ASUS Eee PC 900 8.9-Inch Netbook (Intel Mobile Processor, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB Solid State Drive, Linux, 4 Cell Battery) Galaxy Black
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Netbook Eee PC 900 offers you more options for your mobile computing needs. Incorporating with the built-in Solid State Drive (SSD) technology provides shockproof computing, less power consumption, fast boot up, less heat, less RMA, less noisy and lighter weight, you will find it "Easy to learn, work and play" - making it your best outdoor companion anywhere, anytime. New perspectives with 8.9 inch display - large 8.9" screen size for more screen space, making it more comfortable on eyes when in use. 1024 x 600 resolution allows you to view a single A4 page without the need to scroll left or right for easier reading and editing of documents. 8.9" screen does not affect the overall weight of the Eee PC 900, which remains below 2.18lbs, making it your ideal mobile Internet device. It also offers Rapid Start in less than 15 seconds with full range of applications to enhance communications and computing experiences with no extra costs. Content includes Eee PC, battery, AC Adapter, Sleeve Case, Manual and Recovery CD.

  • Easy to Learn
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  • Easy to Play
  • Excellent Internet Experience
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Customer Reviews:

  • ASUS did it again
    These is a great computer, read on what it can do and dont expect a lot more, for those that install windows XP i recomend that first they try the computer with the professional desktop, it is very XP like and runs great, if you dont have the need for gaming or other heavy stuff, and are tired of carrying a heavy laptop around, and dont have thousands of dollars to get an air, then give Asus a try ...more info
  • Great School Computer
    I purchased the ASUS Eee 900 primarily for web surfing. As a teacher, I use the web for resource information. Also, I use the Eee in class for PowerPoint displays, videos, and interactive lessons via an LCD projector. The ASUS is perfect for my uses. It's light, compact and interfaces well for my needs. I have the Linux version and am completely happy with it. As opposed to the various Microsoft OP's I've used, the Linux is virtually trouble free. In comparing transporting the Eee to and from school, setting up quickly in a classroom, and not worrying about moving the computer around while running (no hard drive to worry about) with a standard laptop previously used, the ASUS is superior. The only downside I have found is the keyboard is small and has been a difficult adjustment for me, and the keys require quite some added pressure when striking. Otherwise, it has been a great purchase....more info
  • Great kids' computer at a great price
    I bought this laptop for my daughter to take to school. She's dyslexic, and keyboarding is a lot easier for her than handwriting.

    The keyboard is small and a bit cramped for an adult, but it's a perfect computer for kids. It's great for taking notes, doing homework, emailing and surfing the web. It's extremely compact and light, and it hooks up to the Internet at hot spots fairly easily. Don't worry about the Linux operating system. The set up here could not be easier to use. This laptop (or netbook or whatever you want to call it) is designed specifically for kids, and I think it does its job perfectly.

    One small drawback: my daughter figured out that she can stream TV shows over the Internet on her Asus EEE. The plus side is that this makes her love her little computer even more, but the negative side is she's watching TV.

    Still, I'm really glad we bought her this computer. I can't think of any portable, lightweight one that could do the job quite as well for the price. Kind of wish I had bought myself one too, instead of the heavy, slow thing I've got that I'm reluctant to schlep around. ...more info
  • Great for mobile small computer, got it from Amazon
    The ASUS EEE Pc is a great mobile computer, and the 900 is reasonably priced.
    PRO: lightweight, small high resolution screen, full keyboard, touchpad, ethernet, wifi.
    CON: small keyboard, slower processor mobile series

    Linux Xandros is easy to use. Boots up fast. Connecting to wbifi was easy. Connecting to ethernet was easy. Great product. Touchpad is sensitive. Bought the 900 from Amazon on Xmas eve, and it did not ship until the 26th, and did not arrive until a week after almost all of the other products that I ordered arrived. The tracking number did not update on Amazon, and I could not track the package. The box was opened, and I think that the 900 may have been returned and reshipped to me as "new". The keyboard seems worn out already. The same computer is selling for $40 less than what I paid a week ago? Shipping was free with super saving shipping.

