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Demolition Man
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  • Amazing
    This movie offers an amazing and stunning view of a totalitarian society in the future. Wesley snipes does a great job at playing the villain. The story is told with a comedic twist that makes it so enjoyable to watch....more info
  • Demolition Man, starring: Barbequed Pork?--no, Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone slurs his way through another explosion-encased attempt at a movie. Good God, I'm sorry--but deep down, you know that's how it goes. I just feel sorry for the guy who has to clean up the bullet blanks at the end of each take (and Stallone's acting coach--ZING!).
    Wesley Snipes is in this too as a flamboyant, clown-like gangster with bullets and guns and the intention of wearing parachute pants...that's how his character acts. But hey, it was the 80's version of the future, so if you didn't have parachute pants or metal shoulder pads, you were pretty much a loser.
    I think there is a woman in this to, but it was hard to tell through all of the gun smoke.

    Stallone would be at the bottom of my list if it wasn't for people like Steven Segal and (most of all) Jean-Claude Van Damme. Human meatloaf....GOD!
    ...more info
  • Projecting present trends into the future
    The future: A split has developed between the uptight politically correct media-academia fascists on the one hand and the hippies, and the latter have literally been driven underground where they are free to do and think what they want except that, since everybody in the world above has been implanted with a microchip to enable the society has keep tabs on them, there is no money and the hippies cannot get any food except by raiding a food truck now and then.

    The designer and hence Leader of this Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - San Diego megalopolis is annoyed with the hippies and thaws out an old-style psychopath to get rid of them. The psycho, however, has megalomanical plans of his own. We are not told what the rest of the United States is like, but it is certainly indicated that this megalopolis is independent, so we can guess that other megalopolises formed to deal with the urban riots of the past and have developed various other totalitarian societies. Perhaps the more rural States still have some semblance of American democracy. It would have been nice to have more information on this society of the future, but such appears to have exceeded both the knowledge and the interest of the filmmakers.

    Yes, there is the usual action, but it is not as well motivated as when Sly writes part of the script. (See The Specialist which came out the same year.) The only other flaw in the action aspect was that the end (the defeat of the bad guy) was too abrupt.

    If the Amazon reviewer had watched and listened to the audio commentary, he would have known that even for the Hispanic filmmaker, this is "political correctness run amok", not a picture of a "conservative" society, as the Amazonian so naively remarks.

    Sandra Bullock adds a dash of comic spice to the mix.

