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Eye-Fi Home Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card (EYE-FI-2HM)
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Wirelessly upload photos to your computer with the Eye-Fi Home Wireless SD card. It's as easy as turning on your camera. No cables, cradles, or hassles. The Eye-Fi Home wirelessly connects to your home Wi-Fi network and uploads your pictures automatically. When your computer is turned on, the Card delivers your pictures to the assigned folder on your computer or directly into iPhoto.

A Wireless Memory Card? Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. It's going to change the way you take, save and share photos.

Eye-Fi Home Usage

It makes your camera a Wi-Fi camera. Upload your photos automatically.

Photos shouldn't be trapped in your camera. Set them free effortlessly and wirelessly. The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless SD memory card for your digital camera. It stores pictures like a standard SD memory card, but also uses your Wi-Fi network to automatically upload from inside your camera to your PC or Mac. No cables, no cradles, no fuss. It also neatly organizes your photo uploads by date in the folder you choose.

Key Features

  • Wireless Uploads to Computer
  • 2 GB of storage

How it works

  • Wi-Fi Security: Static WEP 40/104/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
  • Range: 90+ feet outdoors and 45+ feet indoors
  • Storage Capacity: 2.0GB (1GB is defined as 10^9 Bytes)
  • Power: advanced power management optimizes use of camera power

Customer Reviews:

  • Good idea - if it works for you.
    We purchased 2 of these cards. Spent several days trying to get them to work w/ our Nikon D80 and D40x. Would not work with either camera. Eye-Fi tech support was unable to get them working either - despite several days of trying. Tech support finally blamed it on our AT&T high speed internet service. Product seems like a great idea - IF you can get it to work with your equipment. Might be best to call Eye-Fi tech support before you purchase and see if cards are compatible with your equipment (including cameras, laptops, and internet service). Finally gave up and returned product for refund....more info
  • my eye-fi
    They eye-fi card is definitely the only way to download photos. The only flaw is the lack of an option to delete photos on the card after downloading to your pc so you still have to eventually either hook your camera up to your pc or take the card out of the camera and put it in the pc to clean off photos....more info
  • Finicky set-up and confusing web site for help
    Installation is far from seamless as card apparently recognizes limited set of Win/PCs (maybe major brands and bios?). Web site has relatively weak and limited FAQ assistance. Have written email to help desk, so I will report back as to whether any humans exist to provide assistance and how helpful they are (I have very low expectatons). Thus far, I can't recommend this product....more info
  • Cool and Clever Product...Ignore the Nay-sayers!
    For starters, I researched the heck out of this thing before I bought it. The average ratings made me a little leery of trying it out, but the concept seemed interesting and great enough that I couldn't help it, so I bought one to use with my Canon SD1100 IS.

    It's been great.

    Easy setup. No more wires for uploading pics. Works with practically any photo service (I post my pics to Facebook in near-realtime). Great fun, and it's surprising how much more likely I am to use the camera knowing that I really don't have to plug it in and upload the pics. I just turn it on when I get home, and a few minutes later, I edit the album details online.

    Speed is fine. You're really only limited by your upload speed of your ISP. I have FIOS, so it's pretty darn fast.


    Mostly what other people have already noted. You can't upload video. This is not the huge problem you'd think it is. You basically wind up plugging in the camera when get home after you took video. Not exactly like you're losing anything, you had to do that before anyway.

    The pictures are downloaded from the Eye-Fi service to a folder you specify, but within that folder they're created with the date in the following format: "October 22nd, 2008" which means folders don't sort right unless you sort by folder create date or modified date. That's kind of a pain.

    To the user above who thinks Eye-Fi only wants you to create an account to violate your privacy: don't be paranoid. Their privacy policy looks pretty reasonable to me. I'd strongly suggest you read it for yourself before signing up, just so you know.[...]

