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When his top-secret mission is sabotaged, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) finds himself captured by theenemy, abandoned by MI6 and stripped of his 00-license. Determined to get revenge, Bond goes head-to-head with a sultry spy (Oscar?(r) winner* Halle Berry), a frosty agent (Rosamund Pike) anda shadowy billionaire (Toby Stephens) whose business is diamonds but whose secret is a diabolical weapon that could bring the world to its knees! Bristling with excitement and bursting with explosivespecial effects, Die Another Day is an adrenaline-pumping thrill-ride with "stunts and non-stop action [that] will astonish you" (Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV)! *2001: Actress, Monster'sBall

The 20th James Bond adventure, Die Another Day succeeds on three important fronts: it avoids comparison to Austin Powers by keeping its cheesy humor in check, allows Halle Berry to be sexy and worthy of a spinoff franchise, and keeps pace with the technical wizardry that modern action films demand. Pierce Brosnan's got style and staying power as James Bond, now bearing little resemblance to Ian Fleming's original British super-spy, but able to hold his own at the box office. He's paired with American agent Jinx (Berry) in chasing a genetically altered North Korean villain (Rick Yune) armed with a satellite capable of destroying just about anything. John Cleese and Judi Dench reprise their recurring roles (as "Q" and "M," respectively); they're accompanied by weapons-laden sports cars, a hokey cameo by Madonna (who sings the techno-pulsed theme song), and enough double-entendres to keep Bond-philes adequately shaken and stirred. With clever nods to 007's cinematic legacy, Die Another Day makes you welcome the familiar end-credits promise: James Bond will return. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • The movie dies another day
    James Bond's last pre-Daniel Craig adventure is long on the campy,short on everything else. Pierce Brosnan is able to drop witticisms (as well as trou for the lovely ladies) &have amazing machines as the villain (Toby Stephens) plans to ice up the world. Halle Berry's character is a shallow Mary-Sue. She's got uber-special 1337 powers,able to match wits with 007, and she exists to be beautiful&enjoy amazing intimacy with the superspy. There's also Emma Frost--who's icily virginal&isn't inclined to yield to any man (except perhaps her creepy brother),but she melts as well in the ludicrous ice palace. Talented actors like Judi Dench,John Cleese&Sean Bean are left on the sidelines. There's the consolation of a campy Madonna theme song.

    "Die Another Day" is one of the weaker Bond films. It piles one ludicrous premise onto another,and the ending is anti-climactic (though not for Bond&his ladylove) It's worth missing. A better bet is "Casino Royale."...more info
  • The worst Bond film I've ever seen
    I will say it now, I haven't seen ALL the Bond films. I recently became determined to do so, hence why this was on the slate. I think I'm up to 15 or so.

    If I had to compare this to anything, it's the "Schumacher's Batman & Robin" of the Bond series; that is to say, a cartoonish shell of our beloved hero. This isn't Bond -- it's pure fantasy, begging far too much of the imagination, which is saying a lot considering the trademark of all Bond films of being over-the-top.

    Brosnan is fine, and so is Berry. The problem lies in the script and production design. While there is a few good scenes, few are memorable. The opening sequence is terrible (especially the title song), the villian forgettable, the gadgets are more like Michael Bay's wet dream.

    Short of being a die-hard fan, this one can be easily ignored....more info
  • Bond...James Bond
    This is a welcome addition to my video collection. It arrived quickly and was as described....more info
  • A Very Enjoyable Bond Film!
    Ok, so it's not "Tomorrow Never Dies" but Die another Day impresses more than people give it credit for. The action is amazing, the special effects are also very impressive, the acting is great, the music is wonderful, the scenery and backrdrops are stunning... You get the point. Die Another Day really is classic cinema, and it should be apprieciated as so. Pierce Brosnan pulls of a stunning performance as James Bond, and Halle Barry is very good as Jinx.

