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Eye-Fi Explore Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card (EYE-FI-2EX)
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Product Description

A Wireless Memory Card? Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. It's going to change the way you take, save and share photos.

Explore Usage

It makes your camera a Wi-Fi camera. Upload your photos automatically.

Photos shouldn't be trapped in your camera. Set them free effortlessly and wirelessly. The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless SD memory card for your digital camera. It stores pictures like a standard SD memory card, but also uses your Wi-Fi network to automatically upload images from inside your camera to your PC or Mac. No cables, no cradles, no fuss. It also neatly organizes your photo uploads by date in the folder you choose.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Geotagging
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Access for 1 year
  • Unlimited WebShare Service
  • Wireless Uploads to Computer
  • 2 GB of storage

Eye-Fi Explore is for those who tag or organize, for those who blog or share in real-time, for those who need to upload here, there or somewhere else, and all the rest who are simply passionate about managing, sharing and saving their memories.
It uploads photos wirelessly to your computer and to the web, of course. But, Eye-Fi Explore also automatically adds geographic location labels to your photos and allows you to upload from more than 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. Your memories will be easier to search and more fun to share with geo tags, and you'll be able to upload them on the go.

How it works

Share- how it works


WebShare Icon

With Geotagging, your photos will be automatically labeled, or tagged, to show where they were taken. Today, tags make searching for photos easier and make sharing them more meaningful, but it's a time-consuming and manual process. With Eye-Fi's Geotagging Service, you won't have to spend your time entering the info. It's done for you when you upload your photo.

Using its built-in Wi-Fi, the Eye-Fi Card locates any surrounding Wi-Fi networks as you take pictures. Then, the Eye-Fi Service translates that data into geographic location and adds the information to each picture (in the EXIF data) as it is delivered to the web or your computer. It's as easy as that. You snap the shot and the photo shows up labeled with the city and state in which it was taken.

The coverage area is expanding all the time, as new Wi-Fi access points appear and as the location of those wireless networks are mapped and added to the system. Today, in North America, about 70 percent of the populated areas have been mapped. In Europe, the top 50 metropolitan areas are covered, along with 70 percent of the populated areas in Germany, France and the UK. Coverage is expanding in Western Europe as well as several areas of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries.

Certain online photo sites already support geotagging and even have visualization tools that let you map your memories. Check out Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug to see what geotagging can do. Many desktop photo management programs also make good use of geotags as well, including Adobe's Photoshop Elements 6 (PC only), Google's Picasa (PC only), Ovolabs Geophoto (mac only) and Microsoft's Pro Photo Tools (PC only).

Eye-Fi Explore includes unlimited Geotagging.

HotSpot Access

With Hotspot Access, you'll be able to upload from more than 10,000 Wayport Wi-Fi hotspots across the US just as easily as at home. You don't need to have your laptop with you or even have an account with the hotspot provider. Your photos will be delivered to your photo-sharing website and to your computer, even if it's thousands of miles away.

To make this possible and easy, Eye-Fi has worked directly with hotspot provider Wayport. Wayport offers Wi-Fi access at thousands of locations, including most McDonald's restaurants, major hotels, airports, and other locales. To see a map of all the locations in the US, click here.

An Eye-Fi Card with Hotspot Access already includes access to Wayport hotspots. Simply walk into a Wayport location and turn on your camera. Your Eye-Fi Card will recognize the network, connect to it and start uploading your photos while you have a burger or wait for your flight.

If you want to be informed about your uploads, you can choose to receive status updates from Eye-Fi as either email or SMS messages. We'll let you know when you've connected to a supported hotspot network and are uploading and we'll let you know when your upload is finished. And, like all Eye-Fi uploads, if you leave the location before your upload is finished, it will pick up right where it left off the next time you're in a supported location.

Eye-Fi Explore includes 1 year of Wayport Hotspot Access. Eye-Fi Explore users will be able to renew Hotspot Access for $19 per year after the first year.


WebShare Icon

With WebShare, your photos can be automatically uploaded to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking website. No wasted time sitting in front of your computer. No fussing with upload software. No delay in sharing your new memories with friends and family.

