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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit
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Product Description

Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit XAVB101, Turns any electrical power outlet into a high speed Internet and home network connection. Easily connect TiVo, Slingbox, game consoles, or TVs. It's also Fast enough to stream HD video.

The award-winning NETGEAR XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit includes everything you need to extend a network connection using the electrical wiring in your home. With this kit, you can network your game consoles, PCs, DVRs, network storage devices, and other components without suffering from weak wireless signals or unsightly cables running through your home. If you're looking for a fast, easy, and reliable way to provide Ethernet connectivity to the farthest reaches of your home, then this kit is the perfect solution.

The NETGEAR XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit:
  • Includes two Powerline AV Ethernet adapters.
  • Creates fast, 200 Mbps network connections using existing electrical lines.
  • Uses 128-bit AES encryption for security.
  • Doesn't require any software for set up or installation.

Everything needed to make a network connection is included. View larger.

Turn your home's electrical outlets into network connections. View larger.
Plug-and-Play Setup Gets You Going Fast
A PC Magazine Editor's Choice, the Powerline AV is a snap to set up. Just plug one XAV101 adapter into an available electrical socket near your router, and connect your router to it. Then plug the
second XAV101 adapter into any electrical socket that's located near the device you want to network. When you connect your device into the XAV101, it will be connected to your network.

It's as simple as that. There's no software to install, no passwords to remember, and no configuration whatsoever. And you can easily create more network connections throughout your home by simply installing additional adapters.

If you wish to make more network connections, you just have to purchase and connect additional NETGEAR XAV101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapters.

Fast Network Connection for Media Streaming
The Powerline AV supports the Homeplug AV protocol and delivers up to 200 Mbps network speed, fast enough for high-quality HD video streaming, music streaming, gaming, and VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) telephone calls. The Powerline AV Ethernet adapter is perfect for devices such as TiVo, Slingbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, networked televisions, and more.

Push-Button Security for Extra Safety
Unlike wireless connections, a Powerline network connection is secure. The XAV101 supports 128-bit AES encryption. Setting up a secure connection with the Powerline is as simple as pushing a button. And for the ultimate in convenience, the Powerline also features three different colored LEDs that give information on Power, Network Status, and Ethernet connections.

Each adapter measures 2.83 x 3.86 x 1.57 inches (WxHxD) and is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Two Powerline AV Ethernet Adapters, 5-foot Ethernet cable, installation guide, setup CD, warranty card, support and information card.

  • Kit includes two adapters that use existing electrical wiring in your home to create a network connection
  • Plug and play installation requires no software
  • Delivers up to 200 Mbps throughput for high-bandwidth applications; Homeplug AV compliant
  • 128-bit encryption for extra security
  • Each adapter measures 2.83 x 3.86 x 1.57 inches (WxHxD); backed by a 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice gadget, great for crowded wireless areas
    We pretty much gave up on using wireless with over fifteen networks crammed into our area (townhouses) and no channel without considerable interference. We could have gone the 5Ghz route with draft N v2, but didn't want to deal with unfinalized standards.

    Setup was a breeze, it's just as it says -- plug both into a wall outlet, plug one into the router, and the other into a switch (for multiple connections). We have the router downstairs in the living room with the HTPC and Xbox, and two machines upstairs connected through the switch / powerline adapter.

    No drops in speed and more importantly, no high latency for gaming --- on wireless there's always the occasional hiccup as your connection tries to catch up with game data, and that is problematic in FPS games or even WoW during 25-man raiding. Tested the connection with the powerlined machine, no problem. Ping is roughly the same as a wired laptop I used.

    Possible cons:
    - Units must be plugged directly into the wall outlets. No protection from power surges or sudden outages might spell death for the adapters.
    - The size of the units when you plug into a wall outlet requires that you have a power strip with a rotating plug for the rest of your equipment -- the ones that lean left or right without the ability to rotate may not give you enough space to plug in the adapters.

    All things said, YMMV. Have been pleased so far with the product, hopefully it won't burn out. ...more info
  • A HOME RUN!!!
    This is an amazing product. It worked right out of the box. It gives me blazing network speed with my laptop, Slingbox Solo and Samsung Blu-Ray DVD/Netflix player. I didn't even have to read the instuctions, setup could not be simpler. If you're looking for this type of network functionality, do not hesitate to buy this, it's worth every penny, and more....more info
  • Great product!
    This is a great alternative or addition to a home network. I installed this for my netflix roku player. The wireless signal was weak. Options to strengthen the signal all required lots of work and teaking, not to mention getting all the wireless settings correct. This netgear solution is truely plug and play. I now have excellent quality signal to my roku player and we will be enjoying movies much more often. Price is perhaps a bit high but worth the saved hassle of getting a wireless signal set up....more info
  • Works almost perfect
    got the Netgear Powerline AV Adapter after my wireless always dropped when I tried streaming a movie from an NAS. I did not want to run a cable through the whole house so I tried this. Out the box I had it running in less than 10 minutes. If your network is already set up no configuration needed. Simple unplug the Ethernet cable out of your router and plug it into the adapter 1 and into a wall. Then use a second internet cable and connect it to adapter 2 and back were you removed the first Ethernet cable and then plug the adapter into the wall. That's it.