    My only reservation is reccomending this film is some sexual content (much like any other Bond film.) ...more info
  • Moneypenny finally gets her first hot kiss after exactly 40 years!
    After being captured, imprisoned and tortured in North Korea for 14 months, Bond (Pierce Brosnon) is released in exchange for a recently captured Zao... Unfortunately, MI6 and the American NSA believe the mission was compromised... They think their super agent has cracked under torture... So Bond's license to kill is rescinded along with his freedom by M (Judi Dench) and is ordered to be send to an evaluation center in the Falklands...

    Determined to clear his name and find out who really betrayed him in North Korea, Bond soon escapes and tracks Zao to Cuba, who was undergoing a 'D.N.A. transplant,' in a strange clinic, to heal his ravaged face... There, he finds someone else after the Korean, a capable secret agent, called Jinx...

    After having proved himself to MI6 and to the NSA, Bond returns to London and has a spirited fencing match with Graves at the Blades Club... There he meets his publicist the gorgeous Miranda Frost...

    In "Die Another Day," Brosnon is wild, and ready to light the fuse on any explosive situation... His methods are to provoke and confront... His Aston Martin is loaded with high tech gadgetry that renders his vehicle invisible to Zao's sporty Jaguar... There's an amazing chase between the two across the frozen waters of Iceland... There's also an interesting battle inside Graves' treacherous fortress; and two battles to the death aboard Graves' airplane ...

    Halle Berry is one of the Bond girls who looks so stunning especially when she emerged from the Cuban waters in her bright orange bikini... This Oscar-winning beauty matches 007 in intelligence, sophistication and toughness, leaving Bond in the island in an explosive situation...

    Toby Stephens as the psycho billionaire Gustav Graves appears determined to use his unique satellite the Icarus using its power to 'bring light and warmth to the darkest parts of the world... or to clear the minefield creating a highway for his North Korean's troops... Rosamund Pile plays the fencing master with breathless beauty Miranda Frost...

    Rick Yune plays Zao, the dangerous Korean arms dealer and sports-car aficionado who works for Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee), the renegade North Korean army officer who was determined to invade the south...

    Michael Madsen plays Damian Falco, NSA spy master and Jinx's boss who's tough on Bond...

    The comical British character actor John Cleese takes over the role of Q...

    Madonna was hired to record the title tune and appeared in a cameo role as a fencing instructor...

    "Die Another Day" is the 20th in the series, and is arguably a fun movie to watch delivering a great sword fight... so don't miss it! ...more info
  • "Die Another Day"-Blu-Ray Edition
    The video image,colors,brightness,sharpness,clarity,all#1*,the 5.1 Master Audio surround sound also an A+*****,enough bonus features,but again,no deleted scenes/test scenes,and the film is the standard theatrical version,no unused scenes in it,not a longer, expanded, version.Still,all things considered,I recommend it for 007 fans....more info
  • Mojito?
    This movie is among the 1000 Best Movies on DVD by Peter Travers and I give it 4 starts or 8/10. This is a 007 James Bond movie, with all the expectations on it like gadgets, fights, chases, and hot chicks. This time Bond fights the communists from North Korea with some help from the NSA (Berry). It is located in North Korea, England and Cuba. I am not a nostalgic, so I am not going to compare this 007 movie with the old ones, that seems to be a concern among the reviewers. This movie was the last Bond movie for Brosman, was shot in 2002, and to me it's a good movie.
    It is true there is nothing new in this movie, but I do not think originality is something we are looking for in 007 movies. I particularly look for action, and this one has tons of it. Also, I like the gadget tricks, and there are plenty of them as well. Regarding the hot chicks, I can't think of any other hotter chick right now besides Halle Berry, whose presence in this movie justifies its price. Bond has another affair with another chick, but Berry takes care of her personally and teaches her how to read (on the plane: "read this b*tch".) This movie comes with a nice DVD case and a second DVD with lots of extras. DVD 1 also includes some audio commentaries that are always worth it. The sound in this movie will blow up your mind if you have Home Theatre system, which I do. I enjoyed it a lot. Overall, a very good movie to have lots of fun and very entertaining that I recommend to everyone (PG13)....more info
  • Wonderful Halle Berry
    Halle Berry in Die Another Day was absolutely wonderful. I consider her the most talented and beautiful actresses of our time. Her role as another agent was played perfectly and with vigor, beauty, agressiveness, and just astounding....more info
  • no box with movie false advertisment.
    order this movie because i collect bonds movies,die another day was missing out of my vhs collection.. when i recieved the movie it came with no box it defeat the purpose so im going to have to order it againg from another seller this was not specified that it had no box so disapointed......more info
  • I am very pleased
    I am so pleased and I shall be happy to order more from you in the near future...more info
  • decadent
    All in all this episode is sad: graced by a beautiful Halle Berry who does well as a secret agent but seems rather unconvinced (and unconvincing) and by the skill of Toby Stephens who is a bit over a top (even for a Bond villain) but is impressive all the same, this Die Another Day failed to convince me.

