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Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer
List Price: $1599.00

Our Price: $999.00

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Product Description

The Schwinn? 460 elliptical helps you burn up to 2 times as many calories as a treadmill, and up to 15% more calories than on a fixed-stride elliptical. Schwinn? V-Stride? technology allows you to change stride lengths without manual adjustments or machine modifications. 11 workout profiles built by the Nautilus Institute include instructional messages on utilizing stride lengths and foot/leg motions for maximized results.

Maximize your home workouts with the Schwinn 460 Elliptical Trainer, which features Schwinn's exclusive V-Stride Technology that allows you to change stride lengths without manual adjustments or machine modifications. The 460 provides a complete lower-body workout: step to target calves and quads; walk to work your thighs and glutes, and run to lengthen your strides and engage all muscle groups.

Featuring a high-tech design, the Schwinn 460 includes 11 workout profiles built by the Nautilus Institute with instructional messages on utilizing stride lengths and foot/leg motions for maximized results. And the Schwinn Advantage workout system tracks results and programming for up to two users. You'll get heart rate feedback via the HR grips on the static handlebars, and heart rate telemetry using the included chest strap.

The dynamic backlit touchscreen console displays workout and interval time, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level, and course profile. Other features include an oversized water bottle holder (accommodates 4-inch bottle), adjustable cooling fan, and transport handle and non-skid wheels for easy storage.

The Schwinn 460 combines dynamic workout programs, an intuitive touch screen console, and Schwinn V-Stride technology to let you change stride lengths without manual adjustments or machine modifications.

Features and Specifications

  • V-Stride technology, integrated in the cam/footplate, enables strides from 2 to 26 inches
  • Independent footplates let users target core muscles while engaging both sides of the body
  • 16 total programs: 1 Manual, 11 Profile, 2 Custom for two users
  • Quiet, magnetic ECB (Eddy current brake) resistance with 16 levels
  • Fly wheel: 25 pounds, steel
  • Drive system: Computer controlled
  • Fixed and moving handlebars
  • Chest strap with telemetric and grip heart rate monitoring
  • Heart rate grip on padded static handlebars
  • Transport handle and non-skid wheels
  • Articulating foot plates minimize heel impact
  • Schwinn Advantage workout system tracks results and programming for two users
  • Dynamic backlit LCD touchscreen console
  • Display Readout: Time, Interval Time, RPM, Watts, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Calories, Resistance Level, Course Profile
  • 11 workout profiles contain embedded fitness prompts to maximize results
  • Oversized water bottle holder and angle-adjustable fan
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 73 inches (L x W x H)
  • Unit weight: 221 pounds
  • Power requirements: AC adapter

Manufacturer's Warranty
Frame - 10 years, parts - 2 years, electronics - 1 year, wear parts: 90 days

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Schwinn 430
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Schwinn 460
Style Front Drive Dual Action Front Drive Dual Action Variable Stride Dual Action
Stride Length 18 inches 18 inches 2 to 26 inches
Drive Train Poly V-belt Poly V-belt Poly V-belt
Motion Forward/
Resistance Magnetic ECB Magnetic ECB Magnetic ECB
Resistance Levels 16 16 16
Dimensions (L x W x H) 59" x 26" x 68" 59" x 26" x 68" 54" x 34" x 73"
Product Weight 152 pounds 172 pounds 221 pounds
Maximum User Weight 275 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds
Display LCD Backlit LCD Touch screen, backlit LCD
Display Features Speed, time, distance, RPM, watts, pulse, calories, interval time, resistance Speed, time, distance, RPM, watts, pulse, calories, interval, time, resistance Time, interval time, RPM, watts, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance, course profile
Heart Rate Grip Grip Chest strap with telemetry; grip on handlebars
Programs 1 manual, 6 profile, 1 calorie goal, results mode, BMI test 1 manual, 10 profile, 2 heart rate control, 2 custom, time trial, calorie goal, fitness test, BMI test, recovery mode, results, mode 1 manual, 11 profile, 2 custom for two users
Warranty Frame--15 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, labor--90 days Frame--15 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, labor--6 months Frame--10 years, parts--2 years, electronics--1 year, wear parts--90 days
Other Features Transport wheels, bottle holder Transport wheels, bottle holder, 3-speed fan, MP3/iPod holder Fixed and moving handlebars, articulating foot plates, cooling fan, transport wheels, bottle holder

About Elliptical Trainers
Elliptical trainers represent the next wave of advancement in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and continue to grow in popularity. By simulating motions experienced through walking, stepping, cycling, and skiing, elliptical machines allow for a smooth and fluid motion while building strength in the arms and legs. Similar to the exercise position for treadmills, elliptical trainers are used by standing in an upright position while holding the handrails of the machine. With elliptical trainers, however, your feet remain in the foot pedals throughout the exercise regimen and circulate in a smooth and seamless motion, resulting in little to no impact on the knees, back, and hips.