    Summary: Like the 900, but make sure you get a new one if buying from Amazon. Their package tracking is buggy....more info
  • great small laptop for web users
    I bought this for my petite wife who has small hands. She wanted a new laptop, and valued portability, size, and battery life over speed and the ability to play games. This thing is heads above the competition on these fronts. The only complaint is that the internal web cam is blurry, but I think it's just a problem with my particular unit. It has Firefox for websites, and it has Skype for video chatting. There is also Open Office for editing documents, but you won't want to do much of that on this small screen and small keyboard. The processor is plenty powerful to do everything you want, and with 1 gig of ram, it's got plenty of that to handle all the multitasking you want. The speakers are small and very quiet, but they do get the job done. Overall, she is very satisfied with the product. If you are okay with a larger laptop with a bit less battery life, then you can certainly find them. You don't want to buy this if you want to play a lot of games, or if you want a lot of hard drive space to replace a desktop PC. It won't play DVD's either. It's just not qualified to do that. However, for the few functions it was designed for, it works flawlessly....more info
  • Awesome piece of hardware!
    This is one of the best ideas and pieces of hardware I have seen in a long time. The 9" screen is just about the right size for laptop. The keyboard is a little odd at first being small, but once you are used to it, you can easily type with both hands just as fast as you can on a normal keyboard. I also recommend for anyone who uses Linux to look up how to unlock the "Full desktop" feature ........ it will enhance the experience quite a bit. For a normal user who just wants to surf, type up documents and IM, or chat on Skype and have both pictures and music portable it is excellent. Also, if you buy the Linux version and have a copy of Windows XP spare, the Linux manual gives instructions to install XP instead and back up the Linux part, so you will benefit getting this model over the XP one, as you will get the larger drive and the option to add XP if you ever feel like it (the Xnadros based Linux works just great though!). Awesome device and best buy I've made in the last few years....more info
  • good things come in small packages
    I was looking for a portable, inexpensive laptop that I could use for word processing and internet access and this fits the bill perfectly!

    If you have never used Linux and are hesitant to try it out, don't be. This computer runs a version of Linux that is very intuitive for the user and also runs Open Office, which is compatible with Microsoft so you can share documents between computers.

    My one caution to buyers would be that the keyboard is small. I am a woman with average-sized hands & don't have much problem with the keyboard, just a little loss of speed versus a standard-sized keyboard. However, I wonder if someone with larger hands would feel comfortable when typing on it.

    This is definitely a product I would recommend to friends and family...more info
  • Great little road warrior PC!
    I've been watching the ASUS eee PC products for awhile now, but after reading many positive reviews of the eee PC 900 (Linux version, 20GB memory) and lugging my 5 lb. laptop to NYC on my latest trip, I decided I had to try this one.

    I got it in the morning, charged it while I was running some errands, and began putting it through its paces when I got back. Keyboard is small, but I have small hands and it's working fine for me. I will likely activate advanced desktop mode at some point, but for right now, the tabbed desktop is just fine. For email, web connectivity, a little music, a few games, and the ability to write/edit documents and presentations on the road, this is terrific! It's exactly what I need without what I don't need. And it really does weigh just under 2.2 lbs, even with the power adapter! Also--no one has mentioned that it has some voice activation built it; what a great idea.
    ...more info
  • mac user
    AS A mac user it was fairly simple. I'm used to a mouse though, so getting used to it took a little time, wish they had a wireless mouse option available. It does everything I want it to do, Email, web, etc. It's not my main computer but it is perfect for my needs. Wireless internet works great. Great for travel. Screen size is perfect!
    I was going to buy a Macbook, but the Asus at half the price does it all, and does it well!...more info
  • Bigger keyboard would be nice
    I liked everything about it except the keyboard. I just can't seem to get used to the small keyboard. But it is everything it's advertised to be and quite convenient to carry around. Access to the internet and ability to create and edit MS Office files is sufficient for almost everything I would want to do and Linux does it with much less demand for resources and much quicker than Vista....more info
  • I'm Lovin it
    Its what I had in mind when I decided to look for a small, lightweight little laptop for personal travel use. It filled my every expectation.
    I wanted something that I could drop in my carry-on and not have to huff and puff as I was lugging it thru the airport.
    I'm not expecting it to do my engineering work, I've got a company unit for that (and what a pain it is to use in the hotel room with all its firewall protection).
    There are things that some might want in this that it doesn't have, but they would just make it bigger or more expensive.
    I've had it 6 weeks now and am real happy; got what I paid for....more info
  • The best thing since the Nokia N800
    Asus is a great company that has push the Low Coast UMPC market into the future. The Only thing I can say bad about the Eee PC 900 is that the Eee pc 901 is now coming out with more features. Although you could install Windows XP on this unit I would advise against it. Of course I advise installing Windows on and computer. Not only is Windows slower and bulkier the Linux, you have to worry about viruses due to the lack of security on a Microsoft System.

    The Webcam works great, better then I expected. You can very easily install a full desktop if you don't like the default easy mode.

