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Sanyo Xacti HD1010 4MP MPEG4 High Definition 1080i/1080p Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom
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Product Description

Get both the functionality of a digital camera and a digital camcorder in one with the Sanyo HD1010 Xacti Digital Media Camera/Camcorder. It is a high-definition, compact digital media device with a 10x optical zoom. The HD1010 offers advanced, next-generation video performance and high-quality stills in one small, lightweight camera. This powerful little device is designed to record either 1080P (30fps) or 1080i (60fps) high-definition video and 4-megapixel digital still images, all of which are handily stored to a SD or SDHC memory card. 10x Optical Zoom - the f/1.8 lens allows almost 4 times more light through. With 8 groups and 11 total lenses with a built-in neutral density filter, this lens provides a field-of-view of 38-380 mm range (35 mm equivalent) Video & Still Image Stabilization Sequential shooting - 7 frames per second Face detection still images & Face chaser video - up to 12 faces each - monitors the subject's face and adjust brightness and focus for clear photos High Quality Audio Recording - Record 48 kHz, 16-bit, 2-channel sound for AAC-LC (MPEG-4 Audio). An external microphone can be attached Wind Roar & Red Eye Reduction Web Cam Function PictBridge Compatible USB 2.0 & S-Video Output Built-in pop-up Flash SDHC Flash memory compatible - up to 1 hour and 27 minutes 1080P (30fps) video on a 8GB SDHC card or 1 hour and 14 minutes of 1080i (60fps) high-definition video on a single 8GB SDHC card (not included). Compatible with cards up to 32GB HDMI high-definition output Docking station Manual controls

  • Records in HD 1080p or 1080i high-def digital video; takes 4 megapixel still images
  • Playback recordings on a 2.7-inch LCD display
  • Includes 10x optical zoom, plus video and still image stabilization
  • Features sequential shooting (7 FPS), plus face detection technology for video and photos (up to 12 faces)
  • Comes with web cam functionality; USB 2.0 and S-Video output; SDHC flash memory compatible, plus 40 MB internal memory

Customer Reviews:

  • Great tiny HD camcorder with 2 issues to be aware of
    Overall it's a great camcorder. Its highlights are: HD, the small size and the use of memory card rather than annoying cassettes.
    I am not 100% pleased with it because of the following issues:
    1. Weak image stabilization: I don't know if it's due to the HD, but the image stabilizer in my previous Sony Mini-DV camera was far better.
    2. Problems with editing HD video footage: this is NOT an issue with the camera itself, but rather with my switch to recording HD. Unlike the fully mature editing of Mini-DV, with HD footage I still haven't found the combination that works. I have already purchased two video editors, and have evaluated 3 others and each of them has its own severe issues.

    Still, in spite of these drawbacks I like this camera and have recommended it to my friends....more info
  • Nice camera for the price
    I wanted a small, lightweight hidef camera at a reasonable price. So far the Xacti seems to match my needs. I saw several cameras by high end companies, Sony, Cannon, etc, but I wanted to keep the price well under $1000. This camera has simple controls, a full function docking station, and is pocket size. Very good buy from Amazon....more info
  • an electronics device that actually exceeded my expectations
    This camcorder exceeded even my highest expectations. I have only had it a little over 24 hours but so far it has been incredible. the interface is very intuitive, the movie quality is, as far as I have seen, unsurpassed in a camcorder this size and price, and is everything its advertised to be (and then some).

    light weight
    intuitive menu system
    REALLY good screen
    4MP digital camera
    full HD camcorder
    can take still pictures while making a movie (I love this feature!!!)
    the WOW factor, because every-time I pull it out to use everyone around me goes WOW, what kind of camera is that. no one believes me its a HD camcorder!
    so light and small it can fit in your car/purse/back-pocket/pez dispenser.

    price - for me this wasnt a issue. I was able to replace my camera and add a HD camcorder for a reasonable amount.
    grip - I would like to have seen the grip area be a bit larger. I have found a way to make it ft nicely in my hand, but if the grip was either larger or came with, say, a plastic extender maybe that you could put on the bottom it would be great. I have put the camera in 6 different peoples hands and they all said it felt nice after holding it for a few minutes. You just have to find a way that it is comfy for your hand size.

    screen rotation - the one and only thing , if I were the designers of the HD1010 that I would change (and now you'll see how nitpicky I am being). If the viewing screen would rotate to the front I could hold the camera in front of me, look at the screen and know I'm in focus / in the shot, and make a quickie recording. Sort of a looking at the camera, blair witch kinda shot. It only rotates to the top and bottom, not to the front. just a wishlist thing. thats the absolute worst thing about the camera so far.