    In sum: an entertaining reflection on some future possibilities if present trends continue. ...more info
  • about the movie demolition man......
    The story is basically about to get rid of wesney snipes as he is the person that caused many death (if I am not wrong) after syvester stallone was released from 'frozen' prison so some so called bad deeds. There are many good numbers of explosion and gun fire exchanges but what makes it a good laughing joke is that the police whom are sci fiction persnnel in this movie reacted in a 13 dots character. It is still a good recommendation to those whom prefer this genre of movie/film afterall. Enjoy....
    ...more info
  • One of my fav guilty pleasures
    Demolition Man is a very enjoyable action flick. Its very thought provoking and pure entertainment. Its definitely one of those movies I catch myself watching whenever it comes on tv. Sylvester Stallone was terrific as "no bull" hero,. And Snipes is very entertaining as the villain. Wrecking havoc with great one-liners. I am surprised director Marco Brambilla didn't have many future projects. I think he would have followed with a number of great action movies. Anyway, here is the plot.
    Its the future, the year 1997 (Be aware, this movie was made in 1992). prisoners are cryogenically frozen for their time sentence. During that time, they are all under suspended animation. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is the #1 cop and has reputation as the "Demolition Man". Why?, because he will go as far as demolishing a building in order to get the job done. Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) is the world most psychotic criminal. Spartan finds himself unjustly prisoned after finally pursuing Phoenix, whom he has been chasing for yrs. However in the process of catching him, several people were killed. Spartan and Phoenix are both sentenced to the "cryoprison"
    The movie then forwards to 2032 where the world has now become a much different place. Sex is outlawed, so are tobacco, alcohol, meat and anything unhealthy. Cars have auto drive, profanity is illegal. Guns have now become antics, and crime apparently has become a rare event. Simon is now about to undergo a parole hearing and surprisingly escapes and now continues to create terror and mayhem. The police quickly realize that they do not know how to handle Simon and realize the only person who can stop Phoenix is John Spartan. They have him released and team up w/ police officer Lennina Huxley (Sandra Bullock). As Spartan goes after Phoenix, he finds himself trying to adjust to the new world. But as he digs through the new world to find him, he learns this new world may not be as nice as it seems. He learns of its corruptness and that it may have not have been an accident that Phoenix escaped.
    With a plot, how could anyone not want to see this film? However my only real problem with this movie is that it's an Action-Comedy. A movie like this was not meant to be an action-comedy. Maybe a few good one liners here or there but that's it. The comedy in this film is really not that funny and just distracts you from the seriousness of the film. Simon Phoenix tends to have many goofy habits. Hell, he's more funny than terrifying. If Wesley Snipes had been more "Blade"-like in this movie, I guarantee it would have been one hell of a clash of the titans in the end. But other than that, its definitely an action film I recommend....more info
    Definitely a great movie, Demolition Man, brings to the screen the story of a police officer who is released after spending 36 years frozen in a new high-tech cryo-prison, in order to hunt down his arch-nemesis, who also happens to be the one responsible for sending him to prison in the first place.
    The film combines humor, action and adventure making it one of the best of its kind.
    Needless to say, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Rob Schneider, and the rest of the cast have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)!
    The setting, the dialogues, the special effects, the music and the costumes are all wonderful!
    In short, it is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection! Strongly recommended along with Judge Dredd.
    ...more info
  • Technicals
    Good movie but, DO NOT buy this DVD! The audio commentary on the widescreen side coomes on automatically and won't shut off. On the fullscreen side, you can watch it with no problem. But, when you turn on the audio commentary, it won't shut off....more info
  • More than I expected!
    I received much more than I expected. Not only did it arrived quickly, it was a 2-sided DVD - both wide-screen and full-screen versions. It was in excellent condition....more info
  • Take out your Aggression
    The only reason I own this is for the times I want to see a great kick b*&t sequence, and Wesly Snipes definitely provides several!...more info
  • Could have been better
    In the future, everyone lives in harmony; no one smokes, swears or dies of unnatural causes; and popular radio stations play advertising jingles from the 20th century. That is, until Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), 20th century mega-criminal and all-around bad guy is defrosted from the cryogenic prison and goes on a rampage. The peace loving futurites can't cope with the situation, so resort to defrosting John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), the man who originally captured Phoenix but who was also arrested for killing over 30 civilians in the process.

    "Demolition Man" is an enjoyable film that had the potential to be better. With Daniel Waters (who also wrote "Heathers" and "Batman Returns") as one of the script writers, the script does have moments of his trademark black humour, but not enough to hide the fact that this is a typical, big-budget studio action film. The cast of the film is incredible and includes, among others, Stallone, Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Nigel Hawthorne, Rob Schneider and Denis Leary, but many of these actors are criminally underused (especially Leary, as the rebel leader, who only appears for about 10 minutes in total). Nevertheless, the vision of a future so perfect that fun has basically been outlawed is interesting and Snipes is in the role of his career, hamming it up as the villain.
    ...more info
  • Taco Bell - Pizza Hut issue...
    Hi... I don't know if you already fuund a solutions about this issue. I just found out why!

    This DVD was probably made from the international edition which was digitally modified to remove Taco Bell and insert Pizza Hut. The reason is the following: to keep the effectiveness of the product placement operation.
    In simple words, Taco bell was not very famous abroad and was replaced in the international edition with Pizza Hut in video and audio presence too.
    Of course they are brands of the same gruop (Pepsi): it was something coordinated with the producer and the corporate involved.
    I hope this will help you...

    Sorry about my english language... I'm italian and I wrote this quickly!

    Zo...more info
  • Wesley Snipes takes over the movie and makes you forget Sly.
    Wes usually takes the hero role but maybe he should consider taking more villians. He makes Simon Phoenix a vibrant crackling character that really owns this movie. Everyone does a game job and seems to be having fun in this one. Even Sly is tolerable!

    The film begins in present day and then catapults into futuristic LA after the world is nearly destroyed by our violent tendencies. As Phoenix opines "the world has turned into a bunch of robed sissies". How do our hero and villian get transported into time? Well it seems a mix up back in the day got our two leads locked in cryo-prison where they stayed frozen in their distinctive eras. At a parole hearing Phoenix escapes and the new world is needless to say ill equipped to handle a criminal as violent as he is. This leads to the reanimation of Stallone and the chase is on.

