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James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace
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Product Description

Can you be the next James Bond? Coldly efficient dangerous the new Bond is the ultimate weapon in today's ruthless world of international espionage. Blending first person shooting and third person action, Quantum of Solace puts you in control of Bond's greatest weapon his mind. You must think like Bond and intelligently use the map and situation to your advantage. Confront enemies in a variety of ways: take them head on, fire from behind cover or sneak up silently and eliminate them with a variety of special takedown moves. Based on Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in the dangerous world of international espionage and intrigue.

  • You are the new Bond - Employ all of your Bond skills in high-octane combat, chaotic gunfights and precise stealth takedowns
  • Take cover - First person shooting with third person cover combat allows you to adjust your gameplay to meet each challenge. Hide behind cover, fire from protected positions and use suppressing fire to distract enemies
  • Fight worthy adversaries - Advanced AI systems allow enemies to react to you in intelligent and tactical ways. Think quickly, because they'll seek cover and outflank you
  • The new world of Bond - Using the likenesses and voices of actors from both films including Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, the game immerses you in the story of how Bond becomes the ultimate 00 agent. Each mission will take you through the exotic locations such as Casino Royale in Madagascar, the deserts of Bolivia and the streets of Austria
  • Become the world's premier MI6 agent - Bond gets online with standard 12-player multiplayer mode plus unique Bond modes such as Bond VS which pits you against other opponents in an intense race to complete objectives, and Golden Gun mode, which lets you perform one hit kills using the coveted Golden Gun

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Enjoyable Game
    This was such a great game. Some of the past bond releases weren't as great, but this one made up for it. It reminded me of the N64 goldeneye game. The multiplayer is quite fun and the ability to use the cover option is a plus. It is also a plus that it runs on the call of duty 4 engine as I am a fan of that game as well. I do have a small complaint. The control configuration wasn't customizable other than some predefined controls. I have this complaint with a lot of games. I wish I could just assign a specific button to a control like The Orange Box does. Overall though this game is a must have in your collection....more info
  • Pretty good game.
    Graphics could have been a little better. Almost reminisent of old xbox play. I had fun with it....more info
  • Best Bond game since Goldeneye 64!
    The James Bond video games by EA Games were always off. I never liked any of them. This one is made by Treyarch and published by Activision. The game is a bit short, but lots of fun. Bond is back!...more info
  • AWESOME GAME!!!!! BETTER THAN World at War!!!!!
    I love this game!! The single-player is so much fun -- even after you've beat it -- and you just want to play it again! The guns / gadgets ( YES THERE ARE GADGETS!! ) / grenades are varied, and make the gameplay so much more fun!!

    What really takes the cake though, is the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. You can play in every main location from QoS and Royale ONLINE against other people in all these great modes! Team Conflict and Bond Versus are the best.

    If you're looking for a game that can pretty much match COD4, don't buy World at War. Buy this! You'll thank me once you see THIS GAME'S online MP and WAW'S ONLINE MP. PLUS, The single-player campaign is SO much better on here.

    I wish I would've gotten the Collector's Edition! Seriously, it's that good! I don't even really like Bond movies that much!

    LIKE I SAID, JUST CLICK BUY NOW!!!!!...more info
  • Fun but violent
    Lots of shooting. The spy parts are great but please pay attention to the "T" rating. I bought it for my 16 year old who loves it,but frankly it's too violent for my taste. ...more info
  • not bad of a game, but not worth the price.
    Sorry folks, anybody who pays 59.99 for this game is wasting there money!! luckily, i bought it used for half the price. Its an ok game, but to pay 60.00, hmmmm, dont think so. ... Some games out there are real good and may be worth the price if you really want it.

    Now to the game play. the graphics remind me of the original xbox, overall i think they could of done a better job with that. ALso, the game is pretty easy, even in difficult mode, there were some segments during the game process where it took me a few times to kill the guards, but got past it pretty quickly. I finished the game three times within a week, thats how easy it was.

    typicall its a decent game but nothing to tell your friends about....more info
  • Great
    Best game I've bought for my xBox360 so far. Tons of fun! I only wish it had a two+ player mode live Golden Eye did for N64. That is the only thing that would make it better. ...more info
  • More than a quantum of bullets
    This is the first 007 game from Activision, who took over the franchise from Electronic Arts. I have no idea why EA would sell those rights, especially when they made some very fine games, the best being Everything or Nothing from 2004. Quantum of Solace is actually an amalgamation of the plots to Casino Royal and QoS, the first 'new' Bond films with Daniel Craig, whose voice and likeness are used here. There isn't much to solve in the missions, you just have to shoot a lot of goons. It's actually less far complicated than the previous Bond game plots, less produced (EoN had a large cast, its own theme song, etc), and more linear.