Elliptical trainers are compatible for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to select the difficulty level through the incline and intensity settings. Additionally, elliptical trainers allow you to determine the complexity of your workout based on your needs, all while listening to music, watching television, or reading a magazine while exercising in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Although different types of elliptical trainers offer an assortment of features, many of them include an array of challenging programs, forward and reverse directional movement, EKG grip pulse handles, a lightweight portable design with easy fold-up capability, and a monitor displaying calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate. Other types of exercise machines, namely treadmills and bikes, offer excellent cardiovascular exercise and muscular training for the legs in a forward-motion exercise. Elliptical trainers take this to the next level by offering an upper and lower body workout with dual motion, challenging and diverse programs, and a low-impact exercise machine that won't strain your sensitive joints.

  • V-Stride technology to let you change stride lengths without manual adjustments or machine modifications
  • Features 16 total programs, including 11 workout profiles with instructional messages on how to maximize your workout benefits
  • Schwinn Advantage workout system tracks results and programming for up to two users; articulating foot plates minimize heel impact, cooling fan, removable water bottle holder
  • Backlit touchscreen console displays workout and interval time, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level, and course profile
  • Measures 54 inches long by 34 inches wide by 73 inches tall; 300-pound maximum user weight; assembly is required

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to set up, good exercise
    My family has owned a Schwinn 430 elliptical machine for over a year now and have come to trust the quality and dependability of the Schwinn exercise machines. With that trust we were quite intrigued by this new elliptical because of its variable stride and we couldn't wait for it to come to the door.

    To start off with, we needed to set it up. Schwinn recommends that two people are used to set this up. Actually, the only thing you need two people for is moving the box around it comes in. Otherwise I had no trouble unloading and setting this up on my own. Two people might help, but anybody of average strength and dexterity should be able to do it. If not, then I'd suggest finding help. All in all, it took about an hour and a half to set up, including the time to take it out of the box. I've put a few of these machines together and that timing seemed just about right for something like this.

    The trainer runs quite well. The strides are quite smooth and this doesn't rock back and forth as much as the cheaper elliptical trainers. There is still a little bit of swaying, but not a lot. It isn't as sturdy as something you would pick up in the 3-5 thousand dollar range. I'm a bit on the heavy side by my really thin wife still noticed the sway.

    The variable stride is very different and takes a little bit to get used to. Hold on to those handle bars, some people who use it have said they felt like they were about to fall off of it. It really isn't that bad, but get a good hold of the handle bars until you feel comfortable with the variable stride. It took me about five minutes to get used to it, some need a bit longer.

    Also, make sure this isn't very close to the wall. You want at least 18 inches of clearance in the back to make sure you don't bang into something.

    The best thing I can say about this is that it does work you. I was showing it to somebody once and ran out of breath within a minute. And since you can set a resistance it can really work you once you get going on this thing.

    There are some nice amenities that come with it. The huge drink holder is nice as it can hold a drink, a towel, and a remote all at once. It's pretty big!! A friend of mine wondered why it came with a urinal. Oops. The variable speed fan that comes with it is very nice, and it works well too. The LED is easy to read and follow. I don't like the programming on there. It enables you to set up individual users but I found it easier to just use their guest setting. I thought that could have been a lot more intuitive. Also, I don't like very much how the plug is in the front. It should be in the back which is more likely to be next to a wall.

    My biggest gripe would be the price tag. It is a lot better than some of the multi-thousand dollar machines you might find at the gym. But I have the Schwinn 430 which cost 40% less and gave me just as good a workout and felt just as finely built. My wife has even come to prefer the 430. As good as this is, and it is good, I would suggest you do a comparison with the 430 before making your decision. Both ellipticals are great.
    ...more info
  • Well Built, a little different, works you out
    It's unfortunate to see some other reviews with issues.
    I for one am quite happy with the machine. First of all its heavy, the parts are very solid, this is not a flimsy machine.

