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A Little Bit Longer
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Produced by John Fields (with Jon Lind and Kevin Jonas, Sr., serving as executive producers), "A Little Bit Longer" covers much musical and emotional ground, kicking off with the joyful jam "BB Good." Says Joe of the track, "It's a big sing-along song, and it's fun." The funky and danceable debut single, "Burnin' Up," keeps the party going, with Big Rob, the brothers' hefty security guard, rapping midtrack. "It's about this girl," adds Joe. "Maybe she's at a party, and you feel that immediate connection. You both know it's there." Though relentlessly upbeat, most songs on "A Little Bit Longer" explore star-crossed standoffs and missed romantic opportunities. Songs like "Shelf," the hard-rocking "Pushin' Me Away" and "One Man Show" survey love's unequal playing field, bad break-ups and the defiant isolation that follows. "'Shelf' is one my favorite songs on the record," says Nick. "Basically, it's about a girl that has a gallery of hearts." Other songs take a light-hearted look at the craziness of fame and fortune. "Video Girl" paints a portrait of the shallow wannabees dotting the entertainment landscape (" Move to L.A., got no talent/Not even like you won a Miss Teen pageant"), while "Lovebug" starts out as sweet-tempered acoustic love song before ending up a crashing Queen-like rocker. Of course, the brothers made sure the album breathes. The power ballad "Sorry" features classic JB harmonies and an eternal message of forgiveness. But the song that will have people talking is "A Little Bit Longer," Nick's stunning account of his struggle with diabetes. With strings underscoring a plaintive piano/vocal, he sings about his battle ("A little bit longer and I'll be fine/Waitin' on a cure/But none of them are sure"). Recalls Nick, "I was having one of those days where I was discouraged. So I went into this empty hotel ballroom and wrote this song." Adds brother Kevin, "Nick sings this song every night and it brings people to tears. It's amazing." The brand new album from the Jonas Brothers includes a 30 page CDVU+ experience including: Exclusive Video Performances 60 Printable Photos Complete Album Lyrics Downloadable Graphics Hidden Links Package Made from 100% Recycled Materials!

A Little Bit Longer is the 2008 album from the Jonas Brothers which includes the smash hit 'Burnin' Up'.This is their follow up album to their platinum debut. The CDVU + 30 page Experience features exclusive video performance and interviews, 60 printable photos, complete album lyrics, downloadable graphics and hidden links. The Jonas Bros. are the stars of Camp Rock, a Disney Channel Original Movie. 12 tracks.

Customer Reviews:

    I really liked this CD.My favorite songs from the CD is "Lovebug" and "a Little Bit Longer".I know they must of put a lot of work to this Cd because it is great!I recommend this CD for any jonas brother fan,pop fan,or boy fan!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    As a 42 year old mother of a big JB fan, I must say I was really impressed. Not only are the guys great songwriters, but the whole album, especially Lovebug, has great guitar licks. However, my favorite must be Nick's title song, A Little Bit Longer. I cried as I listened to the lyrics because my daughter, the big JB fan, is a Type 1 Diabetic. I remembered how I felt when I heard the news ...
    A great production from very talented young men. I believe they will eventually leave their pop image behind and become known as a great rock band!

    ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    From there previous album, I was very disappointed of this one. There previous one was amazing and this one is like.. blaaahh! they have a few good songs like Burnin Up and Tonight isn't to bad but the other songs were just plain stupid!! like for example BB Good To Me: it had a good beat and all but come on BB-- so cheezy!! When they come out with another album- which they most probably will- i will deff. check it out more before buying it. ...more info
  • The Jonas Brothers Rock
    This is such a great CD! We love all the JoBros CDs, but this is their best to date. The vocals on "Can't have you" and "Lovebug" are amazing. We also love the title song and it's message Nick shares with other diabetics. Buy it!...more info
  • Jonas Brothers New CD "A LITTLE BIT LONGER"
    This CD is awsome for teens with great songs from a teen band called "The Jonas Brothers" my 13 year old daughter Emma just loves it. It comes with songs that every one will love and makes a excellent gift. All of Emma's friends now want this CD and enjoy coming over and listening to it. So buy this CD and prepare to be blowen away. ...more info
    As soon as my brother came home with this cd my dad kicked my brother in the Balls and chucked him out the window and we got the family pet to bit his face off. And at my brothers funeral my dad gave me and my brother a cleavland steamer. This smells worse than the cleaveland steamer. ...more info
  • JoBros: The Future of Rock?
    Okay, so A Little Bit Longer isn't The Wall or Thriller or Nevermind or Abbey Road, etc etc. But in the ever exploding genre of teen Disney pop, this record blows them all out of the water. Them, being stars like Miley Cyrus who have ushered in the latest round of pop music. These days, thankfully it's not all bubblegum. The Jonas Brothers seem to be the most focused and with the most potential of all these artists. Their second album is an extension of the debut: they're maturing, and it shows in song structure and in their writing. Songs drastically change course ("Lovebug"), their changing voices offer some really great rapsy vocals, depending on how you hear it of course ("Sorry") and let's face it the hooks are killer ("Burning Up"). Every song has its own appeal and nothing ever gets tiresome. There are power pop ballads, like "Can't Have You" and "Sorry", but the brothers are so convincing, nothing seems contrived or gimmicky. Sure they are part of a string of teen money-makers but its clear they are no one's puppets. One reviewer said they were manufactured by the guy who was over N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. Ummm..NO they weren't. Yes, they are part of the Disney pack, but with an album like A Little Bit Longer, it's very likely they're going to keep branching out. I'd like to see them reach audiences outside of tween girls. It's getting about time that other music fans discover them too. These guys are the real thing! I just feel like most of the bands that are out now take themselves way too seriously and they don't sound like they're having much fun. Sure, I like Coldplay and bands like that, but shouldn't there be a place for Jonas Brothers too? There is more to life then politics and self righteousness. I'd like to see them stick around for a long time....more info
  • Different Sound.. a Better Sound

    The Jonas Brothers have obviously grown up on this third album. It much less frivolity, screaming, and randomness than the other two.. not that I didn't enjoy that. It's just that this seems much more of a cd by real musicians as opposed to a catchy boy band. Basically.. I totally loved it. In fact, I'm listening to it right now :)

    Track by track review.

    1. BB Good: (0/10) Wow. All I can say is no. I didn't like this at all. I've read reviews of people who just absolutely adored this. I found it weird and random when Joe was talking and screaming about "I want to kiss you! It was just... wow. No. I don't know why people liked it, but I'm guessing since most people did, you did too, so just don't be mad. It was a really weird way to start the album out, though I'm sure all the teen girls liked it. This was the only track on the cd that I really don't like much at all. I always start the cd at track 2. Sorry :(

    2. Burnin' Up: (10/10) Wow. In the totally right kind of way. Unlike the rest of the teen girl demographic (which I am a part of) I had not been watching Disney Channel enough lately to have heard this song a billion songs and have it ruined for me. I'd heard of it, and maybe even seen the video, and I thought it was unbearably painfully cheesy, but it really really grows on you after a while. It's got a great beat, and it's quite different from their other songs. The lyrics aren't genius, though that's not really anything new, but it's just plain catchy. I loved it.

    3. Shelf (7/10): I liked the idea of this song, and the lyrics for it, but the beat really didn't do anything for me. It didn't have much of a defined melody. I still liked it, just not my ABSOLUTE favorite.

    4. One Man Show (6/10): I didn't love this track, but unlike the other people reviewing it I didn't give it 0 out of 10 stars. That's ridiculous. You know what.. at least it's the slightest bit different from their other songs. I think the teen girls didn't like it just because Nick was telling everybody that he was a one man show, and he didn't need them, haha. Not great lyrics, or vocals, but not HORRIBLE.