    All in all, I'm happy with it, and more pleased than reading some of the overly-cautious reviews would have led me to believe I'd be. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good....more info
  • very useful but too slow and not big enough for raw
    I purchased this card for my d40 half years ago, not it sits in my d90.
    It works really well with D90 because D90 has a menu for this card, I can turn the wireless on and off. Also I don't need to change the monitor off timer as what I did in D40.

    It's very convenient and easy to install or use. I highly recommand it if you only take jpg pictures.
    I would not recommand it if you take raw pictures, mostly because it's write speed is too slow compare to other shdc card. Also 2gb is not big enough, it can only save around 150 pictures if I choose raw+basic jpeg in my nikon D90, and it took a couple seconds to finish writing for each of my raw picture.

    I tested the write speed. As my trancent 8gb class 6 card has a average write speed of 10MB/s. This card only have 1.2MB/s using same card reader and writing same file....more info
  • Clever little thing with a snag
    One would think that wifi uploads from your camera at home would be a very conveniente thing to do. You relax, power on your mac and camera and let them do their thing while you watch TV or read a book or else. In addition you'll never explain to your tech-afraid friends to take out the sd-card, put it in a card-reader, work with the mac to get those pictures uploaded and so forth. So, bottom line at first sight: great gadget. Now then comes the snag: you need to have an online account to setup you eye-fi card. Well, what is this? Since when do I need an online account where all my settings, also my wifi-router settings and pwd, are stored? There is no (none, nile, niente) reason to do so other than for Eye-fi Inc. to collect user and user data... But for what reason? My bottom line is - I'm not happy and do not suggest to buy this product, even if it's a good idea and so forth. But this vendor is too curious and is pulling my leg her... SO, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU VALUE YOUR PRIVACY!...more info
  • eye fi home
    Eye-Fi Explore Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card (EYE-FI-2EX)
    Actually,I bought a discontinued model "eye fi home". I like it because I can take pictures and they automatically go to a folder on my computer. No fumbling with a usb cord or memory card. It is a little quirky, I think the camera times out sometimes before the download completes. If I ever upgrade cameras, It will move to the new camera. It does what I ask it to do. ...more info
  • Ryan Petta's review of the Eye-Fi
    This is a really cool product, the setup is very easy and it does what it supposed to do: automatically send pictures from your camera to your PC as you take them. For example, you snap a photo, about 4 seconds later it appears on your PC in a folder. No more, connecting the cammera via cable, no more popping out the SD card and inserting it into your card reader.

    There are a few drawbacks: it seems to slow down the camera a little bit, i dont have any hard evidence, just my opinion. Other negative, it will not transfer video files from the camera, those still have to be transferred the old way, its kind of annoying.

    Also see my review on the Local Fox 40 news channel: ...more info
  • Eye Fi SD Card
    It took me two tries to load the software on my Vista Computer. It connects with my computer and transfers photos easily from my Nikon D40. I have just tested it with a couple of photo's....more info
  • Won't work without Internet connection
    The idea is great, works smoothly, however it's complete rely on Internet connection, without it, you can't even transfer photos to your local PC....more info
  • Great Product!
    This is awesome - requires minimal setup, automatically locates wireless networks, allows manual SSID entry, supports Open, WEP, WPA and WPA2 security. It has a good range, uploads fast (4 seconds for 2MB photos). Works great for batched photos. It automatically creates subfolders labeled by date of upload within the configured folder on the destination PC. One drawback is that it requires registration on their domain in order to perform the setup. It looks like the SD card becomes registered to a single user account on the Eye-Fi website. This can be changed by the user that performs the initial setup. ...more info
  • Not quite there yet
    (Based on a few minutes of experimentation.)

    Cool idea. Not sure if it's ready for prime time, especially for my target application: the non-tech-savvy, poor-fine-dexterity in-laws.

    The one really big gotcha: it copies the photos, but does not delete them from the card after copying them. So what do you do when your card fills up? You could plug the card or camera into a computer and delete pictures, but wasn't the point to avoid that? You could wipe the card using the camera's UI, but are you sure you've copied all of the pictures? (Besides, what if the reason you're doing it is that you've run out of space, and are away from home so you can't copy those last few pictures?) My whole goal is to make the copy process be almost invisible, so that you just don't have to mess around with it... fail.