    It took me 2 hours to put together (It would have been faster if I didnt have to lug each piece up 2 sets of stairs one by one).

    Once its setup, its pretty much jump on and workout.
    The first time I tried the machine I noticed that I was sweating w/in 5 mins. I felt like it was harder than a gym elliptical. I also noticed that the difference in resistance settings (1-16) are very small. So that kind of makes sense that the machine seems harder than a regular elliptical but the resistance settings are very sensitive...going from level 3 to level 4 wont make you feel like there is a huge jump in difficulty.

    The first 2 times I used the machine the left side seemed to make a little rubbing sound..but that has since gone it is no longer an issue.

    I am not using a rubber mat under the machine since we have a very low pile carpet (I might get a mat later just for more sound dampening since I am above the garage and there is some vibration transfer). However the machine is very stable even without the rubber mat.

    Build/Material Quality:
    Again, I want to emphasize that this is a well built machine with very thick heavy metal. Im glad I invested more money for this machine, many of the machines I've seen in the store even in the $600-$800 range were not built this well.

    Variable stride:
    Now for the variable stride. Honestly its a little different. It's definitely not the same as a regular elliptical. However it is kind of neat, I like the fact that I can push a little harder and stretch my stride a little longer when I get that extra burst of energy, and I can slow down and take smaller "steps" when I get tired. You'll quickly find a "normal" range for yourself and will probably stay within that range most of the time. I dont know what it is about this machine but it does work you out pretty well. And its quite fun.

    I also noticed that the screen is a little hard to see, I guess due to the height, angle and type of display. It did bother me at first, but I've become used to it now. The touchscreen is very simple to use. The general workouts are simple and nice, you can also create 2 custom workouts per user (2 users). I also like the fact that it keeps track of your total usage per user, for example it will say 4 workouts, 2 hours.
    The programs guide you to change up your stride (as others have mentioned) will tell you "short stride", "long stride", faster pace, normal pace...reverse, forward...stuff like that to change up your workout. My only complaint is I wish it would beep when it displays these messages...because sometimes Im watching tv while working out and I miss the messages. Maybe this is a setting somewhere that I havent run across yet.

    Heart Rate:
    The hand grip heart rate seems to always start at 72bpm and then work its way up to your real heart rate w/in 30 seconds. I'll try the chest strap another day and update this review. I wish it did have heart rate controlled programs..that seems only natural for a product with a chest strap.

    Overall, I enjoy the workouts this machine provides, I like the fact that the parts are heavy and solid, and the machine stays put (and I weight 240lbs) and I have not had any noise issues.

    I will update this review when I have put some more use into the product....more info
  • Great Purchase!
    Being 4'10" and having a smaller stride than most, I thought it would be better to spend extra money for the variable stride machine. I was concerned from some of the reviews regarding handling the delivery of the machine into my house & then putting it together alone (That wasn't recommended, I know & I had lined up a friend to come over if I needed). Fortunately, I decided the best location to set it up was within 20 feet of its delivery. The hardest part was getting the equipment into the house (I had to get each piece out of the box on the porch first--The packing was very secure). After that, putting it together went really well, only taking about 3 hours. Using the recommended 17mm socket wrench (less than $5) really helped out. I have been using the elliptical now for a month (30 minutes 3-4 times a week), and I am now seeing the results! This a great machine--it is very smooth and quiet! I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Schwinn 460 Elliptical
    My husband and I had to open the package on our front porch and bring it in the house and up the stairs piece by piece. That's a good thing. Assembly took about an hour and a half and we were using it that evening.

    It is a very heavy, sturdy piece of equipment that does not wobble during workout. It comes with a wireless heart monitor that you strap around your chest which makes monitoring the effectiveness of your workout effortless and seemless. Our exercise room is next to our son's room and he cannot hear it. Huge Plus!

    Additionally, on this piece of equipment, I feel in 5 minutes like I've been on the treadmill for 40 minutes. My husband is 6' and I am 5'4"... there is never a need to jump off of the machine to adjust any settings.... just get on and go.

    Thanks to Schwinn for making a great product and thanks to Amazon for selling it for such a low price.
    ...more info
  • A decent elliptical for the price
    I got this machine after doing a lot of cost/features/benifit analysis.Waking up at ungodly hours to go to the gym motivated me to get my own elliptical. So after reading these reviews, I decided to get this one.

