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Murder at 1600
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  • Alda gets to show a different side of "Hawkeye"
    Any movie that allows former-M*A*S*H star Alan Alda to play against type is worth a look.

    Star Snipes adds another "action role" to his ever-expanding arsenal of "kick butt" types. Diane Lane, Ronny Cox, and Daniel Benzali supply enough backing to make this thriller passable.

    The appearance of Diane Baker as the President's wife makes the movie work for me....more info

  • taunting, thrilling, chilling, shocking, powerful film
    Snipes is a genious in this one
    the director picked a great cast to do this movie
    the movie plot is just so strange that you have to ask yourself how will this end?
    I love the whole movie
    it really shocked me who the killer was.
    I won't give away who it was
    all I know is I'm glad I got this on dvd. and gave it a spin. cuz it will be seeing more spins in my dvd player when I can watch it. Snipes deserves an award for best actor in a thriller. and the director does too for most powerful directing in a thriller
    you go Snipes. you rock in this. I would recommend his Blade movies too ifyou like Snipes. ...more info
    It's a dark and stormy night at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Under the eternally captured eyes of Washington and Jefferson, a lovely young blonde is having sex in one of the rooms in the White House. Soon a maid discovers her body in a stall in the restroom. She has been stabbed to death. Uh-oh, is this going to be a problem or what?
    MURDER AT 1600 has a lot of incredible plot contrivances that don't work unless you go ahead, suspend your belief, and enjoy the ride. Dwight Little's competent direction allows us to do that. Remember, it's just a movie, and even though its plot seems a bit far-fetched at times, it works as an engrossing thriller. Wesley Snipes is convincing as a no-nonsense DC homicide detective who forces himself onto the investigation, which should have been federally handled since it took place on Federal property. But then we wouldn't have had a movie. Diane Lane in a rare "action" role is marvelous as Dena Chance, the secret service liaison who realizes a cover up is going on. Daniel Benzali (from the critically acclaimed but short-lived tv series MURDER ONE) chews up the scenery as the head of security and the always delightful Alan Alda gives fine support as the head of NSA. It was nice to see the still lovely Diane Baker as the First Lady (I remember her so fondly from those 60s tearjerkers and of course as the murderess in STRAIT JACKET); Ronny Cox is an appropriately wimpy president; and Tate Donovan does well in the underdeveloped role of the president's sexually promiscous son.
    This is one of those aw heck, what the heck kind of movies. It's fun to watch and I enjoyed it....more info
  • Same, same no different!
    This movie is quite good, it has its moments. However this has been made before. The plot goes something like this: President and a murder and one suspect! The good part is that its fairly easy to watch, you dont have to concentrate 100% to follow the plot (U have seen it before, right!) Suitable for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

    Replay value: Medium...more info

  • A big no-no
    OK, there are times you want to relax by watching something easy and entertaining, so you go for a movie with a bit of this'n'that: action, violence, humor, romance. This was my premise when choosing this movie. I was hoping for very uncomplicated fun, with some mystery, action, intrigue, romance, etc. Let's face it, we might love gourmet cuisine, but every once in a while a hotdog sounds really good. Well, this hotdog was a real dog. Sure, this is a straightforward movie, with an easy to follow plot, and with many of the ingredients listed above, but the end result was bad. Wesley Snipes is such a talented actor, and somehow he gets these roles where he is a thuggy good guy, decent but not very bright, getting in trouble (as usual). Alan Alda was disappointing as the National Security Advisor. The only refreshing character was Dennis Miller almost playing himself. But in summary, this movie was way too lame and predictable, better left on the shelves....more info
  • An impressive, tantalizing thriller
    Once again I find myself praising a movie that a majority of folks seem to view as average at best. Murder at 1600 is a serious movie that you can't take too seriously, not if you want to enjoy it. Wesley Snipes has a few humorous bits, and Dennis Miller is his normally wisecracking self, and I think the movie perhaps benefits from this remote air of unreality due to its subject matter - after all, the brutal murder of a young woman inside the White House is some pretty serious stuff. The other main aspect of the film, which supplies the motive for the murder in the first place, is - granted - a little bit out there, and that is where the subtle sense of unreality pays dividends; without it, it would really be hard to get from here to there.