    Video streaming movies like DivX, Xvid or even H264 works perfect. Problem I found was when I tried to play DVD images over a the network. May have been however during a download and I will try that again. All in all I would recommend this unit....more info
  • Easy to use!
    I recently purchased several web enabled hi-def players, and wanted to be able to update firmware, and access special features, without having to burn an ISO to a disc every time. I was a little nervous connecting this, becase I had some trouble with Netgear items in the past. I plugged one adapter into a power jack near the computer, ran an ethernet cable to the first first port in the back. Then I connected the other in the livingroom and connnected my BD player to it. Within seconds it had confirmed that I had the latest firmware. It was very easy-I am thinking of picking up another adapter, and a router switch (if I need 2 ethernet ports down the line), for the bedroom. Restored confidence in Netgear-great product, no set up, discs, etc. Easy as pie!...more info
  • Wow!
    I was very skeptical about this product. But it actually works and works well. I didn't know how slow the wireless connection I had been using was until I used the Powerline adapter. I have had no issues with the product and recommend it as an alternative to wireless where a cabled network is not a good option....more info
  • Works well, but not CAT5...
    Purchased the adaptors as a set of two, as always they arrived sooner than expected (thanks Amazon) in good working order. They are very easy to hook up, the definition of plug and play. These are installed in a 2600 square foot home, the sending unit (to Linksys router) on one end of the house on the second floor, and the receving unit (to Roku) on the opposite end of the house on the first floor. I purchased these to use with the Roku box to stream Netflix, since my wireless router worked OK, but connection speed varied, and only rarely was it fast enough to stream HD. These units are reported (by the Netgear software) as 200 M/s at the sending unit, and approx 45 M/s at the receiving unit. Although it is far less than the advertised speed, it is still fast enough to stream HD at all times to the Roku box for Netflix, and certainly better than the wireless signal from my Linksys router. Using the encryption, speeds dropped from the 45 M/s range to the 30 M/s range, but still fast enough to stream HD to the Roku Netflix box. One thing, the documentation is pretty basic, and if you want to know more about QOS and other items regarding these units you won't find it in the manual. Good product!...more info
  • Good product
    This product is awesome for people that do not have the time or money to wire their house with Cat 5 cables. I previously had wireless adapters connected to my computer and xbox 360 two floors away from my router and they were getting 16-24mbps max with pings from 150-200ms. With these powerline adapters I constantly have a connection speed of 90-100mbps with pings around 25-65ms.Super easy to set up, just plug each end into a WALL power outlet and connect the ethernet cables(one to a router/modem) and your good to go.My house is about 25yrs old so I dont think you need a new house for these to work. I tried plugging these into a surge protector on one end and speeds went down to about 10mbps. So, if you have connection issues or slow speeds make sure they are not plugged into a surge protector.Overall great product....more info
  • worked great
    I bought the XAVB101 to stream video to my netflix Roku box. My internet connection is with Verizon Fios. The quality is as good as any DVD. Setup only took a few minutes.
    It couldn't be better....more info
  • Not CAT5 but Very Useful and Better than WiFi
    The device in no way will offer you the same bandwidth or responsiveness that genuine CAT5 cabling will. That said, you don't have to rip your walls open or run cabling over the floor. Also, these devices will more than keep up with the bandwidth coming from most Broadband services(20Mbbs Verizon Fios for myself). It is incredibly convenient to use these to connect an Xbox or video player that needs occasional firmware updates(like my Sony blue-ray player) and to have a convenient link where you can plug a laptop in for a guest.

    The documentation is a little sketchy and the interface for the configuration tools could use some work. The netgear website is a headache for finding the up to date firmware for the devices. [...]
    If you buy more than one set configuring them to work on the same crypto key can be frustrating but you will get some good exercise running from room to room to press the security button before the two minute timeout expires. Still once they are setup and working on the same key and firmware they stay working reliably.

    SUGGESTION. BEFORE you plug them in, as soon as you take them out of the box, write down the passwords(they look like Microsoft Product Keys) and the MAC-ids that are on the back label of the device. This way when you're setting them up and one needs to be reset, reconnected or updated you can know which one is which. This is especially true if you have bought more than one set.