    This is the first film I can remember where the long opening sequence is tightily connected with the rest by a so to say "narrative" title sequence: usually we face a display of gorgeous naked women with guns essentially unrelated to the film if not in general atmosphere, here Bond is tortured exactly during this title sequence and the whole is vital for a correct understanding.
    Whether this is good or bad, the viewer having no time to digest the opening sequence, I am not sure.

    I loved Madonna's theme too: she probably went to far in blanching her own -not too beautiful- timbre to give an automated machine sound to it, but the song is meaningful to the film, extremely original and consequent. The great performers of past films usually made it clear it was a moment of vocal edonism: here the viewer gets repeatedly slapped.

    By the way, Madonna's cameo was quite good: she is given short lines which are good for the plot and easy for her to say; her character is perfectly clear and sound which cannot be said for those of Zao and Miranda who add very little glamour to the product.

    Brosnan is rather stockier here -still a good looking fellow but he has not aged well or perhaps he was tired- but he is not the problem (remember when Moore was there): the script and the direction are:
    this Bond episode is a disjointed group of nice action scenes with lovely special effects that never come to life as a meaningful whole.
    The rhythm is faulty, the suspence never there, the whole never convincing....more info
  • More Hidden Racism
    It's interesting that Halle Berry's character , a government agent , would end up bed with James Bond after a 15-20 second conversation. This is the first time "Bond" has gotten a female ally into bed with him so quickly and Halle Berry , the standard of Black beauty , wastes no time jumping in bed with the "great' James Bond. Hidden racism at it's very best....more info
  • You Get What You Expect

    This is a typical James Bond flick which means a lot of good things and some bad ones but at least, if you're a fan of the series, you get what you expect.

    In other words, you get outrageous action scenes, Rambo--like mentality, a wild and fun villain, a "hot" female lead helping Bond, a bunch of sexual innuendos, a hokey-but- interesting story and some outstanding opening credits. I never had any complaints with Pierce Brosnan playing Bond. I thought he very credible in the role, sincerely macho and debonair at the same time. Halle Berry was at her peak, so male viewers had no complaints watching here. She wasn't in here just for looks; she was in fighting shape, too.

    Is the story far-fetched? Yeah, a little! Ludicrous? You bet. Entertaining? Sure. Who watches these films for their intelligence?
    ...more info
  • Great movie
    Especially since it's in Blu-Ray. Definitely makes it a nice treat for the eyes, and with a 3 year old, it's nice to know that it won't get all scratched up out of curiosity anytime soon....more info
  • Halle
    The best of the 007's that Pierce Bronson was in. The twist at the begining of the movie was one of if not the best. Halle has fun and it showed....more info
  • Entertaining but Strangely Hollow
    This movie relies on gadgets and effects to make its impact. But that is fine because that is expected from a Bond movie. The problem is that it comes off hokey.

