miss. One more thing: keep your forearms in shape, you'll get tired very soon!...more info
  • great online play
    The wii wifi connection online play is great. good maps with an interesting way of moving up rank in order to unlock guns and bonuses. however, unleashing the dogs after 7 consecutive kills is a bit much. As far as the regular game play I find it lacking in reality and having a few bugs. one time while i was playing nobody would shoot at me so i went up knifing everyone. also it sometimes feels like grenades just magically appear even if your more than 50 yards from an enemy, but that could just be me not paying attention...more info
    el juego es muy bueno, la historia es super, los graficos pudieron haber sido mejores (en unos lados aparecen muy rectos, como ejem en la segunda mision al principio cuando van en la lancha detallen las cabezas de los demas) bueno aunq eso estubo de mas decirlo...muy entretenido el juego aunq fue una lastima que no colocaran la mision No 11 "blacks cats...en cuanto al online es un poco corto el juego(por no decir mucho) o fue que me gusto mucho y lo pase rapido jajaja no en verdad es corto..en conclucion. muy buen juego que tienen que probar.......more info
  • call of duty world at war, NOT for beginners
    This might be a great game but NOT if you are new to FPS. There is no tutorial, No directions came with the game. I should not have to look online, even then all that would be given are cheats. (why buy if your going to cheat). I am sure if you have experience with these kinds of games, it would be amazing. If you are a beginer to the "style"... I think it a waste of money. Start with an easier game. Had I known I would not have gotten it for my husband. I could find better things to do with $50. especially on the Wii....more info
  • The best third-party FPS to hit the Wii yet
    After being blown away by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and thankfull for finally getting a change of scenery, I wasn't looking forward to Call of Duty: World at War at all. Really? World War II again after last year's smashing game set in the modern day? Well, yeah, that's what you get here, but luckily, World at War isn't just a newer version of an old game with a semi-fresh coat of paint. Thankfully, World at War plays very much like Modern Warfare, from the grim and gritty tone to the excellent multiplayer modes, and considering that Modern Warfare never made it to the Wii, seing World at War here is all the sweeter. As far as FPS games on the Wii, World at War is by and far the best third-party FPS to hit the system yet, and features some pretty good controls with the Wii zapper (although there is still some room for improvement in this department). The cinematic feel of it's more powerful console brethren is intact, and for a Wii game, World at War looks and sounds spectacular. Multiplayer modes don't offer too much for the Wii though other than the standard deathmatch, as co-op and zombie modes disappointingly aren't featured. Howwever, World at War's online runs pretty smoothly, and as a whole, the game remains a blast to play. All in all, Call of Duty: World at War is the best third-party FPS to hit the system yet, and is definitely worth your time and attention....more info
    Realistic,good graphics. Could use a little more help with tips. Also the screen writing is difficult to read....more info
  • Another Wii-son to Love my Wii
    This is definitely one of the Best FPS games I've eer played and part of it has to due with the motion controls of the Wii. I, unlike the top reviewer, own the Perfect Shot gun instead of the Wii Zapper which allows the same controls but with better control over movements. I know that sounds repetitive but it's true. Because you hold the nunchuk with your left (or right if you are left handed) and your other hand holds the handgun. I originally bought this for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles where it works great also.

    But back to the review, I find the Wii version to be better, and I have played it on X-Box also for the same reason I still prefer the Wii versions of games like Madden 09, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Need for Speed and the Wii console overall. It's not all about the graphics for me. I actually prefer great gameplay and simpler controls. In my opinion using the Perfect shot and aiming at the screen actually makes it more realistic any way because nobody fights wars in real life with joystics and mashing buttons. You aim and shoot. Even sniping is more fun this way. There is even a feature where you can move the Wiimote forward and you will stab with your bayonet or gut butt the bad guys.

    There is a reason that many bars are now putting Wii's in and so are old folks homes and now even Marriot and Renaissance Hotels are adding them to their business suites. Wii is just more fun. So great game. I agree that the Russian Part is more fun because it is original at least to me. If you do get this on Wii I STRONGLY recommend investing in the Perfect Shot to add to the realistic feeling which is cheap and can actually be found right here on Amazon and Have Fun!!!...more info
  • the best online game for wii
    If you are looking for a long-lasting and fun online multiplayer game for wii, this is it. You are grouped with other players almost instantly, and there is rarely any lag at all- not even the slightest bit. The controls are great, and it can be played with the wii zapper, which also works very well. I have played this on other systems, and let me tell you that the wii version, while it is missing some things, really comes out on top in terms of controls. The single player mode has good length, but is really nothing more than a distraction from the multiplayer mode. ...more info
  • You cant be serious
    Ok I have played this game on other consoles as well as the PC. The best experiance so far is on the PC.