    They do a good job with the fish out of water element and as I said they have some good supporting work. Bullock, Leary, and Bratt do good jobs in their roles and the story while a little flat at times never bogs down too much. The movie knows it is here to entertain and it does that in spades. ...more info
  • Space and beyond.
    Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes is pretty far out in terms of storyline and science fiction. Thank goodness for Sandra Bullock! Without her spunk and likability, this film would be just another stinker. The gadgets and costumes keep this movie worth watching but otherwise than that, it's ultimately a film not to be taken to seriously. Good luck!...more info
  • Demolition Man - Future Predictor
    Great movie, had to post this somewhere. Watch the hearing list after Simon Phoenix breaks out, the second name on the list is Scott Peterson. They predicted the future, how much better could the movie be!...more info
  • barely mediocre
    This is the only Sylvester Stallone movie I ever saw in its entirety, and that was because I was stuck on a bus trip between Chengdu and Chongking. It is pure formula junk, with not a jot of originality or anything that rises about banal violence, simplistic good guys and bad guys, and spectacular effects. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants more than the crudest, most brainless Hollywood entertainment, but then, that is why I have avoided Stallone films....more info
  • funny, touching and more
    Snipes is hilarious, so is Stallone, and Bullock
    everyone in this film really adds texture to the whole movie. wether good or bad guy.

    I have this on dvd and love it. watched it 5 times already. a classic comedy/action movie. not only that. saw it 8 times on tv. and still loved it. the dialogue is crafty if you don't mind cussing for humor with it. very creative plot. funny at times. shocking in how violent it can get in parts. but all around a great action comedy. ...more info
  • stallon! what's up my man?
    This movie is greatest. I like he swearing right by the wierdest
    maching. He keepen doing that. I love when does. He said, Thanks alot you
    piece of sh@!$ you little ba#!# you fu!#@ c#@!, Iam gonna cut your f#$@% b#@#! you stupid duck f!#@. pian in ass. he is so good when does that. why did he do that? I love it! (laughing)...more info
  • Dependable Action
    Sandra Bullock kills every movie she's ever in, so that is my reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. She really just gets on my nerves. The story has been talked about already, but I will say that some of the ideas presented were as interesting as the action itself. For instance, in the car they listen to the most popular radio station in town which is really just commercial jingles, getting the public to sing along about products being sold. Scary to think we are halfway to that reality as it is. This movie is full of useless one-liners that almost every american action film is required to have. They aren't as annoying as arnold's movies, and the delivery is pretty funny so it isn't too bad. The action scenes are clearly the standout moments, the one in the museum being the best in the film. Definitely worth seeing, i picked it up on vhs for 2 bucks at a used record store, can't beat that....more info
  • Excellent Story and Awesome Acting By the Lead Actors
    Initially, when I saw the preview for this movie back in 1993, I will be the first to admit that I thought this movie was going to be terrible. However, I was convinced to watch this movie when it came out on video and I must say that this is one of the best sci-fi/action movies I have seen.

    Demolition Man takes place in the year 2032 in the city of San Angeles, which encompasses the current day cities of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. The society closely mimics the society described in the book "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. Most of society resembles the "Eloi". Society has turned into a utopia of political correctness. Most everyday things have been made illegal including swearing, sex, spicy foods, and salt for example. The city has no violence or firearms of any kind. Rather than prison, criminals are frozen and rehabilitated during their "hibernation". However, there is an underground "Morlock" type society known as "scaps" in the movie. The "scraps" are the free thinkers, which I would compare to modern day Americans.

    The leader of San Angeles secretly releases a violent criminal, Simon Phoenix (played by Wesley Snipes) to kill the leader of the "scraps", Edgar Friendly (played by Dennis Leary). The police release another "cryo-con", a maverick 20th century cop named John Spartan (played by Sylvester Stallone) who originally captured Phoenix in the 20th century and was framed during the arrest of Phoenix. Spartan is partnered with a bored officer named Lenina Huxley (played by Sandra Bullock), who is a na?ve police officer obsessed with the 20th century.