    You know it's a good product when all the other big name companies are scrambling to make products that are competitive for it. ...more info
  • Good but HOT
    I bought this notebook for my mobile usage.It has the good looks and is fast while running win-xp too. I am impressed but unable to keep doing so as, i realized it gets really heated up ...gave me HOT knees. I am sending it back. U would love it but only if heating is not an issue....more info
  • ASUS Eee PC 20G ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My wife was a delegate to the Democratic convention in our state, so I bought her an ASUS for the convention (8G)... I liked it so much I had to get me one too. This machine boots in about 15 seconds and web pages POP. I started my Dell and my wife's 8G at the same time. I was able to order the 20G from my wife's 8G in the time it took my Dell XPS laptop to boot -- of course then it would be another 2 minutes before I could surf/shop... One word -- BLAZING! It offers exectional functionality as a lightweight, speedy, internet-to-go device. Even when my Dell is finished booting the 20G loads my ISPs webmail long before the Dell begins to paint the screen. It even is voice-activated. The voice command is cool, though I wish it was customizable. Though it won't displace my laptop or desktop for specific apps like audio/video editing - it has totally usurped my other devices when it comes to web-based access.

    The one downside is this little thing generates alot of heat, more than conventional laptop. Invest in a USB chill mat......more info
  • I Really Wanted To Like This Thing, But...
    I love the idea of the Asus Eee PC. I've long wanted a nearly full-featured laptop in this size.

    So after reading so many positive reviews for this I decided to go ahead and get one. Sadly, after a mere two days playing with it, I have an RMA to get a refund.

    So what's my gripe with it?

    Several things. Firstly, though this machine has "20GB" of storage, its 20GB is spanning two storage devices, it's not a single drive. The formatted capacity here is 3.74GB for the main faster SSD that the OS runs from, and 15GB for the slower secondary storage.

    I purchased this version and installed XP Pro on it (since the XP version only comes with 12GB). 4GB is simply too small. After installing and updating XP, there was just no room left to install any apps I wanted, even after cleaning up the drive.

    Secondly, the touch pad and buttons. The touch pad is WAY too sensitive and finicky, frankly it's just terrible. Even knowing this and trying to carefully tap click, it would way too often instead perform an extremely fast double click, and it would often repeatedly/consecutively do this. This gets extremely irritating very fast. Updating the touch pad driver had no effect for me.

    As for the touch pad buttons, they are way too stiff. Perhaps they wear down after a lot of use, but I'd go insane before ever finding out.

    Lastly, and the least excusable, is the battery life. For a device like this it's simply inexcusably awful. This is with the 5800mAh battery: with wireless OFF (FN + F2) and the screen dimmed down to its second most dark setting (which is really unacceptably dark for all but the very best-lit environments), this thing barely lasted over 2 hours. One more battery cycle to confirm this pathetic performance and I was ready to box it up and send it back.

    I can forgive a lot of things regarding a tiny laptop, the small screen, small keyboards that are tricky to type on, etc. That is totally excusable.

    But what a tiny laptop with a small screen, no optical drive, and a solid state hard drive should absolutely excel at is battery life, and this fails horribly. Less than 2.5hrs with a darkened screen and disabled wifi is just inexcusable.

    If you're still really intent on a micro laptop, I still wouldn't recommend the 900, I'd highly recommend you just wait a few weeks for the Eee PC 901. It features the new highly efficient Intel Atom which uses far less energy and therefore improves battery life (hopefully Intel will develop a new efficient chipset to go along with it).

    I still love the idea of an Eee PC and look forward to what Asus and other companies will have to offer over the coming year or so. If this had a minimum 8GB primary SSD, a far better touch pad and buttons, and the battery lasted 4+ hours with wifi enabled and the brightness halfway up, I'd love it. ...more info
  • Great little machine
    I love my new eeepc. I don't understand why some think it is slow or that there are wireless issues. I have no problem getting on my wireless network either at home or at work. It is very speedy at finding and accessing.
    I don't care for the MS suite, so I'm happy to stick with the Linux and Open Office. Very user friendly. The abundant and ample software is arranged nicely and wonderful for secondary school kids. I am not into gaming, but the installed games are fun.
    This is a great machine for someone who isn't a techno-geek, but is computer savvy, doesn't like games, but does enjoy some videos and music now and then. I really use it for the internet, e-mail and document editing. Perfect for in your bag while waiting between flights. A nice solid little machine. Cheaper than my previous hand-held and a LOT easier to use! ...more info
  • stuck with a dead 20g - NOT happy
    Asus created a hit with these machines for a very simple reason - it is what a lot of people want and need in a small, simple computer. As a writer, I have been looking for something like this for years, even trying to use a Dell Axim 51 PDA and folding keyboard (way too awkward - long life battery wouldn't work with keyboard, etc.). I knew that a small, simple computer could be done far more cheaply than was currently being offered, and that a lot of people wanted it.