    It took about 2.5 hrs to assemble it but was disappointed when I saw that the main assembly was damaged. Having gotten it for about $1000, neither me nor my wife was happy but Amazon was prompt enough to replace it with a new equipment at no cost to me, and they also took back the older one. Great service (Thanks Amazon).

    It took me about 2 hrs to assemble the new one. My prior experience with elliptical (and hence comparison) is primarily with Precor EFX 546.

    How the machine works:

    The grooves of the pedals sit on crank arms with wheel. The pedal moves over the wheel.The force you apply to the crank arm when the arm is up is the primary force which moves the flywheel. The fly wheel's resistance is controlled by eddy current braking (increasing the level increases the resistance).


    I like the variable stride. It lets you choose your own stride length as the pedals are not connected to the fly wheel. I could feel the burn in the quads when taking the longer strides. I could not do this in precor.

    I weigh a on the higher side of normal, and feel that the machine is quite stable even when I take the longer strides/do a high intensity workout. If you do weigh a bit higher than normal, there are very few machines which can handle it and this is one of them

    You can reverse directions easily, you could also do it in other ellipticals and this one was similar to that of precor.

    You can move it around, it has wheels in the front stabilizer (so you have to lift the rear and move it). I have this in my second bedroom and can move it around when I want my guests to use the bedroom.


    Unlike Precor, there is no separate inclination/resistance. The levels you see in the display are for resistance (using eddy current brakes) which you can adjust dynamically. (I did some research and found that only few ellipticals have provision to change the incline )

    Since the pedals are not connected to the fly wheel, they can move independently. which means that you have to put extra effort to sync up your leg motion. May be it is a good thing for you, but the motion is little jerky. It feels awkward especially when you are taking the longer strides.

    You have to use the moving hand grip instead of the fixed ones when you take longer strides, there is a chance that you will get hit if you use the fixed one during longer strides.

    The difficulty levels are displayed in green/fluorescent on a black background, but the alphanumeric display (for time, heart rate, motivational messages etc) are in gray on a blue background, which makes it not so easy to read. Precor had better display, green/fluorescent on black background.

    The heart rate monitor in the fixed hand grip works better than the telemetric one. The telemetric one showed a lower rate (and I knew that I was working out hard), so removed it and switched to the one on the fixed grip and found that my heart rate was much higher. Will try the telemetric one a couple of more times before I abandon it.

    Overall, I say it is a good buy considering the cost and the features. You should probably try it out in a sporting store to see if you like it before you can order it...more info
  • Very Pleased!
    The hunt for the ideal home elliptical is tough, unless you want to spend a fortune. There's so many choices, even in the under $1000 range. I spent a long time researching various ellipticals and decided to purchase the Schwinn 460.

    My girlfriend and I are both over 6' tall, and though the standard 18" stride length of most sub-$1000 range machines works just fine, it's not ideal, and it's nicer to have a longer stride, if you can find one. I liked the idea of the Schwinn 460 because it offers variable stride lengths from 2" to 26" depending on how fast you're moving. But it's worth noting, you don't adjust it manually, it depends on the amount of work you put in!

    This is also good if you just want to step a little, or want to go all-out and run like crazy with a 26" stride. I might have been happy with a Schwinn 430 or 431 (or various other 18" stride machines) if both myself and girlfriend were not so tall.

    Delivery/Packaging: Yes, this is heavy. I was happy the delivery man was kind enough to bring it into my apartment for me. Schwinn did a great job packing this thing up and it seemed well protected while shipping. It took me a while to take all the parts out, and some are fairly heavy, but none showed any sign of damage except a few scratches on the mast (conveniently covered by the cupholder).

    Assembly: I must admit, I was dreading this stage, but to be honest, it was seamless and much more straightforward than I expected. The instruction manual has decent sized pictures, all the parts are well labelled, and I found nothing confusing. They recommend someone to help at various stages, but I did it all myself. Admittedly, I probably could have done with some help in places, because there's a few spots when an extra hand would be useful, but it's not essential. Some of the parts are heavy though, especially the main body. With a bit of concentration and effort, it's straightforward. If anything, it's more 'fiddly' than strenuous. The tools provided are perfectly passable. You might want to use your own 17mm socket wrench, but I found the supplied one just fine, because on the whole you just use that for leverage and twist bolts tighter using the hex key.