Choose from among more than 20 of the most popular websites and some up-and-comers too. You can upload images privately and

control if and when they are viewable by others. Many sites even let you edit your photo albums online. And, you can change your preferred upload site at any time.

You can even upload to the Web when your computer is turned off. The Eye-Fi Share and The Eye-Fi Explore will upload your photos directly to the Eye-Fi Service through your home Wi-Fi network. We'll deliver them to your photo site and then deliver them to your computer the next time you turn it on. The Eye-Fi Service is secure and encrypted, so your data and photos are safe and private.

Eye-Fi Share and Eye-Fi Explore include unlimited WebShare service. Upload and share all you want.

For those who tag or organize, who blog or share in real-time, who need to upload here, there, or somewhere else; and for all the rest who are simply passionate about managing, sharing, and saving their memories: there is now the Eye-Fi Explore Wireless SD card. It uploads photos wirelessly to your computer and to the web, of course. But, Eye-Fi Explore also automatically adds geographic location labels to your photos and allows you to upload from more than 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. Your memories will be easier to search and more fun to share with geo tags, and you'll be able to upload them while on the go.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Static WEP 40/104/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
  • Range: 90+ feet outdoors and 45+ feet indoors
  • Storage Capacity: 2.0GB (1GB is defined as 10^9 Bytes)
  • Power: advanced power management optimizes use of camera power

Customer Reviews:

  • Cheaper Elsewhere
    This product seems amazing. But Amazon (for once) has this way overpriced. The exact same thing is 59.99 at Best Buy and I'm fairly sure you maybe even be able to find one for even less.

    It's an amazing product, but why is it still over $100 on Amazon ?...more info
  • Have decided to go with real GPS attachment
    If you have need to take pictures in a major metropolitan area it would probably be fine. Considering I took pictures that didn't get properly tagged near where I live I wouldn't trust it to take when I wanted to use it for vacation. I dislike the fact that they are only setup for 1 card per account. I have enough accounts and passwords to remember already but to use 3 or 4 different accounts for Eye-Fi cards so I could actually feel comfortable having enough space for high quality images on vacation. By the time you buy 3 or 4 cards you've paid for a GPS attachment for the camera and you don't need to plan for should I or shouldn't I take a RAW pictures, or really high-end JPGs, or do I choose to be able to take more pictures and a significantly reduced quality....more info
  • not useful
    this product is well made. but the huge problem i found is its usefulness. to say it functions as a gps is a real stretch. what good is it out of a large town? i have a gps system on my dslr and i thought i could make my expensive point & shoot gps enabled with this product...WRONG! there are lots of better & cheaper ways to do what this does. once again i was misled! on a positive note:amazon has a great return system that i discovered ...more info
  • Not Worth the Risk
    Believe what you read about the failure rate. It worked ok for 1 week and then died taking 100s of pics to the grave with it. I saw the other reviews but somehow thought that since I'm more tech savvy than the average joe, that my experience would be different.

    Keep it simple. Just buy a bigger SD card....more info
  • Disappointed
    Very disappointed. Even when I take a picture in the balcony of the house where there is WI-Fi, GPS shows the location miles away from the original place. I wish I had my money back...more info
  • Love the product, with some reservations.
    I love this product, with reservations. I love it enough that I continue to use it and encourage others to purchase it. The draw backs that I have are issues that I could probably resolve if I cared enough to try to resolve them!

    The system works very well for uploading your photos to your computer, or to other photo services such as FLICKR, and many others. The issues I have is that sometimes I find my camera batteries dead after "not using the camera" for an extended period when this didn't happen previously. Sometimes I have to power cycle the camera to get all of the photos to upload.

    That all being said, the support that the company provides is incredible. They even have support contacts on Twitter. The community is strong and I feel confident if I'd ask about these small issues I'd get them resolved. Even with the issues as they stand, I still use the card because the convenience it adds is worth it!

    The tagging it does is very accurate. Everything the card is advertised to do, it does very well. ...more info
    This card is supposedly able to do geo-tagging. It didn't work 8 out of the 10 times I used it. They make you believe the geo-tagging is built in but it actually uses wireless triangulation. Doesn't work everywhere in the US. Of course you can only find out this information once you purchase it and start actually using it. Again, don't waste your money!...more info