    The result is an awesome action film with a shaky plot. This movie reminds me a lot of "The Last Boyscout", a loud movie with a lot of shootouts. However, this film is also filled with many laughs, as Huxley rattles off many 20th century clich¨¦s but manages to screw most of them up. Product placement in the movie is everywhere. Despite the frequent referral to brand names that would become nauseous in most movies, the product placement works very well in this movie and adds to the comedy and charm. The movie also makes references to a couple of 20th century actors such as Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jackie Chan.

    If you enjoy an occasional pointless, loud, violent action movie, this is definitely the movie for you. While I would not rate this movie as a masterpiece, I do think this is one of the few movies that pull action and comedy together exceptionally well. I thought the mix of actors worked exceptionally well in this movie and complimented each other beautifully. I would definitely say this is a must see movie! I think the movie is even better now as it brings up a lot of memories of the late 80's and early 90's....more info
  • You can't match this meat!
    Sylvester Stallone has been in some really bad movies; most notably Cobra and, of course, Rhinestone.
    In 1993, Stallone made a breakthrough, a breakthrough meaning that he made movies that people didn't walk out on! First off that year, he made Cliffhanger, which was a big domestic and worldwide box office success, and then he followed that with Demolition Man, which was his best breakthrough movie since...well, Cliffhanger.

    The movie mixes the usual action with humor. Sandra Bullock cuteness and Wesley Snipes' whacky hairdo and funny oneliners makes this movie watchable. Stallone plays bad-boy cop John Spartan who is frozen in time for irresponsibly taking the lives of innocent people after a bust to catch bad guy Simon Phoenix, played by Snipes, who is caught and put in an ice cube also. 36 years later, the world is a much safer place. Crime is at a rate of zero and people are well-behaved. What happens next? Simon Phoenix escapes from his prison and he is out in search of destruction and since there are no equally demented cops to catch this sort of criminal, they release Spartan to pursue him. And the fun begins! Bullock plays the role of a 90's obsessed cop who becomes Stallone's partner. Her quotes are the funniest in the entire film. ... The movie also features funny cameos by Denis Leary and Rob Schneider.

    Despite the movie being a mixture of action and comedy and not solely comedy, this is one of Stallone's funniest roles to date.

    The DVD features only include the trailer and shot-by-shot commentary by the film's director Marco Brambilla. But for the movie's sake, this DVD is worth keeping!


    B...more info
  • Everybody sing the Armour hot dogs jingle!
    This is a fan-freakin'-tastic sci-fi about a futuristic fascist government ruled by an evil despot "Big Brother" who recruits a violent gang leader from the 20th century to assassinate the leader of the resistance who lives underground where the despot cannot monitor him. The problem is that the despot cannot control the gangster who wreaks even more havok now than he did in the past. The police decide to recruit a tough 20th century cop to go after the 20th century gangster, but the cop has a hard time fitting in and following the ludicrous laws of the future. The action and the humor get really good from there. ...more info
  • dinner and dancing at the taco bell
    This movie is quite the futuristic hoot. Taco Bell has won the fast food wars and is now a fine restaurant. Arnold Schwarzenegger was once president of America. If you curse, you get a ticket violation, no matter where you are. The outfits that people wear on a typical occasion are more like costume robes. Physical touch is no longer allowed between partners, and is only done by virtual means instead. And lastly, the Los Angeles area is now clean and all the suburbs have formed a new city known as San Angeles. Well, its all just a part of the humor added to this film, which surprisingly is a highly entertaining B action movie, with some of today's above average B movie stars.

    While Sly Stallone is our main man and cop hero, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock steal the show too with their abundant screen time. Snipes is the villain in this movie, and his character is completely opposite than want you would typically see in his most popular films, the Blade series. Though he is the hero in Blade, it is obvious he has a very dark, villainous side in those films. But in Demolition Man, he is more like a Dennis Rodman charcater (and looks like him too), who jokes at everything and everyone while either killing them or blowing up the place. Sandra Bullock is the young cop, who's passion is for nostalgia L.A. She is the cop who wants something to actually go wrong in this perfect future, and her wish comes true when Simon Phoenix (Snipes) is brought back after about 30 years of cryo-freeze, once again wreaking havoc on the city. John Spartan (Sly) is brought back to catch him, since he is the only one who knows how to tame a criminal of the past.