    5. Lovebug (10/10): this is really where the album really starts to heat up. This is totally different for JB, and it's pretty awesome. The vocals are amazing on this track, and the boys sound totally different, and the strange instruments are great. I didn't have a problem with the talking in the background. I didn't find it very distracting, and nick explains about it on the CDVU+ or w/e that thing was called. This was great. I think they should do more stuff like this on the next album.

    6. Tonight (9/10): This song is just plain catchy. The chorus is really nice, and I like the intro. Vocals and lyrics aren't bad either.

    7. Can't Have You (8/10): This song was really very sad. But it was actually quite different from them. Liked it. I thought the vocals were good, and so were the lyrics.

    8. Video Girl (10/10): It starts out funny, and it just gets better. It's good to see JB poking fun at the world that they live in. This song is wicked infectious.

    9. Pushin' Me Away (10/10): Oddly enough I think this actually is my favorite song on the album. I like the way it starts, and I like the deep sound of Joe's voice on this one. I think I'm in the majority with this being my favorite, but it is. I thought the vocals and lyrics were awesome on this one.

    10: Sorry (9/10): I loved this one, especially the way it starts. Very emotional, though the reason it didn't get 10 points was because on the second chorus Nick's voice is incredibly incredibly excruciatingly painful to listen to the first time. You get used to it, but it's REALLY frightening the first time.

    11: Got Me Going Crazy (10/10): It got me going crazy! haha. I love this song. It's kind of cliche, but it has a great beat at the beginning, and it's just really really catchy. I can't really explain why I like it so much. It's kind of cookie cutter, but the vocals are pretty good and I like the chorus.

    12: A Little bit Longer (10/10): Nick's voice sounds really good here, and it's obvious that it comes from the heart. I just feel for the poor kid when I listen to this song. It's a good slow song that really showcases his voice.

    I give this album five stars, because I only have to just skip over one track which is really really rare for me. Plus, I'm starting to get used to BB Good, and maybe... maybe one day it will get 4 out of 10 stars! haha....more info
    I want the members of Jonas Brothers and their MEMBERS *wink wink* all over my face!! Fighting over my mouth! Oh god they're SOOOooo HOT!!! They're so talented and such great musicians and songwriters!! Oh my god it's Jonahmania!!!! I want their man-juice all over me!!! I want them to spray their man-juice over every inch of my body and face!!! Oh My GOD THEY'RE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Good Job
    It came on time, It was in perfect condition. I will definitely buy from this seller again...more info
  • The best Cd evEr! Love the Jonas BrotherS
    well, i live in Honduras so it took like a month to get my CD! i went to the store almost everyday to see if it had gotten here yet! when i got it i was soo excited it is the best Cd i had ever had! i definitely recommend that you buy this cd! :) i'm the happiest person in earth with this awesome cd!...more info
  • tepid, dead dull, nauseating,
    An extremely unsatisfying smorgasbord of tepid, dead dull instruments mixed in with haggard teen vocals. I was forced to listen to this immature rubbish on an airplane flight. I was stuck by some individuals wearing headphones and then the Jonas Brothers also appeared on the airplane TV so we were all forced to watch them.

    If I were to describe it in physiologically terms, it's gut wrenching, like a depressing vacuum inside your guts. There's also an over indulgence in queasiness, then a complete urge to vomit sporadically. The sickness seems to dissipate once you stop listening to it.

    Seriously, I did not feel well after listening to this and I would highly recommend that any true fans of music, AVOID this. There is nothing worthy or "catchy" or even redeeming about this.