    Halle Berry does not act well in this movie. Pierce is Pierce whether he is being interviewed or acting - he is the same person. The Madonna scene and title song are cringe-inducing.

    The surfing scenes and the invisible car are interesting but there is just nothing to Bond, the man. Casino Royale is a superior movie and should be the benchmark for all future Bond movies. Knowing who Bond the man is far more rewarding than forgettable characters being blown up in seen-it-before effects. ...more info
  • Not that bad...decent bond.
    OK, Die Another Day and GoldenEye were the best Brosnan movies. GoldenEye brought life back to the series, Tomorrow Never Dies was good, but mainly due to Teri Hatcher. The World is Not Enough was not bad either, but seemed slower to me. Die Another Day had a great opening scene, a great theme song, and one of the coolest car chases in the bond movies...maybe second to For Your Eyes Only! I know everyone is going on about Madonna as a fencing instructor, she did a better acting job than Halle Berry! What gets me was that REDICULOUS "Ice Cap Surfing" scene. It's hard to get past that!! But the Astin Martin makes up for it all. ...more info
  • A few choice gems for Toby Stephens fans
    As a movie per se, this one is incredibly stupid even by James Bond standards. But, those of us who have become Toby Stephens fans after Masterpiece Theatre's "Jane Eyre" can fast-forward through to enjoy the parachuting-into-London scene and especially the swordfight scene, which features Toby in a sleeveless tight-fitting outfit that shows off his fantastic body (yum!). Toby's swordfighting is action-movie-worthy yet so graceful it almost looks like dancing (you can see more of it on the extra disc, which breaks down the swordfight so you can see how it was filmed -- lots of fun -- and also on the pop-up commentary on the first disc, where Toby appears in cruddy black sweatpants rehearsing the swordfight, talking about swordfighting, and looking heart-stoppingly gorgeous). The movie also includes a few examples of Toby's superb sneer -- and smile. His other mannerisms in the film appear to have been based on Richard Branson, and an excellent impersonation it is. He delivers the wooden, stupid dialog as well as anyone could (it's not his fault the movie is so ridden with idiodic puns and cliches). Really, you have to feel sorry for Pierce -- he looks so old and lame next to the sparkling Toby. The movie itself isn't worth buying, but the great extras on this edition may tip the balance for us Toby fan-atics....more info
  • What Can I Say..
    This is the first Bond flick I saw in theaters. It was also before I saw the older ones, so it was interesting putting together what all had been reinterpereted in Die Another Day later on. I saved the best for last and it worked out well. This one I don't care for too much anymore, so it's rated based on my first impression....more info
  • Too Far Over the Top
    The film would have made a better spoof then trying to come off as a serious Bond flick.

    From the opening scence where we have Bond and a couple associates ride a monster wave to the car chase on a sheet of ice it is all too much. I would love to purchase a vehicle that does not sopin out on pure ice. Where can I get one? Note how Bond gets wet several times in teh film, yet his hair is always perfect.

    I agree with another review on this page, the scene of Bond parasailing on a big wave is a joke and an embarrassment to Bond fans.

    Halie Berry is as bad as it gets. Even though she looks good she is such a poor actress I can't enjoy watching her. Perhaps if she just kept her month shut it would work for me.

    A big disappointment that Bond did not bed Madonna. There is just something about her that makes it work for me. ...more info
  • Wow!
    The name is Goldberg....RUBE Goldberg! This is EASILY the most gadget-ridden Bond film, hands down, of the entire series! It is also, alas, the second weakest Brosnan Bond by far, ahead of "Tomorrow Never Dies", which I've never liked. Things are a little TOO fantastic here and there are far too many "nods" to earlier Bond films, (so many, in fact, that you can lose count!) for this to actually qualify as its own movie, even! You will recognize "Dr. No", "Thunderball", "Diamonds Are Forever", "You Only Live Twice", "The Living Daylights" and others as this "plot" unwinds.