    On the Wii it is a joke. Since the Wee has the worst graphics of any platform games like this just dont hold a candle to the other platforms (PS3, XBox360, PC)

    The controllers were non responsive and the graphics slugish at best. and since you are playing at just a little over 640x480 you cant even make out what you are shooting at most of the time.

    While I like the Wii for its sport game interaction (The simpler ones) the virtual controllers just dont cut it for a game like this.
    ...more info
  • Call of Duty
    Great game. Takes a little practice to get used to the controls but it is fun once you get it. ...more info
  • Call of Duty means No Fun Zone
    yeah, the 'second player' which is only a second gun for the first player wasn't too exciting when I finally got the game. the player reviews stating that this game was so awesome really had me fooled. I wouldn't say that the missions were too difficult, just not something I would want to wade through after a tiresome day at work nor struggle with on my relaxing day off. For a kid with lots of energy and looking for new scenarios maybe this is good for you. I just want a point and shoot, 'kill them nazis' game. They tried to make it too 'realistic' which doesn't make a game anymore. I'm not going to try playing online, I've met one too many... bad people who know the tricks and cheats. I miss the Medal of Honor series. Call of Duty is just too much. There's no fun involved....more info
  • Get it for Xbox
    You may think it would be fun to use the wii zapper like it's a real gun and duck and cover and whatever, but it's not. If you had a lifesize tv then perhaps it would feel real but on a small (37 in) screen it has no more realistic control than a regular controller. You move your hand only one inch to the left but on the screen it's as though you turned sideways. It's hard as hell to shoot accurately. You don't really get good at this game, just slightly better, but the game will give you better weapons which allow you to think you got better at it. Perhaps the dumbest thing about this game is the grenades that kill you all the time. You don't even see them. The second dumbest are the knife attacks by an enemy in hiding. You have to shake your remote to repel them. Stupid.
    The saddest thing is I think I would like this game if it were on the Xbox. But no, I thought it would be neat to have a first person shooter on the Wii....more info
  • A few glitches and omissions hold this game down but a great effort
    Call of Duty World at War is not the greatest or best game on the Wii by any means but it is solid which is suprising figuring it has a number of flaws that effect the general gameplay and hamper it some. But, then over all with online this game packs a solid punch. Campaign can be boring at times but when your with good ol Reznov you will feel like your in something special. Graphically the game does very well for the most part some parts look a little to drab but other areas look spectacular for a Wii game( particle effects and such forth ). For being based off a modified Call of Duty 4 engine this game has some great things to it mainly online adds a plethora of wealth to the gameplay and longevity, it may be stripped down compared to the other consoles but Free for all and Team Death matches were pulled off pretty well and theres come cool Maps like Makin, Dome and Cliffside to name just a few. Overall online is solid and has very little lag, not sure if it was my connection or what that screwed up a few times. I really wished the Wii would get more efforts like World at War and again it has shortcomings and may not be the greatest game on the Wii but it is more than worthwhile purchase. Pretty much the online death matches made this game for me and adds a lot of replay value to this game.

    Story - 7.5

    Graphics - 8.5

    Gameplay - 7.5

    Presentation - 8.5

    Replayability - 10

    Overall - 8.4...more info
  • Gameplay
    I'm not gonna talk about graphics. I think everyone has already covered that. This game is definetly worth the money, but only if you buy a Wii Zapper. That makes it so fun. This is probably the best game for wii so far. I own redsteel too, and this is a LOT better. Don't take my word for it, go out and buy it. You will NOT regret it. I would also reccomend it for Wii because of how all the movements feel right. Shooting a gun, stabbing with a bayonet, scoping in, it all just... feels right. After the time I have spent playing this game, I don't know how I could play it on XBOX360 or PS3....more info
  • Highly addictive!
    I must admit I am biased when it comes the the WWII genre of first person shooter.

    I am selling my Medal Of Honor shooters because they are no longer needed. They are great games but The Call OF Duty World At War has replaced them in my collection.