    It's a strange game,'s really a step backward from the EA games, though it still retains the general feel of the earlier entries like Agent of Fire and Nightfire. The innovations that EA brought to Everything or Nothing are completely absent. That game's engine, which had you control a third-person Pierce Brosnan (more reminiscent of the GTA games, and an engine that EA would further develop with the excellent The Godfather), had things like 'Bond Vision', Q-gadgets, and a far, far better hand-to-hand combat element. QoS returns us to the first-person mode, so you just see the gun barrel. Granted, there is a cover mode, which has Daniel Craig suddenly slide behind a wall or a box, but it's hardly anything new (it does work well in firefights, though).

    There isn't a gadget in sight, and though the new Bond films are moving toward grittier action and less gimmicky tech-toys, for a video game it'd have been nice to incorporate something whacky like the Q-Laser/Claw/Spider/whatever. Also, the hand-to-hand action on QoS is very strange...there are a few 'boss' moments where you have to fight someone, but the screen tells you the button to just have to time it. Very easy, and not necessary. The guns are pretty good, but no upgrades in 1P mode, and there is less variety--will they ever match the video-controlled rocket launcher from Nightfire? The villain AI is similar to Nightfire...even their speech ("Target acquired!" "I'm moving in", etc).

    Furthermore, QoS has no driving missions at all--how can a Bond game not have his Aston Martin or BMW? There are no 'Bond Moment' least none that give you bonuses, a fun part of the EA games, and there are no upgrades like special weapons (more power, a Golden Gun, etc) drastically cutting the replay value on this game (there is a weapons upgrade on the online multiplayer mode). QoS is also a very short game...far too short. You can finish this with no problem on the third difficulty in a few hours. Even the fourth/hardest difficult level is pretty easy...the enemies are quicker and more accurate, but you just replay and replay. The game is very linear with only one way to attack a board, and not enough interaction with the backgrounds.

    Despite these drawbacks...I still liked the game, maybe because I've enjoyed all of the previous Bond games on the PS2 and before. There is still some classic Bond-esque action---cartoonish shooting with no blood or gore. Funny enough, this is actually more reminiscent of the 2002 game Nightfire (for the PS2), which also had the third-person mode. But it's definitely a step backwards in terms of features and overall game play. Mystifying as to why EA would surrender this lucrative franchise--and don't believe any hype that it's the best Bond game since Goldeneye (every Bond game has been called the best game since Goldeneye by someone).

    Recommended if you can find it at reduced price. This review is biased because I've waited for a new-gen system Bond game, so I'll take what I can get. It's far too short, there is only an online multiplayer mode (once again, the makers cheap out on local multiplayer in order to push the XBox Live business), and it's way too easy. I would still recommend Everything or Nothing as perhaps the best-ever Bond video game, and far more innovative than this effort. Let's hope Activision steps up next time, or perhaps tries something before the next Craig Bond film, ala EA's From Russia With Love retro-effort....more info
  • Nerd gives it two sore thums up!
    I played Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare constantly and never found any first person shooter that came close to the quality of those games - until now. I loved the N64 Goldeneye and this is as good or better. The online play is excellent....more info
  • It's Ok
    The single-player part of the game is pretty good, but the multiplayer seems unoriginal and resembles Call of Duty too much....more info
  • Good game but not what I'd expect from James Bond
    This is an entertaining game with good graphics, excellent cut scenes, great sounds and voice overs by the original actors. A very professional production indeed that combines parts of the storyline from Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale.
    It is really a shooter similar to COD with a different story. The NPCs keep coming, and you keep blasting them away. There are some tasks that could call for skill, such as balancing. You do have to make use of your environment, but it is obvious as the important objects are visually highlighted. What I am missing overall is more tactics as you'd expect from James Bond. He's not so much known for shooting em up as for outsmarting them.
    The game is highly linear in the single player version. There is really only one way through it.
    The collision model sometimes makes you get stuck, especially when trying to climb up ladders. I never had a crash though. You just have to back up a bit and try from a different angle.
    The game is short. I estimate five to six hours maybe. Unfortunately I don't think the replay value is high. I don't feel compelled to play it over again....more info
  • As average as a game can be.
    My review is based on the X360 version.

    If I paid more than $20 for this, I'd feel cheated. I knocked it out in less than 15 hours on the second hardest difficulty (Agent, I think). The graphics are above average, but some of the animations look terrible. As a fan of the two films upon which the game are based (QoS and Casino Royale), I didn't care for the liberties taken with the plot, which I can only assume were done to make for an easier translation to the format.

    The cover system works well (think R6: Vegas). The shooting mechanic feels a bit undercooked, with a few annoying glitches when trying to aim around cover. Melee combat, or "takedowns", are pretty basic. Once I got the achievement for doing 50 of them, I didn't bother with it again. The online gameplay is mediocre at best.

    For $20 or less, I'd say "go for it", as a quick diversion, or to score an easy ~400 achievement points. Note that several of the achievements require you to suffer through the miserable multiplayer game....more info