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Vantage Point
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    'Vantage Point' is a quick paced action film with an interesting rewind the scene camera view to another character's point of view who is involved in the story. What I enjoyed so much about this film is that there is no padding! The film clocks in at less than an hour and a half and doesn't waste a second of film time. The acting is on point and the action and scenery are beautifully done. If you liked 'Memento' you might like this smart and intriguing little mystery/action film!...more info
  • Interesting
    The movie has plenty of action although kinda hard to follow at the start. Definately a good movie to watch....more info
  • You Need All Viewpoints to End the Journey
    VANTAGE POINT is a dramatic action film told from multiple points of view. The movie is set in Spain and revolves around the President of the United States as he delivers an important speech during an anti-terrorism summit. The movie follows the President of the United States (William Hurt), two Secret Service agents (Dennis Quaid & Matthew Fox) sworn to protect him, and several bystanders in the crowd (including Forest Whitaker). During the delivery of his message, an attempted assassination attempt is made which is soon followed by other attacks. What follows is a loud and chaotic mess as agents and officials attempt to figure out what is going on.

    The movie tells its story by showing a sequence of action from one character's particular point of view, then rewinding to where the story started but seen from the eyes of another character, or "vantage point". Each time this happens the audience learns a new piece of information that can help in unraveling the puzzle or further confuse. This isn't a new technique, but it is one that is rarely seen.

    I enjoyed VANTAGE POINT. The acting is top-caliber and the story has just the right mix of action and suspense. The story offers enough clues that those with Holmesian detective skills can figure out what's going on earlier in the movie, but leaving enough loose ends open to still be able to enjoy the movie. When I first saw VANTAGE POINT in theatres, the crowd groaned after the action rewound for the third time back to the starting point. That was a good thing because it illustrated that they were saw involved with the story that they wanted to see it continue to its conclusion.

    In short, an entertaining dramatic action movie with superb acting that uses a unique method to tell its story....more info
  • No spoiler here: Terrific, tense, thrilling film
    This film is a tightly packed work of art. While the same timeframe is told from a number of different perspectives, each provides depth and richness, not only to the plot, but also frequently to the characters. And therein lies the increasing tension of the film.

    All is not what it seems, and I won't give any of it away here, but this movie is worth the attention a viewer is required to pay it.

    Each story unveils more of the interwoven stories, and the overall plot advances with skilled editing....more info
  • It was boring!!!
    This movie was boring and the story was not fun. The movie script was good and the movie scene was good. Anyway It kept the scene begining the start. I was bored. I didn't enjoy this movie, sorry....more info
  • Redefines Suspense, Excellent Premise
    ** This review refers to the Amazon Video on Demand edition of this movie**

    Vantage Point was a great movie. Strong acting, strong premise, great suspense and plot development. This was definitely one of the better movies I've seen recently. After watching it I immediately tried to use Amazon's suggestions to find something similar to download. I've never been much of a Dennis Quaid fan but this really gave me a new perspective on him. He can be a bit over the top at some points but that is the role of his character. Overall I'd say that this is one is worth owning! Go forth and buy it!...more info
  • This movie is a comedy, right?
    Right? This movie is supposed to make us laugh, right? Well, either that or this is one of the worst movies made in Hollywood in the last few years. I'm not going to mention any details about that Salamanca where people speak (and sometimes even look) like Mexicans, American trucks drive in American highways, a Mexican train makes a nice contrast against a view of the city and so on. Let's focus on that stupid summit with one guy who looks like from the Middle East, another one like an African dictator and an American president raising his arms in a sign of victory in front of a crowd gathered in the same way they would be for the Sunday market (so easy to get in and out of the Plaza Mayor, you can invite all your terrorist friends to join us!). The rest of the plot follows this "wonderful" beginning supported by two essential ingredients in similar low quality Hollywood movies: the hero with some dramatic problems (here the thing is apparently some stomachache that makes Dennis Quaid's face turn into something painful from time to time at the beginning of the movie to show us how great a hero he is despite those pains) and second, the little girl (oh, the little girl!): don't miss the part where the Mexican or Centroamerican girl (nothing against any nationality but please, don't tell me you shot the entire movie in Spain!!) is in danger: one of the most pathetic scenes in movie history. I really recommend that you watch the movie with a big group of friends (especially if you have some from Spain), make some pop-corn and prepare to laugh with all the 'intelligent" moments in the film. There are so many!!! ...more info
  • Vantage Point
    At first I didn't know what was going on why the tape keep going back to
    12:00PMthen I realise that were getting a each scene different person's vantage point. Very good moviei thoroughly enjoyed it. I watched it twice....more info
  • Great movie!
    Oh this is such a great movie! Ok again I will say this, not everyone has the same tastes or else we would agree on everything right? So I'm speaking from my point of view. Definitely worth watching! ...more info
  • Not for the single sighted...
    Great movie all about how things really are and how they can be percieved by the Vantage Point of those involved, those who are dragged unknowingly into, and those surrounding a situation or series of situations. Really keeps you on your toes. It's like a "find the differences between the photos" only on film. Loved it...more info
  • A visual tour de force and absorbing film from start to finish!
    "Vantage point" is a wondrous sample of how a story may be approached. Eight different perspectives superbly tied by an amazing edition process will tell us about an assassination attempt on the president of the United States, at the moment to make a public appearance in a public square.