    It's a complex "plot", too. Bond travels to North Korea, (not a great idea for a westerner these days,) to assassinate a crazed NK colonel who has been smuggling diamonds and generally screwing up the international scene with his shenanigans. To make a long story short and not to produce too many spoilers, Bond gets captured after a rousing chase involving hovercrafts and advanced artillery, gets tortured, released, forsaken by MI6, chewed out by "M" and again, as in "Licence To Kill" has to go renegade for the rest of the movie. Along the way, he meets a woman named "Jinx", played by Halle Berry, who also works for the West, and who is after the same North Korean colonel Bond is. They travel to Cuba, then to Iceland, get captured again, have some cutlery tete-a-tetes with the bad guys, run into double and triple crosses, find the true meaning of plastic surgery and get to use the most amazing Bond car ever conceived of.

    Believe it or not, the Aston Martin used in this film is equipped with a CLOAKING device, fer cryin' out loud...something that would have the entire assembly of Bond-o-philes themselves going "you're joking", upon hearing this. Otherwise, it's just about as tricked out as Timothy Dalton's was in "Daylights". There's also a nod to Brosnan's run in "Remington Steele", as he walks up to spiffy hotel desk in Hong Kong and asks for "his usual suite" drenched to the bone, with long, scraggly hair and a beard, basically filthy. This is a straight steal from a scene in the two hour, fifth year "Steele" episode, "The Steele That Would Not Die".

    Anyway, though it is witty, as usual, and though it's got some nice tense moments, this is easily the hokiest Bond film since Moore's laughable tenure as "Suave, Joe Suave". One of the things that was so refreshing about Dalton and Brosnan's Bond films is that they were TONS more realistic than all of Moore's and even Connery's later Bond films, (post "Goldfinger",) with relevant villains in post-cold war dust-ups or drug kingpin situations. This one harkens back to the bad-old days of ridiculous gadgetry, kaleidoscopic plots that owe too much to earlier movies and a general "Bond-parody" feel, rather than a genuine, glamorized espionage adventure.

    You know, Ian Fleming's novels bore more of a resemblance to Len Deighton's or John Le Carre's work than they did to "The Man From U.N.C.L.E" or Matt Helm. They really should have kept the "realism renaissance" going with this character.

    Don't even talk to me about Daniel Craig.

    Palooka...JOE Palooka!

    ...more info
  • just the way i like my bond movies...
    Look people..its a Bond movie..movie loaded with 2 hours of action,explosions, cgi and hot women,this movie will give your sound system a workout, yeah some action scenes leave you doubting the realism but its BOND, get over it..GOLDENEYE still my favorite...more info
  • In the end, a great END for Brosnan's Bond
    Pierce Brosnan will go down thusly: the man who brought Bond back from the dead, and more simply, the best Bond since Sean Connery originated the part over 40 years ago. As much as Brosnan has owned this role from day one, you can see how much more comfortable he is in the tux & cufflinks four pictures into his role as 007.

    Die Another Day is EXACTLY what a Bond-movie is supposed to be-- especially with today's budgets for blockbusters. There is the ever-dapper Brosnan as Bond; the bodacious Halle Berry as Jinx, babes abound (Rosamund Pike as well as Madonna in a cameo) & gadgets galore (now THAT is an Aston Martin). There was NON-STOP action, multiple exotic locales & some cheeky one-liners.

    In a nutshell, Bond goes after some villainous North Koreans creating serious weapons of mass destruction; gets double-crossed, imprisoned & tortured (nice touch, actually); gets his freedom at a huge price and sets out to avenge the trader who set him up. That all happens in the first 15 minutes. From North Korea to Hong Kong to Cuba to MI6 to Iceland & back, Bonds bests the bad guys with a little help from Berry to boot. The action is throttled on full from the opening credits to the final conclusion.