    Comparing it to all of the complaints of the HD1000, I can say everything that was complained about in the HD1000 has been fixed. Sanyo even admitted that this is not supposed to be a whole new model, only a upgrade to the HD1000. By that I mean all of the autofocus issues I read about with the HD1000 have been resolved. as a matter of fact I couldnt MAKE it have a focusing problem. I've tried low light, bright light, moving subjects, even the fan in my living room. everything focused perfectly.

    The camera takes great pictures also. They turned out better than any digital camera I have ever used, albeit I have always used more of the personal point and shoot olympus / nikon type. Dark rooms, outdoors, inside with fluorescent bulbs, you name it the pictures have been better than what I expected.

    Like I said, I have had 6 other people try using it, from my girlfriend with really small hands to a guy I work with who is 6'7" and has Andre the giant hands and they have all loved it. I have not told anyone how to use it. Just handed it to them and said 'I just got a new camera, try it out and see what you think.' With no instructions everyone has taken both movies, pictures, and had smiles while doing it. Its rare to find something electronic that anyone can use with no instructions given and the HD1010 is something you can use straight out of the box. It really is fun to use.

    bottom line, if you are looking at getting a camcorder, this one deserves a close look. I am very picky when it comes to electronics, and I am amazed at what they have done with this camcorder/camera. Everything I expected when I ordered it has been greatly exceeded. Great camera, ease of use, quality of the product overall, and in the end quality of the movies it makes... you cant go wrong.

    thanks to everyone who mentioned you can rotate the lens to the front. I was wrong about that, you can! well, that pretty much zero's out the thing I wanted them to change so, my new complaint is that it doesnt come with Kevin Smith to make better movies with it :)...more info
  • With optical image stab it's 5 stars
    I used to produce aviation training videos and have used pro and prosumer equipment. My "serious" still camera is a Canon 1Ds SLR. We have two nice P&S digital still cameras.

    I have had the Sanyo for about six months and I am truly impressed. Video quality is outstanding. The menu navigation is easy. Manual and scene adjustments are easy to make. It has become the only camera I use.

    A huge plus is the still image quality and the ability to choose aspect ratios. Stills are gorgeous. The slo-mo (high speed) capability comes in handy too.

    I do echo what other reviewers have said regarding image stabilization. The electronic stab creates juddering video in most cases. I'm resigned to not using it. If it had optical stabilization it would definitely rate 5 stars....more info
  • Poor stabilization mars otherwise good camera
    Before HD camcorders became available I had a DV (tape based; standard definition) camcorder. The trouble with DV camcorders is that it is time-consuming to (1) import the movie into the computer and (2) encode it into a suitable format. Needless to say, because of the hassle I wasn't making very many home movies. Then I purchased an Xacti C4. This camera made a big difference. It was tiny, easily fit in the jeans pocket, the image quality was decent for an SD camera, and most importantly, no post-processing was needed! All you had to do was drag & drop files from the camera to the computer. No waiting for the tape to wind. No re-encoding needed either because the file format is already MP4. To watch the movie on TV all I had to do is drop the file into iTunes, then wirelessly stream the movie to AppleTV. It doesn't get any easier than this.

    Then HD cameras became available. My first HD camera was Sony HDR-HC1. That's a pretty decent camera. But once again I wasn't making very many movies because HDR-HC1 is tape based, which means a time-consuming process is needed to transfer the movie and to encode to H.264 MP4 format. So I purchased an Xacti HD1010 hoping to repeat my success with the old Xacti C4 but in HD this time.

    My first impression when I got the HD1010 was that it is larger and heavier than I expected. This is not a big camera by any means, but my expectations were set by the tiny Xacti C4, and compared to that camera the HD1010 seems big and heavy. It won't fit in my jeans pocket either (unlike the Sony HDR-TG1, the smallest HD camcorder available today.)

    What about image quality? I shot a test footage in low light. I was not impressed with the image quality. Fine details seemed to be missing apparently due to heavy noise-reduction. I then decided to compare the HD1010 with my old Sony HDR-HC1. I held the Sony in one hand and the Sanyo in the other and simultaneously shot test footages using both cameras, in a semi-lowlight situation. Initially the Sony appeared to have much better image quality. But that was the raw uncompressed footage. I encoded the Sony footage into H.264 and adjusted the bitrate so that the resulting file is about the same size as the one from Sanyo. Now the Sony and Sanyo quality seemed comparable. In fact the Sanyo seemed to have more accurate color. But the big difference was in image stabilization. I didn't know how good Sony's image stabilization was until I compared it to the Sanyo. The Sanyo movie is very jittery. This is with Sanyo's image stabilization on, and with zoom set to 1x. For HD camcorders stabilization is important, and the HD1010 disappoints in this department.