    This movie has quite a bit of action, and just about everything you could ask for - guns, explosions, car chases, and fist fights. Its basically Stallone vs Snipes throughout this film, and their presence alone in the action scenes kicks it up a notch compared to most action actors. Their final fight in the film is less than 2 minutes, but it is fast and hard-hitting and I still enjoyed it quite a bit. In addition to the action, there is plenty of humor in the film too. The plot is not extensive, but this kind of movie just doesn't need it.

    Demolition Man comes off as very silly at first, but it does have a way of engaging you. Whether its the humor or the fun characters, action fans might just want to add this to their collection....more info
  • Popcorn action/sci-fi
    There is normally a glut of action oriented science fiction movies that come out each summer and it's hard to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. At times I can be as eager as the next guy to just have a fun popcorn movie that doesn't rely on any deep storytelling, but just good old high flying action. Demolition Man, while not deep, still pulls off some detailed storytelling while still keeping that mindless mayhem most action junkies look for. That being said Demolition Man isn't exactly top gun material either, but it is a worthwhile romp into an interesting (if not completely believable) future.

    The premise alone is enough to pique my interest. It's a combination fish-out-of-water story and action cop flick. Lets talk about the former since that's where the story comes from. The beauty of fish-out-of-water scripts is seeing the reactions of the fish in question and how they cope with the new world they are in. This movie has a lot of fun with that concept without getting too over the top. It's really entertaining seeing Stallone trying to figure out stuff (especially the three shells incident). The future society is almost campy in how it's done, but it's very polished camp. It is the kind of camp that doesn't come off as camp. Though technically speaking the society in the movie is virtually impossible the way they show it you still can't help but enjoy all the little situations that happen within it.

    The characters are really polished... save one. But lets talk about the polished ones first. You have some really talented actors here portraying their characters perfectly. From the starring cast to the supporting cast you get a wonderful ensemble that fits into their respective roles like a glove... save one. That one character Simon Phoenix, which feels way too cartoonish and aloof to fit in as well as the other characters in the movie. Don't get me wrong. Wesley Snipes did a superb job acting the role. It's just the role itself could have used some tweaking. With this kind of tight acting I will have to give props to Brambilla for some excellent directing here. The city design is equally polishes, using just enough future stuff to make it believable. The special effects are good, but keep in mind this being an action movie the explosions do get over the top. The fight scenes are nicely choreographed as well, showing some prowess on Snipes' part. In the end the production values are definitely worthy of high status.

    Demolition Man looks a lot like a mindless action movie, and it actually is. Only this one has a little more brains in it than most. It knows how to have fun with its role. If you love action sci-fi with a good dose of comedy then you found your match here. If you like some depth to your storyline as well as action then you too found something here. While it's not high grade science fiction by any means Demolition Man is still a worthwhile jaunt if you crave a lighter diet of sci-fi.
    ...more info
  • Demolition Man
    The DVD looked like new when I got it and nothing was missing. I received it within a week and the price was very reasonable....more info
  • Great 90's Stallone if you're into that kind of thing
    This is one of those movies that motivated Last Action Hero to be made. That being said, it's a great representation of the genre. If you like the 90's action movies, this one should be a classic. It's got a good idea, and a fun premise. I'll admit, it probably isn't for everybody...but I really enjoyed it. If it's not too expensive you should at least give it a chance....more info
  • Action, sci-fi and comedy rolled into one
    Demolition Man is a film that can please just about everyone. The film mixes three genre's succesfully and has two great male leads, Stallone and Snipes. Snipes is more fun here because he gives a larger than life performance and Sanda Bullock provides a lot of one liners. Great way to waste a afternoon with the guys....more info
  • "Demoliton Man" Review
    Sylvester Stallone is rogue cop John Spartan, a law enforcement officer from the 90's who is "thawed out" in the year 2032 to track down his arch-nemesis Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). One-liners and bullets fly at break-neck pace as Stallone and Snipes punch, kick, and shoot their way into a "violence-free" future. Sandra Bullock also shows up as Sly's new partner but her perfomance is easily overshadowed by the hilarious Denis Leary who pops up in the film's third act. There hasn't been an action movie this enjoyably cheesy since Tango & Cash. The DVD edition offers a commentary track and a trailer....more info