    The subsequent overwhelming success of "netbooks" or "net tops" has proven Asus right and all the industry pundits not only wrong, but totally out of touch with their customers. (Not unusual for marketing in a captive industry.)

    I waited an entire year while Asus and others worked out the bugs in these designs, did my research, and thought I was getting a good deal. I was wrong.

    While I was reasonably happy with the machine at first (when it was still working), I quickly became aware of serious faults. The touchpad was way too sensitive and would frequently launch applications when I was simply trying to move the cursor. I tried adjusting the pad sensitivity but that didn't help much. I eventually went to an outboard mouse.

    I was happy to have Linux instead of Windows, but soon became annoyed that the particular mix Asus was using was awkward and tied me into using only the software they provided (unless I wanted to install another Linux distro - or dig into the command line). The interface was laid out oddly and included a bunch of children's junk I didn't want or need and couldn't get rid of.

    Even with those problems I was reasonably happy with the machine. I found the screen usable (far bigger than the Axim PDA), and the keyboard not too difficult to type on (I am no speed typist). And while the instructions for moving files in the (small, inadequate) manual had errors, I was able to find out the proper information online and in Linux books.

    More problems began to crop up. It didn't like USB devices much, and tended to lock up when I tried to use any. I tried upgrading the OS on the Asus site, and that only caused more trouble. The machine began to hang on bootup, and the battery began to fail to hold a charge when the machine was off.

    When the problems became so severe that I could not get the machine to boot up at all, I tried to contact Asus to RMA it for a working machine. I have sat on the phone for up to 45 minutes, only to be greeted by a person telling me there were no people to help me, and could they call back. Right. I'm going to take time off from work to wait around until they decide to help me.

    Then I tried their online help. I tried looking up the problem in their online FAQ and database, and got the message that "their server was busy, please try again later." Okay, things can happen, so I tried to email their techs, and found that the only way I could do that was to "join the community" by filling out a long online form that asked for all kinds of personal information (marketing crap) which had nothing to do with my computer or its problem. That is not only stupid, it is illegal (FTC, Title 16 part 700.7).

    At this point, I was fed up. I can understand that a few lemons get out despite the best quality control. I can understand a reasonable amount of delay in getting help exchanging the machine for one that works. But Asus simply puts up way too many barriers to good customer service in this matter, and they have created one very unhappy (and vocal) EX-customer. For a $[...] item, I would just write it off. For a $[...] item, this is completely unacceptable, and I intend to take my complaint further.

    I looked around and found that MSI had a barebone desktop version of their netbook, and I bought it (for HALF the price of the 20g, I might add). I have had no such problems with it. Just for chuckles, I looked at the MSI online trouble reporting and it was far easier and less invasive than Asus. Asus has been a very good marketer for MSI in this case.

    I am extremely disappointed in Asus. I have had great luck in the past with their motherboards, drives, cards, and support for same. I understand from articles online that the laptops go through a different customer service process than their computer components, and that it is riddled with serious problems. Roger that!

    I will no longer recommend Asus products, and will give my business to companies like MSI, who try harder to do things right. The only power I have as an individual consumer is to vote with my hard-earned cash. I am very patient, but I do have my limits, and my brand loyalty is extremely hard to win back once lost. I don't like getting burned or wasting my valuable time. Bad job, Asus.

    ...more info
  • Not so good...
    I bought this item because it was really inexpensive, and I really wanted a small notebook, it worked great when I got it, but the keyboard had some issues, not all the buttons worked *easily* - some of them I had to really press to get them to register, and it happened with more than 7 keys, in random places on the keyboard, but ASUS was quick to send me another keyboard without any problem. Overall the system just got too hot for my liking (up to 190 degrees F) and honestly speaking, that is way too high for a notebook, especially these little netbooks. It also didn't provide good battery life at all, my recommendation: get the 900A model, I loved the case design and the tiny form factor, I thought it was a beautiful machine and very well manufactured, and the replacement keyboard worked fine, I must have got a dud, but the Celeron M processor is what killed it for me, too slow, too hot, get the Atom-based 900 instead....more info
  • Hardware Failures and the worst customer support I've ever had
    I bought an ASUS 900 last summer for a two month road trip in Europe, it actually performed pretty well. When I returned home, it failed and would no longer boot. Got a replacement which failed, exact same problem and its replacement failed as well, same problem. I'm now waiting on the fourth PC.