    Another disappointment was that although the MP4 files from the Sanyo are compatible with QuickTime they are not compatible with AppleTV. AppleTV expects 720p 24 fps (frames per second). Sanyo supports 720p but it uses 30 fps, not 24 fps. As a result the file has to be converted before being streamed to AppleTV. It is easy enough to convert using iTunes, but it takes a long time. The resulting file is 960x540 not 1280x720 because iTunes gives priority to preserving the fps and at 30 fps AppleTV only supports 960x540.

    I like the fact that this camera comes with a soft case. For comparison Sony charges $50 extra for a soft case for their competing HDR-TG1.

    Bottom line: I am a little disappointed because the camera is bigger and heavier than the Xacti C4, the files are not immediately compatible with AppleTV, and most importantly the image stabilization is poor, which means you have to use a tripod. For comparison the Canon HF10 has optical image stabilization and it has a 24 fps mode, both of which would have helped me. The Canon is more expensive but it has 16GB of internal memory which HD1010 doesn't....more info
  • Best Camcorder/Camera I have owned
    I have had many a camcorder in my day. From VHS to HI-8 to miniDV. One of the best features of this camera is that it is tape-less. Beyond that it record superb HD quality and fits in my hoody pocket. The pictures it takes are good too. Although it is listed as only taking 4mp pics, there is a setting in the camera that lets you take shots up to 8mp.

    There is a built in hot shoe for accessories such as an external lapel mic or external light.

    It is a small camera so it can be tricky keeping it steady. I recommend a tripod or monopod if you need stability with your video.

    I usually downscale the video to a TV quality since I like to edit my video in post production with Premiere Pro. The HD quality is beyond my computer's ability, but it is nice having that potential.

    I recommend this camera to anyone that wants a fully featured, sturdy, hand-held, multi-purposed camera for under $700 bucks. I really like this camera and have been using it for about 1 year now. I take it to concerts, shows and even use it for work interviews. ...more info
  • I "think" i really like this camera...
    I read through all the reviews up here on amazon about the hd1000 before i bought this camera. The extra money was a small concern, but it is the 1080p that sold me.
    I do videos occasionally as a hobby to pay for my habit, and I was also a professional sports photographer for several years. I have a Sony HDR-FX1 for when i want really good footage. This camera is for convenience & Travel.

    I 'm going on a big trip to the greek isles and the size/features makes this camera seem perfect for the trip. I bought a few extras (Wide angle Lens, Hoya Filter) My goal is to film greece on foot. w/out having to haul a tripod and a camera i'd die if lost/stolen.

    Some of the reviews i'd read on the HD1000 had concerned us about size (for my wife's hands) but we found the size to be no problem. We actually were expecting the handle to be longer. It doesn't extend through your palm like a gun grip.
    Wasted my day at work doing tests. The picture is wonderful! Sharp, clear, and the color seems spot on. One weird thing is when i place it in the docking station and play it on my HDTV all the settings play fine except the audio falls out of sync on 1080p (my tv's highest is 1080i). This is annoying as i want to shoot in 1080p on my trip.

    Test the image stabilization, and this is where I start to have problems. When zoomed out it's fine. When zoomed in the CMOS (wiggle) starts to give me headaches on my 50 inch tv. So i turn the IS off and the slightest camera shake that my hand/arm do is very difficult to keep out of any telephoto shot. I don't have the steadiest hand, but i'm only 30 so not an old man either. Shake isn't too bad on a wide angle shot & when the W/Angle lens is on you'd have to look hard to see it.

    This has me a little worried as i will be mostly on foot, wandering down cobble stone streets of greece. I just don't want to come home and not be a fan of watching all the beautiful footage i expect to get.

    I find myself really wanting to love this camera. I really do. The editing feature is nice. Love the thumb stick. Stable footage is un matched in its price point. With the form factor, i don't have a hard time tracking someone without staring hard at the screen.. it's more natural.
    I'm not thinking of sending the camera back or anything, just disappointed that Sanyo didn't include OPTICAL STABILIZATION! I just know they will release a camera this holiday with one. I might cry if that happens.
    I'm hoping i'm just worrying too much and i'll be able to come back up here in 4 weeks and rave, rave, rave!
    I hope this is helpful for people who fell in love with this camera online, as i did. ...more info