    Invest in real music. Franz Ferdinand, Fugazi, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Modest Mouse, John Coltrane, Ghostland Observatory, Interpol, etc. ...more info
  • Awsome
    Love bug is my favorite song ever!I used to sit around in my room listening to High School Musical Cds on my Cd player but ever since I got this Cd its like the only thing I listen to!
    ...more info
  • Cutesy pop
    So I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Backstreet Boys and am pretty much loving the new NKOTB CD that came out today... so now that I'm in boy-band mode I thought I'd give the Jonas Brothers a listen. I am now painfully aware that I am not the target audience for this group. This whole CD is cutesy, squeaky pop at it's heart-throb finest. I can definitely see why the tweens LOVE them and I don't. Hanson was never this squeaky but they also weren't as cute as the Jonas Brothers. The only song I thoroughly enjoy on this CD is Burnin' Up. Save your money or better yet, spend it on the real thing - BACKSTREET BOYS!! :)
    ...more info
  • Brothers in Arms
    Rest easy, Cheap Trick. Don't fret, Velvet Crush. Stop looking over your shoulder, Matthew Sweet. And for God's sake, Doug Fieger, put down that razor blade.

    Despite being hailed as saviors by no less than those harbingers of good taste "Rolling Stone," the Jonas Brothers' "A Little Bit Longer" is unlikely to cause the power pop world to wobble off its axis or threaten a demographical expansion of the band's immense, rabid, fanbase beyond an army of swooning, pre-pube, Disney girls who have allowed their Hannah Montana fan club dues to lapse.

    But discounting what these three precocious pups bring to the table as mere teen pop fodder may be extremely cynical or at the very least preemptively dismissive and coming from a guy whose musical boundaries can best be described as "rigid," that's really saying something. Simply put, this album is about the most tolerable thing my kids have ever taken a shine to outside of novelty anomalies like Dr. Hook's "The Cover of `Rolling Stone'" or Loudon Wainwright III's "Dead Skunk."

    Although it's doubtful many who buy this album will really pay all that much attention to song craft, preferring instead to gaze dreamily at Nick, Kevin, and Joe, a quick listen demonstrates the band have begun to show a nascent knack for big-riffed, straight-between-the-eyes, nuked pop, but they still seem torn between surrendering to the loud guitars which earmark all great power pop and remaining generic enough for the unwashed masses who pay their bills. Credit management for still being able to get them to toe the company line.

    As expected from three guys still cozying up to the idea of driver's licenses, voting rights, the smell of the greasepaint, and the roar of the crowd, most songs pay homage to The Girl, sonic marvels like "Lovebug," "Tonight," "BB Good," and "Pushin' Me Away" bursting forth with equal parts bubblegum sparkle, wonder, and good old-fashioned twin Les Paul/SG guitar skirmishes.

    At first blush, most of the hooks the Jonases have come up with here seem to have a requisite amount of staying power, but quickly become tiresome after repeated exposure, some bordering on tortuous. But it's obviously what the girls want, "A Little Bit Longer" staking its claim as a certifiable chart buster, knocking `em dead from Boston to Beijing.

    It would sure be interesting to spool forward four or five years to see where the Jonas Brothers' journey takes them, particularly if they ever get out from under the oppressive thumb of Disney's evil empire. Whether they're eternally stuck on auto pilot playing to a Pavlovian audience or actually able to form an independent thought in their pretty little heads remains to be seen.

    Now to get this thing back into my daughter's Disney princesses CD player before she starts asking questions....more info
  • Jonas Brothers
    This has to be my favorite album from them! All of the songs are great and I listen to them everyday. Most of their songs are a little slower that they usually are, so that did take one or two listens to get used to. But, ALL of the songs on this CD are great!!

    BB' Good: has a nice beat and really wants to make you get up and move. The lyrics are great also.

    Burnin Up: Is just the best!! I love that song!!! I have the music video on my ipod. One of my favorite songs off of this CD!!! I have this song in my head all of the time.

    Shelf: Is also another great song. Talking about girls who don't really pay attention to a guys feelings. Nice, sweet song.

    One Man Show: Steals the show!! Very nice beat!! Saying that he will be fine alone because he is a "One Man Show"!

    Lovebug: My favorite!! So, so sweet and has a great sound to it. Makes you feel like you are at the beach. It starts off a little slow, and them speeds up to the Jonas Brothers tempo. I have this song in my head all of the time too.

    Tonight: Song about how we aren't going to work this out tonight. Or maybe we will? Really sweet.