    Small design complaints. The quality of service light(the middle LED) is smack in the middle of the box. The way the device is designed you definitely want to put this box on the bottom socket of a wall socket. The problem is that when you plug almost anything else in the socket above it, the powercord invariably drapes right over that LED so if you're across the room the powercord obscures that display. A 'pass through' plug so that you can keep using the wall socket would be nice but that may raise the cost of the device since I think that puts it into a very different safety category.

    I bought two sets, using three of the four units. One for the router, one for an Xbox and one for the living-room table where someone can plugin their laptop and I have 1 spare. If I needed more, I'd buy another set. If someone wanted to setup a home network in a hurry, I'd recommend these.

    ...more info
  • Convenient Web Access
    I have a WiFi system at home, but it isn't perfect. I haven't been able to connect my PS3 to it and my Xbox 360 doesn't have WiFi capability. So this is the perfect solution.

    I was initially hesitant about this product because the manual was flimsy and I didn't know the effects that running broadband signals through your house's wiring would be. Would the electrical wiring melt? Etc.

    Netgear was very helpful in their e-mail response below:

    "It's as safe as any other electrical device. Actually, compared to many other things - Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Computer, Dishwasher, Washer / Dryer, Stereo, Plasma TV, gaming console - which use SIGNIFICANTLY more energy than 3.8w maximum power consumption of an XAV101 (less when in standby) and potentially operate at higher voltages - these are relatively safe. As a comparison, your Xbox360 or Playstation 3 will use, on average, 190-200 watts. The average plasma TV - between 300-350 watts."

    Of course you don't keep many of the electrical devices above powered on all of the time. The standby current for a CRT (non-plasma) TV is about 2-5 watts. So when the XAV101 is in use, it falls in that range. ...more info
  • Powerline Ethernet that Works
    I've tried several powerline ethernet products over the years and found that most of them either did not work at all, or did not work reliably. This is the exception: This one works very well and a wide range of situations. I admit that it is expensive, but it is far cheaper than hiring someone to come in and wire your house......more info
  • amazing
    My 2 office computers and router are on different floors on opposite sides of the house.I have struggled for 2 yrs with a poor browser signal from various routers suggested by expensive computer experts all in a vain attempt to improve my frequently dropped broadband signal.
    After reading about the improved technology and several user reviews I sceptically purchased the Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit. It took about 10 minutes to hook up (very user friendly) Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit and it worked instantly with amazing signal speed and accuracy. I have never had a network disconnect. ...more info
  • Excellent ease of use and performance
    Our wireless router just wasn't able to get a good connection to our new video room so I started looking at options. I had to send the connection from one side of the house to the other and while I've stayed away from powerline adapters in the past, I found that some of the newer ones were getting decent reviews, including the XAV101s. I bought the 'starter pak' and after 10 minutes had them up and running. The remote is connected at 152 Mbps so I'm happy as can be with the connection. I see no difference in download speeds whether I'm directly connected to my router or to the remotely located XAV101 so any lag is with my internet ISP, not my powerline units....more info
  • Breathtaking in its functionality and simplicity
    I am what marketers call a "tech-savvy pathfinder" - I work in the computer industry, and have a mixed-platform wired and wireless (2 networks) home with 2 Windows PCs, 3 Macintosh PCs of various eras, a Linux netbook, a wi-fi mobile phone, and visitors of various technological abilities. When we relocated and I was not able to easily connect my primary machine to a wired outlet, I considered various options and settled on this because (1) I am familiar with Netgear as a company that makes products that work cross-platform without tweaking or compromise and (2) I wanted the option of connecting an old wired PC to our entertainment center for surfing the Internet on the big-screen.

    I could not be more impressed with this product: less than 15 minutes ago, I took it out the box, ignored the instructions, plugged it in, and was up an running in the time it took to walk from the room with the router to the room with my PC and plug in the second adapter. It is visibly/sensibly faster than the 802.11(g) wireless connection across the house. I just hope I can figure out a way to connect one of these devices to my printer/scanner so I can share that as easily.

    I recommend this product without reservation....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Works as expected. No hassle installation, which is quite a relief. Didn't need to touch the thing ever since inserting them into the outlets. The important point is that there were power grid failures, rebooting of other devices, etc. These guys handled it all transparently.

    I was contemplating (with gloom!) the prospect of having to run cables from the place the cable modem enters the place all the way to this office, which is quite a ways away from there. This is SOOO much easier, and equally effective.

    I wish all my other networking gear would be as robust. I just didn't completely forget they are there because I sometimes stop and wonder at how fast the connection feels.
    ...more info
  • Netgear Either net over power line adapter
    This product works just as stated. It receives and sends the DSL
    signal to all power outlets on the circuit. It "may" be just
    a bit slower in farther regions of the building, but that is
    merely anecdotal. Overall, it works great....more info