    During this whole six week fiasco and working with ASUS customer support, I felt like I was talking to a bunch of high schoolers who had not developed their interpersonal skills yet, I was ignored, I encountered an uncaring attitude, I was promised things which didn't happen. When I called, I couldn't get anyone to actually listen and I was transferred from one person to the next and sometimes the call was dropped.

    Any time one of their support people ran into a wall or encountered something they hadn't been trained for, they just gave up, they showed no initiative. Even though I asked and then demanded it, I was never allowed to speak to a supervisor for one reason or another.

    They should be ashamed of themselves. I've searched on line and found gobs of complaints about their customer service; I wish I had done that before I purchased this item.

    I've since bought a Sylvania g meso, it's awesome. I like it even better than the ASUS model and it comes with Ubuntu linux. Check it out.

    Maggie...more info
  • Little laptop, big features

    I bought the Linux version and after playing with it for a little while I booted from an external floppy drive with a Windows 98 boot disk, deltreed the Linux partitions, rebooted and fdisked and formatted the 4 GB C: drive and then used an external DVD drive to install XP Pro using an nLite custom slimmed down version. I also installed Office 2003. For $43 I bought a 2 GB RAM stick and replaced the 1 GB that came with it. I also bought a 16 GB SD card for $45 online to give additional storage.

    Comments from observers: "Is that a toy computer?" is full-featured and lots of power. I like the Asus 900 EEE weight factor as my primary laptop is a Dell Precision M6300 that is huge. My wishes for improvement: WiMax and Bluetooth so I'll probably get the new versions and this one may get passed on to a relative.
    The lack of a CD drive is not critical here to me, but some may find it limiting. External DVD drives are cheap though. The onboard Atheros wireless chip is good in the room the router is in, but range is less or even impossible through walls that many larger laptop wifi chips would connect. I have a cheap external USB wifi thumb device that I use when the router range is beyond the internal chip. Three USB ports are nice...I have a USB mouse, but would prefer Bluetooth capability to save even that port use.
    All in all I think most people will find it a great ultra portable as long as they realize battery life is less than three hours (which is about like most regular laptops). There are heavier third-party batteries that can deliver much longer usage and I would never buy the standard 4-cell battery at the prices I have seen. The newer models promise much greater battery life and bigger SSD capacity so Asus has a winner indeed. Get ultra portables down to VCR prices in five or less years and we'll have one in every classroom student's hands in America. That's a multi-billion dollar market even at $100 a unit. ...more info
  • great for on the go but very slow disk
    I loved the EEE design from the first ones released and jumped on the new 8.9" display as soon as it came out. The form factor works great, and the keyboard, although small is quite manageable. The only gripe on the keyboard is that the numbers row starts at "1" instead of starting with the "`" character and so I end up typing the wrong number every time since it's all shifted by 1 key to the left.

    The other problem with this laptop is that the solid state hard drive is soooo slow. It is horribly slow. Installing applications is painful. The SSD performance problems are well documented on the web. You can do a search for that.

    I wish I had known that before hand. That's the only reason I give it a 3 star. I hope they fix that soon with the new models.

    The 8.9" display works really well. The software that comes for XP makes it really easy to manage an external display too which I use at 1280x1024 resolution. So at home just plug it in to the external monitor for high res and on the go the 1024x600 works great. You can also set the laptop display to 1024x768 on XP if you don't mind scrolling up and down....more info
  • Great product for its intended purpose; and really fun
    This laptop is very small and very light. As a consequence, the keyboard is tiny. People complain about that but they miss the point. It isn't as small as a BlackBerry or similar devices. The laptop is about the size of a small book so it is easy to take with you when you don't feel like lugging a huge laptop.

    The screen is very good and the Linux OS is just fine. I like Linux but my wife, you is neutral, said she doesn't care if it has XP or not. She can work with her documents and surf no problem.

    I used it when I was on jury duty and wrote to my wife and work since we weren't allowed to have cell phones. It connected to their wireless flawlessly and the time flew by as I watched movies and sent email.

    Another cool thing is the huge communities that have been created for this thing. They show how to mod it, put operating systems on it, all kinds of things. You can get an MSI wind I suppose, but it won't have the cult following!...more info
  • Almost perfect as a secondary computer (and comparison with MBA)
    I wish that I could give 4.5 stars rating, with the condition that EEE PC 900 is used as a secondary computer. And I have used my wife's MBA for quite a while so I will compare the two. (Yes it's unfair but interesting, right?)