    Can't Have You: Is really sad to me! It's about how they are coping with their break-up. It's still a very nice song to listen too.

    Video Girl: Has a great, get up and dance beat! I have that song in my head all of the time. Great song to listen to at any time.

    Pushin' Me Away: Joe really kinda sings this by himself and does a great job. One of my favorites. Nice lyrics, like all of their songs.

    Sorry: Another semi sad song. It's really sweet though. I love listening to all of their songs, even it's its sad.

    Got Me Going Crazy: One of my top 5 favorites!! GREAT beat and talks about true love. A favorite.

    A Little Bit Longer: Save the best for last. So sweet, makes you want to cry. A song about Nick and his diabetes, saying how he will need to go "A little bit longer" and he will be fine. This is a great song for anyone at anytime when they are going through a tough time or anything like that.

    Overall, I totally give this album 5 stars!!!!...more info
  • They did it again.....
    Wow. Just wow. I'm not going to say that it's more of the same, because they took some risks on this album, but it was absolutely incredible, even if it was different. Still the perfect balance of sweet, snotty boyband and punk flavor.
    Here's my breakdown of the songs (I'm listening to them on my iPod as I describe them):
    BB Good: pretty much JoBro par, which is good to start out with. Fun through and through: "Be-be good to me, and I'll be-be good to you...." you get the idea. Except there's a fun surprise in this one. Joe screams a couple times and then starts talking in the middle of it: "Listen girl...I don't wanna hurt you...[and then screaming] I WANNA KISS YOU!" Once I got over the initial shock, I laughed. They know how and when to be funny.
    Burnin' Up: You probably don't need me to tell you about this one, especially if you've seen the video. Nick swings some good vocals in this one. And their security guard has a rapping part, which is surprisingly fitting for this song....I didn't like it at first, but then, like in BB Good, it occured to me that they know just how and when to be funny. According to them, this song was inspired by Prince.
    Shelf: bittersweet but totally fun. During the second chorus, listen for Nick's "aaah-aah" in the background. It's cute. Hanson-ish.
    One-Man-Show: an "ah, who needs a girlfriend?" type song. It would be kinda immature if it wasn't endearing. It's funny when the JBs try to sound angry.
    Lovebug: Their current big hit. Actually, the video came out last night. All acoustics, and a strange departure from anything else they've ever done. You can hear voices in the background like they're at a party, and Kevin's rocking out on a mandolin, Joe's tap-dancing and hitting some impressive falsettos. It ends joyfully like a normal JB song with electric guitars (and a little screaming too), but it's still the album's most delightful little absurdity. Apparently inspired by the movie Juno.
    Tonight: A more typical jb-song, but it's my 2nd favorite on the album, because it's a great showcase of their talent: the epitome of what a Jonas Brothers song should be. Incredibly punchy guitar, some nice falsettos, and an incredibly catchy tune. It's about a break-up-or-make-up type moment, and it has good lyrics. You can also see how well they can imbue their voices with feeling. Joe bursts into a particularly passionate, "TONIGHT..." right after the bridge.
    Can't Have You: In my opinion, the best song. Another total departure. It sounds very mature. About a rrreally painful breakup. It's not melodramatic or whiny, and they manage to infuse their voices with enough sorrow to make you feel wistful and melancholy when you listen to it. Nick does this one part in the Bridge where you can almost hear pain in his voice (he's almost screaming it!!!) that manages not to be whiny. Excellent. (I dedicate this song to Edward and Bella by the way.)
    Video Girl: I HATED this song when I heard it. I thought it was a mean lashing-out against the fans, but the realization sunk in after awhile that they're talking about the evil, manipulating, bubble-headed cali-girl type. And this IS the most catchy song on the album. For those who like Camp Rock, they had Meaghan Martin (Tess) do the cali girl voice at the beginning (OMG did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother it's SO hot!"
    Pushin' Me Away: This song is another more serious one. Catchy, of course, but more serious. About rejection. It sounds kinda urgent. There's a funny moment though when it's like silent for a second and then all three of them burst into a random falsetto.
    Sorry: I can hardly listen to Sorry without wanting to cry. Nothing funny about this song, because you can tell they mean it. It's about how they're relationships with people have suffered because they're always away from home. The vocals will break your heart.
    Got Me Going Crazy: A little too happy for me right after I listened to "Sorry". A fun, upbeat one with the same tempo as "Still In Love With You" from the second album. Classic JB.
    A Little Bit Longer: If you know much about the JBs, you know the story here. Nick's account of getting and dealing with diabetes. "You don't know what you've got till it's don't know what it's like to feel so low, every time you smile, you laugh, you glow, you don't even know..." If you've seen him do it in concert it breaks your heart because he sounds so heartbroken. This version is just as meaningful, but a bit more optimistic, and it ends on a hopeful note. (We love you Nick!)
    Great CD.
    ...more info
    The Judas Brothers rule the planet!! The only reason they're not considered better than The Beetles or Lead Zeplyn is like, their age. Time will prove me right, you will see!! I here their next single will be called "Screaming For Vengeance" b/c they are like, influenced by some guy name Jonas Preist or something. I'll bet it will rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also here that they were inspired to name there cd after some self-evaluation in there middle school locker room, sharing some phat skin conditioner with classmates in the shower. Swoon......more info
  • Best CD Ever
  • Ehhhh.......
    This offering had the same problem that the previous 2007 release "The Jonas Brothers" had. It's fun at first, but as each track progresses, it becomes a bit played out.