    Carla Towne is a young unknown White House staffer - until her body is found in a White House restroom sporting a number of deadly knife wounds. This is not good news for the President, who is already bottoming out in the polls for still attempting to negotiate, six months into the crisis, the release of an AWAC crew captured and obviously tortured by the North Koreans. Wesley Snipes plays Detective Harlan Regis, the investigator summoned to the White House to investigate the murder. The Secret Service as an organization is less than friendly and cooperative, viewing the White House as its beat alone. Except for his buddy and sometimes partner (played by Dennis Miller), Regis is pretty much on his own. The tight-lipped and intimidating Nick Spikings (Daniel Benzali), the chief of White House security and definite contender for the next Lex Luthor look-alike contest (his Marlon Brando impersonation isn't half bad, either) assigns Agent Nina Chance (Diane Lane) as Regis' liaison with the Secret Service. Spikings doesn't mess around, and once he has tabbed an individual for the murder, he wants Chance to have nothing to do with Regis. The detective is pretty persistent, though, and Chance has to weigh her sense of duty against her sense of justice.

    The list of suspects is quite fluid, and I think the movie does a very good job of sustaining suspense and the sense of mystery throughout. The facts as Regis acquires them make not only the President's philandering son, but the President himself possible suspects. Then you have the crisis with North Korea coming to the fore, with the President really frustrating his top advisors with his incredibly wimpy refusal to risk war with North Korea over the military hostage crisis. The truth, when it comes, does push the envelope to some degree, but it is certainly logical in the given context. I didn't ID the real bad guy any sooner than Regis and Chance did, so that to me is a good thing.

    A great mystery, plenty of action, power politics, lust, murder, conspiracy inside conspiracy: Murder in 1600 offers the viewers all of this and more. The ending itself is well done in my opinion, as well. Thus, this reviewer counts this as an impressive and very entertaining thriller....more info

  • Could This Happen
    A murder in the White House? Could this really happen? Today, I guess, just about anything can happen. Who knows what people with "agendas" are capable of doing.

    Wesley Snipes is on the D.C. police force and is called in to investigate a murder at the White House. Diane Lane is on the White House Secret Service detail and the two together work to solve "who done it".

    This was a very good suspense movie, well acted by all the cast. The blending of Wesley Snipes and Diane Lane as a team was very interesting....more info
  • review for Murder at 1600
    This movie was actually a gift for my father. He really liked it a lot, and said he would watch it over and over again....more info
  • Even Though I'm A Sucker For President Movies
    The film starts out with a ridiculous scene involving a suicide that Wesley saves by cold cocking, and the film never gets any less absurd. As contrived thrillers go, this one was pure Hollywood, complete with dopey plot twists that make less sense the more you think about them. Plodding, pointless and pedestrian, Murder At 1600 is so dull it actually put me to sleep twice, I finally did finish it, though I admit that I fast-forwarded through the tedious fight scenes at the end, will Wesley die? Snipes mugs through the whole film, with then trendy cigar conspicuously in place. Even Dennis Miller was dull. You really don't need to see this flick, although I was amused when Wesley read the big bad guy his rights while in handcuffs....more info
  • Hey movies are fantisy pretend liten up this was a good film
    Hey i think that people today are to into the realism of film, this movie was cool because the plot is very far fetched. So who cares its hollywood when i come home from work or class i want to be taken away from the real wrold and be entertained. This movie does it, all the characters are great and give solid performances. So what if Alan Alda played bad, Deniro played in a comedy and in a spy movie. Diane Lane looked hot when she amswered the door. Dennis Miller part oppsite of Snipes was very funny. Oh and by the way who would have thought a President haveing sex with an intern would be blown up into a scandel that could have costed him the presidency? So this plot is not as far fetched as you think....more info
  • suspence and intriguing film
    Movie may be about 10yrs old,but it is still one of my favorite movies I have scene.Great cast.Each actor and actress were perfect for the parts they played.Can watch this movie over and over again.

    Michael in N.J....more info
  • Great Movie of Murder at 1600
    I really liked this movie. I like the way Wesley Snipes played the detective and dug till he found out the murder. What I thought was great was - who was the real person who did the murder. The movie keeps you suspense till the end. You will be very suprized to see who it is. I am not telling- sorry. I liked the whole action and drama of the movie. It was action, suspense, and total fun. It is worth every penny and cent. IT was fun and totally a movie to own. Go buy it....more info
  • Snipes is great, but what starts as a fine political thriller just ends up with explosions, grunting fights and snipers
    Murder at 1600 starts with all the clever thriller set-ups and intriguing plot grabbers of slick Hollywood at its best. It ends with all the pointless, clich¨¦-ridden thriller hokum of slick Hollywood at its worst. What makes it work as well as it does is the appealing, intelligent performance of Wesley Snipes, an actor whose career has disintegrated into pointless, second-rate macho movies. Most of Murder at 1600 is an exciting ride, and I always enjoy boarding the roller coaster. Finally reaching the destination, however, is a yawn.