    Range seems quite limited. Connection was iffy from my desk, perhaps 20 feet and a couple of walls from the router. (My PDA connects fine from here.) Since there's no UI on the camera, there's no way to tell that it's trying and failing to connect.

    As others have said: The requirement for an Internet connection even for local copy is odd. Not a problem for me, but odd. Not copying videos: Bad.

    Because the camera doesn't know what's going on, it might power off during the copy. They have you "optimize" its power settings by disabling automatic shutdown.

    It's definitely not going to the in-laws. Not sure if I'll keep it for myself.

    [ Update: I returned it. ]...more info
  • Buyer beware
    Bought Eye-Fi Home Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card for Nikon S51. After a couple of hours of fiddling, it worked once. Emailed Help/Support, got force-fed software no more. Emailed Help/Support and were told there are "known issues with Nikon S-51 that prevent it from working properly" (i.e. at all). Nothing in their ads/lit said anything about imcompatability when purchased. Told nothing could be done. We're out $80. You want one? Call me; you can have it--worthless to us. See eye-fi web site for more disappointing news....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I have both the Home and an older model equivalent to the Share. Both work as advertised and make life easier. Unfortunately, they don't seem to upload any video clips stored on the card, and you do have to remember to delete the images that have been uploaded.

    After using the original card, I realized I don't really want to automatically upload to a photo-sharing site. I tend to take a lot of pictures and prefer to choose which images I upload. I suppose you could just upload everything, then delete what you don't want, but prefer not to use the bandwidth....more info
    I bought this card for my wife because she hates the whole downloading process. I set the card up in her camera (Cannon) and downloaded a few pictures to our computer. It worked.

    We went to Xmas eve and took about 30 pictures and then the card failed. The card is not recognized by either of our cameras or on either of our computers. The card is basically dead. I'm guessing all the pictures are lost.

    If you go to the Eye-Fi forum you will see that this same thing has happened to dozens of people in just the last few days. The card works for a few pictures and then dies. It's not just this "Home" card but all the Eye-fi cards that are affected. Eye-Fi has a serious quality control problem.

    I'm not sure that I'll be able to use these products again. Pictures are all about special occasions - the memory card needs to be rock solid - utterly dependable and these products are not.

  • Waste of time, space and money
    Uploads your facebook, mobileme and encrypted wireless passwords over http
    Rather than store all this information on the card, it is uploaded to eye-fi, who I would not expect to be able to keep secure in view of their idiocy above.

    Poor design. Rather than being able to upload direct to webdav or similar it needs a program running permanently on your computer.

    Useless software. You are unable to store settings in advance. I know the essid of my local coffee shop but I have to own a laptop to take it there to store the settings, I cannot upload them in advance to the card, even though I know all the settings.

    It is poorly designed, badly implemented and a complete waste of money....more info
  • Makes life easier ... mostly
    works and does what it says it will do and does it pretty fast.

    can't upload videos wirelessly, can only upload to one computer at a time (ie: if you have two computers that should be receiving the pictures, you're out of luck)

    NOTE: if you have AVG Free Antivirus as i did, you wont be able to upload your pictures wirelessly until you disable or remove your anti-virus.

    Even though i have way more cons than pros, i do greatly enjoy this product ... before i had this, it would take me weeks to upload pictures to my computer as i would just be too lazy to find the cables and whatnot. The camera's battery life does get a little shorter when Eye-Fi is in it but it's not THAT big a difference, if you ask me....more info
  • Works great if you broadcast you SSID
    This card works great when you get it working. It would seem that you have to broadcast the SSID of your WiFi access point - which is what happens at most hot-spots. I am using it in an HP R707 camera and since the camera stays on in the charging dock it is a great way to just plop the camera in and forget about it. Some time later I can organize the photos. The transfer rate is approxiamtely 800KB/sec to an Office Depot Ativa 802.11g access point....more info