    Good things first. I ordered 900 with a clear mind that it's going to be my secondary notebook computer and my usage is email, web browsing, remote connect and a few other things. I had a two-year old Dell D620 which still works fine. The 900 is light, with slightly better battery life (3+ hours), fast booting, extremely fast shutdown, inexpensive, and with camera builtin (good for video conferences on a trip). After the 900 arrives, it's just what I expected.

    Now bad things first, most of which I already knew when I ordered the 900. First the keyboard is small. I am typing this review with 900. I guess I would type 20-30% faster with my D620 (or a desktop). Moreover, I pay more attention to my typing and that affects my writing/thinking a little bit. Not a big deal though. Most time I will write on my D620. On a trip or a working day full of meetings, fast booting and fast shutdown are more important than typing speed. And hopefully I can improve my typing on the 900 over time.

    The battery life could be better. I wished that a single charge would be good for a whole day (5-6 working hours). This one is about 3-4 hours, so I will still need to take the power adapter with me and search (and sometimes compete) for a power outlet. The EEE PC 901 will do it, but I ordered 900 before I knew 901 would be coming (and don't want the trouble to return this fine looking 900).

    It is warm and sometimes can be called hot. When the fan is turned on, there is a whipping sound. Not terrible at all but definitely noticeable. But in that measure it's better than the D620 and the MBA. The D620's fan is loud and non-stopping. The MBA can be very hot and the fan can spin crazily, much louder than the 900. (But both the 900 and the MBA are fine in a cool room.)

    Now more comparison between the 900 and the MBA (Macbook Air, 13" display). First the comparison is unfair because the MBA is priced at $1800 and the 900 $550; please keep that in mind. The MBA works fine as either the primary or secondary computer. The keyboard is full size and first class quality. Typing on it is no different from a large notebook or a desktop. Actually, the MBA is thin and light but NOT small in area -- it is a full "area" notebook computer. If the price is not an issue and one wants just one notebook, MBA is the choice (and it's much better than 12" sub-notebooks from other vendors).

    The 900 is thick, twice the thickness of the MBA and slight more than that of the D620 (the D620 has 14" display). A strange thing is that when holding the MBA and the 900, the MBA feels the same weight as the 900 but the actual weights are 3lbs vs 2lbs. I am not sure why, but possibly because of how they can be held. Holding the 900 at the battery compartment is the most comfortable. I also feel 900 has at least the same volume than MBA. Is the thickness a bad thing or not? Hard to say. When I put them in bags both are just fine.

    Overall, I think 900 is almost perfect as a secondary computer (and perfect with 5-6 batter time). However, I won't use it as a primary computer. Keyboard and display are two reasons. Another reason is software. I have installed many software on the D620; I can do that because of its large hard drive and memory. And the D620 runs windows XP. I won't install Windows XP on the 900 -- that will slow it down and defeat the purpose of having fast booting and shutdown times.
    ...more info
  • Wait for something EVEN better!!
    I would save my money for the next Eee PC or better yet for the MSI Wind. The Wind is getting great reviews and seems to be much better value for the money.

    And, No, I don't work for MSI. It's just that i was doing a lot of research on these new mini notebooks, because I was thinking of buying an Eee PC. Then I came across the Wind and thought I would share this discovery with my fellow mini notebook shoppers.

    Heres a review of the Wind.


    Now I'm just waiting for Amazon to get these things in stock so I can order one.

    ...more info
  • Great portable notebook
    Very impressed with look, feel of machine. Feels and behaves like a much more expensive computer. The linux operating system is a breeze to use. It connected right up to my home wireless (which is better than I can say about our Windows machines). Very respectable battery life, nice screen. Lots of slots for peripheral storage or adding USB devices. With ext . hard drive, monitor, and USB optical drive, could be used as cheap desktop. My only complaint is the mouse pad can be frustrating to use at times. Seems like it gets a mind of its own running around and selecting things at random....more info
  • good things come in small packages
    I was looking for a portable, inexpensive laptop that I could use for word processing and internet access and this fits the bill perfectly!

    If you have never used Linux and are hesitant to try it out, don't be. This computer runs a version of Linux that is very intuitive for the user and also runs Open Office, which is compatible with Microsoft so you can share documents between computers.

    My one caution to buyers would be that the keyboard is small. I am a woman with average-sized hands & don't have much problem with the keyboard, just a little loss of speed versus a standard-sized keyboard. However, I wonder if someone with larger hands would feel comfortable when typing on it.