    The magnificent process of deconstruction and reconstruction of the different clues will allow us to arrange this sinister plan of conspiracy, that will even involve part of the very control system of presidential security.

    The human gaze is given by an American citizen (Forest Whitaker) when unexpectedly he will record on his digital camera the different insights of this plot. Barnes (Dennis Quaid) is the main hunter who has been assigned as the master officer, William Hurt as the president is fabulous, while Sigourney Weaver plays an initial cameo as the top leader of GNN (an important news agency) and our national proud Edgar Ramirez as the blackmailed intruder who will have to make part of the nasty plan as a ruthless shooter.

    It's impossible to forget two key films that truly worked out as clever inspirational works: "The day of the jackal" (1973) and "In the line of fire" (1993).

    A tense movie that will keep you at the verge of your maximum blood pressure.

    ...more info
  • OK
    It's an OK movie, I liked the fact that you don't know what's really happening for the fist half of the movie, though whatching all different points of view of the assasination from the characters gets a little heavy to bear. But for the second half you get the point.
    I got distracted as well, when I realized that most of the footage was not filmed in Salamanca, but instead in Mexico City, and been in both places already, I was like "Hey that does not exist in Salamanca" which was basically for most of the movie, and it really got me unfocused from the plot. Other than that, it is a good movie....more info
  • Mind Taunting
    Great movie that keeps you on your toes at all time. Dennis Quaid at his best, ah, he's always the best!...more info
  • 8 Strangers. 8 Points of View. 1 Truth makes.....
    'Vantage Point' a solid film. It's a fast-paced, action-political thriller that reaches out to those who enjoy gun fights and car chases but want substance when it comes to the plot and characters. The film centers on the story of the attempted assassination of the American president just as he's about to address a peace conference in Spain. We see the perspective of eight people caught up in the events, from the terrorists themselves to CIA agents to ordinary citizens, with each person holding a piece of the puzzle that comes neatly together to deliver the end result.

    The cast all succeed in their roles, which wasn't easy considering they couldn't rely on interaction with other characters to hold them up and so much of the film relies on each actor delivering their part of the story in a solid manner. Dennis Quaid and Forest Whitaker were both excellent in their respective roles as two men who are heroes in different ways while Sa?d Taghmaoui, Ayelet Zurer and Edgar Ramirez did well in providing the backbone of the film. Since the film rewinds several times there is little room for characterization, the only attempts at this were brief and focused on Forest Whitaker and Dennis Quaid

    'Vantage Point' took a plot and portrayed it in a unique approach, which is partially why I felt it was so entertaining. It kept me on tenterhooks throughout, especially as I waited to see how each character fitted into the story (although, such a way of filming could bore audiences fast if other films decided to copy). While the actual plot was a tad unrealistic and wrapped up in a too convenient manner, I think we accept that this is the norm for most actions films and that is part of what makes them fun. We see enough realism in the news, after all. And the action scenes are shot for maximum entertainment, particularly the car chase which was thrilling without dragging on. Overall, this is an enjoyable film, an intelligent action flick that is short and sweet. It's also of the few films these days which addresses the terrorism threat to the Western World without spoon feeding us some over-emphasized point or descending into anti-Americanism. Definitely worth a look.
    ...more info
  • Great movie!
    Oh this is such a great movie! Ok again I will say this, not everyone has the same tastes or else we would agree on everything right? So I'm speaking from my point of view. Definitely worth watching! ...more info
  • Cool experimental film-making but ultimately misuses good talent
    Experimental films with a Hollywood budget should be encouraged and here the makers decide to tell us a story of a terrorist incident from several vantage points using the perspective of several characters. It works quite well, getting everyone's point of view into the picture, says a lot about how we witness an incident, the sides involved and works quite well for most of it, but unfortunately wastes a lot of talent to some misjudged character plot-twists that don't really gel or look good for that matter and has the leads vanishing or just standing around with a frown. The scenes with Forrest Whitaker running down a street at the same pace as the athletic bad guys for minutes on end shouldn't have us laughing either. When all is said and done though it is a good film and for all its missteps it still produces a somewhat tense thriller with a fair amount of action and a cool car chase sequence....more info
    Although it says that this blue ray is region free, it does not open easily on both my Sony Playstation-3 my Sony Region 2 Blue Ray Player, Model #BDP-S1E .Vantage Point [Blu-ray]...more info