    It's all about the body of a young woman, one of the secretaries, discovered in a White House bathroom. Detective Harlan Regis (Snipes) of the D. C. Police Department is assigned to investigate. The head of the White House Secret Service detail, Nick Spikings (Daniel Benzali), isn't having any of that. The White House is his turf. Matters get complicated when the murdered woman is identified as the girl friend of the President's son. She might even have been the girlfriend of the President. Regis makes clear he's not going away. Spikings assigns one of his team to work with Regis. She's Agent Nina Chance (Diane Lane), small, highly attractive and, more to the point, smart. She's also a sharp shooter. That's a talent that will come in handy later. But is she assigned to help Regis or to spy on him and report back to Spikings?

    Will this be an investigation of a murder or a cover-up for a murderer? Or is the murder part of something worse...something like, say, an incursion into North Korea? What we quickly realize is that Benzali and Alan Alda, as National Security Advisor Alvin Jordan, are going to chew the scenery. By the time this complicated, high-potential mystery movie limps to its conclusion, we will have spent most of the time enjoying Wesley Snipe's charm and resourcefulness as he unthreads a conspiracy. Diane Lane's talent as an intelligent sidekick with great legs is not to be sniffed at, either. Of course, Hollywood also gives us a few nearly unkillable hit men who pop up here and there, a convenient tunnel to the White House, explosions, helicopters, car chases, kicks, grunts, the inaccurate idea that the FBI doesn't have jurisdiction over crimes committed on federal property (no big deal, some producer probably said) and a climax in the White House that involves a lot of people, including the President. But that's Hollywood big-ticket show biz.

    After Murder at 1600 Snipes seems to have decided that he wanted to be one of the big, macho, impervious Hollywood hero types, the kind who star in big-budget flicks aimed for the 16- through 26-year-old crowd...the kind of movies that feature awesome explosions and mano-a-mano fights with evil. Snipes was a good actor once. Don't know what happened, but Snipes personally and professionally seems to have taken the long drop.

    At any rate, I still enjoy Murder at 1600, and I like Snipes' performance so well I can even get past the last 25 minutes. He was one of several actors who made vivid impressions in the great, odd King of New York (Special Edition). In a sidekick role, he nearly edged Sean Connery off stage center in Rising Sun, and he proved he could handle comedy easily in White Men Can't Jump....more info
  • Great Political Thriller
    Snipes and Lane make a great team in the high pressured thriller that has more then just "who done it?" riding on the line. In what I think is his best role, Wesley Snipes plays a tough, hard nosed cop who is sent to investigate a murder in the White House. With no one on his side and the government covering all the bases, Snipes turns to Diane Lane, at best his only hope for solving this crime. Together, they uncover clues and cover-ups in crime that goes deeper then just a simple murder. A gripping movie you will not soon grow tired of, "Murder at 1600" is must own for any fans of thriller/action movies....more info
  • A Wasted Opportunity
    Wesley Snipes stars as a DC homicide cop brought into the White House to help solve the brutal murder of a White House staffer. He gets very little support from the Secret Service, who want the matter resolved quickly, even if that means bending the facts a little. Snipes begins to realize that there is a coverup in progress and that he is only one man standing against the machinery of Washington. Snipes is a good fit for this role, not relying on simply mugging and attitude like he sometimes does. Diane Lane as the Secret Service agent assigned as his liason gives the film's best performance. She really deserves to get her "breakout" role that would give her a shot at better scripts than this one. It starts out promisingly, but the mystery and action becomes increasingly ridiculous as it moves along. The supporting cast are never given a chance to flesh out their roles as their characters do things that don't make much sense. By the ending of the film, the best I could muster was, "Yeah, right." A murder mystery involving top level political cover ups in Washington is a ripe topic to say the least. But this was a good idea that needed a lot of reworking before filming. It's a wasted opportunity....more info
  • Good movie. Great picture quality, Great Sound quality
    The story about a DC cop (Snipes) investigates murder of a young woman in the White House. Everybody is a suspect including the President and his son. The story is quite good and Dwight Little direction keeps the film interesting all the way. The DVD sound and picture quality is very good. This movie also features my favorite actress, Diane Lane. She is so good in the role of Secret service. I am so disappointed she was not even considered to replace Jodie Foster in the sequel of Silence of the lamb (Julianne Moore got the part). The producer should have seen this movie before made the decision. Anyway it is a great entertaining DVD to be added to your collection. You won't be sorry....more info
  • Loads of fun
    Conspiracies, corruption, cover ups. Welcome to Washington D.C. Nothing new there, but a murder in the White House along with all the corruption and cover ups makes for a good story. Snipes, D.C. homicide cop, is called in to investigate. Through the political jungle that surrounds the White House and its denizens, Snipes makes his way through to the truth with the help of a Secret Service agent, played very well by Lane. Twists and turns abound, which is one of the elements that make the movie so enjoyable. It was just an all around fun movie, and more believable than a lot of other action, who-done-it films....more info