    This is definitely a product I would recommend to friends and family...more info
  • All that I expected - great job Asus!
    I have owned my 20G for a little over a month and could not be more happy with it. It is exactly as advertised. I ordered the 20G to get the larger drive, but have replaced the installed Linux (which worked great) with Windows XP in order to run some specialized programs. The installation was smooth due to supplied Asus instruction manual and drivers. I loaded the XP on the 4GB faster "C" drive, and all applications on the remaining 16GB "D" drive - works great, plenty of capacity.
    The 8.9" display is bright and clear and about as small as these old eyes can tolerate. The keyboard is small, but very usable. The wi-fi connection abilty is amazing - more sensitive than my other laptops - even between apartment buildings. I am writing this review from a motel room using wi-fi and even after 2.5 hours of web surfing the unit is only barely warm on my bare knees - no heat problem, as far as I can tell. The battery life seems to run between 2.5 and 3 hours - which is OK, but not exceptional.
    I have read many reviews comparing this computer unfavorably to the MSI Wind or the new Asus 901. True, the Wind (when it becomes available)will have a bigger screen and keyboard, but I prefer the 900's lighter weight and smaller footprint. Yes, the 901 has the new Atom processor and longer battery life - but it also costs $100 more...getting pretty pricey. The model 900 is great ultra small, ultra light weight, remarkabley powerful portable "kneetop" PC. It is just what Asus deisigned it to be and they did a fine job in both design and build quality. I am very pleased and would recommend this computer with no hesitation

    ...more info
  • Slowest Laptop EVER
    I purchased this item hoping for a small, highly portable second laptop to take with me when I travel for business. What I got, however, is a PC that takes 20 minutes to boot, hour-glasses every time you move the mouse, and is generally completely worthless. Returned and went with the Eee PC1000 and it is a much better machine....more info
  • Almost perfect ! [review about goods and bads]
    Don't read bad reviews (one star ones), are from people with bad skills in computers.

    > Little machine that you can put even under your long coat
    > Low power consuption (my powerful desktop pc is like a dragon)
    [note: imagine a world with 34 Watts computers, this will cause more inexpensive energy prices, low oil prices, less CO2 = less hurricanes and inundations, my powerful desktop pc consumes 350 Watts. Now my energy bill goes down using the eee pc, and I can leave it downloading stuff 24 hours]
    > High screen resolution with small pixels (1024 x 600 8.9'')
    > Browse web pages without need the horizontal scrolling (due to 1024px)
    > Easy to handle with your hands (very confortable at the pivot)
    > Web cam and microphone integrated
    > Jacks for your earphones and microphone
    > VGA output
    > 3 USB ports, 1 SD/MMC card port, 1 ethernet port
    > Wifi integrated
    > You can upgrade it (ram, etc.I buy a touch screen for this little machine)
    [note: there are unused/used internals usb ports. if you know about electronics (im engineer) you can use it to put some internal upgrades and/or use usbhubs, look for instructions on the web]
    > Perfect and easy to read instrucctions
    > You can install windows xp using a usb memory or a sd card (instructions in the web), even with ubuntu and compiz ;-), or if you are not so skilled in computers, using a usb-dvd unit
    > Video hardware supports 3D applications (not a nVidia card but works)
    > very light (two pounds)

    THE BAD:
    > Heatsinks are below of the keyboard and the pad (you can feel the heat), video processor and bridge chips consumes a lot of power = HEAT
    > You need like a week to use the keyboard like a pro (of course, is little)
    > Battery life 2.5 hours only (I buy this and not the eee 901 since I don't care about battery life because *I use it at home* and the celeron processor is faster than the atom ). Anyway you can find a 10400mAH battery for 40 dollars (7 hours of batery life!)
    [note: I'm not totally sure about performance vs atom, since some benchmarks said that the 901 is faster, and others said that the celeron is faster than the atom, but then WHY THEY CHANGE BACK TO THE CELERON M with the avanced models like eee pc 904HD ? ]
    > Pads buttons fells cheapee
    > No caps led diodes indicators (you need to install a app like firstcap in xp) and for linux there is one in the dvd (included)
    > No integrated bluetooth (the eee pc 901 have it)
    > No DVD burner/reader (of course, there is no space to put one)