    There are a lot of winks to Bond's past, as Die Another Day came out 40 years after Connery's first turn in 1962s Dr. No. So, for a Bond-historian, this movie will give you some silent chuckles if you know what to look for. There are also nods to past Bond-movies. Brosnan's Bond gets paired up with a Halle Berry's heroine as he did in 1997s Tomorrow Never Dies with Michelle Yeoh. Do I need to mention Ursula Andress in here?! The 00-revoked theme harkens back to Timothy Dalton's 1989 turn in License to Kill when Felix Leiter is murdered & Bond goes against MI6s orders to avenge his death.

    The DVD is PACKED full of extras to enjoy-- commentary, videos, et al-- just what you'd expect from one of the big screens biggest legends.

    I will end with a salute to Brosnan, whom I will be quite sorry to see vacate the role. I grew up with Roger Moore as James Bond, so that was Bond to me. I then watched Sean Connery as I grew my VHS & DVD collections over the years and quickly saw why Connery IS Bond. Brosnan is second only to Connery's originality. Brosnan brought life back into this franchise with a winner out of the box with 1995s GoldenEye. I only wish Brosnan & the franchise could have reached agreement on a new contact for more pictures. I will leave an open mind for Daniel Craig, but after 40+ years, 20 movies and our 6th Bond (not counting the ORIGINAL Casino Royale), I wonder if the Bond-aura will teeter off some without Brosnan's dashing presence....more info
  • Every part of me wants to hate this but...
    After the critical disappointment (but hit nevertheless) that the World is Not Enough had, we know have Die Another Day, which is officially Pierce Brosnan's last performance as 007 with Daniel Craig replacing him in Casino Royale. Having watched Goldeneye first out of the 20 films out, there's a certain attachment I have to him as Bond but I still like Sean Connery's the best. It's kind of like people who see Christopher Reeve as Superman even though the older generation might actually say George Reeves. So how is Die Another Day? It's big explosive, dumb fun with bad one-liners but enough Bondness to make it a good entry in the series.

    The World is Not Enough actually had for a series' first, a female villain (in fact she probably is the main one in that movie since Renard was kind of a pushover), Die Another Day also has a first: Bond captured. After infiltrating Korea, someone sells him out and he spends over a year in prison, tortured and interrogated. Eventually he gets released and being stripped of his 007 title and his license to kill, Bond seeks vengeance against Zao, the one responsible for his imprisonment. He eventually ends up in an ice-shaped palace and has to deal with another satellite-carrying madman as well as a sexy spy, well, 2 actually.

    The Bond girls in the Brosnan era have been very hit until the previous entry when Denise Richards was cast. Would this film change it? Nope. We get Halle Berry, which odd as it may sound, I can't stand in anything, not even Monster's Ball. Why Bond would go out of his way to save her just boggles my mind, not to mention she has lines like "read this, b****!" Oddly, the film's best villain isn't even the main one so we get those total lame-o for the final villain. However, Rosamund Pike is my 2nd favorite Bond girl, oh-so-sexy but also having that kind of love-to-hate-her quality she needed. And let's face it: this film has Madonna in a really bad cameo. Ugh. Oh yeah, the theme song is absolutely terrible.

    Hopefully Casino Royale will bring some perfect action scenes (personally that flip he has to do on his car to avoid that girl thrilled me more in the trailer than this entire film's action). The series always had some kind of credibility, as if somehow, that scene can happen. Here though it's as if the rules were thrown out and they just said "go with it!". Bond traverses a mindfield on a hovercraft, outruns a heat ray AND surfs the icy waves with a parachute AND takes his car right into the melting ice palace, and don't forget the airplane ending. In the special features, composer David Arnold comments that it's difficult to do a great Bond film since it's mainly just 20 great individual scenes over the series' run. This film feels similar: fun yet familiar, dumb but entertaining.

    It's personally my pick for the worst of the Brosnan era but I wouldn't say it's a cinema blunder like Batman and Robin or Superman IV but instead it's merely, um, it reminds me of Batman Forever actually: pales in comparison to previous films yet if it came on TV (notably, Superstation), I'd end up watching it start to finish. Go figure....more info