    1. BB Good - Silly but catchy, great hooks, Joe made the Bridge and the last couple of seconds to this song work. Anybody else doing it would sound straight up silly. 8/10

    2. Burnin Up - Another great track though I do not think it should have come up after BB Good because you start to notice many similarities between the songs. Their bodyguard's cameo was a great touch, he don't front. 9/10

    3. Shelf - Nothing interesting about this track at all. Unmemorable chorus and I find that their vocals get drowned out in the instruments most of the time. 2/10

    4. One Man Show - The beginning catches you, the chorus is good but I'm starting to notice these brothers do not possess much vocal skills. An okay filler song. 5/10

    5. Lovebug - My favorite track on the album. Sweet and sincere. Would be considered one of the greatest love songs of our time if it weren't for these boys average nasally vocals. 9/10

    6. Tonight - Sounds like "We Got the Party with Us", and overall I felt like I have heard this before. Did not enjoy and often skip it. I started to notice that they not only have a nasally quality to their singing voice, but also a Britney Spears "breathy" voice. 3/10

    7. Can't Have You - Ehhhh. Nothing Special. Hasn't grown on me at all. Obviously a filler track. 2/10

    8. Video Girl - Great lyrics, good instrumentation, hook is catchy enough, but Joe has a really annoying voice in this song.

    9. Pushin' Me Away - An okay song. But again by this time I'm starting to get bored and want to listen to another album. Nothing new here with this song. 4/10

    10. Sorry - Would be a really good song if they would sing the chorus without sounding so.... bad. You can tell they put emotion in to this song but that isn't enough if you have a weird whiny nasally breathy singing voice.

    11. Got Me Going Crazy - Are all their songs about the same thing? Okay, but I'm getting tired of these same type of songs. Hook is catchy but not catchy enough. 6/10

    12. A Little Bit Longer - I know its about Nick's diabetes, but come on! I don't want to say anything else without sounding insensitive but this is just an okay song at best. 6/10...more info
  • Proof that music today is better than it was from 50s-90s
    Ever since watching this band on MTV... I've been listening to them 24/7! Even when im sleeping.. LOL!! The Jonas Brothers creates music that is so inspirational.. it makes me proud to live in the 2000s!!

    Oh, and to make life even better... I went to a movie and they showed up!! I took pictures and got their autographs... oh they looked so CUTE!!!111

    I would have given this album more stars but... they never included their death metal remixes with Justin Timberlake and Fred Durst... maybe next itme folks!...more info