    The general feel of the game is very realistic. Sure there is the odd glitch but it could be my console. Once in a while you'll see some strange graphical thing happening but the game is so immersive it is easily overlooked.

    The multiplayer works well enough and is somewhat restrictive but I figure most would find it also addictive.

    This is one FPS thata is well worth the money....more info
  • fun FPS for the wii
    if you're looking for a FPS for the wii check this out. not a real long game, but fast-paced and fun to play...more info
  • ME LIKEY!!!
    Well here it goes! I thought this game was very good! Ya see i have a xbox 360 and i did have this game and i have beaten it and played online on the xbox. On the xbox it was awesome i loved it! Unfortunatly i had to get rid of it cuz i was straped for cash but little brother has a wii and this game and i will be honest at first i hated it because i though the controls were crazy hard (especially with that wii zapper gun thingy dont get it its no good and i dont use it). After playin the game a little bit more i got da hang of it (im still not very good lol) but then i played it online just last nite and...OMG!! it was awesome it brought me back to when i had it on xbox. The graphics and some other stuff is not as good as it is on the xbox but its still very fun! What is good about it (for little kids) is that you dont have the option to talk to people online which eliminates any cussing and dirty talk that you dont want kids to hear because i play xbox live and i did let my 12 yr old brother play but quickly took him off it because of the bad talk by the other players but its good because he can now play his wii online and not hear all that junk. Also, the online is FREE if you have internet and a wifi router. I just think that is awsome! So overall its fun, challenging, and good for older and younger kids. If you have a wii and you dont have this game then wow your missing out buddy! I cant wait to play it some more!...more info
  • Call of Duty - not really a 2 player game
    Video game is fine, but I thought the 2-player aspect would allow two players to play, but in reality the second player is just a second gun for the first player. ...more info
  • great fun!
    Great game with Kiefer Sutherland as your sgt you feel like you are right there during WWII...more info
  • Twitchfest supreme that doesn't really take advantage of the Wii
    Even on the lowest setting this game is extremely frustrating. I suspect part of the problem may be that unless you have a super high res 1080p large screen TV, you can't actually see what's killing you before you're dead. The player controls are extremely annoying. Your point of view and your weapon's aim are integrated into the same movements which is completely unnatural and results in very bizarre, unrealistic gameplay.

    Multiplayer mode is a complete exercise in frustration. Especially the free-for-all matches where as is expected in most FPS, unless you are some 13 year old who has nothing better to do than wrap your brain around this gameplay, you last about 6 seconds before the same guy who killed you the last 18 times kills you again.

    Don't buy this game. It's a shame they took a very interesting historical recreation and basically turned it into a bad version of Unreal Tournament.
    ...more info
  • this game totally kicks @$$
    amazing this is what i have been waiting for and on the wii. I love how i can use the wii zapper and feel like im at war. the graphics are amazing for the wii and the campain mode is awesome. but the best is the online play. this is the most fun as you watch your score go up so BUY THIS...more info
  • Game is ok
    The game is ok, the movement can be awkward and the two player mode is not as good as it could be....more info
    This has to be the greatest game that I have ever seen for wii, or at least the best shooting game! This game deserves 1000 stars if it were possible. The game's image are nearly real, it has a great story line, where you go through an assault with Sgt. Renvous, or something like that, and the game gives you a good time. The game has a long campaign, good though, and good multiplayer. The game includes a snipper mission, assaults, and the normal killing routine. There are very few glitches. I have seen one or two. The only glitch that was worth happening, is in one level, a sniper was running at a wall, went through the wall, and I am assuming he died. There are very few bad things, such as: in multiplayer, there is none, unless wifi. This game is not like halo. The only way to play with other people, is by having wifi. You can not play against the people in the room. Just on wifi. A thing I don't get, is that you can play wifi. You can play with two people. Why not four? I don't understand. Another thing, it is two player on campaign. I thought, oh, great, my brothers can help me. I was wrong, there is no split screen. There are two aimers on one screen. It is hard to snipe a guy in a window across a window with a aimer in your way. It makes it more difficult, when it is suppose to be better and easier. Even though this game has some bad things, it still is great game, amazing. It deserves five stars, period! ...more info
  • It's OK. Wait for the price to drop. On-Line mode is best.
    I played COD:2 on the Mac, and really liked it and loved multi-player, so I thought I'd get this for the wii. I am not at all a huge gamer, and this is the only game I'm currently playing.