    > Change the desktop colors to 16 bits (increase perfomance a little, battery life a little too, and reduce heat)
    > Reduce the screen brightness
    > Turn off virtual memory (with 1GB of RAM, it is not necesary)
    > Turn off unnecesary windows services (annoying and memory eaters)
    > Delete all windows unnecesary files (like drivers that you will never need, like virtual memory, they use a lot of hard disk space)
    > Buy a inexpensive usb bluetooth device if you need it (you can find it at amazon, they are very tiny *for laptops*)
    > Buy the 10400mAH battery if you need more battery life (more money *40* but it worth)
    > Install both, windows xp and linux, with compiz too for 3d desktop stuff
    > Buy a 32 GB SD card or extra storage if you need it (not necesary at all) = more money
    > Get and install the touch screen (optional but trekkies like me love it) = more money too
    > Buy a slim usb dvd-rw, usb powered (more bucks, not necesary at all)
    > Asus are launching advanced eee pcs every month, SO YOU CAN REPENT OF WASTE YOUR MONEY and not wait a little bit. VERY BAD TACTIC MARKET. Anyway THIS IS THE MOST SUPPORTED EEE PC now, you can find a lot of things from fans to touch screens and internal upgrades.

    OVERALL 4.8 OF 5

    THIS LITTLE NOTEBOOK, IT IS A ULTRAPORTABLE DEVICE ! some people expect 120GB or hard disk, 2GB of ram, 256MB of video memory, etc. If this is your desire, buy a laptop with thats features, not this one.
    EXTRA: [How to see HD 720p hardly encoded video without frameskipping]
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) = crap, and in this era HD videos are more and more common. You will realize, that you actually can't play high definition videos with the wife of the Atom processor, the Intel Graphics Media "Accelerator" (GMA). Frame skipping and audio cuts, will be totally a mess.
    Can be frustrating, but there is a solution:
    > Deactivate deblocking filter on all the codecs that support it (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
    How ?
    Install klite codec pack, and at the end of the setup, choose deactivate deblocking. If you use build-in codecs player programs such GOMPlayer, there are options for quit deblocking filters. This way you can play even 720p hardly encoded videos, you will see some blocks here and there, but no frame skipping or audio cuts.
    Enjoy your hardware. ...more info
  • A great little computer
    I'd debated about Asus computers for a year. Then I heard rumblings and rumors about the 9" screen and that sealed the deal.
    I've had the computer for a month. It's not Windows, similar but not the same. For surfing the web, e-mailing, Open office (word type documents) it is great. It boots up in 10-15 seconds and shuts down as fast. I take this thing everywhere. It has great range for wireless internet, I use it in parking lots all over the place. The price is close to low range laptops with all the expected features (dvd player, bigger hard drives, etc), but we've got one of those, plus a desk top.

    This is my take everywhere computer and I'm very happy with it....more info
  • I Really Like My EeePC 900
    Idid my homework before I bought the eeepc, I really like it. It does the Internet well, streaming video is almost as good as my desktop, i'vetried both wireless and DSL, and it just works. I didn'texpect that it would be able to everything, and I was surprised by how well it does almost all I want,and does it very well indeed. As long as your realistic about what it capable of, you should be satisfied. Iwould recommend it as a excellent tool for e-mail, very portable and light....more info
  • good for its price
    cons: this pc gets hot after a while. wireless is not that great despite having strong signal. the linux OS is inflexible
    pros: fast and webcam is nice....more info
  • A great little PC, but a lousy form of Linux...
    This is a wonderful little laptop. (Kneetop?) Everyone who sees it wants one but I think Asus has done everyone a a major disservice with their over-simplified toy Linux installation. All you get are the screens you see in the product description and there's no real desktop. And there's only a handful of programs available for this particular unit from the Asus repository. Yes, there's a real desktop available but you'll have to open a Terminal window and dig around in the files to make this happen. (Remember DOS? It's a lot like that.) There's lots of instructions out there on how to do this. Some instructions work. Some just return arcane error messages. My advice--if you want this box to run any really useful form of Linux, be prepared to install your own favorite flavor. And be prepared to spend some time getting everything to work, like the microphone and the camera. Ubuntu might be the easiest but like everything in the Linux world, there's a lot of different choices, some better than others....more info
  • Great Travel Laptop
    Just purchased this item and decided to dump the mini-wannabee-linux that comes with it in favor of XP SP2. Install worked without a hitch, and the resulting windows laptop is quite speedy despite its lack of processing power - the fast solid state disk makes more than up for the slow processor in many cases. It plays quite nicely doing ppt presentation on various projectors - which, other than using it as a web pad and email on the go laptop is the main purpose I purchased it for. Compared to other lightweight options in the $2k+ range quite a bargain - and fully does the job....more info