    Appearance: Steel tubing on this machine is thick and well constructed. All the parts are smooth and well-engineered and everything feels very stable. No squeaks, no rattles, smooth operation. I was aware of Tiffany's review below stating some issues with the machine feeling like it can topple over... I really can't see that, I have to give the machine a damn good shake to even get it to wobble. On a purely aesthetic note, the 460 does look a little different to other ellipticals, it's certainly more angular than most other machines, but I like it. The LCD display is clear and the touchscreen functions well. Being tall, there's a little bit of 'fade' from up high looking down on the display, but it's still very legible. The machine does stand quite tall though, at their highest point, the pedals are over 20" off the ground, so those with low roofs might need to be careful.

    Operation: So this is the key thing, and so far I'm delighted with the Schwinn 460, and greatly relieved I made a good choice. The variable stride pattern does take some time to get used to and the strides are independent, so to begin with it can feel a little disorienting and I sometimes got myself 'out of sync'. But even when this happens, it's not like you fall off the machine or feel unsafe, and within a short time you get used to it. I love varying my work out from longer strides to shorter strides. I know some others have commented that there's no arm resistance, but I disagree: longer strides require longer arm pulls, shorter strides require less. Pull harder and you go faster and work out more. Up the resistance, and you WILL work your arms if you're striding long! This is common on all cheaper ellipticals, and I've only seen very expensive gym machine offering separate upper-body arm resistance independent of your legs. The 460 offers a nice range of resistance, some good workout courses, the ability to construct your own workout patterns, and of course, the 'inspiring' messages telling you you're doing great or not working hard enough!

    Anyway, I hope this review is helpful for anybody looking into this machine. There's some good reviews here on Amazon so far, but fewer out on the web, and some of the seem suspiciously 'spammy' or are those generic fitness equipment blogs where you're not quite sure who's really offering the review.

    I think there's some discussion as to whether the variable stride thing is a gimmick, or perhaps that it doesn't work you as hard as a regular elliptical or exercise the 'right' muscles because of the independent strides, but even at the very simplest level (let's say you never varied your stride at all) it appears to be working me out as well as any other elliptical machine, and that's the key thing, but offers a few features to make it more varied and fun....more info
  • Don't buy online
    I got this machine online and it came up with no power supply. I've tried to call customer support many times and they are either closed or they never pick up the line. I was put on hold for over 1 hour and that is because my cell battery died.

    I don't even have the info to return this machine. I wish I had bought it at a store so I could get customer service. Beware, their customer service is indicative of how much they care about their reputation.

    Miguel...more info
  • Glitch in the system? (updated)
    I got this machine about 2 weeks ago. I've used it about six times since then. It's a nice machine and it has a nice stride, but the problem I'm having with it is the RPM reading. I start out at a nice 58-59 RPM pace. After a couple of minutes, the RPM reading goes wacko and starts giving me readings of 38-39, even when I haven't changed my pace. After about 20 minutes, the RPM reading just drops to 0. It might come back for a few seconds, but then goes right back to 0. The resistance doesn't change. I can still get a good workout, but if I wanted to keep track of how far I've gone or how many calories I've burned, I can't rely on the machine's electronics to do that.

    I thought it might have been a loose connection from one of the two wire couplings, so I took the machine apart and made sure the connections were good. It didn't help. I still have the same problem. I e-mailed Schwinn's customer service earlier this week and have yet to get a response. It's just a little discouraging to spend this kind of money and not having the machine work as I thought it was going to.

    5 Feb 09
    Update: Customer support e-mailed me back January 29th and they told me to look on page 26 of the Owner's Manual. I had done that already, but it stated nothing about an intermittent problem with an RPM reading, only if there was NO reading. There was a reading, it just wasn't consistent. I called them and they told me to go ahead and remove the shroud. I told them once I got the shroud off, how would I know what to look for? I asked them if they had any diagrams of what's underneath the shroud. They told me the machine was too new to have diagrams like that and to just go ahead and remove the shroud and call them back to let them walk me through the process.