    It's so-so. The single player campaign mode is very rigid. There is no freedom to deviate from the script, but that was the case in COD:3 on the wii as well. There are also things like invisible walls, so you can't go in certain directions, even though it looks like you could.

    On full-mature mode, there is strong language and more graphic violence. I turned that down, and it's better. I realize some want that "immersive" effect, but it's just not for me. Glad there's some control over that.

    The controls are not super fluid. In some ways better than COD3 (COD3 had too many jeep-driving adventures, which I didn't like) and fighting hand-to-hand is better in COD:WaW than COD3. It seems more responsive, and I'm not dying as much (there was one scene in COD3 where a German jumps you, and you have to time moving the wii controllers just right, and it always seemed random. That kind of nonsense seems to be gone in WaW. You have a chance to win now.)

    I'm less frustrated with WaW, but also not quite as entertained (maybe because I've already played two other CODs).

    Finally, I've abandoned the campaign half-way through for playing on-line. This is much more fun, but it too has some issues. When you are connected to a good game, the controls can be really good for a wii on-line game. Very responsive, etc. When you have a bad connection it is VERY glitchy. You are on a balcony and then suddenly on the stairs, and the guy you are shooting at is now in mid-air, and suddenly 5 yards to the right etc. But, if you get on one of these bad-signal games, you can duck out and it will find you a new one.

    I am really enjoying the on-line portion, but here are a couple of negatives to consider:

    1. the dogs are just dumb (if someone on your team shoots 7 people in a row without dying, they can call out the dogs on the other team). They are nearly impossible to stop, very quick, and always seem to spin around you instantly to chew you from behind. Also, they kill you quicker than someone standing 20 yards away pooring a machine gun into you. You might take 5-6 hits to die. With the dogs, it's two chews and you're dead. A real irritant. When I stop playing and move on to something else, it's usually because I've just played a couple of matches heavy with dogs. I get so fed up, I just quit.

    2. The maps are too small, which makes the kill rate very high. A couple of maps have a few snipe posts, but mostly what everyone ends up carrying are high-rate machine guns for weapons, because everyone is just too close to each other and interactions are too frequent. Taking careful and thoughtful aim is an invitation to get machine gunned by someone else.

    3. There are limited modes. For instance, there is no "capture the flag" mode. Only team or individual death-match. COD2 on Mac had this great (IMO) multi-player on-line mode, where everyone was limited to bolt action rifles on a huge map. You had to creep around stealthily and you got one shot on a player. If you missed, you were reloading while they took their shot. And, because it was every person for themselves, while you're reloading someone else might be firing at you. Very tense, very fun. COD:WaW is more like run around with the trigger squeezed.

    4. I am an intermediate skill player. There's very little room for this skill level. You are either playing boot camp with the noobies (but you graduate from that pretty quickly) or you get tossed in with the super-experts and get shredded. A third (middle) level of experience would be nice.

    So, in short, this game is so-so. If you need a gift idea, it's a worthy gift. If you are buying it yourself and don't HAVE to have it right now, wait for the price to drop. It's more like a $30 game.

    In order of preference, I prefer COD:2 on Mac best and then there's a sizable drop-off to COD:Waw on the wii, and then a very sizeable drop off to COD:3 on the wii.

    I may try Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 wii as I hear the controls are better, and that is a $30 game. I might even recommend trying that one first, if you are stuck between these two, as $50 feels like overpaying for this game.

    IGN has some reviews that include direct comparisons to Medal of Honor: Those reviewers indicated multi-player w/COD5 is better than MOH, so maybe I'll just stay put. Also, I've learned a bit more about the multi-player. The level-ups (which I wasn't aware of) helps make the multi-player portion even more interesting....more info
  • I had such high hopes.
    I was really hoping the wii version was going make up for it's lack of visuals and online modes with superior controls. Funny enough that's one of the worse things about it. No matter how much you tweak the bounding box and camera, it still feels twitchy and inaccurate. I've played Metroid Corruption and Medal of Honor Heroes 2. I know more tight fluid controls are possible. Graphics is another problem. Sometimes it's so bad you can't tell where to shoot because the enemies just blur into the muddy pixelated background. The best thing it has going for it without a doubt is the online which is surprisingly quick with little or no lag. If you don't have the option to get the HD version it's still worth checking out...just hope you don't see someone playing it on a PS3 or you'll realize what you're missing.

    ...more info