    I removed the shroud and called them back and through a lot of picture exchanges finally located the speed sensor. The problem was that whoever or whatever put the sensor bracket in, screwed it in too far and cracked the bracket. This took the sensor out of alignment and it wasn't getting a good pass over the magnet in the flywheel. The customer support representative, Matt, told me to take the bracket out and they'll ship me a new one. I removed the bracket and tried to take the sensor out. The sensor was glued into the bracket and in the process of trying to get it out, the sensor broke. I informed Matt and he shipped me a new bracket and sensor. I received the sensor today and installed it and everything works fine for now. I haven't done a complete workout, but it's better than before.

    Excellent customer support. Some of the best I've had....more info
  • High Quality Home Machine
    This is the first elliptical I have owned. I purchased it to reduce the beating my "old" joints have been getting when running outdoors or on a treadmill. I'm primarily interested in cardio exercise from this machine, which it provides exceptionally well for me. I agree that the variable stride design probably does not provide the fore-aft resistance of traditional ellipticals, but that's not an issue for me and overall, I find the workout to be excellent. As an aircraft maintenance technician for many years, I can attest to the quality construction of this machine. I was pleasantly surprised at the engineering, materials and workmanship applied to it--far above what I expected for a home unit in this price range. Here's a critical piece of information for anyone wanting to use this where there is a low ceiling: when the foot pads are even in the elliptic path, it will add 18-inches to your height. I'm 5'-9", so this places the top of my head at 7'-3". I placed the unit in my basement where the ceiling is only 7'-6". You get the picture. Bottom line--I couldn't be happier with this machine, and highly recommend it!...more info
  • Not quite what I had hoped for
    I really wanted an elliptical that had a long stride since one of the people using it is quite tall (6'7") and also weighs over 250 pounds. This machine seemed perfect and I REALLY wanted to like it. That said, this machine is unfortunately not what I expected.

    I would love a machine where I could adjust the stride by a setting on the computer panel but the way its set up just depends on how you pedal which can lead to a lot of awkward jerks when you are doing any type of circuit training and adjusting to the changes in resistance. It almost feels like you are bouncing on springs.

    One of the reasons I like the elliptical is that I tend to have knee issues from time to time and the elliptical is usually easy on the knees but because of the strange variable stride mechanism I often find my knees throbbing during a workout.

    The machine is larger than I expected and rather high up. Getting off and on the machine feels like you are going up and down a huge swinging step. I find myself putting both my feet on one side and then holding on to the handles while climbing down. It also doesn't feel particularly stable. It claims that it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds but so far 4 people have used the machine including someone who weighs only 105 pounds and the machine actually tilted to one side and almost fell on her when her speed increased to about 60 rpm, which I don't even consider to be exceptionally fast. I have to set the machine to level 6 or higher to modulate my speed and I find anything faster than 55 rpm is unstable. I am genuinely concerned that the machine will fall over and crush me sometimes while I am using it.

    Honestly, I would return this machine if it wasn't such a hassle to take apart and ship it.

    I have had the machine for about 2 weeks now, I have been using it daily. I feel like even though its unstable I can still get a decent workout as long as I keep things slow and steady or use it as a stepper. It seems a lot harder than other ellipticals I have used but that might be due to the variable stride. There is no way I could ever do anything like a run on this thing, not unless it was bolted into the floor. Also, as other reviewers mentioned, there is no arm resistance which I didnt think I would mind much but it does seem like a waste to have these swinging poles attached if you cant really use them.

    The machine itself looks nice, it doesn't look cheap like some other elliptical machines I have seen. I like the different settings and the easy computer interface. I like the cute little tips it displays while you are working out like use your arms, drink water or go faster. I still think its a decent value at $899. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't purchase it but now that I already have it I am willing to stick through it and just get the best workout I can. I also blame myself for purchasing something like this solely based on reviews without actually trying it out at a store. I think in the future if I plan on purchasing any major pieces of exercise equipment I just need to not be lazy and try out various models before making my decision....more info
  • Not what is described
    I really wanted to like this machine, but it just wasn't to be. The variable stride is a bit awkward and it is hard to dial in the resistance adequately. After about 5 sessions the left foot platform began to squeak. Just not worth the money. ...more info
  • Disappointed with quality of this machine
    Unit was easy to assemble,fourth day of use the screen locked up and displayed an E-2 code. Spoke with Nautilus, they said the cable from the screen to the base was defective, sent a new one, had to disassemble the mast to install it. Second week of use: when I pluged the unit into an outlet the machine starts making a loud clunking noise in the base. This issue has not been resolved yet. The base is pre-assembled so it's not an owner assembly problem....more info